Caregiver Financial Assistance For Veterans

Caregiver Financial Assistance For VeteransA recent article in the NY Times New Old Age Blog (one of our favorites) caught our attention and it seemed significant enough to pass along.  We’d also encourage you to pass this knowledge on to friends and family members.  The article was titled “A Little-Known Benefit for Aging Veterans” by Susan Seliger and it discusses  a veteran benefit few know anything about (those of us that work in the field call it Aid & Attendance).  Did you know that qualifying veterans can receive financial assistance from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to help with caregiver costs?  This is called Caregiver Financial Assistance For Veterans.  Apparently not many do…

Note the list of qualifying criteria and definitely read through all the comments as well (there are many helpful hints, and also a lot of frustration with the bureaucratic process).  According to the article, only 38,076 veterans were granted this benefit in 2011.  To put that in perspective, see the illustration below from a department of veterans affairs fact sheet and note how few veterans actually took advantage (no doubt it’s because so few are aware, and countless others give up as a result of the arduous application process).  Given the scrutiny of deficit spending these days, you may want to take advantage of this program (if you qualify AND if you need it) before it goes away.


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  1. Ted C. Langs says

    Amazing how many benefics are overlooked or hidden in the VA. A more caring system should be required by our Nation. Yes I know some may take advantage for the benefits but compare the VA to our Congresss.


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