Product Review: Medical Guardian Emergency Response System

Medical Guardian has been providing personal emergency response systems for some time now and their extensive line of medical alert devices have evolved right along with technology and the needs of their users.

Medical Guardian has Options, Options, Options!

Medical Guardian offers several different systems and pricing plans to fit their client's needs.  All systems are equipped to handle emergency and non-emergency situations.  All options are water-resistant.

Classic guardian in home medical alert system by medical guardian
Classic Guardian

Classic Guardian: $29.95 per month:  The Classic Guardian is the traditional personal emergency response system with a base unit that plugs into a landline.  The package comes with a water resistant neck or wrist pendant.  A wall mounted button can also be added on for $2.00 per month. This base station offers one of the industry's best in-home range at 1300 feet in every direction of the house.

Home guardian medical alert system by medical guardian
Home Guardian

Home Guardian: $35.95 per month: The Home Guardian is a home-based unit that can be used for those without a landline.  It uses a cellular network (AT&T) and simply plugs into an electrical outlet in the home.  The Home Guardian package comes with a water resistant neck or wrist pendant and a fall detection pendant can be added on for an additional $10 per month.  The range on this in-home unit is 600 feet.

mobile guardian emergency response system by medical guardianh
Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian: $39.95 per moth: The Mobile Guardian is a GPS-enabled system that works outside the home for active users on the go.  Mobile Guardian is able to track the exact location and send help wherever the user is in the event that help is needed.  The Mobile Guardian package comes with a small water resistant pendant and a leather carrying case.  It has a battery life of 24 hours.

Premium guardian mobile alert and fall detection by medical guardian
Premium Guardian

***Staff Favorite***  Premium Guardian
: $49.95 per month: The Premium Guardian is the most advanced solution Medical Guardian offers.  It combines GPS and cellular capabilities to work both in and outside the home.  In addition, automatic fall detection can be added for an additional $10 per month.  It has a speaker in the pendant that is nice and clear when communicating to the nice folks at the call center.  The small, lightweight pendant can be worn as a pendant around the neck or clipped to a belt loop.  It has a longer battery life than the Mobile Guardian and will last for 36 hours.

What We Like about Medical Guardian:

No long term contracts (90 day minimum), flexible pricing plans (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly), free standard shipping, no set-up fees, no equipment costs, and easy to install.   Great service, each time we pushed the button for testing, the customer service reps on the other end of the line were very professional and courteous.  Excellent range on the Classic Guardian system (1300 feet).  Water resistant.  Backup battery included for every system. We also like the sleek, updated hardware that may be easier to convince a loved one to wear.  No adverse interactions for pace-makers.

Medical Guardian necklace pendantMedical Guardian wrist pendantWhat We Would Change about Medical Guardian:

The price for the Premium Guardian with fall detection added is a tad high, it's $10 per month more than it's closest mobile-fall-detection competitor.  However, I'm willing to pay that extra cost for excellent service and accurate, advanced technology.  The cost for the Classic Guardian is right on track with similar systems.

Medical Guardian Review

Do we Recommend Medical Guardian?

Yes.  We are all about options, companies who embrace technology and no long term contracts.  Check, check, and check.

Where to Purchase:

Medical Guardian products can be ordered through the Medical Guardian website or by calling 800-311-6165.


  1. My house/pet sitting business puts in different homes and different towns a good portion of my time. I also do teaching assignments. In other words I am an over 80 year old who wants a system that would be really mobile. Also AT&T does not provide me with reliable mobile coverage/service in a lot of my areas so I am seriously considering changing to Verizon. What emergency device do you have to meet my needs.

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