How to Choose the Best Meal Delivery for Seniors

Many seniors struggle to cook healthy meals for themselves. There are a host of challenges associated with meal planning and preparation. Getting to the grocery store or carrying groceries home is difficult for people with mobility issues.

Food preparation is challenging for seniors who struggle with issues such as vision or balance problems, or arthritic hands.

As a result of these challenges, it’s not always easy for seniors to eat regular, healthy meals. This is a cause for concern among carers who want to be sure their senior eats well, but don’t have the time and resources to see to all their meals.

For many, a senior meal delivery service is the answer to these problems.

We provide tips on how to find the best meal delivery for seniors.

A Senior Meal Delivery Service Can Reduce Stress

A senior meal delivery service takes the stress out of meal times. Older adults can relax knowing that delicious, nutritious meals are on their way. Caregivers feel at ease knowing their loved one is taken care of.

It’s clear that a meal delivery service is a great option for some seniors. In fact, having support with meal preparation might even make a difference to whether someone can stay in their home or not.

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Tips to Choosing the Best Meal Delivery for Seniors

How do you go about choosing a meal delivery company? Here are some questions to help you decide.

Do You Need Ready to Heat or Ready to Cook?

Ready to heat and ready to cook are very different services.

Ready to heat means all delivered meals are ready-prepared, and simply need to be heated up in the oven or microwave before eating. This is the best service for people who find it hard to cook.

Ready to cook, on the other hand, means you will receive all the ingredients for your meals, plus recipe cards with instructions. These services may not be suitable for all, but they are good for those who still enjoy cooking, but struggle with meal planning and grocery shopping.

How Many Meals Need to Be Covered?

If your loved one is capable of cooking sometimes, or has family or caregivers able to prepare some meals or stock the freezer, you won’t need every meal covered. However, seniors who cannot cook for themselves and don’t have anyone on hand to prepare meals may need all meals covered.

What’s Your Budget?

Having meals delivered varies in cost. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $30 per day and up for a meal delivery service that covers three meals a day, plus snacks. We recommend comparing a few different services to find out which offers the best value for money.

Ready to cook services start around $11/serving for a box (about $52/box including shipping) covering three main meals for two people. This option is cheaper, but may not suitable for everyone.

Which Services Deliver in Your Area?

Some services, such as Silver Bistro MD and Magic Kitchen deliver across the continental United States. Meals On Wheels delivers to most urban and rural areas.

There are also several local delivery services out there, such as Martha’s Senior Gourmet, which delivers in the Los Angeles area, so it’s worth running a search for local meal delivery services on Google.

What About Specific Dietary Requirements?

It’s easier than ever to have meals delivered that meet specific dietary requirements. For example, Silver Bistro MD offers heart healthy, gluten free, diabetic and low sodium options.

Magic Kitchen offers a huge selection of different dietary options, including low fat, low carb, dialysis friendly, portion controlled and more.

No matter what your or your loved ones' dietary requirements, you are bound to find a meal service that caters to them.

Does the Meal Delivery Cater Specifically to Older Adults?

Some delivered meals, such as those from Silver Bistro MD and Magic Kitchen are created especially with seniors in mind.

Some services, such as Healthy Chef Creations, offer a special senior option. Other services might cater to a wider audience, but still cover your any specific dietary needs.

There is no right or wrong here, as long as you choose an option that covers any dietary needs your loved one has, and that delivers meals they enjoy. Many services offer a short trial or have a cancel-at-any-time policy, so you can try more than one if you like.

Are There Reviews Online?

It’s a good idea to look around at reviews. With so many review sites and message boards online, you’ll normally find at least a handful of reviews and testimonials for each service. Seeing what other people are saying about them can help you make your decision.

With so many senior meal delivery options, there’s no need for you and your loved one to struggle with getting healthy meals on the table. If course, budget may be a constraint, but even having one or two meals a week taken care of can make a big difference.

Start checking out options today and take the stress out of senior meals.


  1. Hi, im helping senior who is Mitsuko.
    She is difficult to cook by her self and we are looking for somebody can deliver already cooked and ready to heat up.
    Do you have those service?
    Could you please advice?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello- you might want to check out these ready-to-heat options- Fresh ‘n Lean, Martha’s Senior Gourmet and Healthy Chef Creations. Hope that helps!

  2. Also check out chefsforseniors[dot]com in select markets. In Tucson, AZ the service is an in home personal chef who does grocery shopping, meal prep and menu planning for the next visit. Affordable and so easy!

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. The food delivery trends are consistently changing with the growing demand of customers and to overcome the challenges of delivery boys also.

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