Postcards From The Edge: May 23 1910

This Postcards From The Edge installment presents the second in a series we’re publishing called “Postcards From The Edge”. These postcards are a from a collection which has been cared for by my in-laws up in Western Montana. Rather than keep these hidden away in a box, we thought it would be fun to share some of these with our community members here on The Senior List. The postcards are circa early 1900′s and are written (mainly) by Francis Clark (1857-1950), my husband’s great grandfather. Frank was a railroad conductor and traveled around the country manning routes for The Northern Pacific Railroad.

Postcards were Frank’s primary means of communication back to his family back in Tekoa Washington, Kellogg Idaho, and Spokane Washington. They are addressed to his wife Clara, but also to other members of his immediate (and extended) family including his children. There are also several postcards in the collection from other members of the extended family to one another.   The postcards a turn-of-the-century “time machine”, and take us back to a time time in history when our country was changing ever so rapidly.

Keep in mind back then there were few telephones and very limited communication methods other than by post. I hope you enjoy the series. These postcards are very personal, and we’re happy to share them with you. **Note the 1 cent stamps… The actual postmark/stamp… The addresses on the cards (just a name and city in some cases)… And of course the story that each postcard reveals.

Postcards from the Edge: 1909 postcard Montpelier, Ohio

Postcards from the Edge: Note on back of 1909 postcard

This vintage postcard features a photo of the North Side Court Square in Bryan (Williams County) Ohio.  It’s postmarked May 23, 1910 and is written by Addie Koch (a cousin) to Clara (Frank’s wife).  It reads:

“Dear Cousin, Received your card and was glad to hear from you.  We are all well except Grandpa has been sick since Wednesday.  Had a stroke of paralysis.  Can’t hardly talk.  Throat and tongue is affected.  It is raining today. From Addie Koch.” — Addie Koch to her cousin Clara

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