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iStand fall prevention appOn February 12th HoliVision launched a new iPad app for seniors called The iStand Falls Prevention® Exercise Program.  iStand is a fall prevention/exercise app for your iPad that allows users to follow along AND exercise with… “Brenda” (the instructor).  Brenda leads the user through a number of exercises (including a warm up and cool down) via video modules.  These videos are easy to follow, and the production quality is very high.  (We were quite impressed.)  The iStand App would be a very nice addition to the other iPad apps in your “wellness” folder, and it’s free to folks that can put up with advertisements (we certainly could).  For 99 cents you can buy the Ad-Free-Version, and for $4.99 you can add the iStand Tai Chi module.

About HoliVision:

HoliVision was founded by Mazy Holiday (COO).  HoliVision specializes in falls prevention exercise (and education) for seniors.  They also focus on the latest technology and design in walking aids for rehabilitation and mobility.  Mazy notes that there isn’t a nationwide fall prevention program currently, which is strange because of the number of seniors who are severely injured due to falls each year. This was a driving factor behind the iStand app for iPad.


The iStand Fall Prevention Exercise App:

iStand fall prevention app for seniorsWhat:  iStand fall-prevention exercise App for the iPad (you won’t find it for the iPhone yet)

Cost: Free (.99 for the ad-free version, and $4.99 for the Tai Chi module)

Recommendation: Senior List Approved – We think the iStand fall prevention/exercise app is worth downloading.  It’s very professionally done, and has some additional value-The Senior List Check Markadds like “If You Fall” tips, “Walking Tips”, and a “Home Safety Checklist”.

iStand fall prevention app for iPad

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HoliVision also makes an iStand DVD which is currently available on Holiday says future plans include making iStand available across multiple platforms, and on a global basis.  Click thru if you’d like to read HoliVision’s press release for the iStand App.

Product Reviews: iStand Fall Prevention App written by TimOnTech average rating 4/5 - 4 user ratings

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