New Mr. Rogers Stamp – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

We're huge Fred Rogers fans here at The Senior List®, and we're so glad to announce that on March 23, Mr. Rogers will be commemorated with his own USPS forever stamp. The Mr. Rogers stamp is sure to be a hit, no matter what your age!

New Mr. Rogers Stamp – It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!
New Mr. Rogers forever stamp

The forever stamp features Mr. Rogers and his popular royal puppet character “King Friday XIII”. In fitting fashion, the stamp will be introduced at the same station where Fred Rogers began his Mr. Rogers odyssey, in Pittsburg PA. On that March day, it will be a particularly beautiful day in the neighborhood…

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Mister Rogers Neighborhood ran for over 30 years, and at it’s peak 8% of U.S households tuned into the show. Each episode began with Fred Rogers singing his infamous song “Won’t You Be My Neighbor“, and it was his soft, ever so caring voice that caused millions of children (and adults) to fall in love with him. – The Senior List, 11/3/2015

Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech 1997 Emmy Awards

We're glad such an amazing-gentle-man was a part of our lives. He made everyone of us better.

Rest In Peace Fred Rogers, and Congratulations…

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