Product Review: The Pride Mobility GoGo Ultra X Scooter

Very light weight scooter by Pride Mobility, The Go-Go Ultra X is part of the Go-Go line of “travel scooters” for their light weight AND quick disassembly (into manageable pieces).

Product Info: The Pride Mobility GoGo Ultra X Scooter

  • Name:  Pride Mobility’s Go-Go Ultra X
  • Website Info:
  • Primary Use :  Indoors
  • Price:  $800
  • Weight Capacity:  260 lbs.
  • Max Speed:  4 mph
  • Range:  Up to 8 miles
  • Total Weight:  97 lbs.
  • Colors:  Red or Blue
  • Features:  Light weight, easy dissasembly, for indoor use and light errands,

Review: Pride Mobility GoGo Ultra X

Very light weight scooter by Pride Mobility.  There are 4 other Go-Go Scooters in this line-up as well as a “Go Chair”.  This mobility scooter would probably be best suited for indoor use, and light errands.  It would NOT be considered a “rugged mobility scooter” by any means, but would work great around the house or other indoor environments.

The Pride Go-Go Ultra X comes in a 3 or 4 wheel varieties, and has any number of compatible accessories including:  A cup holder (nice eh?), cane holder, rear basket, oxygen holder, and rear view mirror (just to name a few).  Online reviews for the Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter were found to be mostly positive.

Manufacturer’s warranty consists of a 5-year limited warranty on structural frame components, and a 2-year limited warranty on all electronic parts, 1-year limited warranty on the drivetrain, and 6-month warranty on the batteries (provided by battery manufacturer).  Yes confusing… I know (visit Pride Mobility for additional details).

The Bottom Line: GoGo Ultra X

A good option if you’re looking for an indoor scooter (for use at a super market, or occasional use in or around the home).  There are more rugged and/or sturdy models available but for the money the Go-Go Ultra X seems to fit a nice sweet spot in the market.

If you’ve used the Pride Go-Go Ultra X or know someone who has, please let us know your opinion in the comments section below

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