Advertising on The Senior List® is a great way to give your business exposure to the millions of baby boomers looking for senior care advice online.  Because The Senior List is a highly interactive website (with ratings, reviews, public comments, etc.) your advertisement will be exposed to people who are accustomed to taking action.  As an advertiser online, this is exactly what you want to hear about the audience you’re after.  Read on to understand the ways you can advertise on The Senior List.

There are 2 main ways to advertise on The Senior List.  The first is through our banner advertising program. The second is by purchasing an enhanced business listing.

1.  Banner Advertising:  On our main site (, you can see banner advertisements above each page on our “header banner” (one 468×60), on the right side column (four 125×125), and below each post (one 468×60).  As an advertiser you can choose to purchase these spots by the month, quarter, or by impressions (cpm).  On our senior care directory we have a “header banner” (one 728×90), a ”footer banner” (one 728×90), a right side column banner (200×200), and 3 small paid link buttons.  See a spot you’d like your business to be seen in?  Contact us for prices and availability.

Some banner examples:

2.  Enhanced Business Listings in our Senior Care Directory:  Enhanced business listings are a great way to showcase your business with a business description, photos, video, and a “contact us” space.  Once you purchase your enhanced listing, you have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your listing through our provider portal.  Here you can see exactly how many times your listing was viewed, and clicked on.  You can even see how many times visitors clicked on your phone number.  Everything is transparent so you know what you’re getting for your hard earned money and you can measure the results against other advertising avenues.  To view an illustration of our enhanced listing options click here Enhanced Business Listings.