Exciting New Senior Care Companies Emerge

seniorcaretechnology 150x150 Exciting New Senior Care Companies EmergeWe live in a very exciting time for senior care.  The combination of a quickly aging population, robust purchasing power, innovative technology and venture capitalists wanting in on the action is a recipe for some incredibly useful tools for older adults and caregivers alike.  A plethora of emerging companies have been welcomed by Aging2.0, a program designed to nurture and accelerate a select group of startups, and have our senses tingling with anticipation as well.  These companies have all been selected for the highly competitive Aging2.0 Academy where they will receive support, mentorship, and introductions to investors and customers to help them accomplish their goals.  Some of these companies are up and running, others are still in beta.  The future of senior care is here and we will be watching these emerging companies very closely.  Here are some of our favorites.

Caregiving/ Caremanagement

Care Monster is a caregiving app that supports family communication and encourages engagement when it comes to the care of a loved one.

CareMerge is a care coordination platform that forges meaningful connections between providers, payers, families and seniors to improve communication in today’s complex healthcare environment.

GeriJoy provides 24/7 companionship, supervision, and care management support through senior care avatars; improving quality of care, increasing safety, and lowering cost.

Roobrik is an online decision tool that helps family caregivers make difficult health and care choices with clarity and confidence.

Fall Detection/ Prevention

Active Protective produces smart garments that reduce hip fractures in the elderly by deploying micro-airbags to protect the hip in the event of a fall.

WalkJoy is a wearable device which reduces falls for patients with peripheral neuropathy by restoring the sensory feedback loop. The WalkingHealth software provides objective gait analysis, fall risk prediction and functional outcome data to therapists.

Tablets and Phones

Breezie is a simplified, personalized tablet interface designed for seniors and those less familiar with technology.

Gociety creates software that simplifies the smart phones interface for older adults. Their products, GoLivePhone® and GoLiveAssist®, are easily accessible and highly affordable.

Senior Care Planning

Everplans is the first comprehensive digital planning platform that allows families to create, store and share essential end-of-life wishes and emergency plans.

Vynca is a digital health company that provides cloud-based software for Advance Care Planning.

Communication Devices

Smartstones is the world’s first wearable, sensorial communication device, which connects family members and friends through simple gesture-based messages. *As a mom and a family caregiver, I can’t wait for this one to go to market.*

We will be following these companies and will continue to provide updates on the products and services they offer.  In the meantime, if you have experience with any of these services or products, please let us know in the comments below.

For a complete list of companies selected for the Aging2.0 Academy, visit the Aging2.0 website.

Product Review: Spiky Shoe Grips

heeltoe Product Review: Spiky Shoe GripsWhile we don’t recommend that anyone walk around on icy surfaces, we are thrilled to learn about a product that can make that walk a little less treacherous.  We already know that one out of three adults 65 and older falls each year and that those falls lead to a high rate of Traumatic Brain Injuries, fractures, and increase the risk of early death.   The good folks at Spiky have a unique product that can easily be billed as fall prevention.  Spiky shoe grips for your feet!

Spiky shoe grips works like a studded snow tire for your foot.  It’s a lightweight rubber pullover for each shoe.  They can be worn on both icy surfaces and concrete without wearing down the steel spikes.  They can also be worn indoors, however we wouldn’t recommend wearing them on nice wood floors or other hard surfaces, unless you are going for the “distressed” look for your floors.  These would be ideal for anyone who lives in an area that has snowy, icy winters.  In fact, I’m going to send a set of these to my grandmother who insists on getting her mail everyday, despite the conditions outside.

Spiky offers two products- The first is a Spiky Sling which has spikes in the front (toe area) of the rubber sling only.  The second Spiky product is the Spiky Plus which offers an extra set of spikes in the heel area of the sling.  Both can be worn with all types of shoes from work boots to high heels.  The Sling retails for $24.95 and the Plus for $29.95.  If you plan on buying 5 or more, the price per Spiky decreases.

pic walking with spiky 300x300 Product Review: Spiky Shoe GripsWe had the opportunity to have a face-to-face with the Spiky Plus.  The rubber feels strong and durable, although might be a challenge for older hands to get on a shoe.  The steel spikes are inset in a way that does not pose a danger to small children or fragile older skin since they are not cut to a point.  Once on a shoe, they are lightweight and can even be worn while driving.  The Spiky is compact and can easily be stored in a purse or coat pocket.   Since we don’t have any snow or ice in our neck of the woods right now, we aren’t able to comment on their effectiveness in the elements, but will provide an update to this review once we have a chance to get to the mountain.  For additional information about Spiky products or to place an order, visit their website at www.spiky.com.