Product Review: The BrickHouse Fall Detection Device

The BrickHouse Medical Alert System offers fall detection in an easy to use pendant form factor.

Product Info: BrickHouse Fall Detection System

    • Name:  BrickHouse Alert
    • Website Info:
    • Auto Fall Detection? :  Yes
    • Equipment Cost:  $149.95 deposit
    • Monthly Cost:  $34
    • Features:  Fall Detection Belt Clip, Pendant Alert Button, Water Proof Panic Buttons, Wireless, 24/7 Monitoring, Auto Fall Detection, Live Personal Reminders

Review: BrickHouse Medical Alert System

BrickHouse Alert, a trusted name in security solutions offers their newest PERS technology aptly called The BrickHouse Alert.  Their protection package includes 24 hour monitoring, and 2 options by way of a traditional panic pendant, and a belt clip fall detection device.  The fall detection device automatically detects when a user has fallen and will contact a call center for help.  After a refundable deposite for their equipment, their monthly service cost is $34.95/month.  Medication reminders, activity alerts, and personal assistance make this a nice option to consider during your search for a quality senior medical alert system.

The Bottom Line: BrickHouse Medical Alerts

We like the BrickHouse Medical Alert System.  The package comes with a pendant alarm button, the fall detecting belt clip and the base station.  Having the option of the fall detector on the belt or the pendant worn around the neck gives the user some nice options around the house (whether for comfort or and extra layer of safety).

If you’ve used the BrickHouse Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!

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Rating: 2.4/5 (38 votes cast)
Product Review: The BrickHouse Fall Detection Device, 2.4 out of 5 based on 38 ratings

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  • Steven

    How much is the cost of the medical personnel coming to help?

  • Senior Emergency Pendant

    These kinds of medical alert systems are really a fantastic idea for seniors who stay alone. Some systems are built with GPS, which can be wonderful for someone in early stages of Alzheimer’s. They can seek immediate help from those who provide it.

    • Ken

      Does this company have a GPS device?

      • Amie

        Hi Ken- Good question. To my knowledge they do not have a medical alert system with gps. They do have a GPS tracking device. Click Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker to see it. Not exactly perfect to be used as a medical alert system, but ya never know. Click through to see a short list of cellular based medical alert systems. Most/all of these providers have GPS enabled features (geo fences etc.).

        Hope that helps!

  • Dave Lindenmuth

    How do they expect someone to wear a “belt clip” in the shower? People do fall in showers!

    • Amie

      Great point Dave- Both the pendant and the belt clip are (reportedly) waterproof. Unless someone is wearing something (unlikely) when showering, the pendant is the better option for bathing and/or showering. Here is a link to Brickhouse Alert Questions and Answers from their website.