Product Review: Connect America Medical Alert System

The Connect America Medical Alert System is yet another traditional in-home medical alert system.  They’ve been in business since 1977 and boast of 100,000 users of their medical alert products.connect america medical alert

Product Info: Connect America Medical Alert System

  • Name:  Connect America Medical Alert
  • Website Info:
  • Auto Fall Detection? :  no
  • Equipment Cost:  $0 (required security deposit)
  • Monthly Cost:  $29.95
  • Features:  Waterproof Wrist, Pendant, or belt clip (alert button options), Wireless, 24/7 Monitoringconnect america medical alert system

Review: Connect America Medical Alert

The Connect America Medical Alert is a traditional Medical Alert push button device.  There business model seems inexpensive to get started with…  No upfront device costs.  You can order their system (base unit, and one emergency button – pendant, wrist watch, or button clip options) .  Be advised that the equipment must be returned in good working order when you are finished with their services or you’ll be charged $359.40.

The Bottom Line: Connect America

Another good choice for traditional in-home medical alert technology.  No equipment to purchase and no long-term contracts make this well established company someone to look at when in need of in-home medical alert monitoring.

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If you’ve used the Connect America’s Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!

Product Review: Connect America Medical Alert System written by Tim average rating 2.9/5 - 49 user ratings

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  1. Carol Lane says

    This system did not work for my mother. She fell and was prone for 6 hours until I got home from teaching school and found her. She was wearing that stupid, worthless pendant. Yes, we checked the system weekly. Their equipment is junk. Their customer service and phone service is non-existent. I would not use this company if the equipment and service were FREE; Horrible experience. And you cannot CANCEL the service until you return the equipment. And you have to wait DAYS until someone will call you back so you can GET THE RETURN ADDRESS to send in the equipment. OMG. Do not use this company.

    • Marilyn Wiggins says

      After I signed for this service I discovered this service would not work for me. I have tried numerous times with no success to speak to someone regarding returning the unit. Forget that — no matter what I have tried I was put on hold for a representative to speak with. I have neither the time nor the patience to sit on the phone for hours waiting with never speaking with anyone. I have emailed them requesting they call me. NOTHING.
      I HATE this company for all the headaches in trying to cancel and return the unit.

      I have since gotten the 5 Star Splash which I know will serve my purposes.

  2. joyce critelli says

    We hate this company!! Please do not use them, We signed up for their service on 6/12/12 for my Mom and Dad because we were worried about their falling. My parents never used the system, but we did not realize this until my mother died at age 87 1/2 in July, 2013. At that time, my husband called Medical Alert and spoke with Justine, who told him there was no need to send the equipment back because Dad owned it once the service was ended. Therefore, we disposed of it.
    Subsequently, we received several phone calls and letters from Connect America saying that the equipment needed to be returned or we owed them $350. Finally, on October 4, 2013, my husband called Connect America and spoke with Kathy, who told him that the matter was closed. I confirmed this conversation by faxing a letter to the number Kathy gave me (1-800-937-3354). I never received a response, but your company continues to harass my father. We are collecting data for a lawsuit in case you take action against us. My father is terribly upset. Your harassment of the elderly must stop!!!! We are lawyers and would welcome the opportunity to take action against you!!! Sincerely, Joyce Critelli

  3. george says

    Wow… didn’t expect all of the bad comments about Connect America! My mother in law used the Connect America alert system for many years and had absolutely no problems. It’s not a complicated system and is easy to set up. The service unfailingly contacted us each time there was a medical emergency and properly dispatched assistance to my mother in law as required. Don’t think I could ask for any better service! There are currently more sophisticated emergency medical systems available… but are more expensive. For a basic system, I would recommend Connect America.

  4. elliott says

    We are having a terrible time getting Connect America to refund what is due to my mother’s estate. She prepaid for one year beginning July 2, 2013. She died in Oct. and the equipment was returned in Nov. Still no refund despite multiple phone calls to very unhelpful reps who say they do not know when the refund will be made. Also they tried to charge for time after the equipment was returned.

  5. E. Karnes says

    This company Connect America is a rip-off to seniors who are in need. I used them a few years ago and after my one-year payment was up I chose not to continue. Returned the equipment and they claimed they didn’t receive it and had to track it down and found out they did receive it. I finally got out of that service with much adue and hassle.

    They are terrible to deal with. Yesteray (June 11, 2013) I received a bill from them for a one-year service of $329.45 showing at the top a sale date of 6-1-13 and due date of 6-16-13. I have not spoken to these people for years and am outraged to receive a bill out of the clear blue??

    • says

      So sorry to hear this news E. Karnes, and thank you for alerting us to this issue! Please let us know how things work out, and if you’re able to clear things up with them. We’d be interested to hear about any resolution you’re able to come to. (*Note: We moved this comment from our “about us” page to the Connect America post.)

  6. David Miller says

    My mother was wearing one of their devices when she fell and broke her hip, it didnt work and she lay in her driveway (she is 63) with a broken hip for two hours until the garbage men found her. She had to declare bankruptcy and lost her house and car. Fast forward 6 months and CONNECT AMERICA takes my cell number, which was to be my mothers emergency contact, and starts calling and harassing me about a debt my mother owed. I asked them to stop and informed them of the fact it was my cell but the continued to harass me! Ive now filed a lawsuit in GA against them for violations of the TCPA for $15,000! They can go to (moderated)!

    • says

      David, Sorry to hear that news and we hope your mother is OK. These devices certainly aren’t perfect and people need to remember that the range of these devices outside the home is questionable… When setting these devices up, it very important to verify the “range” of the pendants from the base station in all areas of the home (as well as outside)! Thanks for alerting our readers!

  7. Laura says

    Connect LLC Corporate Headquarters, Broomall,Pa 19008 This company RIPPED OFF my parents !! My mother has Alzheimer’s and was CONNED out of her checking account #. They sent this POS equipment and I sent it back within 15 days informing of her medical problem. (They said send it back within 15 days for a full refund.)

    I sent it back INSURED (cost $16.00 also). Well after 30 days and 35 minutes on hold they informed me my parent were being charged $50.00 to put this on a shelf! After conning my mother out of her account # from a list they buy of elderly people, they charge an additional $50.00 also $16.00 for insurance and shipping. They are on a very fixed income like most seniors also. I hope everyone at this company that cons these elderly people out of the little bit of money they do have starves, to death!

    • says

      So sorry to hear this Laura. Did you save your receipt from the insured shipment? Perhaps with a little more push, you can get them to refund your mother. Let us know if we can help.

  8. D Hutchens says

    Were you paid to write this review? Prior to the end of my mom’s 1st year, the system started going off unexpectedly. And when I say “going off”, I mean an extremely frightening alarm, especially for an 80 year old woman. In order to stop it, she had to unplug it. In November, she contacted them stating she no longer wanted the service. She was instructed to return the system, which she did, in December. A month before the year-end date. In January, she was billed an annual fee of over $300. When she called to ask why she had been billed when she had returned the equipment and specifically requested the service be stopped, she was informed “they hadn’t received it.” How convenient! She was informed that since she did not have the actual receipt from that date, although she had the debit card info, she would need a notarized statement that she had returned it. She was informed that this does happen. When she asked if she would receive her refund, she was informed, “probably not.” So she paid over $300 for an annual service of which she no services were rendered. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM.

    • says

      Hi D Hutchens – We were not paid to write this medical alert system product review. We fully disclose any sponsored reviews, and while we may recommend products from time to time, The Senior List does not accept payment for product-endorsements of any kind.

      Unfortunately it sounds as though your mother didn’t ask for a delivery confirmation which may have avoided the equipment charges. Thank you for adding your experience to our forum here. The Senior List was built so that consumers could voice their opinions about products and services that affect the lives of boomers and seniors! By sharing your experience, you’re helping others make more informed choices.

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