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Boise, Idaho, a city of just over 205,600 people, has a lot to offer with its mild climate, an array of cultural and sporting options and rich Basque history. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or like your entertainment strictly indoors – or a mix – Boise can satisfy most tastes.

Things people like about Boise, Idaho

  • The average temperature in January is 30 (F), while July’s is in the mid-70s, and with low humidity. There are also four distinct seasons.
  • This city (the third largest in the Pacific Northwest, after Seattle and Portland) has a diverse culture.
  • There is no estate or inheritance tax.
  • Social Security is tax-exempt, while many types of retirement income are also exempt if you’re over 65.
  • When it comes to medical care, there are at least five hospitals in the city.
  • Pedestrian-friendly Boise downtown has been greatly enhanced, increasing the number and range of restaurants, cafes, and introducing not only a new movie theater but also an increasing number of high-end boutiques.
  • Besides a remarkable amount of bike paths (Boise is a bike-friendly town), there’s the bus system made up of ValleyRide and the Boise Urban Stages (BUS). For your out-of-town visitors, there’s a good-sized and handily placed airport. If your visitors choose to drive, both I-84 and I-184 run right through Boise. A streetcar line is also in the works.
  • Speaking of visitors, besides its beautiful setting, Boise has a lot of unique tourist attractions in their downtown area, suggesting an interestingly diverse culture. Here are just a few examples: The Morrison-Knudsen Nature
  • Center, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center (not to mention Jaialdi, the recurring Basque festival), the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, and the Idaho Black History Museum.
  • Boise is culturally rich, offering opera, ballet, a philharmonic orchestra, jazz, indie music and more. Don’t miss the yearly Shakespeare Festival, housed in Boise’s 770-seat outdoor amphitheater.
  • Another center of culture is Boise State University's Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. Go on campus to see touring Broadway shows, various classical events, and concerts by well-known artists.
  • For outdoor types, there’s easy access to the Boise River with its whitewater rafting and fishing. The surrounding countryside also includes mountains, desert sand dunes and canyons. Thanks to the mild climate, these activities are available year-round.
  • If you like the outdoors but on a less grand and even more accessible scale, there are many public parks as well as several public golf courses.
  • Since it is a university town, you might want to find out if there’s a discount for seniors taking classes.
  • For sports fans: Minor league baseball, hockey, basketball, and both the Bronco Stadium and Taco Bell Arena.
  • A major bonus is that the crime rate in Boise is only a little more than half the national average. One may find it comforting, as well as significant that, while crimes involving property are taken seriously, the emphasis, for the local police, is preventing or solving crimes against persons.

Other considerations for Boise

For the record, about the only thing some people don’t like about Boise? That it is pretty darn far from any other major city. (Of course, that may be part of why the crime rate is so low.) At any rate, considering what Boise has in the way of amenities, that may not seem like a deterrent.

Best Assisted Living Boise Idaho | Who Makes the List?

A list of the top rated assisted living communities in Boise, Idaho.

Brookdale Boise Parkcenter (Formerly Wynwood at River Place; Villas at Riverplace) | Boise, ID 83706

Brookdale Boise Parkcenter offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring – 14 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor – 29 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 1 Review, Average Rating 3
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Staff was good, fabulous staff, [facility] beautiful, clean, pet-friendly, very classy, really clean, bright and cheery, layout fine and more conventional, so quiet and nice, like the location, close to the river, outside doors with keypads – very secure, public areas spacious, deer and mallards and squirrels [on grounds], staff very helpful, [staff] has done everything they promised, staff knows people’s names, staff very accommodating, staff is wonderful, [staff] friendly and answered all of our questions, staff members awesome [and] loving and caring, dining room wait staff very helpful…without even being asked, great job trying to keep all their residents active, really involved with the residents, management could not be any better, residents looked happy and healthy, stunning cottage – very private and elegant, vibrant community, tons of things to do, it is just a fun place to be, apartments very nice and elegant, exercise rooms, activity rooms, balance class, big room [for] physical therapy, people are friendly, studio apartments same size as the 1-bedroom apartments [no] wall separating bedroom from the living room part, apartment very spacious, cottages are larger, really big bathroom, [even studios] have large windows and plenty of sunlight, residents allowed to update their apartment, patios, extra storage in rooms, transportation for doctor appointments and grocery store and bank, timely with meals, good food, food is fantastic, linens on tables, housekeeping comes by every 2 weeks, guardrails in halls and bathrooms, Axiom gym one block away with pool

What they didn’t like: Stains on the carpeting [in an apartment], They need some apartments with washer and dryer capabilities, worst customer service, rooms are small, downsized their staff, 30 minutes until [staff] responded, wouldn’t permit specialized nursing care, food service [meals might arrive cold], maintenance man very nice but slow, laundry – some clothes missing, poor communication [between staff and family], studio tiny, a la carte system [hard to calculate monthly fees], not given a price sheet [showing] base price and addons, just too big, [cottages are larger] but walkways may have snow…in winter

Brookdale Castle Hills [Formerly Emeritus at Summer Wind] | Boise, ID 83703

Brookdale Castle Hills provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring – 16 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
SeniorAdvisor – 25 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Very nice older facility, very neat and clean, homey, very home-like, very nice environment, very accommodating to both physical need…and budget, [lobby has] big beautiful fish tank [and] fireplace, rooms were big, staff very friendly and caring, [staff] knowledgeable, will bend over backward to assist [resident], [staff] accommodating, [staff] always greet everyone with a smile, [management] holds meetings with their residents and family members from time to time, always check on residents if they miss a meal, residents truly delightful and work hard to welcome new people, wonderful chef, great food, 3 huge meals a day, food is good, [family can] go and eat whenever we want, menu of several items, real nice dining area, [in dementia unit] halls are set up really nice…not overwhelming at all, [dementia care] very intimate and very nice, little sitting areas, little courtyards, nice benches and trees [secured area], nice size studio and a real nice bathroom and shower, a large bedroom with a bathroom and a little sitting area, Some…apartments have a small sink and a small kitchenette, once a week deep-cleaning [in apartment], religious meetings, bingo, arts and crafts, every morning a person gives a lecture to whoever wants to show up and listen, little concerts, field trips, book clubs, exercise class, tables set up for puzzles and what not, shopping days, card-making days, a hair-cutting facility there, they take the residents to stores and restaurants

What they didn’t like: More of a hospital feel…wasn't that bright and cheery, need more staff, food is institutional, shared rooms small, assigned seating [at meals], Medicaid residents not treated equally, [need] a more welcoming atmosphere, management does not support needs of community, bad staff to resident ratio, [residents’] mail should not be left around for anyone to see or even take, planning to raise rent every year, they rely on a lot of sauces and gravies, problems with medications, staff great but communication with management can be more challenging, [great staff but] very understaffed

Chateau de Boise | Boise, ID 83704

Chateau de Boise offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Alzheimer’s and Memory Care.

Caring – 22 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor – 55 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes – 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Attractive building, beautiful, nicely laid out, spacious, very clean, pet-friendly, homey, positive atmosphere, great ambiance, affordable, very safe, light and bright, The price was right, a lot of big trees, well taken care of, [building] back off the street [with] trees around [it], people were very nice, People seemed happy, staff not pushy and made move-in easy, staff always cheerful, staff and residents so helpful and concerned, everybody was respectful… and professional, cleaning ladies know everybody by name and not by room number, [staff] very supportive, staff was top-notch, they do a background/criminal check on new applicants/residents, [staff] makes sure new residents are integrated, chef is more than accommodating with the meals, food is very good, a big cafeteria, dining area…was like going to a restaurant, home-cooked well-balanced meals, 3 meals a day, dining staff friendly and helpful, food was delicious, food was good, special dining room…if you have a guest or a birthday party, they allowed [friend or family member] to stay in a guest room for 2 nights, linens and towels and housekeeping 1/week, service not only acceptable but exceptional [and] even eager, patio, game area on the second floor, beautiful apartments, apartments…had a nice layout, rooms were great, clean, well-decorated, some [apartments] have a door outdoors to a patio, cottages with full kitchens, parking for tenants, [facility has] a bus that took the residents to the bank…or wherever, each resident has his own mailbox, field trips, digital room, board games, they bring in musician [to] perform, a library, Wii Bowling, Midnight Baseball, adventure travels, scrabble, chess, checkers, cards, games, Exercise equipment, beauty salon, Bingo, horse races, dominoes, bean bag baseball, coloring, usually go to movies on Tuesdays, have fireside reading, bible study classes, laundry room with ironing boards, swimming pool less than 1 mile away

What they didn’t like: Not enough windows, apartments very small, halls not very wide, really liked the place but find the one-time fee outrageous, [should] lower their prices, keep it too hot, place was outdated, not very clean, rooms were kind of far from the dining room, vague smell of urine, [not] impressed with calendar of activities, buildings looked quite old and dreary, musty odor, transportation does not offer a wheelchair lift, need better quality meat and not to cook with onions or peppers, need more activities, worry about the age of the HVAC system, staff very hard to get in touch with, wish they had more [activities] for the men, maintenance a little slow, only one elevator, food wasn't that good, like being in a nursing home, lobby…had a funky smell

Garnet Place | Garden City, ID 83714

Garnet Place provides Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Caring – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor –34 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Small community, its simplicity, close to a lot of shopping, pet-friendly, cleanliness of whole place, very clean and bright, no odors, leadership is exceptional, treat residents like family, Very family-oriented atmosphere, staff members were very nice, [staff] go out of their way to make residents feel at home and stay active, staff extremely friendly to residents and visitors, [staff] patient, staff work at meals to ensure new residents not left out, residents also very welcoming, food was good, food tasty, food is okay, well balanced meals, dining area very nice, adult beverages, common areas nicely maintained, courtyards fabulous, allow persons to hang items on apartment doors or adjacent hallway wall [helps identify own apartment], nurses were excellent, rooms were small but…clean and adequate, offer different activities like music, TV, community get-togethers, more than just bingo and crafts, outings, birthday parties [for residents]

What they didn’t like: Overcharged me for medication, walkers can be accommodated but not wheelchairs, meals could use more seasoning, resident not bathed as she was supposed to be

Grace Assisted Living of Englefield Green [SeniorAdvisor lists it as Grace Assisted Living] | Boise, ID 83709

Grace Assisted Living of Englefield Green offers Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Caring – 18 Reviews, Average Rating 3.8
SeniorAdvisor – 34 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 1 Review, Average 5
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Very open and airy, pet-friendly, nice and cozy, [facility] locally owned, bright and smells good, spotless, clean and maintained, loving environment, very happy facility, [accepts] Medicaid, the friendliest people, staff was wonderful and very friendly, patient and caring, staff was extremely helpful, staff very attentive, staff…know [residents] by name, staff really does care about the residents, safe, beautiful [and] not too fancy, numerous safety features, private dining area available for family when they visit, little garden areas for the residents, [near] Boise River, a lot of birds, everyone had a door…to the outside or [to] the little garden area, outside patio area with trees and flowers, The rooms are nice, [rooms a] reasonable size, [apartment with] back patio, rooms have locked drawers for valuables, a one bedroom with windows and a little backyard patio, apartments although a tad small are well laid out, rooms are nice and clean, how sunny and bright the rooms get, wide halls and doorways, large bathrooms, walk-in showers with pull-down chairs, dining room much like a restaurant, [in dining room] plenty of room for wheelchairs, very good food, food is good, food is excellent, a lot of [menu] choices, healthy snacks, dining room is lovely and very well put-together, assigned seating, have transportation, movie theater, bingo nights, they take [residents] shopping, field trips to…nature areas and the zoo, Wii Bowling, arts and crafts

What they didn’t like: Had a more Christian aspect…I am very religious but not necessarily traditional, weekends’ service was not as good [short-staffed], staff was very rushed [and] not attentive, [staff] were not friendly, place was not clean, rooms too small, a lot more expensive, independent and assisted living together – not separate, [facility] large and beautiful but not as personal as [potential resident] would have liked, very fancy and not as down to earth [as we’d like], meal time strictly regimented, [felt] staff not completely attentive [to dementia resident], no [security] code on door [dementia care]

Hillcrest Assisted Living | Boise, ID 83705

Hillcrest Assisted Living offers Assisted Living.

Caring – 12 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor – 25 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Very clean and updated, well managed, good value, allows pets, very homey, diverse group of residents, beautiful community, great location, free guest room, lots of big trees, places to walk and enjoy the outdoors, TV room which was like a comfortable living room with couches, Apartments are huge and even include a kitchenette and a patio, kitchenettes…much more spacious [than other facilities], little patio off apartment, sales staff was excellent, great staff, [staff] is friendly and helpful and knowledgeable, [staff] patient, maintenance man…and housekeeping work very hard, staff remarkably accommodating to guests, nursing staff is excellent, [staff] encourage residents to participate, Residents are treated with dignity and respect, wonderful food, food is good, salad bar, soup [made with] fresh ingredients, food is amazing and the size of the apartments are amazing [used to be an independent living facility], Bridge, Bingo

What they didn’t like: Not much scenery, [Staff] do not seem to care, [resident’s] room smelled of urine, rooms are small, loads of staff turnover, prescriptions not filled in a timely manner, if [anyone says there’s] “room for improvement”…they are fired or intimidated, internet [didn’t] work throughout facility, nurses playing favorites, ran out of pills

Overland Court Senior Living and Memory Care | Boise, ID 83709

Overland Court Senior Living and Memory Care provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Transition (a person-centered program).

Caring – 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor – 43 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Beautiful in a homey way, Overland Court felt friendly, didn’t smell, allows pets, a dog in the memory care unit, a smaller community [meaning] staff to resident ratio is very good, liked the ratio of care, [staff] very well trained, [staff] took time to explain to me how dementia works, receptive to any requested changes, [staff] very good at calming and directing the residents, going out of their way with the culinary aspect to make sure people are happy, tablecloths always look fresh, offer snacks all day long, healthy [food] options, staff was phenomenal, very caring people, courteous and helpful, felt the staff here picked their profession instead of treating it like a job, [residents] encouraged and drawn out by staff, [staff] has gone above and beyond in transitioning [parent] into facility, level of care is extremely high, level of attention [and] care and communication with the family is very high, [staff] confident, kind, if [staff] had any issues at all they called [family] right away, safe and loving space, rooms…spacious, [rooms] well laid out, [facility had] country-western…singing, shopping, memory care center is pleasant and comfortable and attendants friendly and actively engaged with the residents, rooms were adequate, the living quarters were separate from the general area, bingo, music, gardening, a pond, Halloween party and a contest, exercise classes, concerts, movies, [go] on drives. offer church services there, They…empty the trash every day and make the bed, Once a week they really clean the place [and] change linens and do laundry

What they didn’t like: Older, inside was darker [than other facility], could improve the food in terms of offerings and portions, there isn’t really a place to walk, not impressed with food in memory care, [apartment] living room too small, expensive, [too] small a population of men, room very small

Willow Park Assisted Living | Boise, ID 83704

Willow Park Assisted Living provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring – 29 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor – 55 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.7
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Facility clean and comfortable, no unpleasant odors, so clean, extremely pet friendly, very nicely kept, very up to date, security system is good, dynamic and energetic place, more open style community…allows residents to move about, [Owners] not motivated by money, attractively decorated, good layout, closed courtyard where residents [walk] dogs and…someone else [cleaned up waste], trees and flower beds, residents are fun [and] welcoming, more of a hotel atmosphere, it’s like home, brightness of everything, staff is long term, wide hallways, halls were big and spacious, STAFF is WONDERFUL, staff abundant, low turnover, services and medical care…are exemplary, people there were very happy, if you have questions they get right back to you, staff keeps us informed on any changes, Bridges program to transition [into memory care], admissions process low-key, front desk staff always helpful, [staff] very warm and welcoming, staff unbelievably compassionate…this place feels more like a family, team always ready to troubleshoot when resident going through a difficult time, [staff provides] great kindness and patience with all…residents, staff is second to none!, staff has truly enriched [resident’s] life and [provided] great peace of mind, been told that they have a pretty good employee package for their employees to try and keep them, almost a commercial-like kitchen and staff, cooks do a great job preparing and serving the residents, full-on gourmet chef, healthy meals, food is good, food amazing, variety of food is really good, food is delicious, dining area is lovely and the menu looks great, rooms were big and nice, a private bath in each room, rooms are large and well-appointed, cottages were large, individual bungalows for independent living, wide range of activities from physical to mental to artistic and interactive, live entertainment, movies, games, bingo, book club, beauty salon, field trips and social events, out-of-the-ordinary things like allowing them to sit in a hot air balloon while it is tethered, happy hour, exercises, games, church worship, an active group for war veterans, a marvelous lady that encourages clients to tell their life story that is then stored on a CD, They hosted nice family meals around the holidays, a van or bus to take people out to activities [and] shopping and all kinds of special events, Food [and] room cleaning and laundry included in rent

What they didn’t like: The smell in the memory care side, a little high [priced], expensive, kind of dark, rooms were small, just felt too medical, rooms were small and dated, The grounds were also dated, Willow Park wanted a huge amount for a shared room with only a curtain between the two residents, not crazy about how they do the billing, nursing staff communication with [resident’s] doctor needs to improve

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