Neighbors Helping Neighbors

clark family Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A recent article in the NY Times entitled, “The Caregiver Next Door” illustrates the power of love and support close by… Even if it’s just a neighbor!  We love the idea of neighbors helping neighbors.  Author Paula Span’s father lives 125 miles away, but her dad’s great neighbors help ease her mind.  I’d encourage you to read it, and let me know what you think…

My folks are younger (in their 70’s) but it’s not lost on me how much support my parents receive from their neighbors, and also give back in return.  The power of emotional support from friends and family is a huge factor when it comes to aging in place.  Often times we focus on technology and home improvements that enable people to stay in their homes longer… But I think key, close relationships are equally important.

I would love to hear other stories about neighbors helping neighbors.  Very refreshing indeed.

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