LifeLock For Seniors Offers Protection

LifeLock for SeniorsWhen Navy Veteran, Earl Laurie found out that the VA had lost his private information and that someone had tried to open two credit cards in his name, he was more than concerned. Fortunately, Mr. Laurie had already heard about Lifelock and had purchased one of their many identity protection packages. To his great satisfaction, Laurie reported, “Lifelock saved me at least $30,000 and years of frustration, along with my good credit.” Seniors like Laurie hope to head into retirement with ease and few hiccups. That’s why signing up with Lifelock for seniors can be a smart investment that can offer you peace of mind.

Lifelock For Seniors to the Rescue!

If you are retired, you probably don’t want to be bothered with checking up on your credit card accounts or worrying about whether the PayPal account you just gave your bank account number to was a phishing (fake account) page. Never fear, that’s why Lifelock for seniors is here! This security protection company will monitor your accounts and notify you if there are any odd changes to your account information or reasons to alert you to anything that might be of serious concern. Lifelock will catch any wrongdoers before they can do serious damage and maintain your personal information.


Tips From Lifelock

Beyond offering reliable and consistent services to safeguard their customers’ private information, Lifelock’s website also offers helpful tips and advice for Seniors that can offer added protection for themselves and their loved ones. Here are a few tips that you can practice at home or abroad:

  • Try to avoid carrying your social security card whenever possible. If you must carry an ID card, use your passport or other form of ID.
  • Use cash instead of credit cards. If a thief steals your cash, he won’t have access to your credit information, which could also include other private information you don’t want others to have.
  • Contact the FTC’s Opt Out hotline (1-888-567-8688) to be removed from Direct Mail lists. These mailers can include your personal information that could be stolen from your recycling or trash bin, or even your mailbox.
  • Keep your bank statements, social security card and other financial and personal records in a safety deposit box.

The company’s aim is to safeguard people of all ages and that is why they offer these helpful suggestions free of charge. Learning about how you can benefit from a security protection service is the first step towards empowering yourself to continue to be independent. Lifelock understands that while you are a sharp shooter, sometimes the occasional no-goodman could catch you off guard and try to compromise your well being. If you’re with Lifelock, they can catch any odd activity and sound the alarm before any serious damage is done. Lifelock offers special discounts and deals for new and current customers, giving you more incentive to invest in identity protection.

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