Walmart’s Oldest Employee Turns 103

Walmart's Oldest EmployeeIf you had a crystal ball and could look into your future, what would you be doing if you could see yourself alive and well at the ripe old age of 103?  If you said “working” you’d be in the minority, but that’s exactly what Loren Wade is doing even as he celebrates his 103rd birthday as Walmart’s most famous centenarian.

Walmart’s oldest employee works at the Winfield, Kansas Walmart where he’s been a faithful worker for the past 32 years.  It doesn’t take a math whiz to calculate that Mr. Wade started working at Walmart in his 70’s (yes I realize that’s enough to make many of us feel inadequate) proving that it’s never too late!

Walmart’s Oldest Employee

In a recent interview with The Today Show, Wade told Sheinelle Jones; “I like to meet the people and being here I get to talk to a lot of people, I like being occupied. I usually keep very busy, one thing or another. They see to it that I do.”  These are literally words-to-live-by, at least as far as Loren Wade is concerned.

Proverbs 17:22 reads;  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.  Mr. Wade seems to embody the spirit of that excerpt to it’s fullest.  Perhaps the key to longevity is found in the way Mr. Wade lives his life.  To be healthy, one must live healthy, exercise daily, and it seems more and more critical that it’s necessary to stay active in “your community” (whether that’s with your friends or your co-workers).

I keep thinking that when you’re 103 why don’t you quit? And then I think – well, as long as you’re able to work why don’t you just go ahead and work? – Loren Wade, Walmart’s oldest employee

Recent Alzheimer’s research has found a correlation between an active lifestyle (including aerobic exercise) and a decrease in mild cognitive impairment.  As we learn more and more about dementia and other cognitive diseases, we should remember what it takes to maintain a sharp edge… even at 103!  Happy Birthday Mr. Wade.  May you have many, many more.

Family Inherits Old Shoe Store: Finds Time Machine

There’s an old joke that goes… A man walks into a shoe store, and tries on a pair of shoes. “How do they feel?” asks the sales clerk. “Well they feel a bit tight,” replies the man.  The assistant promptly bends down and has a look at the shoes and at the man’s feet. “Try pulling the tongue out,” the clerk says.  “Well, theyth sthill feelth a bith tighth.” :)

vintage women's shoeSo imagine that your family inherits an old building from a deceased relative, and you get to take a peek inside for the first time.  An American family recently incurred that very scenario and to their surprise the building was an old shoe store that had been closed up for decades.  Inside they found… well… shoes! Lot’s of vintage shoes among other items!

Reddit user oktober75 posted his photos to a popular sharing site for all to see. Turns out this old building is a bit of a time machine.  The shoe store operated in the 1940’s only to close up shop in the 1960’s because of an illness in the family.  Except for the expected dust, everything seems to be in tip top shape, from floor to ceiling.  Here’s what october75 says about the find:

Photos of our first look inside an old shoe store owned by my family. The store was open from the 40’s through the 60’s from what I recall. The store closed up when my great grandmother fell ill. She ran the store as long as she could until she passed away. They closed shop and it remained this way for over 40 years, mostly untouched. EDIT: Spoke with my mother, it was my great grandmother on my maternal side, not my great aunt. – october75/Imgur

Here’s a look at some of our favorites!

Family Inherits Old Shoe Store

family inherits old shoe store

Vintage shoes from floor to ceiling!

family inherits old shoe store

Old heater probably used to keep patrons (and staff) warm while they visited.

family inherits old shoe store

Old shoes and display stands.

vintage old shoe

Beautiful vintage woman’s shoe would be fashionable today.

vintage men's shoes found in old shoe store

These men’s “stride steppers” would do the trick today.

Vintage shoe boxes from inherited shoe store

I’ll bet even the boxes are collector’s items!

After an “overwhelming response” to his initial round of pictures, october75 asked his grandmother if he could re-enter the building to take some more pictures.  She agreed, and he was able to take some more, and poke around a bit more.  In addition to MORE shoes, he found an old Victrola Credenza Talking Machine, and some other pieces of furniture.  Here’s more from round 2:

Vintage shoe stand

An old shoe stand for displaying shoes or working on them

Vintage woman's "Red Shank" shoes

Stylish for the time – A woman’s “Red Shank” shoe.

Vintage steamer chest

Looks like an old chest or “steamer chest”. Let’s see what’s inside!

Inside antique steamer chest

Inside the steamer chest: A few interesting items, but nothing crazy cool.

Vintage Victrola Credenza Talking Machine

Vintage Victrola Credenza Talking Machine

Vintage Victrola Credenza Talking Machine

Here is the Victrola with the top open

Special thanks Reddit user october75 for sharing his special finds with us.  Here’s hoping the family is able to find many more treasures while they go through the rest of the building!

Scam Alert: Real Estate Scams

Real Estate ScamsHome buyers and sellers beware!

We’re always on the lookout for current scams so we can keep you informed of the latest bad guys out there. Turns out there’s a new scam circulating around the country these days called The Real Estate Scam.  It attempts to dupe you into believing your dealing with a proper real estate broker (or realtor) by loading malware onto your realtor’s computer.  Once they’ve infiltrated, they use the information to come after you, your private information, and your money.

Real Estate Scams

It starts with an email to real estate agents (supposedly sent by an interested buyer) that includes an attached link. When the recipient opens the link, malware secretly infects the individual’s computer, giving hackers remote access to files detailing transactions and clients. Then scammers follow with phone calls or other emails, posing as a title company, a real estate attorney or a seller of property that’s already listed for sale. – Sid Kirchheimer – AARP

Once these scam artists gain your trust, they can do anything UNLESS you take precautions.  Here are several tips from reliable sources:

US News & World Report says:

  • Don’t Rush It – Real estate transactions are complicated and take patience.
  • Vet the person you’re working with –  Just because someone has a LinkedIn page doesn’t make him or her a swell human being.

Forbes offers these tips:

  • Cross-check different listing sites and verify a broker or company’s licenses. It’s amazing what a simple Google search can yield.
  • Always beware of cold calls
  • Be suspicious of “upfront fees”

Finally AARP suggests:

  • Contact your  real estate agents in person.  Don’t correspond with them via email all the time.
  • Before wiring funds, make sure that the bank accounts & routing numbers are for REAL title companies, attorneys, etc.
  • And for realtors – Don’t open emails from people you don’t know.  You’re protecting yourself AND your clients by being extra careful.

Have any other real estate tips or other scam alerts we should be aware of?  Let us know in the comments below!

Real Estate Scams

List of Current Scams to be Aware of

Sweepstakes scam that targets Seniors (letter, email, text and phone)

FTC consumer complaint notification (email)

Foreclosure rescue from Hope Services (phone, email)

Help for earthquake victims in Nepal (in-person, phone, email)

Don’t be a victim!  Help educate others so that they stay safe too!

Our Favorite Old Signs

Bob Dylan was right… The times they are a changin. It’s all around us of course – In the cars we drive today, in the way we communicate, and in the way brands express themselves. Gone are the days when a sign was your main channel for advertising.  We thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite old signs, in a walk down memory lane.

Favorite Old Signs

I love to see an old sign that’s been beat-up over time.  Seems like it builds character!  Here’s one from the Polish Hill Civic Association, that was pulled out of a resident’s shed for restoration.

old sign - Lasky Beer Dist. Co.

In keeping with the beer theme (from above), here’s one from declaring that “beer will save the world”.  I wouldn’t argue the point, but it’s just odd enough to make our favorites list.

Old Sign - Beer will save the world

After drinking all that beer, you may need to be reminded to “mind your manners”.  Here’s an old sign that does just that!

Old Sign - No cursing

Wanna join the Texas Rangers?  The vintage sign below says you can make $1.25 per day for laying your life on the line to protect this land. Oh and you’ll have to “Furnish Your Own Mount, Arms & Equip. To Enlist”.

vintage old sign - Texas Rangers

If you’re in need of a little baking powder, perhaps a little “Clabber Girl” will fit the bill. Gotta love that name!

Old Sign - Clabber Girl

This maybe one of the first advertisements for energy drinks back in the day. This vintage sign promised a “big lift” with a swig of Double Cola.

vintage sign - Double Cola

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from… This is what’s known as The Original McDonalds Restaurant.  This was the first McDonalds opened by Mr. Ray Kroc.  It was located in Des Plaines, IL.  Do you see what the burger-count is out front?

Vintage McDonalds Sign

Finally, if you’re doing some cleaning around the house this week, you might wish you had a can of Old Dutch Cleanser to chase your dirt around… I’m not sure how it may have worked, but at least you could get a “large sifter can” for a dime.

Old Dutch Cleanser Can

Remembering The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl was an incredible phenomenon during the 1930’s in which the early settlers dug up the deep rooted native grasses of the Great Plains to plant wheat and other non-native commodity crops.  In doing so, settlers unleashed a chain of events that would haunt this generation eternally.  A lack of dry-land farming knowledge combined with a string of unprecedented droughts caused the “virgin topsoil” to literally blow away in the ever-present winds.

The Dust Bowl

The Homestead Act

Encouraged by the Homestead Act, settlers came from near and far (but mostly far).  It was a time when many Europeans were exploring the Great Plains, and this migration was made easier by the First Transcontinental Railroad.  The “Overland Route” connected the existing Eastern U.S. rail network to the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco Bay.

Transcontinental Railroad

The Topsoil of the Great Plains

The topsoil of the Great Plains reportedly made it all the way to NY City at times, carried by the jet stream eastward.  Homesteaders that stayed on the land during the dust bowl years suffered many ailments including dust pneumonia, rickets, valley fever, and malnutrition (to name just a few).

Remembering the Dust Bowl

The Worst Hard Time

In the fall of 1932, many farmers did not plant a crop of next year’s wheat.  What was the point?  They could hope for the drought to end and bring in a good harvest next year, but if the price was anywhere close what it had been for the last two years, it meant only another shove toward bankruptcy.  The challenge was to keep a smidgen of self respect while living on what you could kill or grow in a garden.  Life was on hold, suspended until the rains returned.  To see land that you had brought to life turn to nothing was as sad as watching a friend die of a long illness.  And then to fallow that land, because hope itself was gone, was harder still. — Excerpt from “The Worst Hard Time” by Timothy Egan

Migrant Mother - The Dust Bowl

The Plow That Broke the Plains

Below is a historical documentary titled “The Plow That Broke the Plains” (1936). The short documentary was written and directed by Pare Lorentz, and it depicts what happened to the Great Plains region of the United States and Canada when uncontrolled agricultural farming led to the Dust Bowl. The film was sponsored by the U.S. Resettlement Administration to raise awareness about “The New Deal”.  It was considered controversial at the time, especially to those settlers riding out the Dust Bowl who thought the film sensationalized their plight on the plains.

credits: Wikipedia, YouTube, & “The Worst Hard Time” by Timothy Egan

What Is Memorial Day?

What is Memorial Day

What Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday which honors those members of our armed forces who died while serving.  It had been traditionally observed on May 30th, but is now recognized on the last Monday in the month of May.

Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance for everyone who has died serving in the American armed forces. The holiday, originally known as Decoration Day, started after the Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate dead. –Tessa Berenson (

What is Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often confused with Veterans Day, which is a public holiday held on the anniversary of World War 1.  The term Veterans Day replaced the term Armistice Day in 1954.  This is a day that commemorates the end of WW1, and it’s a day that we nationally recognize and thank veterans for their service to this country.

What is Memorial Day

In the United States, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a monument located at Arlington National Cemetery.  It is a dedication to the services of an unknown soldier and to the common memory of all soldiers killed at war.  Other countries like Portugal and Italy also have Tombs of the Unknown Soldier.

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God – Inscription on the back of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Changing of the Guard

All Of Tom Hanks Movies In 7 Minutes

Tom Hanks MoviesWe’ve been posting a lot of heavy caregiving articles lately, so we thought we’d lighten it up a little this Sunday with a great (improv) video done by the one and only Tom Hanks and James Corden. Tom and James give us a 7 minute montage of all of Tom Hanks’ Movies LIVE AND IN A SINGLE TAKE!  The 58 year old Tom Hanks is a Senior List favorite for a variety of reasons, but his comedic talent is incomparable. We hope this brings as big a smile to you, as it did to us. Enjoy!

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter 2015The staff at The Senior List would like to wish you and your families a wonderful Easter Sunday.  We hope you’re able to spend some quality time with those you love and care for.  If you’re visiting your loved one in a care setting, be sure and extend a greeting, a smile and a hello to others around you.  Please remember that a number of folks may not have any visitors today.

All the best, and Happy Easter!

Dadisms: Our Father’s Words of Wisdom

Dadisms, the words of our fathers“Dadisms”- the sayings our dads always had at the ready to prepare us for the world.  Growing up, there were many sayings my dad would insert into any “teachable moment” with his kids.  They were usually not the words of wisdom we wanted to hear at the time, since we thought our dad had no idea what he was talking about.  Then, a few years back, it started happening, I was using my dad’s “dadisms” on my own kids.  Ooooh, the pain.  It turns out, dad had some really great sayings that have translated into solid advice.  The best part?  My kids roll their eyes whenever I whip out these precious nuggets, but I smile knowing that I have passed on my own (and some borrowed) famous sayings.

I have solicited friends and family for their best dadisms and have been rewarded with numerous quotes that are too good not to share.

Dadisms: A Compilation of Wisdom

  1. “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.”
  2. “Don’t take no wooden nickels.”
  3. “It’ll put hair on your chest!”
  4. “Can’t’ never did nuthin.”
  5. “If I don’t teach you how to do it right, who will?” (How to change a tire, oil, head gasket and spark plugs)
  6. “Did that hurt when you did that? Well don’t do that anymore.”
  7. “Take it like a man.” (whatever the hell that means since I’m a lady)
  8. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  9. “Can’t afford college now?  Get a job, learn common sense.”
  10. “Do that again, and I’m going to knock your block off!”
  11. He’d mess up “space cadet” and “air head”, so when I didn’t do something he wanted me to do, he’d call me a “space head”.  Always made me laugh inside!
  12. “Go get ’em tiger.”
  13. “I’ve been where you are, but you haven’t been where I am.”
  14. “Just trust me & listen!”
  15. “Knowledge is power.”
  16. “When you swim with sharks don’t bleed.”
  17. “Measure twice, cut once.”
  18. “I know I’m hard on you. Someday you’ll thank me.”
  19. “Life’s not fair” in response to “That’s not fair!”.
  20. “Itten ditten little kitten, oaten dohten little boat-en, isk-ittly oaten doten bodo scadeeten-daten whad-at and chew.”
  21. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”
  22. “If you loan money to a friend, you’ll lose the money and the friend.”
  23. “It’s not very far but it takes a long time to get there.”
  24. “Think! It’s patriotic.”
  25. “Lets hear those dishes rattling.”
  26. “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a merry Christmas it would be. “
  27. “Can’t never did anything!”
  28. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”
  29. “Integrity is the only thing that people can’t take away from you so don’t give yours away. “
  30. My dad used to always greet strangers John Wayne style, “Hey there neighbor.” Drove me nuts.
  31. “Everything has a place and everything goes in it’s place.” (specific to my brothers putting tools back where they go)
  32. “If your friends played on the freeway does that mean you should too?”
  33. “Don’t let you alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass!”
  34. “You’re not bleeding, you’ll live.”
  35. “If you hang around shit, you will start smelling like shit.” (meaning choose your friends carefully)
  36. “I told you once, I told you twice, and I’m NOT gonna tell you again!” (Yes you will….)
  37. “I’m doing this because I love you. Its for your own good.” (usually said just prior to a harsh punishment)
  38. “That’s the way the pickle squirts.”
  39. “Hotter than a burnt boot.”
  40. “Finer than frogs hair.”
  41. “If I were any better there would be two of me.”
  42. “Do you want me to give you something to cry about?”
  43. “Pull my finger!”
  44. “It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!”
  45. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
  46. “I teach you every thing I know, and you still don’t know nothing.”
  47. “Buy right, cry once.”
  48. “Don’t step over a dollar to pick up a dime.”
  49. “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.”
  50. “Don’t cry over spilt milk.”
  51. ” It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.”
  52. “Be careful what you wish for.”

Do you have any Dadisms you would like to share?  Add them in the comments below!

Longest Marriage In America

Longest Marriage in America

“Behind every great man is a greater woman.”  So says Lee Cowan, a reporter for CBS Sunday Morning.  Lee was able to uncover some of life’s most complicated secrets during a recent visit to Hemingford, Nebraska.  The Longest Marriage in America (certified by the World Wide Marriage Encounter).  His story inspired us, and we wanted to share this lovely story of endearment with you.

Dale and Alice Rockey are each 99 years old. They met as kids just after the turn of the last century, in the small town of Hemingford, Nebraska. As Lee Cowan reports, the group Worldwide Marriage Encounter crowned the Rockeys the Longest Married Couple of 2015, having been husband and wife for 81 years. – Lee Cowan; CBS Sunday Morning

When asked about the secret to their longevity Alice Rockey answered “I always let him have my way”.  Clearly one of the (not so) secrets to their marriage is having a great sense of humor.  Enjoy!

Longest Marriage In America: 81 Years

Know other couples that have long marriages with one another? Any secrets to pass along? Let us know in the comments below :)