QMedic Medical Alert

qmedic base unit medical alert system

***Update 9/3/15- QMedic medical alert advanced monitoring service is currently on back-order. They still offer a basic PERS service, but their smart monitoring and customizable alert features are on hold until the release of their updated system in early 2016.

QMedic Medical Alert offers a traditional medical alert system with a few added bells and whistles.  In addition to an alert button, the QMedic bracelet or pendant also senses activity of the user.  Based on the data that it gathers, it sends comprehensive wellness reports to family or caregivers.

QMedic offers no long term contracts. No equipment purchase. Free Shipping, 30-day money back guarantee. No hidden fees.

Monthly Cost: $30.00
Rating: 8.2/10

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Available Features of QMedic Medical Alert:

  • Traditional Pendant Style
  • Watch or Wrist Style
  • Waterproof
  • Activity Tracking Available
  • Wellness Reports

The QMedic medical alert system is known as the world’s smartest medical alert service.  The QMedic system can track a users daily activity and then provides reporting to the loved ones or care team of the user.  This can be especially useful if someone has not gotten out of bed, has fallen, or is inactive for an extended period of time.  The QMedic base station has a very clear sound and covers a range of 800-1000 feet inside the home…Read the full review of QMedic