Just5 Cell Phone Reviews

If you’ve been searching for Just5 cell phone reviews, you’ve come to the right place.  We originally reviewed the Just5 cell phone For seniors back in 2011, and it looks like it’s changed a bit for the better.  We liked this cell phone for a lot of reasons, namely because it was simple, had big buttons and seemed to work quite well.  We were sent a model to play with, and subsequently gave it away to a lucky TSL community member during an on-site promotion.

Product Info: Just5 Cell Phone

  • Name:  Just5 (model CP09)
  • Offered By: Just5.com
  • Price:  $33 (EUR)
  • Carrier:  AT&T & T-Mobile
  • Monthly Rates:   AT&T or T-Mobile standard rates
  • Colors:  Orange, Red & White
  • Contracts or Cancellation Fees: None for phone.  Fees possible depending on carrier
  • Features:  Emergency call button, built-in flashlight, integrated fm radio, large buttons, loud speakerphone, easy to use.

Product Review: Just5 Cell Phone

The Just5 cell phone for seniors is a simple, easy to use phone with few frills.  It has huge buttons that are easy to read, has a built in flashlight (making it
useful when reading restaurants menus), has a small form factor, and works on common carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile.  We never saw the utility of having an fm radio on board, but maybe they have customers that like this feature. As we noted in our earlier review of the Just5, this phone could make good sense for a young person as well.

If a cell phone (with an SOS button) is all you’re looking for, the Just5 would make good sense. When the SOS or medical alert button is depressed, it sends a text message to 5 preset numbers that the user inputs at set-up.  It then begins dialing the user’s emergency contacts until someone answers.  The phone is automatically placed in speakerphone mode after the SOS button is depressed.

The Just5 phone probably doesn’t make much sense for the user who wants to take, and share pictures.  You’d have a hard time taking pictures given there is no camera!  There isn’t enough real estate on the viewing area to see anything but a simple text, so it’s a moot point anyway.  What this phone does well is that it makes and receives phone calls, and operates as a remote medical alert system.

The Bottom Line:

This phone is for someone that wants a basic phone with a medical alert option.  For those purposes, this phone is a great option.  Everywhere we looked recently was out of stock on the Just5 model CP09, so you’ll have to look around to purchase it. Normally you can purchase this phone directly from Just5.com or any number of retail outlets like Best Buy, etc.  If you can’t find a Just5 phone, we have a similar suggestion for you.  A close cousin of the Just5 is the Snapfon ezTWO3G Senior Cell Phone, SIMPLE and Easy to Use, SOS Button, Hearing Aid Compatible, UNLOCKED GSM Just5 Cell Phone Reviews.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only consider affiliate relationships on products that we would absolutely recommend to friends and family.

Samsung Jitterbug 5 Review

Jitterbug 5 red Samsung Jitterbug 5 ReviewThe Samsung Jitterbug line has been around a long time, and we know this phone well.  The Senior List originally reviewed the Samsung Jitterbug J model back in 2010!  We’re happy to report that this phone has evolved and today it’s better than ever.  The Jitterbug line has been one of the most popular senior friendly phones on the market.  There was a famous slogan penned by an ad agency back in 1968, we think fits pretty well with our Samsung Jitterbug 5 Review… Jitterbug 5 – You’ve come a long way baby!

Product Info: Jitterbug 5

  • Name:  Jitterbug 5 Phone for Seniors
  • Offered by:  GreatCall
  • Price:  $99 MSRP
  • Monthly Rates: Start at $24.99 (includes 5Star Service)
  • Colors:  Red, White or Blue
  • Carrier:  Verizon
  • Contracts or Cancellation Fees: None
  • Features:  Simple clam shell design, big, easy-to-see buttons, powerful speakerphone, 5Star service button, long lasting battery, Big Red (Verizon Network)

Product Review: GreatCall’s Jitterbug 5

j5 white magenta e1416697285902 Samsung Jitterbug 5 ReviewThe Samsung Jitterbug 5 from GreatCall is one of the most recognizable senior friendly phones today.   Nicole Lee at Cnet said of the Samsung Jitterbug 5’s early cousins “The Samsung Jitterbug J is incredibly easy to use.  It has a bright display, large font size, a roomy keypad with big buttons, and even a dial tone to make it similar to a landline telephone“.  We love the large buttons, and the fact that it’s easy to recognize the emergency button (in red) which alerts GreatCall operators to an inquiry or an emergency.

Staff here at The Senior List have personally tested out “5Star” services at GreatCall’s call center.  These services include dispatching emergency services, connecting the user to a registered nurse, and even conferencing in an emergency contact like a son or daughter.  The operators are trained, and they’re some of the most professional we’ve dealt with.  Another thing that we love is their contract… You know why? There isn’t one!  If you’ve followed our medical alert system reviews, you probably know we don’t like the idea of folks entering into long-term service contracts that they are locked into.  If you’re ever in doubt, make sure you get this assurance in writing.  With GreatCall’s Jitterbug you don’t have to.

How Does 5Star Service Work?

5Star Service from GreatCall Samsung Jitterbug 5 Review

The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a senior friendly cell phone the Samsung Jitterbug 5 from GreatCall is a can’t miss.  This isn’t just a cell phone though, it’s a cross between a phone and a medical alert system.  For this reason, The Senior List highly recommends this product.  The Jitterbug 5 remains our top choice in mobile phones for seniors because of it’s versatility, it’s value for money, and for top shelf service from GreatCall staff.

If you’ve used the Jitterbug 5 or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only consider affiliate relationships on products that we would absolutely recommend to friends and family.

Top Must-Have Senior Friendly Gadgets

Modern technology has definitely helped us go through our lives with ease. But for our seniors, living alone can be tough and dangerous at times. With advancing age, some basic tasks require help from caregivers or loved ones. To help seniors keep or regain their independence while keeping an eye on safety, here are some devices that can help out. These gadgets are designed for the elderly, and will help them remain safe and secure.

Mobile Alert Systems Top Must Have Senior Friendly Gadgets

Commonly known as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) help seniors live independently.  Some of these systems are tethered or attached to a phone line, and the range is limited to a person’s home. Thanks to technology, these systems are getting smaller and mobile. From pendants to wrist-worn devices, seniors can now move freely outside the home and remain in contact with . An example of this would be our previous featured Verizonwireless’ SureResponse Medical Alert System. It allows users to contact their caregivers or loved one via cellular technology. Other companies are also offering the same service and technologies for the elderly. Learn more about this device on our previous post.

GPS-enabled Footwear Top Must Have Senior Friendly Gadgets Top Must Have Senior Friendly Gadgets

By the year 2050, almost 15 million Americans will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. To date, it’s the 5th leading cause of death for people aged 65 and above. With almost 300 dementia-stricken loved-ones wandering or getting lost each day, the GPS-enabled shoe was born. Developed by the GTX Corp and Aextrex Worldwide, this shoe has a built-in mini locator on its heel and counterweights on the other end for balance. The shoe was originally to be used to track missing children but is now targeted for adults with cognitive deficits.  Since shoes are one of the most familiar objects for daily use, patients exhibiting signs of dementia or cognitive disorders won’t reject them.  ****As of 10/03/2014 this product has been discontinued***

Courtesy of gtxcorporation

Senior-friendly Mobile Phones

 Top Must Have Senior Friendly Gadgets

Smartphones may the in-thing for the young but it can be a nightmare for the elderly. Although, they have smart features, seniors need basic and intuitive. Seniors dread being alone or isolated, and mobile phones can help them feel connected.  Phones like the Clarity mobile phone from Plantronics Inc. fit the bill.  It has a textured case which allows for an easier grip and is designed with four buttons: “Call”, “End Call”, and two buttons to navigate through the contacts list. Since most seniors aged 64 to 75 years old suffer from hearing loss, the phone has an amplifier, making it louder than regular mobile phones. These types of mobile phones can help seniors live independently, while giving loved ones peace of mind.

Electronic Pill Dispensers and other Assistive Devices Top Must Have Senior Friendly Gadgets


Helping seniors live independently can be challenging, especially when it comes to medications. Most seniors are required to take at least four medications per day. To help organize their daily dose of medicines, electronic pill dispensers are a must. Aside from dispensing pills, these devices can also remind them when they need to take their medicines. According to research conducted by the National Institute for Aging, using electronic medication reminders help seniors take their daily doses on time. Also, these assistive devices prevent mixing drugs that can result in adverse effects that may lead to death. Do your research on the best pill dispenser for your loved one, and find out what’s best for them.

These are four quality elder care technologies that are must-haves.  Although there are other gadgets and mobile apps that also help, we believe the equipment presented are necessary to keep our loved ones safe.  What other new senior-friendly technologies can you recommend?

A List Of Cellular Medical Alert Systems

Cellular Based Medical Alert Systems – A Review Of Providers & Prices

myHalo Fall Detection Pendants 300x165 A List Of Cellular Medical Alert Systems The new mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) are not tethered to a land-line like traditional in-home devices.  They operate on the same cellular signal that mobile phones do, offering mobility anywhere there is a cell signal.  Here is a list of popular cellular medical alert systems and models available today.  Note that monthly plans were selected based on the least expensive month-to-month price plan and NOT based on quarterly or annual contracted rates (which many providers may promote).  These prices and plans change regularly, so be sure to check the websites thoroughly before purchasing.  The Senior List recommends that you READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS before purchasing (just as we have done).  This can be a painful process, but doing so can save you a lot of headaches down the road.  If you have questions, be sure to call the provider’s customer service line to get answers.  If you are promised something (like no-questions-asked-return at anytime) by the customer service operator, GET IT IN WRITING before committing.

Model (Manufacturer)PriceActiv FeeServ FeeMin. Monthly $ Contract?Cancel Fee?Recommended?Website
5Star (GreatCall)$49.99$35$14.99$14.99 minNoNoYesGreatCall
SureResponse (Verizon)$229.99$35$0$30NoYesNot at this timeSureResponse
LifeTrac (SecuraTrac)$197.78$0$0$34NoNoNot at this timeLifeTrac
Solo (MobileHelp)$0$99$0$41.95NoNoYesMobileHelp
eCare+Voice (Secureus)$99$30$0$39.95Yes$100Not at this timeeCare+Voice
A few notes about the table (above) and its contents.  Depending on the type of plan(s) you select, you may be able to reduce the cost of the equipment and/or your monthly costs.  However this is likely to place you in a long-term contract.  For example, Verizon Wireless will allow you to purchase the SureResponse device for $19 IF you are willing to enter into a 2 year agreement.  Similarly, a number of providers will offer a 1 or 2 year agreement (with payment up-front naturally) and reduce your overall monthly costs during the term of the agreement.  We don’t like long-term agreements (for a lot of reasons) but it may be suitable for your individual situation.  Just like anything, you have to make the best choice for you or your loved one.  We’re just trying to make the process a little easier.

We’ve also taken the liberty to make some recommendations based on customer feedback (click here to see reviews of medical alert system providersSureResponse lanyard A List Of Cellular Medical Alert Systems as well as consumer comments that follow each article).  We also looked closely at the following criteria; Transparency of acquisition costs, ease of use (of website), knowledge of customer service personnel, fees, excessive charges, long-term agreements, return policies, and more.  Our recommendations are also likely to change as some of these players get their acts together.  (For example one of the providers listed below had a link to Terms & Conditions that was inaccessible.)  Also, The Senior List staff does reach out to providers occasionally to ask questions, and advocate on your (the consumer’s) behalf.  We DO take into account a providers willingness to provide exceptional customer service, and we’ll continue to work with them to get better.

Would You Like a Medical Alert Recommendation?

Medical Alert Buyers Guide

5star responder 150x150 A List Of Cellular Medical Alert Systemsdocking station A List Of Cellular Medical Alert SystemsMobilHelp1 150x150 A List Of Cellular Medical Alert SystemseCare+Voice A List Of Cellular Medical Alert Systems

BugMe Pro Giveaway

iphone BugMe BugMe Pro GiveawayThe Senior List is giving away the Pro version of BugMe!

The fine folks at Electric Pocket have provided The Senior List a number of Bugme Pro App coupons for you to use at iTunes.  If you’d like to download the Pro version of the BugMe! sticky-notes-app (for free), let us know on our Facebook page.  Just “like” The Senior List (if you haven’t already) and let us know you’d like a coupon for the BugMe! app at iTunes.  (Note: We only have the app coupons available for iOS/Apple products… Not android).

We’ll give them away on Friday, so make sure you check back to see if you’re a winner!  Thanks again to the developers at Electric Pocket (you guys rock!).

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– Tim “the tech man” Taylor

New BugMe Pro For Boomers And Seniors

BugMe “Stickies” offer reminder notes for seniors!

- Press Release -

Wye Valley UK, February 26, 2013 –– Contrary to the stereotype of seniors avoiding modern technologies, many are embracing social media, smartphones, tablets and apps. Withiphone BugMe 215x300 New BugMe Pro For Boomers And Seniors Facebook and Skype, retirees can stay in touch with family and friends from afar, and with the BugMe Pro Stickies app, they can jot quick reminder notes to themselves just like they’ve done for decades – but with the benefit of setting alert tones to ensure they remember everything important to maintain their healthy lifestyles.

As more and more seniors embrace technology as part of “aging successfully,” retirement communities have seen the number of residents tapping away on all sorts of apps installed on their smartphones and tablets. Apps are enabling seniors to quickly and easily do their favorite things: enjoy their favorite music, learn new things, stay connected with family, try new recipes, play games with friends, and create fun reminders. Residents at The Stayton at Museum Way, a Fort Worth, Texas community sponsored by Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation (SQLC), are one such community that has jumped head first into the large pool of apps available to them.

BugMe enables seniors to jot quick reminder notes with alerts

BugMe Stickies is an app popular among seniors because the handy virtual sticky notes it offers enables seniors to create fun reminder notes for themselves – or to share with friends. With BugMe!, the users can either write with their finger or the app’s keyboard, and place sticky notes on a corkboard. From there, they are able to set alarms and reminders, categorize them as urgent, or even stick them to the phone’s or tablet’s home page for an extra visual reminder.

“Our residents just love to learn and grow more every day, and they have the time to really learn and use apps as a way to access personalized content and stay in touch with family and friends,” said Amy Pearce, Lifestyles Director at The Stayton senior living community. “BugMe! Stickies is a great app for seniors because it’s not only fun to hand-write notes on a digital sticky pad, but it’s also a very practical way to set reminders for themselves.”

For the past sixteen years, BugMe! has been putting the utility and simplicity of the common sticky pad onto the screens of mobile devices. Unlike regular sticky pads, BugMe! enables users to share their notes with friends via email, or by posting them to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

“While sharing BugMe! notes is a personal way for seniors to express their thoughts in their own handwriting, its core purpose is to serve as a personal reminder system.”

While sharing BugMe! notes is a personal way for seniors to express their thoughts in their own handwriting, its core purpose is to serve as a personal reminder system. Each note can be assigned an alarm which will sound off at just the moment the user needs to be bugged. A favorite feature with BugMe! users is the ability to quickly choose alarm times from a pick list of time intervals – such as 20 minutes or “in an hour”. This makes the application very effective for informal, lightweight reminders, such as watching a TV show, taking medicine, returning a phone call, or plugging a parking meter.


A free version of BugMe! is available in the App Store and Google Play Store, while BugMe! Stickies Pro, which offers more notes, can be purchased for $1.99. More information can be found at http://bugme.net.

bugme logo 300x73 New BugMe Pro For Boomers And Seniors

About Electric Pocket Limited:

Electric Pocket has been developing mobile applications and solutions for over 15 years from its base in South Wales, UK. The company’s award winning product portfolio includes apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Electric Pocket provides engineering jump-start and consultancy services for companies looking to deliver great mobile products. Samsung, Sony and Vodafone are a few of EP’s top flight clients. For more information, visit www.electricpocket.com.

The Senior List is giving away 5 copies of the Pro Version – To see how to qualify click here!

Win A 5 Star Medical Alert From GreatCall

Share our 5Star Medical Alert Product Review to win

5Star on keychain sm Win A 5 Star Medical Alert From GreatCallAre you in the market for a mobile medical alert system?  The Senior List is giving away a 5 Star Medical Alert System (in less than 2 weeks).  On February 15th you’ll could walk away with your own 5 Star medical alert system just by sharing our review with your friends!  If you’re not familiar with the 5 Star alert system, we profiled it for you in an earlier post.  (You can find it by simply clicking here.)  You can win our demo device by sharing our article in 2 ways:

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Good Luck to all!

Product Review: The Life Trac Mobile Protector

LifeTrac small Product Review: The Life Trac Mobile ProtectorProduct Review: Life Trac Mobile Protector

The LifeTrac MobileProtector from SecuraTrac is a nice looking device that we’re excited about.  We’re seeing a new generation of PERS (personal emergency response systems) that are giving the traditional medical alert system community a run for it’s money.  The newer systems are mobile (cellular network driven) and this is something we’ve been advocating for a number of years.  Until now we haven’t seen a lot of competition in the untethered space, but we’re starting to like what we see here!  This could also be classified as a senior-friendly mobile phone, but it’s very small and offers the best of both worlds (medical alert + cell phone technology).


Product Info: Life Trac Medical Alert System

  • Name: Life Trac MobileProtector
  • Website Info: Life Trac powered by SecuraTrac
  • Auto Fall Detection? : No
  • Equipment Cost: $197.78  (retail)
  • Monthly Cost: $34.98 per device (includes 30 minutes of talk time) $44.98 gets you 200 cell minutes per month.LifeTrac system Product Review: The Life Trac Mobile Protector
  • Features:  Lanyard, Elastic Arm/Leg Band, and Belt Clip Accessories (available for a nominal charge), Easy to use Panic Button, 3 easy to use (prominent) Speed Dial Buttons, Untethered 24/7 Monitoring on a Cellular Network, GPS Tracking (with Geo Fencing ), works in Over 140 Countries, Convenience Calling, and an Online Portal to help manage device features, etc. (called the LifeTrac Dashboard)

Review: LifeTrac Mobile Protector from SecuraTrac

As we mentioned above, we’re excited about the Life Trac MobileProtector and we’re equally excited to see the medical alert system industry evolve the way it is (albeit slowly).  We’d put the SecuraTrac device in our “must consider” list of PERS devices.  It is mobile (via cellular network) and it allows the user to take it with them to over 140 countries without hassle (like having to swap out SIM cards, etc.).  Geo Fencing is a very cool feature that you can opt for with this device.  Geo Fencing allows LifeTrac Dashboard caregiver/monitor to set geographic boundaries that alert them if the user proceeds outside the predefined area.  This is particularly useful for dementia and/or Alzheimer’s sufferers that are prone to wandering!  The ability to pinpoint the user’s location has obvious benefits when trying to locate the user after the emergency button has been pushed.

The LifeTrac MobileProtector can also be used as a mobile phone just as you’d use your own cell phone.  Your monthly service plan includes cell phone usage/minutes.  There are 4 speed dial buttons on the front of the device that allow for easy dialing.  One of these buttons is reserved for the emergency call center, but the other 3 can be pre-programmed to call anyone (such as a caregiver, son/daughter, or loved one).  Finally this device has an inactivity alert aboard that will send an emergency message to loved ones (or a caregiver) so they can call the unit to check up on the user.  This inactivity alert is a great feature that SecuraTrac believes may be more  reliable than fall detection technology.

The Bottom Line:

satalite 150x150 Product Review: The Life Trac Mobile ProtectorLifeTrac is another device that we really like, and it is at (or near) the top of our list for consideration.  We’re not sure a user would wear this around their neck… but what the heck, it’s nice to have that option.  This device seems simple to use, operates on a cellular network for freedom outside the home, and doubles as a senior friendly cell phone.  We also like the geo-fencing option as well as the inactivity alerts.  All-in-all this one is worth looking at.

If you’ve used the LifeTrac Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!


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Product Review: SureResponse Medical Alert System from Verizon

Product Review: Sure Response Medical Alert System

SureResponse lanyard Product Review: Sure Response Medical Alert SystemProduct Review: Sure Response Medical Alert (from Verizon)

The Verizon Sure Response is one of the newest medical alert systems on the market today.  This entry (which Verizon calls a mobile emergency response system) gets closest to we at The Senior List envision as an ideal offering in this space.  It truly is mobile (cellular network driven), offers GPS tracking, and can connect you to caregivers (or loved ones) if necessary.docking station Product Review: Sure Response Medical Alert System

 EDITOR’S NOTE: This product review has been updated based on actual reports from The Senior List community.  Click here to read the Updated Review: Sure Response Medical Alert from Verizon

Product Info: Sure Response Medical Alert

  • Name: Verizon SureResponse
  • Website Info: Verizon Wireless – Sure Response
  • Auto Fall Detection? : No
  • Equipment Cost: $229.99 (retail) OR 19.99 with a 2 year plan (note: early termination fees will apply)
  • Monthly Cost: $30 per device (also requires a $35 activation fee)
  • Features: Lanyard, Wrist Strap and Belt Clip Accessories Included, Water Resistant Panic Buttons, Untethered 24/7 Monitoring on a Cellular Network (Verizon Wireless), GPS Tracking (must be enabled and shared/volunteered), Convenience Calling, and an Online Portal to help manage lists of caregivers etc. (called Sure Response Online)

Review: Sure Response Medical Alert System from Verizon

wearable emergency device Product Review: Sure Response Medical Alert SystemAs we noted above, Verizon’s SureResponse mobile emergency response system is now at the top of our list when it comes to medical alert systems.  First the criticism; We like the form factor but it looks bulky on the wrist (uncomfortable) and we doubt many people would want to wear it there (until it gets much smaller).  It’s also bigger than some of the other pendant worn alert systems, and it may look like your loved one is wearing a cellular phone around their neck (because they are).  We’re guessing this will be worn on the belt clip OR kept in a pocket for many future users out there, although from an accessibility standpoint we do like the pendant option.  It also lacks fall detection, but devices with fall detection haven’t made the splash we thought they would as yet so maybe down the road IF they can get it right (many have failed).  Finally we probably wouldn’t trust this in the shower with us… Until Verizon discloses a little more about just how water resistant the device is, we’d keep it away from H2O if we could help it.

OK now for the good stuff… The Senior List thinks this looks like a great option for those in need.  The ability to be UNTETHERED is something that many folks have  been looking for (at a comparable price point to the tethered solutions).  It’s backed by a reputable company with relatively transparent terms and conditions. That seems trivial but try to find details from some of the traditional distributors out there and you’ll agree.  Also the (optional) GPS tracking is something that’s been on our wish list for sometime.  I say optional because the user/owner designates (or not) the folks that are able to track them (via SureResponse Online).  If this feature is not activated, it is only used in the case of an emergency (so emergency personnel can locate the person in need).  Here’s another item worth mentioning, and another reason we like what we see so far… IF your loved one needs to go into a nursing facility, under the existing terms and conditions they ARE eligible to opt out of their 2 year agreement.  There are specific details associated with this “second right to cancel” so read the T’s & C’s carefully.

The Bottom Line:

We want to see more given this is new to the market, but we really like what we’re seeing here.  The Sure Response by Verizon would definitely be worth looking into.  It’s near the top of our list (Note; Based on customer feedback, we recommend a wait-and-see approach to this device.  Do your research, and read the comments throughout our site.) and we’ll be looking forward to monitoring their success with this mobile medical alert system.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This product review has been updated based on actual reports by The Senior List community.  Click here to read the Updated Review: Sure Response Medical Alert from Verizon

If you’ve used the SureResponse Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below, and provide a star rating (also below)!


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