Healthy Diet For MS Patients Lowers Risk

Healthy diet for MS patients: Eat Seven Fruits and Vegetables per DayI first learned about Dr. Terry Wahls this morning on my favorite radio station,  The morning host had just finished her book and was remarking about this woman who had cured her multiple sclerosis (MS), discarded her wheelchair, and had done it all with food, not drugs.  In addition, she went on to say that a new study has been released that directly links the amount of  fruits and vegetables in a person’s diet to lifespan.

Eating at least seven portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day was linked to a 42% lower risk of death from all causes.  This strongly suggests the importance of the healthy diet for MS patients.

Yes, you read that right- seven portions, not the usual five we have heard about for the last several years.  As a self-proclaimed food-nut myself, I was very interested to read about Dr. Wahls and her health transformation from changing how and what she ate.


You can read about the Seven Fruits and Vegetables Study here.  Another interesting note from the study is that canned fruits and vegetables seemed to increase the risk of death by 17%!  Yikes!  Not surprisingly, the amount of sugar, especially in canned fruits seems to be to blame.

It may seem unrealistic (and can be expensive) to increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, but our takeaway is that some is better than none, at any age.  If you are getting  three servings,  try increasing it to four, then, five, and eventually up to seven.  I find that making a smoothie first thing in the morning helps me knock 2-3 servings out.  Here are some great recipe ideas for smoothies that I found helpful when I was just getting started.

Have you found easy ways to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption?  We want to hear about it!  Comment below!

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  1. Deanna R. Jones says

    Thanks for the tips! I want my mother to be healthy, so it’s good to know how I should be feeding her. She suffers from multiple sclerosis, so it’s good to know that there are foods that can help treat her condition. I didn’t know that canned fruits and vegetables can increase the rate of death in multiple sclerosis patients by 17%. My mother loves eating canned food, so I’ll be sure to feed her fresh fruits and veggies from now on.

  2. Marilyn Cox says

    I typically don’t buy gadgets that are advertised on TV, but this particular one caught my eye. It’s called a “Veggetti” or something like that. I purchased it at CVS, but I think you could find it in the section “As Seen on TV” section at Walgreens or Walmart. Anyway, you can make spaghetti with this gadget using squash or zucchini, which is a great replacement for pastas. I tried it out this weekend by stir-frying it with a little garlic infused olive oil and a tiny bit of ginger. Loved it!!!! Just a cool way to sneak more veggies into your diet.

    • says

      Wow thanks for the heads-up Marilyn! Adding more veggies to the diet is a darn good idea for all of us! Thx for visiting, and for adding to the conversation- A

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