Do I Need A Hearing Aid? What To Expect Before You Buy

If you've ever wondered; Do I need a hearing aid?  You just might… Professionals will tell you that hearing loss is such a gradual decline that folks with hearing issues are usually the last to know.  Many times they blame hearing issues on others, believing friends are mumbling, or perhaps they're “quiet talkers” (to steal a Seinfeldism).

Do I need a hearing aid?

News reporter Emily Robinson interviews Heather Bennett, an audiologist with Advanced Hearing Centers for some great tips on what to expect if you think you might need a hearing aid.  First step (and most obvious on the list) is to get yourself tested.  Find a local qualified resource that can professionally diagnose your specific situation, and get some unbiased information on what options are available to you.  A number of audiologists sell hearing aids and will likely want to sell you one that they stock.

Buying a hearing aid from an audiologist isn't a bad idea, but understand what you're buying before you take the plunge.  Search online for equivalent hearing aid prices, and don't be afraid to negotiate with sellers.  Did you know that Costco is now in the hearing aid business?  Bottom line is that consumers need to do their homework more than ever.  The old adage about making a good purchasing decision still holds true to this day;  Buy right… Cry once.




  1. I like how you mentioned the importance of doing your research before buying hearing aids. My husband has been having some problems with hearing properly, and I want to visit an audiologist to see if he need hearing aids. I imagine that we’ll end up getting him a pair, so maybe it would be a good idea to do some research and compare prices before we make a decision.

  2. I am thinking that my wife will need to get hearing aids. It is getting pretty difficult to communicate because she can hardly hear anything that I say! It is interesting that professionals say it is a gradual decline in folks. That’s what I feel like it has been for my wife. It will be good for her to get some!

  3. I’m slowly losing my hearing and need to see an audiologist. Thanks for the advice about how the first thing to do is to get tested. I would also consider getting an audiologist that will help you get the best price on a hearing aid.

  4. There is another side to this issue that you’ve never covered:: the ongoing battle between Costco (and other large retailers) and
    audiologists. Costco is lobbying state legislatures nationwide to reduce
    requirements to dispense hearing aids. Audiologists point to Johns Hopkins studies showing poorly treated hearing loss accelerates dementia and other cognitive decline. Audiologists may have a self-interest here, however, the Hopkins research is very compelling

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