Seniors Drivers License Renewal Rules

IIHS logoThe Senior List published an article recently entitled “Taking The Car Keys From Mom Or Dad“.  It provided some great tips on talking to aging parents about their driving.  We recognize this is a very important (and difficult) conversation to have.  We’d also like to invite you to add your tips and/or stories to the comments section in that article (or this one) to help others that may be seeking advice on the subject.  We found a some nice statistics to share about licensing (renewal) provisions for older drivers, and provides some nice Seniors Drivers License Renewal Rules to reference.  This illustration below is provided by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a non-profit “dedicated to reducing the losses deaths, injuries and property damage from crashes on the nation’s roads”.  This chart is updated (as of 2012) and provides a state by state look at what’s involved in renewing an aging person’s drivers license.

Seniors Drivers License Renewal Rules By State

seniors drivers license renewal rules by state

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