I’m Thankful For You

Happy Holidays Everybody!!!

I'm thankful for youWe wanted to take an opportunity to thank our readers and contributors during this holiday season.  I’m thankful for you all.  There is so much to be grateful for!  With so much negativity filling the news reels and the blogosphere (guns, healthcare, fiscal cliffs, unemployment, etc., etc.) we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge just a few of the good things going on around us.

Friends & Family:  The holidays are for connecting (and/or reconnecting) with friends and family.  Most of us here at The Senior List have been able to be with friends and family during the holidays.  We get such joy watching the connection between our children and our parents (the grandparents).  We’re so grateful to be able to share in this remarkable relationship.


Secret Santas: All Across The Country:  Many of you already know about the incredibly coolsecret Santas” that were paying off lay-away balances all over the country (at Walmarts, Targets, and Kmarts).  This is intended to be the season of giving, and reading about anonymous generosity was inspiring and contagious!

The Election Is Over:  Regardless of how you feel about the recent presidential election, it’s finally over.  All of the mudslinging, and rhetoric was getting old (real old) and we’re so glad it’s behind us.  Let’s encourage one another to find some common ground and come together for the betterment of this great country we love.  The great divide between the political extremes must be bridged by moderates who can bring the right and left together.  The middle class must be a priority for America to be the nation we all want it to be.  Term limits in the house and senate would help root out some of the hypocrisy in politics today (something to think about rallying around).  Let cooler heads prevail, and let’s work together.

Employment Is On The Rise:  In November, unemployment figures reached their lowest levels since December of 2008 (at 7.7%).  Enough said.

Mortgage Rates Still At Historic Lows:  Mortgage rates are at unprecedented levels.  At present they are hovering around 3.5% for a 30 year fixed mortgage.  This is helping out the middle class, and just about everybody that owns a home (or aspires to own a home).

We’re Also Incredibly Grateful For You:  We’re so grateful for those of you that visit The Senior List and pass along our articles to your friends and family.  Our hope for 2013 is that you visit often, and continue to participate in a way that benefits all of the boomers and seniors in your life.  Even your comments can help those seeking more information on a given subject we’re writing about.  IF you want to become a contributor in 2013 (author, writer, reviewer, etc.) drop us a line by clicking on our contact us page.  We’re always looking for quality contributors that can start a conversation!

All the best to you and yours!!



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