Ratings and Review Sites for Senior Services

Finding the right Care Providers can be overwhelming and time consuming.  We think the first place to start the search is to research rating and review sites that specialize in Elder Care Providers.  Check out several sites when researching resources, each has different information, unique users, and creative content.

Ratings and Review sites are the online word of mouth.  You’ve got to take some of these sites with a grain of salt.  Most of these sites are what we call “crowd sourced” meaning these are consumer ratings from folks that have a loved one at the facility or facilities.  It’s important to look at the overall theme of what people are saying, don’t dismiss a business because they have a few poor reports amongst twice as many more positive reports.  No business is perfect, especially businesses that are dealing with our loved ones, there is so much emotion involved.

Here are a few of our favorite Rating and Review directory websites.


The Senior List.com


Our Parents.com

Nursing Home Compare (medicare.gov)

Caregiver List.com