myHalo Fall Detection Coming Soon (Again)

myHalo fall detectionIf you follow the medical alert industry like we do, you may have asked yourself the question: What every happened to myHalo fall detection company?  myHalo was one of the first to offer true technology-driven fall detection.  Well… the truth is myHalo was purchased by MobileHelp out of Boca Raton, Florida, and then seemingly put on ice for a while.  In fact when myHalo disappeared, The Senior List contacted a company representative at MobileHelp who told us that we would indeed see myHalo again soon.  He indicated that they were working through some initiatives before rolling the technology back out to the market, and they would be back soon.  Well, it wasn’t “soon”, but it’s good to see their fall detection technology coming back.MobileHelp | myHalo fall detectionmyHalo Halo Monitoring Logo

It looks like it’s only a matter of time now…  If you visit the MobileHelp website you’ll see a teaser announcing that the myHalo® Auto Fall Detection Pendant is COMING SOON.  What’s myHalo fall detectionnot clear is whether there are other form factors (what ever happened to the chest strap?) and/or whether this is a mobile/cellular based system or not… (Ya I know… it’s a teaser… it’s supposed to make you ask the question…)


The fall detection technology under the hood at myHalo was solid, so it will be interesting to see what MobileHelp does with it.  Kudos to MobileHelp for rolling out new technologies that might impact boomers and seniors in a positive way.  Lot’s of questions need to be answered but we’ll be standing by and reporting when the information is available!

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