Product Review: The Life Trac Mobile Protector

The Life Track mobile protectorProduct Review: Life Trac Mobile Protector

The LifeTrac MobileProtector from SecuraTrac is a nice looking device that we’re excited about.  We’re seeing a new generation of PERS (personal emergency response systems) that are giving the traditional medical alert system community a run for it’s money.  The newer systems are mobile (cellular network driven) and this is something we’ve been advocating for a number of years.  Until now we haven’t seen a lot of competition in the untethered space, but we’re starting to like what we see here!  This could also be classified as a senior-friendly mobile phone, but it’s very small and offers the best of both worlds (medical alert + cell phone technology).



Product Info: Life Trac Medical Alert System

  • Name: Life Trac MobileProtector
  • Website Info: Life Trac powered by SecuraTrac
  • Auto Fall Detection? : No
  • Equipment Cost: $197.78  (retail)
  • Monthly Cost: $34.98 per device (includes 30 minutes of talk time) $44.98 gets you 200 cell minutes per month.The Life Trac mobile protector
  • Features:  Lanyard, Elastic Arm/Leg Band, and Belt Clip Accessories (available for a nominal charge), Easy to use Panic Button, 3 easy to use (prominent) Speed Dial Buttons, Untethered 24/7 Monitoring on a Cellular Network, GPS Tracking (with Geo Fencing ), works in Over 140 Countries, Convenience Calling, and an Online Portal to help manage device features, etc. (called the LifeTrac Dashboard)

Review: LifeTrac Mobile Protector from SecuraTrac

As we mentioned above, we’re excited about the Life Trac MobileProtector and we’re equally excited to see the medical alert system industry evolve the way it is (albeit slowly).  We’d put the SecuraTrac device in our “must consider” list of PERS devices.  It is mobile (via cellular network) and it allows the user to take it with them to over 140 countries without hassle (like having to swap out SIM cards, etc.).  Geo Fencing is a very cool feature that you can opt for with this device.  Geo Fencing allows LifeTrac Dashboard caregiver/monitor to set geographic boundaries that alert them if the user proceeds outside the predefined area.  This is particularly useful for dementia and/or Alzheimer’s sufferers that are prone to wandering!  The ability to pinpoint the user’s location has obvious benefits when trying to locate the user after the emergency button has been pushed.

The LifeTrac MobileProtector can also be used as a mobile phone just as you’d use your own cell phone.  Your monthly service plan includes cell phone usage/minutes.  There are 4 speed dial buttons on the front of the device that allow for easy dialing.  One of these buttons is reserved for the emergency call center, but the other 3 can be pre-programmed to call anyone (such as a caregiver, son/daughter, or loved one).  Finally this device has an inactivity alert aboard that will send an emergency message to loved ones (or a caregiver) so they can call the unit to check up on the user.  This inactivity alert is a great feature that SecuraTrac believes may be more  reliable than fall detection technology.

The Bottom Line:

Life Track Mobile ProtectorLifeTrac is another device that we really like, and it is at (or near) the top of our list for consideration.  We’re not sure a user would wear this around their neck… but what the heck, it’s nice to have that option.  This device seems simple to use, operates on a cellular network for freedom outside the home, and doubles as a senior friendly cell phone.  We also like the geo-fencing option as well as the inactivity alerts.  All-in-all this one is worth looking at.

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If you’ve used the LifeTrac Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!


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Product Review: The Life Trac Mobile Protector written by Amie average rating 2.7/5 - 10 user ratings

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  1. P. Hatalla says

    I live in an area where there is NO CELLULAR SERVICE within a ten mile radius. NONE of the SATELLITE MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEMS that I have researched so far, are TRULY “SATELLITE” systems. EXAMPLE: XM SATELLITE radio works in cellular dead zones. With the technology available today, there is STILL “NOTHING MOBILE” that works in a cellular dead zone. If it will not work in a cellular dead zone, it is USELESS in my opinion.

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