Samsung Jitterbug 5 Review

Jitterbug 5 red Samsung Jitterbug 5 ReviewThe Samsung Jitterbug line has been around a long time, and we know this phone well.  The Senior List originally reviewed the Samsung Jitterbug J model back in 2010!  We’re happy to report that this phone has evolved and today it’s better than ever.  The Jitterbug line has been one of the most popular senior friendly phones on the market.  There was a famous slogan penned by an ad agency back in 1968, we think fits pretty well with our Samsung Jitterbug 5 Review… Jitterbug 5 – You’ve come a long way baby!

Product Info: Jitterbug 5

  • Name:  Jitterbug 5 Phone for Seniors
  • Offered by:  GreatCall
  • Price:  $99 MSRP
  • Monthly Rates: Start at $24.99 (includes 5Star Service)
  • Colors:  Red, White or Blue
  • Carrier:  Verizon
  • Contracts or Cancellation Fees: None
  • Features:  Simple clam shell design, big, easy-to-see buttons, powerful speakerphone, 5Star service button, long lasting battery, Big Red (Verizon Network)

Product Review: GreatCall’s Jitterbug 5

j5 white magenta e1416697285902 Samsung Jitterbug 5 ReviewThe Samsung Jitterbug 5 from GreatCall is one of the most recognizable senior friendly phones today.   Nicole Lee at Cnet said of the Samsung Jitterbug 5’s early cousins “The Samsung Jitterbug J is incredibly easy to use.  It has a bright display, large font size, a roomy keypad with big buttons, and even a dial tone to make it similar to a landline telephone“.  We love the large buttons, and the fact that it’s easy to recognize the emergency button (in red) which alerts GreatCall operators to an inquiry or an emergency.

Staff here at The Senior List have personally tested out “5Star” services at GreatCall’s call center.  These services include dispatching emergency services, connecting the user to a registered nurse, and even conferencing in an emergency contact like a son or daughter.  The operators are trained, and they’re some of the most professional we’ve dealt with.  Another thing that we love is their contract… You know why? There isn’t one!  If you’ve followed our medical alert system reviews, you probably know we don’t like the idea of folks entering into long-term service contracts that they are locked into.  If you’re ever in doubt, make sure you get this assurance in writing.  With GreatCall’s Jitterbug you don’t have to.

How Does 5Star Service Work?

5Star Service from GreatCall Samsung Jitterbug 5 Review

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a senior friendly cell phone the Samsung Jitterbug 5 from GreatCall is a can’t miss.  This isn’t just a cell phone though, it’s a cross between a phone and a medical alert system.  For this reason, The Senior List highly recommends this product.  The Jitterbug 5 remains our top choice in mobile phones for seniors because of it’s versatility, it’s value for money, and for top shelf service from GreatCall staff.

If you’ve used the Jitterbug 5 or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!

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QMedic Review: A smart medical alert system

QMedic1 QMedic Review: A smart medical alert systemThe QMedic Medical Alert System

QMedic offers a traditional PERS bracelet or pendant with a button to push when help is needed.  In addition to these features, QMedic also has some very smart sensing technology that we love.  The QMedic medical alert system will send text alerts to  loved ones/caregivers if the user is not wearing the device, fails to get out of bed or is inactive for an extended period of time.  Monthly Wellness Reports are also available to monitor activity, sleep, and  safety in the home.

What We Like: Waterproof, Smart sensing technology, inactivity alerts.  Free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee. Affordable, no hidden fees, no contract. 800-1,000 ft range. Will notify users preferences in case of an emergency (911 or family/ friends). Monthly wellness reports.

What We Would Change: No GPS features, tethered to home land-line.

Recommend?: Absolutely.  We love that it’s waterproof and think the sensing technology is a huge step above traditional personal emergency response systems.  We would love to see a GPS enabled version of QMedic.

Where to Purchase: Currently, purchases must be made through the QMedic website.

Cost: $30 per month. No long term contract. No equipment purchase. Free Shipping, 30-day money back guarantee.

Excellent Service

We found the staff at QMedic very easy to work with.  This started in their marketing department and spread to the folks at the call center who wanted to make sure I was okay when I pushed the button (many times).

Great Speaker Range on the QMedic

What really impressed me was the range of the speaker on the base station throughout my home.  The call center and I played “can you hear me now?” on both levels of my home and we could still hear each other the whole time.  The base station speaker is really loud if you are in the same room, but perfect if a user needs help a distance away from the base station.

We will be adding QMedic to our “Favorites List”, if you have used QMedic and have any feedback about your experience, we would love to hear about it below!

Glen Campbell’s Last Song

Glen Campbell Glen Campbells Last SongLegendary country singer Glen Campbell is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Diagnosed back in 2011, Glen Campbell set out with Kenny Rogers to plan one final international “Good Bye” tour which was stopped short in late 2012 because of complications.  It would have been the last leg of his international swing… But alas it was time to rest, and to fight his last battle on the home front.

Alzheimer’s Disease isn’t discriminatory.  It hits country stars, rock-n-roll stars, fathers and sons… sisters and mothers.  It’s the most common type of Dementia, affecting a staggering 5 million Americans today.  From  “An estimated 5.2 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease in 2014. This includes an estimated 5 million people age 65 and older and approximately 200,000 individuals under age 65 who have younger-onset Alzheimer’s.”  Dementia recently reared its ugly head again recently with revelations that Robin Williams may have been suffering from Lewy Body Dementia.

The song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” was written especially for Glen Campbell’s  recently released documentary called “I’ll Be Me” by PCH Films.  The lyrics are eerily poignant, and this piece will forever be known as Glen Campbell’s last song.

I’m still here, but yet I’m gone
I don’t play guitar or sing my songs
They never defined who I am
The man that loves you ’til the end

You’re the last person I will love
You’re the last face I will recall
And best of all, I’m not gonna miss you
Not gonna miss you

I’m never gonna hold you like I did
Or say I love you to the kids
You’re never gonna see it in my eyes
It’s not gonna hurt me when you cry

I’m never gonna know what you go through
All the things I say or do
All the hurt and all the pain
One thing selfishly remains

I’m not gonna miss you
I’m not gonna miss you

Lewy Body Dementia: What you need to know

TheAmazingBrain 150x150 Lewy Body Dementia: What you need to knowLewy Body Dementia has been in the spotlight recently with the news that Robin Williams had this common disease.  Lewy Body Dementia or LBD, affects more than 1.4 million people in the US and is one of the most common forms of dementia.  LBD is often misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

Symptoms of Lewy Body Dementia

LBD can be difficult to diagnose early and many practitioners are still unfamiliar with the disease.  This leads to a large number of under-diagnosis and mismanagement of medications and treatments that may be prescribed for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s instead.  In the early stages, memory impairment may not be that noticeable and can easily be masked. Memory issues can easily change from day to day also making it hard for practitioners to establish a diagnosis.  People with LBD can have trouble sleeping and will often experience hallucinations.

The diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia is often confirmed after death.  LBD is indicated by protien deposits on the nerve cells of the brain.  An excellent resource for caregivers is the Lewey Body Demenita Association.  They offer a Lewy Body Dementia symptom checklist for patients, caregivers, and physicians and it is an excellent tool to start with if you or a loved one has concerns about the disease.

Is there a cure?

The short answer is “No”. But, the symptoms of LBD are treatable.  There are medications to treat the symptoms of the cognitive, behavioral, and movement problems that can accompany LBD.  Early diagnosis is the key because people with LBD can react differently to certain medications that are prescribed for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.   These medications can cause severe reactions in people with LBD and can sometimes be fatal.  Early diagnosis can also allow for other changes and modifications that can improve the quality of life for people with LBD.  Changes in diet, sleep habits, routine, and medications may allow for someone with LBD and their caregivers to effectively manage the symptoms and changes that take place with LBD.

If you or a loved one has Lewy Body Disease, you are not alone.  Find a local support group or join a virtual LBD support network to help you and your loved one.

Is Consumer Reports Rating Medical Alert Systems?

Bay Alarm Pendant Is Consumer Reports Rating Medical Alert Systems?If you’ll look at some of our articles on Medical Alert Systems you’ll see that our robust user community is all about helping each other find the best products and services for boomers and seniors.  One of the areas that’s always been hot on The Senior List has been the Medical Alert System arena.  The reason it’s such a hot sector is because these little devices solve a problem for aging adults that are staying in the home longer.  The obvious problem they address is; What happens if there’s a medical emergency?  The solution is to press an alarm button that will summons help if no one else is in the home.  This trend toward staying in one’s home vs. moving into a nursing home or assisted living is called “Aging in Place“.

Is Consumer Reports Rating Medical Alert Systems?

One of the questions we get quite often is the following; Is consumer reports rating medical alert systems? The answer is no, they aren’t ratings specific medical alert systems but in July, Consumer Reports provided a brief review titled “What to look for in a Medical Alert System“.   They also provide a few reviews for 6 popular medical alert providers.  The article lacks some detail, but does provide some useful information such as “who needs a medical alert system”, and “what the best medical alert systems have”.

cr logo home 300x31 Is Consumer Reports Rating Medical Alert Systems?

There are a number of resources that provide ratings for medical alert systems.  Since you’re already on The Senior List, you probably know that we provide ratings and recommendations for medical alert systems.  If you see a recommendation for a medical alert system here, you can be sure we’d make the same recommendation to our own family members, giving you peace of mind when making these difficult choices.  We even put together a Medical Alert System Buyers Guide to help you make the best choice for your specific situation.



Best Assisted Living New York

The Senior List Best Of Series 200x300 Best Assisted Living New York The Senior List® set out to find the best assisted living facilities in New York, New York.  We compiled reviews from the top senior housing review websites to pull together our “Best of” list.  Click here to read about our methods, and interpreting the List.  All ratings are based on 5 stars.

Best Assisted Living New York | Who makes the list?

For those who have lived in New York and who decide to stay in the city through the later years, there are a variety of options for Assisted Living, from extravagant to homey.  New York boasts some of the best hospitals in the U.S.,  three of the top ten hospitals (Mount Sinai Medical Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, and NYU Langone Medical Center) in the country for geriatrics are located in New York.  Below are our findings for the best assisted living communities in New York, New York.

Atria West 86 | New York

img 01 300x200 Best Assisted Living New York Atria West 86 offers Independent and Supportive Living Options in New York.  11 reviews- Average Rating 3.5 23 reviews- Average Rating 4 16 reviews- Average Rating 4.6

What they liked: very clean, felt new and fresh, accommodating staff, staff are friendly and respectful, located in a nice area, close to Riverside Park, long term care insurance accepted, first class facility, sophisticated program, well appointed, respiratory therapist on staff, well trained caregivers, good food, fancy, transportation to physicians, contemporary style.

What they didn’t like: rooms are small, high cost, not enough outdoor activities, small elevators, have to walk to tables at meals, was asked to stop playing the piano by other residents watching TV, mediocre care, were not happy with communication once move-in took place, care charges not fully explained in brochure, not set up for frail population.

Carnegie East House | New York

Carnegie East House Best Assisted Living New York Carnegie East House offers Assisted Living in New York. 10 reviews- Average Rating 4.0 4 reviews- Average Rating 4.5 20 reviews- Average Rating 4.3

What they liked: spacious rooms, clean, privately owned, good food, staff are nice, modern bedrooms, home-like environment, engaging activities,  variety of activities, caring employees, RN on duty 7 days per week, activities are well organized, picky mother has no complaints, creative-type residents, computers with internet connection, in-house salon, library.

What they didn’t like: Ongoing subway construction, didn’t like staff, food.

 Hallmark Battery Park | New York

Hallmark Battery Park Best Assisted Living New York Hallmark Battery Park offers Independent and Assisted Living in New York. 31 reviews- Average Rating 4.5

What they liked: fresh fruit, nice rooms, modern and cozy, culturally diverse activities, hotel atmosphere, nice area of the city, professional staff, outdoor cookouts, great location, large rooms, clean, attentive staff, pool, nice dining area, security, impeccable view, quiet neighborhood, fitness center, arts and crafts studio, wellness clinic.

What they didn’t like: Expensive.

The 80th Street Residence | New York

header 300x55 Best Assisted Living New York  80th Street Residence offers Assisted Living specializing in Memory Care in New York. 6 reviews- Average Rating 4.5

What they liked: safe, caring environment for those with cognitive impairments, staff who become like family, in-house beauty salon and barber shop, friendly staff, nice sized rooms, wonderful care, high quality entertainment.

What they didn’t like:  We couldn’t find any negative comments for this facility.

 VillageCare | New York

villagecare Best Assisted Living New York VillageCare of New York offers a variety of services from Independent Living, Assisted Living, Long Term Care, and Skilled Nursing Care in their settings located in New York. 14 reviews- Average Rating 4.45

What they liked: comfortable and affordable facility, friendly staff, residents seem comfortable and happy, cooperative and caring staff, social activities, relaxing spa therapy rooms, meditation rooms, close to subway

What they didn’t like: low quality of food.

 The Esplanade | New York

theesplanade Best Assisted Living New York The Esplanade of Manhattan provides Assisted Living and Retirement Living in New York. 5 reviews- Average Rating 4.0

What they liked: large apartment, affordable, nice and caring staff, activities, escort services to doctor’s appointments, outdoor garden, outings, clean.

What they didn’t like: small kitchen area, repetitive food choices, kosher style but not kosher.

Lott Residence | New York

lottresidence Best Assisted Living New York Lott Residence provides Assisted Living in New York. 3 reviews- Average Rating 4.0

What they liked: less expensive, great location on Central Park, beautiful facility, rooms are cozy and clean, staff is helpful and friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

What they didn’t like: We couldn’t find any negative comments for this facility.

If you have experience with any of the above Assisted Living New York communities, please provide some feedback below in the comments section!  You can also submit your own reviews to any of the senior housing review websites listed above.  Do you know of an Assisted Living facility that should be on our best of New York, New York list?  Let us know by commenting below!

Tablet Stand Product Review: Bamboosa Lap Log

AGreen600x500px large 300x250 Tablet Stand Product Review: Bamboosa Lap Log When it comes to finding a tablet stand, they are a dime-a-dozen and can be found on a variety of retails sites.  When the hunt is on to find a  stylish and comfortable tablet stand that works well for seniors and are made in the USA, they are hard to find!  I am excited to add the Bamboosa Lap Log to the list of products that I love, and that I can highly recommend to my readers.  I personally love the Lap Log, and the company that makes them is pretty special too.  Bamboosa also makes men’s, women’s and baby apparel, blankets, and bedding to name a few.

Why I love the Lap Log Tablet Stand

The Lap Log is a perfect hands-free solution for tablets and eReaders alike.  I have noticed that my grandmother has difficulty holding her 10-inch tablet and trying to use it at the same time.   I tested the Lap Log with both an iPad and the smaller Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.  It held both tablets in my lap comfortably, and was easy to move around and adjust.  The tablets stayed put and didn’t fall over.  I especially like the way the tablet stand worked for me while I was sitting up in bed as it freed up my hands to use the tablet.  This eco-friendly product is made from soft 100% Organic Cotton Twill, and is filled with natural buckwheat hulls.  The wooden inserts that hold the tablet in place come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your tablet or eReader.  The wooden insert is easily removed for washing the Lap Log.  Once the insert is removed, you could also use this as a pillow- the perfect travel companion!  The Lap Log comes in many different patterns and solid colors.  They even have cute kids-themed fabrics.  These would make a perfect holiday gifts for loved ones, young and aged alike!

We are giving away two Lap Logs, visit our Facebook page to see how you can win one!

5 Emergency Situations When Medical Alert Systems are Life Saving

canstockphoto16013381 300x225 5 Emergency Situations When Medical Alert Systems are Life SavingMedical alert systems are powerful tools which allow your loved ones to keep living independently. A medical alert pendant or bracelet acts as a safety net, allowing your loved one to have access to emergency personnel 24 hours a day. They aren’t just for medical emergencies though. Having a medical alert system in place delivers many benefits in a wide range of situations.


If a fire is breaking out in your home, one of the best things that you or your loved ones can do is press the button on your medical alert system. Your loved one may be too panicked to find their phone and call 911. The call center will be able to immediately contact the closest fire department for immediate dispatch.


If someone breaks into the home, a simple push of a button can notify authorities. The voice of a call center operator echoing in the house may be enough to scare away a burglary in progress. Every once in a while, you’ll read a story in the news about how a person’s emergency alert bracelet helped catch a criminal.

Gas Leaks

Gas can be an especially worrisome problem. It’s very easy for an elderly person to suffocate from a gas leak, or worse, cause an accidental explosion. Some medical alert systems come with integrated gas leak detectors. If there is a leak, the sensor will immediately call the fire department for help whenever it happens.


A fall isn’t always because of a medical problem, but it can certainly lead to one. Falling and not being able to get up from the ground is a very real situation that happens to people.  The consequences of falling are exacerbated when the person is alone or prone to confusion and fear about the situation.  By having a medical alert bracelet, a fall doesn’t have to be nearly as scary. Plus, if the fall does cause a medical emergency the EMTs will be able to assess the situation upon arrival.


Sometimes a loved one or a home caretaker will keep a spare pendant on them so they can contact emergency services if their loved one goes missing. For those who have loved ones who are prone to wandering, using the emergency alert system might come in handy.  On the GPS enabled medical alert systems, your loved one can be located through its use and just pressing the button.

The operators who are on the other end of the medical alert system’s lines are trained and capable of handling all kinds of emergencies and situations.  They will provide the best solutions, contacting the right people for the situation. If your loved one is having trouble using a phone, prone to wandering, or is otherwise unable to take care of themselves if an emergency happens, it may be time to talk with them about getting a medical alert system. The extra insurance is worth it.

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Act Your Shoe Size Not Your Age

So we’ve all heard the analogy “act your age… not your shoe size” right?  Well this trio stands that analogy on it’s head with their rendition of Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.  Who says you can’t have fun once in a while eh?  This troupe of Seal Beach dancing seniors brings down the house.  Enjoy!

Speaking of dancing, did you know dancing is a great form of exercise whether you’re in your 20’s or in your 80’s?  WebMD says that dancing can be one avenue to better health.  That’s right, dancing can help you burn excess calories, work your muscles, strengthen your core and make you feel great!  See you out on the town.

LifeStation Medical Alert System Reviews

We’ve been looking at LifeStation Medical Alert Systems for some time now.  A recent anonymous call to their customer service center revealed a professional sounding gentleman (despite calling on a lovely Sunday morning).  These “secret shopper” calls can reveal a lot about the business practices of senior service providers (and any other providers for that matter).

LifeStation has options for both traditional in-home medical alert systems as well as a mobile cellular options.  There are a number of LifeStation Medical Alert system reviews online, and the biggest complaint we’ve noticed is a coverage issue throughout then entire home.  This is a common complaint for a lot of traditional in-home medical alert systems, as each home is a different set up.  Some homes have many walls, some are small and some are big.  Each of these factors will affect the ability of the emergency response pendant to communicate with the base station.  Always do your due diligence when buying a medical alert system for yourself or a family member.  Here’s a list of questions to ask before buying a medical alert system.

The LifeStation Medical Alert System

  • Name:  LifeStation Medical Alert SystemLifeAlert Medical Alert LifeStation Medical Alert System Reviews
  • Website Info:
  • Auto Fall Detection? :  no
  • Equipment Cost:  $0
  • Monthly Cost:  $27.95 per month (based on quarterly billing)
  • Cancellation Policy: No Fees, Cancel at Anytime
  • Features:  Waterproof Pendant, Wireless, 24/7 Monitoring, 32 hour back-up battery for base station (in case of power failure), up to 500 feet range (pendant to base station).

Product Review: LifeStation Medical Alert System

LifeStation LifeStation Medical Alert System ReviewsThe LifeStation Medical Alert System is an excellent option if you’re looking for a traditional medical alert system. LifeStation has options for both in-home pendant style buttons, as well as a mobile help button that operates on a cellular network.  LifeStations touts their pendant as being waterproof which is one of the items we like about modern medical alert pendants.

LifeStation owns and operates it’s own UL listed monitoring center, and provides 6 weeks of training before each of their operator specialists are certified.  The equipment is easy to set up, and the price is in-line with industry averages.  They send the equipment out with no installation costs, or shipping (if ground is acceptable).  Everything is included in the monthly costs associate with The LifeStation medical alert system.

The Bottom Line: LifeStation Medical Alert Systems

Senior List Approved LifeStation Medical Alert System ReviewsWe’re recommending LifeStation Medical Alert Systems because they satisfy many of our top criteria for medical alert system providers.  They offer short-term agreements, there is no equipment to buy, the pendant is waterproof, and installation is easy. If another family member in the same household requires monitoring as well, for just $3.99 per month, they’ll provide an additional pendant and include monitoring. We’re putting LifeStation on our recommended list of medical alert system providers.

Would You Like a Medical Alert Recommendation?

Medical Alert Buyers Guide

If you’ve used The LifeStation Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!


This post may contain affiliate links. We only consider affiliate relationships on products that we recommend to friends and family.

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