What Is Memorial Day?

What is Memorial Day

What Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday which honors those members of our armed forces who died while serving.  It had been traditionally observed on May 30th, but is now recognized on the last Monday in the month of May.

Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance for everyone who has died serving in the American armed forces. The holiday, originally known as Decoration Day, started after the Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate dead. –Tessa Berenson (Time.com)

What is Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often confused with Veterans Day, which is a public holiday held on the anniversary of World War 1.  The term Veterans Day replaced the term Armistice Day in 1954.  This is a day that commemorates the end of WW1, and it’s a day that we nationally recognize and thank veterans for their service to this country.

What is Memorial Day

In the United States, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a monument located at Arlington National Cemetery.  It is a dedication to the services of an unknown soldier and to the common memory of all soldiers killed at war.  Other countries like Portugal and Italy also have Tombs of the Unknown Soldier.

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God – Inscription on the back of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Changing of the Guard

All Of Tom Hanks Movies In 7 Minutes

Tom Hanks MoviesWe’ve been posting a lot of heavy caregiving articles lately, so we thought we’d lighten it up a little this Sunday with a great (improv) video done by the one and only Tom Hanks and James Corden. Tom and James give us a 7 minute montage of all of Tom Hanks’ Movies LIVE AND IN A SINGLE TAKE!  The 58 year old Tom Hanks is a Senior List favorite for a variety of reasons, but his comedic talent is incomparable. We hope this brings as big a smile to you, as it did to us. Enjoy!

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter 2015The staff at The Senior List would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Easter Sunday.  We hope you’re able to spend some quality time with those you love and care for.  If you’re visiting your loved one in a care setting, be sure and extend a greeting, a smile and a hello to others around you.  Please remember that a number of folks may not have any visitors today.

All the best, and Happy Easter!

Dadisms: Our Father’s Words of Wisdom

Dadisms, the words of our fathers“Dadisms”- the sayings our dads always had at the ready to prepare us for the world.  Growing up, there were many sayings my dad would insert into any “teachable moment” with his kids.  They were usually not the words of wisdom we wanted to hear at the time, since we thought our dad had no idea what he was talking about.  Then, a few years back, it started happening, I was using my dad’s “dadisms” on my own kids.  Ooooh, the pain.  It turns out, dad had some really great sayings that have translated into solid advice.  The best part?  My kids roll their eyes whenever I whip out these precious nuggets, but I smile knowing that I have passed on my own (and some borrowed) famous sayings.

I have solicited friends and family for their best dadisms and have been rewarded with numerous quotes that are too good not to share.

Dadisms: A Compilation of Wisdom

  1. “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.”
  2. “Don’t take no wooden nickels.”
  3. “It’ll put hair on your chest!”
  4. “Can’t’ never did nuthin.”
  5. “If I don’t teach you how to do it right, who will?” (How to change a tire, oil, head gasket and spark plugs)
  6. “Did that hurt when you did that? Well don’t do that anymore.”
  7. “Take it like a man.” (whatever the hell that means since I’m a lady)
  8. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  9. “Can’t afford college now?  Get a job, learn common sense.”
  10. “Do that again, and I’m going to knock your block off!”
  11. He’d mess up “space cadet” and “air head”, so when I didn’t do something he wanted me to do, he’d call me a “space head”.  Always made me laugh inside!
  12. “Go get ’em tiger.”
  13. “I’ve been where you are, but you haven’t been where I am.”
  14. “Just trust me & listen!”
  15. “Knowledge is power.”
  16. “When you swim with sharks don’t bleed.”
  17. “Measure twice, cut once.”
  18. “I know I’m hard on you. Someday you’ll thank me.”
  19. “Life’s not fair” in response to “That’s not fair!”.
  20. “Itten ditten little kitten, oaten dohten little boat-en, isk-ittly oaten doten bodo scadeeten-daten whad-at and chew.”
  21. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”
  22. “If you loan money to a friend, you’ll lose the money and the friend.”
  23. “It’s not very far but it takes a long time to get there.”
  24. “Think! It’s patriotic.”
  25. “Lets hear those dishes rattling.”
  26. “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a merry Christmas it would be. “
  27. “Can’t never did anything!”
  28. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”
  29. “Integrity is the only thing that people can’t take away from you so don’t give yours away. “
  30. My dad used to always greet strangers John Wayne style, “Hey there neighbor.” Drove me nuts.
  31. “Everything has a place and everything goes in it’s place.” (specific to my brothers putting tools back where they go)
  32. “If your friends played on the freeway does that mean you should too?”
  33. “Don’t let you alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass!”
  34. “You’re not bleeding, you’ll live.”
  35. “If you hang around shit, you will start smelling like shit.” (meaning choose your friends carefully)
  36. “I told you once, I told you twice, and I’m NOT gonna tell you again!” (Yes you will….)
  37. “I’m doing this because I love you. Its for your own good.” (usually said just prior to a harsh punishment)
  38. “That’s the way the pickle squirts.”
  39. “Hotter than a burnt boot.”
  40. “Finer than frogs hair.”
  41. “If I were any better there would be two of me.”
  42. “Do you want me to give you something to cry about?”
  43. “Pull my finger!”
  44. “It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!”
  45. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
  46. “I teach you every thing I know, and you still don’t know nothing.”

Do you have any Dadisms you would like to share?  Add them in the comments below!

Longest Marriage In America

Longest Marriage in America

“Behind every great man is a greater woman.”  So says Lee Cowan, a reporter for CBS Sunday Morning.  Lee was able to uncover some of life’s most complicated secrets during a recent visit to Hemingford, Nebraska.  The Longest Marriage in America (certified by the World Wide Marriage Encounter).  His story inspired us, and we wanted to share this lovely story of endearment with you.

Dale and Alice Rockey are each 99 years old. They met as kids just after the turn of the last century, in the small town of Hemingford, Nebraska. As Lee Cowan reports, the group Worldwide Marriage Encounter crowned the Rockeys the Longest Married Couple of 2015, having been husband and wife for 81 years. – Lee Cowan; CBS Sunday Morning

When asked about the secret to their longevity Alice Rockey answered “I always let him have my way”.  Clearly one of the (not so) secrets to their marriage is having a great sense of humor.  Enjoy!

Longest Marriage In America: 81 Years

Know other couples that have long marriages with one another? Any secrets to pass along? Let us know in the comments below :)

10 Stars Turning 50 in 2015

Guitarist Slash: Stars turning 50 in 2015

We recently posted a Happy Birthday to Chris Rock on The Senior List Facebook Page.  I mean he’s the voice of Marty-the-Zebra (my favorite Madagascar character) for goodness sake!  Thinking about Chris Rock getting his senior discount at McDonalds not only gave me a coffee craving, but it really got me thinking about time marching on.  I know, turning 50 is no big deal, but it’s a milestone, and you can’t argue that one.

Stars Turning 50

I’m amazed at how well time has treated some celebrities (and how it’s betrayed others).  Probably no different than the rest of us eh?  (Have you seen how great Chris Rock looks?)  Let’s take a look at 10 mega stars that will be turning 50 in 2015.  How is it that some of my favorite celebs are already eligible for their AARP discounts?

(Click Image For Gallery)

Old Paintbrushes Become Works Of Art

When speaking about Paintbrushes the Encyclopedia Brittanica (2008) notes that paintbrushes are a “device composed of natural or synthetic fibres set into a handle that is used for cleaning, grooming, polishing, writing, or painting. Brushes were used by man as early as the Paleolithic Period (began about 2,500,000 years ago) to apply pigment, as shown by the cave paintings of Altamira in Spain and the Perigord in France. In historical times the early Egyptians used brushes to create their elaborate tomb paintings, while the ancient Chinese employed the tip of a long-haired brush to make the many intricate characters of their writing, a practice continued in the Orient today.”

The Paint Brush Series - Works of Art

So what does one do with an old and discarded paleolithic pigment propagator?  Well if you’re Rebecca Szeto, you turn it into an exquisite piece of art!  That’s right, old and discarded paintbrushes can be turned into works of art IF you have an eye for the creative… and a desire to find “the poetic intersection of the material and the immaterial”.  If that sounds a little odd or even ironic, this is exactly what happens when San Francisco artist Rebecca Szeto gets her hand on old paint brushes.  What began as an afterthought, Ms. Szeto was looking for something to do with discarded paintbrushes left over from her faux finishing jobs.  What she came up with is truly inspiring!

The Paint Brush Series - Works of Art

“These works play with notions of re-forming beauty and value. I use humble, end-of-life, mass-produced materials inspired by my experience as a faux finisher. The paintbrush is self-referential, acting as both subject and object. It refers to the history of painting, through the medium of paint, with its own tool.” –Rebecca Szeto

The Paint Brush Series - works of art

Old Paint Brushes Are Works of Art

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Top 10 Inspirational Photos From Last Week

We searched the web high and low to come up with the top 10 inspirational photos from the web last week.  Origins are unknown, but we thought sharing these would put a smile on your face and bring inspiration to your day!

We routinely post inspiring images and thoughts-of-the-day on our Facebook page, along with articles that are pertinent to the lives of boomers and seniors everywhere.  Be sure and join our robust community on Facebook so we can share with one another on a personal level.  If you’re on twitter, you can follow us there too at @SeniorList.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Inspirational Photos

Top 10 Inspirational Photos


Top 10 Inspirational Photos

Top 10 Inspiring Photos

Top 10 Inspirational photos


Top 10 inspirational photos

Top 10 inspirational photos

Top 10 Inspirational Images

top 10 inspirational images

If you have words of wisdom, or sources of inspiration to share with The Senior List community we invite you to do so in the comments section below.  We love hearing from you!

Act Your Shoe Size Not Your Age

So we’ve all heard the analogy “act your age… not your shoe size” right?  Well this trio stands that analogy on it’s head with their rendition of Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.  Who says you can’t have fun once in a while eh?  This troupe of Seal Beach dancing seniors brings down the house.  Enjoy!

Speaking of dancing, did you know dancing is a great form of exercise whether you’re in your 20’s or in your 80’s?  WebMD says that dancing can be one avenue to better health.  That’s right, dancing can help you burn excess calories, work your muscles, strengthen your core and make you feel great!  See you out on the town.

Movie Review: Land Ho!

Independent Film Land Ho!I’m jaded when it comes to movies.  Throughout an entire show, I’m waiting for something to go wrong, or a twist in the plot I never saw coming.  A movie can be rolling right along with a feel-good story line, everything is hunky-dory and then- BAM!  Someone cheats, dies suddenly or the aliens descend to take over the planet.  So, I don’t watch many movies, except for the 8-10 year old boy genre that my kids like.

So, I take great pleasure in sharing the movie review for “Land Ho!”, directed by Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens.  It is one of the best “grown-up” movies I have seen in quite a while.  Set in picturesque Iceland, former 60 year old brothers-in-law Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson) and Colin (Paul Eenhoorn) set off on a journey to explore new frontiers and reconnect to their youth (and each other).  Mitch is a loud and unabashedly female-approving older man.  Colin is a reserved and soft spoken Australian gentleman who is more interested in a person’s intelligence than her assets.  The audience is privy to intimate conversations about aging, marriage, divorce, kids, and of course, women.  I felt like I was sitting at the kitchen table with my grandfathers, getting a fly-on-the-wall view of things they would say if I were not around.

I won’t tell you how it ends, but I’ll let you in on a secret, I was smiling the whole time. And giggling and laughing out loud. And sometimes embarrassed to be hearing such intimate thoughts from two older men I had come to love in a grand-daughterly sort of way.

The Icelandic setting is gorgeous- filled with ocean cliffs, geysers, and natural hot springs, I’m ready to purchase a plane ticket.  The film is able to relate to audiences from mid-20’s to the golden years with its honest insight and celebration of the two.  There is even a dance club scene with glow sticks for the truly young at heart.  The film is set to be released August 1, 2014 in major cities and I give it two “Senior List Thumbs” up.