Adjustable Beds for Seniors

Adjustable beds made today are not the super heavy, very uncomfortable adjustable beds for seniors from past years. The modern beds today offer superior comfort when compared to adjustable beds from generations past, and offer a variety of features that likely appeal to seniors at every age and level of health.

The Senior List provides this detailed guide that helps seniors and their loved ones make decisions about an ideal adjustable bed. Learn how to choose an adjustable bed that best meets your needs, and that provides the right comfort level and offers modern features. Learn information about paying for an adjustable bed with this guide from The Senior List.

What is an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are not strictly for the bedridden patient in a facility or living at home anymore. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, with different adjustable levels, and options that allows for choosing features that fits the needs or desires of every senior looking for their best adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds allow seniors the opportunity to have more comfort, with models that raise or lower specific areas independently, such as raising the head during the day, for watching television or reading, and then lowering it at night before going to sleep.

They allow for raising the foot or knee area of the bed. There are other potential options, allowing for various levels and combinations of adjustment to your senior adjustable bed.

The primary secret to an adjustable bed is the base, which you manage with a controller. Today’s models feature technologically advanced controls, compared to the bed controls used by grandma and grandpa.

Wireless controllers, smart controllers that offer modern features, and other types of controllers likely allow seniors a great deal of flexibility and independence when using their bed. There are models and styles of adjustable beds that come with USB ports, heat settings, vibrating settings, or zero gravity technology, and possibly a combination of high-tech options.

Do not use a regular spring mattress, a memory foam mattress or other style of mattress on an adjustable bed base unless you know that it is manufactured specifically for an adjustable bed. Seniors have the option of choosing a spring mattress, a memory foam or combination mattress, just like with a regular bed frame, but choosing a specific type of mattress for their new adjustable bed.

The reason that seniors need the right mattress is that the mattress on an adjustable bed wears differently than a regular mattress. Do not ruin the life of a new mattress by choosing the wrong type and style.

When you shop for an adjustable bed, make sure that you understand everything that comes with your purchase. Some manufacturers and retailers sell the mattress and the base separately, while others possibly choose to sell the entire bed and mattress as one complete unit.

There are add-on options for some beds, such as safety rails that prevent seniors from falling out of bed while sleeping or when attempting to get in or out of bed.

Do Adjustable Beds Provide Health Benefits?

There are several health benefits associated with using adjustable beds. The National Sleep Foundation explains that seniors experience changes in sleep patterns as part of the aging process. Many seniors report feeling less satisfied with their sleep, tired during the day, and that they experience insomnia.

The Better Sleep Council reveals that an adjustable bed potentially helps with several health issues, including back pain. Some beds offer specialized lumbar support. Ask about this option is you or your loved one possibly benefits from additional lumbar support.

Adjustable beds also possibly helps you manage swollen legs, swollen feet, acid reflux, breathing difficulties, and other health issues such as arthritis, and sleep apnea, a condition that has the potential to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, and memory loss. Some seniors discover that an adjustable bed helps them get in or out of bed easier, compared to a traditional bed.

How Do I Choose an Adjustable Bed?

Choosing an adjustable bed is not as difficult or overwhelming as it possibly seems when initially thinking about making a purchase. Start by exploring options and styles that you like among the adjustable beds that fit your specific comfort and health-related needs.

Some seniors or their loved ones buy an adjustable bed directly from the manufacturer. Other individuals feel more confident when they have the opportunity see their options in person. Consider trying several models in the store, and talking to a sales representative that has the experience to help seniors with their decision.

Visit more than one store. Stores sometimes sell only their own brand. There is no guarantee that the choices at one store are the right choices for your adjustable bed needs.

When you shop at various stores, you have the opportunity to try before you buy, something that you do not have the option of doing if you purchase the adjustable bed online from the manufacturer. Some seniors still prefer to make a purchase directly from the manufacturer, and that is your individual choice.

What Questions Should I Ask When Shopping for an Adjustable Bed?

Do not settle for a brief sales pitch or brief online description. Purchasing an adjustable bed is a big investment.

While adjustable beds for seniors have a variety of outstanding features, along with many options in styles, sizes, and models available, you still want to ask questions. Asking questions likely helps you with your decision regarding the best adjustable bed for you or your loved one.

Ask what is included in the purchase. Remember that the base and mattress are sometimes sold separately. You want to know the total cost, including which features are standard and which have an additional cost.

Ask if there is a warranty. You do not want to purchase an adjustable bed without knowing whether it comes with a warranty and the specific details of the warranty.

Are there potential discounts such as a senior discount? You do not know until you ask your manufacturer representative or store salesperson.

Does Medicare Cover the Cost of My Adjustable Bed?

Your Medicare Part B covers a hospital bed when it is considered durable medical equipment (DME). Medicare pays its portion of costs when you have a prescription from your doctor indicating that you need an adjustable bed in your home.

Do not expect Medicare to cover the cost of the latest model with high-tech features. Medicare decides whether you have to rent, buy or have the option to rent or buy an adjustable bed, based on your qualifying criteria for the bed.

Medicare covers 80 percent of the cost if the supplier accepts Medicare assignment. The Part B deductible applies for adjustable bed coverage.

Some other types of health insurance possibly cover an adjustable bed. Ask your health insurance company about covering adjustable bed costs.

Seniors do not have to settle for a cumbersome, uncomfortable hospital bed. Modern adjustable beds allows users to choose their personal preferences in design, style, comfort, features, and other options that the user considers important, including health benefits, when choosing an ideal adjustable bed for seniors.

Popular Adjustable Bed Companies

The following is a list of some of the most popular adjustable bed brands on the market:

  • Craftmatic
  • Sleep Number
  • Tempur-Pedic
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