Safety Bunns Offer Non Skid Pants

Safety Bunns non-slip pantsOne of our members at The Senior List on Facebook submitted an interesting article about her company called; Safety Bunns!  Obviously we had to inquire about them and found a really creative idea that offers seniors a safer seat at the table… This product offers safety grips on the back of the pant legs so a person doesn’t slip out of their wheelchair, dining room chair or any other slippery sitting surface.  This is a product that solves a very common problem… with a very simple solution!  Think of them as studded snow tires vs. snow tires.  Snow tires can do the job… but Studs give you a little bit more grippage, and a lot more confidence… :)  Safety Bunns pants for seniors

Barb Przybylowicz, (a nurse for over 33 years) developed Safety Bunns after caring for her ailing father.  Her many years of serving seniors (as well as her father) led her to identify a need, and she filled it.  Click thru to read more about Safety Bunns.


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