Nurse Job Satisfaction Survey

Nurse Job Satisfaction SurveyJob Satisfaction Levels: Nursing

A new nurse job satisfaction study appearing in the February issue of “HealthAffairs” concludes that satisfaction levels among nurses providing patient care (in hospitals AND in nursing homes) doesn’t bode well for the 78 million baby boomers entering the system.  Keep this statistic in mind as you consider the results of the study… The oldest baby boomers just turned 65 in January, and 10,000 boomers per day will turn 65 for the next 19 years!  The study surveyed over 95,000 nurses, and uncovered some troubling statistics:

Job Satisfaction among nurses with direct patient care:

 Hospital StaffNursing Home Staff
Those that reported dissatisfaction in their job24%27%
Those that reported feeling burned out34%37%
Reported dissatisfaction with healthcare benefits41%51%
Reported dissatisfaction with retirement benefits50%60%

Finally, this stat is a scary one… 36% of hospital nurses and 47% of nursing home nurses mentioned “workload” contributed to missing important changes in patient conditions.  Interestingly, nurses in other (non patient care related) settings reported higher satisfaction levels in all of the relevant satisfaction areas mentioned above.  Understanding just how these nurse job satisfaction survey results are affecting patient care is important, because you can be sure it’s having a negative impact.

Nursing staff play an integral role in our current healthcare system, and those involved in patient care can count on INCREASED workload as retiring baby boomers place more pressure on the system.  Finding ways to recruit more candidates into the system, and working to improve job satisfaction levels is more important than ever before.