What is The Senior List all about?

The Senior List is an eldercare directory focused on linking families to quality eldercare resources online.  Consumer ratings and reviews form the backbone of our directory, and we rely on consumers and professionals to sound off so that others may benefit from past experiences.  According to eMarketer Online, 49% of boomers use online reviews and recommendations to make retail purchases.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that finding quality care-related resources (for a family member or loved one) is infinitely more important than finding your next iPod.  Therefore, our aim is to connect consumers to the best service providers in their local areas.

Who visits The Senior List.com?

The Senior List is visited by a wide variety of users,  but our main demographic consists of baby boomers that are looking for resources online (either for themselves or for family members).  Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964.  They are 77 million strong here in the USA.  AARP says that by 2015, 45% of the population of the USA will be 50+.  82% of adults age 50+ use the internet to research health and wellness information.  Finally… (drum roll please) 96% of baby boomers participate in word-of-mouth or viral marketing by sharing product (or service) information amongst friends (ThirdAge and JWT Boom).

Does The Senior List allow Advertising on the site?

Yes we do allow advertising.  Throughout the site you’ll see banner advertising or contectual text ads.  These help defray costs associated with growing our brand.   The Senior List eldercare directory also allows advertising for service providers that wish to feature their business listing.  For a nominal fee, the showcase listings provides features that aren’t included in our free listings (such as photos, business description, web links, etc.).Can I contribute content to The Senior List?  I write boomer and/or senior related articles…

If you’re interested in contributing articles, please contact us (using our contact form above).  Give us a little background on what you’d like to share with our audience (mostly boomers).  If accepted, we’ll assign editorial credentials so you can login and post your articles anytime you wish.

How can I add a business to your Eldercare Directory?

Our basic (business) listings are always free.  Once a business has been submitted it will appear in our directory within 24-48 hours.  If you are a business owner and your business has already been added, you may claim it to edit your listing and/or upgrade it to an enhanced listing.  Visit the directory registration page to get started.

What if my business receives a poor rating?

There is a chance your business may receive a below average rating or review.  The reality is, sometimes you can’t please everybody all the time!  As your business grows, your online reputation will grow as well.  If a consumer wishes to post a rating about a business in our directory it will be posted (as long as the consumer has provided valid login credentials).  If you wish to dispute a rating or review because you believe it to be fraudulent, we will investigate on your behalf.  Our inquiry will focus on the validity of the report, and whether it was submitted by a legitimate consumer of your services.  Please contact us (using our contact form).  Here’s a Tip-  The best defense is a good offense… As a business owner, you should be aware your customer satisfaction levels and your online reputation.  You should be tracking it constantly.  Savy business owners are proactive.  Ask your satisfied customers to take a moment to provide a review for your business (on The Senior List) after all, you’ve earned it.  Most people that receive superior service are happy to talk about it.  On the contrary, most folks receiving lousy service will scream about it.  This is just the way word of mouth has worked for hundreds of years… Ask your happy customers to sing your praises.

I am a member of the media.  How can I learn more about The Senior List?

First, feel free to contact us Here are a few company tidbits:  Founded:  In 2006 as a regional resource for Portland, Oregon Consumers.  National Launch: Fall 2007.  Company Description:  The Senior List is a leading Eldercare Portal focused on Consumer Ratings & Reviews.  Tag Line:  Word of Mouth… It Works!  Headquarters:  Portland, Oregon, USA