Apple Products: Boxy But Good

Boxy but Good | Crazy People Movie PosterThe Urban Dictionary defines an Apple Fanboy as “A passionate advocate and promoter for Apple operating systems and hardware; also known as an Apple Evangelist”.  Now I never considered myself a Fanboy but I certainly have (at times) advocated, and maybe evangelized their products…  Those of us at The Senior List believe the Apple operating system (iOS) is quite intuitive and ought to be considered a great choice for boomers and seniors looking for tech devices.  We’ve written about tablets and their wonderful utility around the home, and we’ve written extensively about smartphones and dumb phones.

In the movie Crazy People (starring Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah), a struggling ad executive creates a truth-in-advertising campaign after he is voluntarily committed to a mental hospital.  His inspiration comes from his fellow psychiatric patients, and the simple (yet attention getting) slogans take the advertising world by storm!  One of our favorite slogans that the “team” came up with was for Volvo, a boring brand but strong on safety.  The slogan went “Volvo – They’re Boxy But They’re Good“.  Sadly, (or maybe not so sadly) Apple’s latest products seem to fit this same mold… boxy but good.  Anyone who’s held a sexy Samsung Galaxy S3 in their hand and compared it to the new Apple iPhone 5 understands what I’m talking about… The iPhone 5 is boxy but it’s good.


boxy but good | Apple iPhoneLot’s of folks (including myself) hoped for more than a taller, lighter iPhone in this latest release.  Perhaps the distraction of being the worlds most valuable tech company (and brand), allowed them to take their eye off the ball.  Perhaps without Steve Jobs at the helm we should give them more time to get their sea-legs under them.  Or, perhaps we’ve just entered a phase where the other guys are going to finally make a big run at Apple.  Microsoft just released Windows 8, Samsung Galaxy phones are outselling Apple iPhones on a number of carriers, and the new ultra books on the market look pretty nifty (at half the cost of the MacBook Air).  Add all this to the disastrous Apple iOS Maps debacle, and Apple suddenly looks vulnerable.  Don’t just take it from me… take a peak at Apple’s stock volatility over the last month or so!

I’m guessing that Apple will continue to be the innovative stalwart that got them where they are today.  They’ll get things right with Apple Maps, and I’ll make a prediction that the next iPhone (iPhone 6?) will be more than just a taller phone with room for “a 5th row of icons“…

Famous slogans that Emory Leeson’s (Dudley Moore) “creative team” came up with in the movie:

  • “Forget Paris. The French can be annoying. Come to Greece. We’re nicer” (for a Greek travel agency)
  • “Come… IN the Bahamas” (for the Bahamas national tourism board)
  • “Jaguar — For men who’d like hand-jobs from beautiful women they hardly know” (for Jaguar Autos)
  • “It won’t just scare you, it will F (sic) you up for life!” (for a new horror film called The Freak)

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