Best Assisted Living in Buffalo

Currently, many of Buffalo’s assisted living facilities shown online haven’t yet been rated, but there are many more assisted living communities in nearby suburbs that have been. Williamsville, Kenmore, West Seneca, and Orchard Park are just four of the attractive nearby towns of Buffalo offering highly rated senior housing in lovely surroundings and with close proximity to all Buffalo has to offer.

Williamsville, in particular, is investing heavily in its infrastructure, determined to make itself one of the finest retirement destinations in the country.

Among its many charms, Buffalo, and the metropolitan area is one of the least expensive places to live in the United States. Additionally, the city abounds in cultural and entertainment options plus being highly regarded for its food, architecture, music, theater, shopping, scenery, and outdoor activities.

What people like about Buffalo, New York

  • All considered the cost of living isn’t bad at about 22% above that of the national average.
  • No tax on Social Security benefits or public pensions with a possible exemption of up to $20,000 for private pensions and out-of-state government pensions. Qualifying seniors 65 and older may also be eligible for further reductions in property taxes.
  • Buffalo’s populace is known for their warm welcomes and a strong sense of community.
  • Niagara Falls is just a half-hour away from Buffalo and Canada.
  • Annual temperatures range from an expected average winter low of about 19 degrees F (with maybe 27” of snow) to an average high of 80 degrees.
  • According to, Buffalo’s walkability score is 74 out of 100. City planners are working to further improve that rating.
  • The city’s bike score is rated an impressive 68 (out of a possible 100).
  • There are over 2,000 restaurants, galleries, museums, theaters, live music arenas, libraries and other attractions in The City of Light. Don’t overlook the Buffalo Zoological Gardens, the third oldest such zoo in the US.
  • Buffalo has many historic buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House, the University of Buffalo’s main campus and the Japanese Garden in Delta Park are just three of the sites worth seeing.
  • Sports fans can enjoy following both major and minor league sports whether football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or women’s hockey.
  • Opportunities for outdoor activities, like golf, skiing, fishing, biking, hiking and more, are right outside your front door.
  • The city’s mass transit includes Niagara Frontier Transit Authority and the much more limited Buffalo Metro Rail (light rail system).
  • Getting in and out of Buffalo is relatively easy, people rely on the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and two Amtrak stations.

Other considerations for Buffalo

  • The sales tax can be as much as 8.49% (There is a 4% state levy, while municipalities can add up 4.88% on top of that.)
  • Property taxes are higher than the national average.
  • The crime rate is significantly higher than the national average, both for crimes against persons as well as involving property.
  • Winters can be long, cold, and harsh.

Best Assisted Living in Buffalo, New York | Who Made the List?

Brompton Heights, Inc. | Williamsville, NY 14221

Brompton Heights, Inc. provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Enhanced Care, and Short-term Care.

Caring– 23 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 3
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 2
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: beautiful place, Looks like a hotel, clean, big, cleanliness, They encourage the residents to bring their pets, facility was setup nicely, homey atmosphere, It was warm; it has a living room [&] an aquarium [&] a bird cage, people watching TV and playing cards, in a very nice neighborhood, inside was fabulous, grounds outside were just OK, grounds were nice, in a wooded area on a hill, doesn’t look like assisted living but instead like a resort, the layout with the large living room area for residents and visitors, a smaller living room area near [loved one’s] room, within two miles from a large hospital, the staff…are caring and know my mom well, residents seemed to be happy, staff seems to be very close to their residents, [Facility] had a shuttle that took the residents to doctors' appointments, caregivers are pretty good, kitchen staff works very hard and…do a very nice job, staff clearly love their jobs now and you can feel the positive energy and passion, staff…was very friendly and very nice, [Staff] took [loved one] to doctor's appointments, [staff] answered all our questions and gave us clear answers, [staff was] professional, helpful, new manager is always seen outside her office showing love and compassion to the folks who live there and…recognizing her employees, nurses and aids take very good care of [loved one] and treat her with respect, staff was great and very responsive, main dining room…looked like a very luxurious restaurant, three meals a day, good food, a good menu, two choices for lunch and dinner, wonderful home cooked food on-site, Great food, food is pretty good, an ice cream shop…open during the day, a one-bedroom [with] a shower and a bath together [with] heat and air-conditioning, one-bedroom…is impressive in size and has a full kitchen plus her own washer and drier, rooms are somewhat small but they're decent and clean enough, activity director was outstanding and they had activities going 24 hours a day, outings twice a week and lots of activities, choir and chapel, crafts room, movie rooms, movie theater where they show two movies a day, art program, bingo, going to mass, memory care section…have arts & crafts and they [take] seniors out, a pool table

What they didn’t like: walk long distances to get to elevator or…to get…to the main area, more like a nursing home, hallways were narrower, rooms were smaller, how rude [other staff member] was to kitchen staff, the shared room…was way too small, They don't take care of [loved one’s] needs when she goes to the bathroom, valuable piece of computer equipment…was lost/stolen, three telephone calls requesting out-take and feedback have gone unreturned, Nursing care changed often, response is slow as far as asking for things, not a lot of ground, very little parking felt a bit crowded in the common areas, Always short staffed in the evening, food is terrible, too many residents

Brookdale Bassett Park [Formerly Emeritus at Bassett Park Manor] | Williamsville, NY 14221

Brookdale Bassett Park provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 4.8

What they liked: community pleasant and active, 1-story large ranch-like complex with ample outside areas and places where people can move around, very clean, bright and clean, well-maintained, quiet, well-staffed, nice size, very well laid out, more like a house than an institution, consistently clean [&] neat and pleasant-smelling, public areas are beautiful and well maintained, facility is very clean and well-organized, the floor plan, the residents, a wonderful veterans group, They also included transportation to the hospital, facility is only on one floor…as [opposed] to having an elevator to different floors, very friendly staff, the warmth of the people who work there, Many of the staff go above and beyond, staff was what attracted me the most, staff seemed well trained, a lot of staff on hand to answer any questions, staff have been warm and friendly to us and have treated my aunt with compassion [&] dignity and respect, [Staff] seemed engaged with the residents, [Loved one] has privacy when she wants it but is never isolated or lonely, we didn't see anyone who looked lonely and sad, people who were living there seemed to be all engaged, Nobody looked like they were lost and everybody…there looked like they were being taken care of, [Staff] were very personable and very professional, informative, staff who interviewed me was excellent [&] very helpful [&] very thorough and knowledgeable, They were very cheerful, very helpful, very accommodating, [Staff] got back to me right away including the executive director, dining room was beautiful, a restaurant atmosphere rather than a cafeteria; it was well done, dining room was clean and cheerful, food was good, food was very good, low sodium diet, rooms were a very good size with a private bath and colorful décor, rooms are small but…cozy, [loved one has] a decent sized room which is kept clean, apartment was a good size and they had all the safety things available, social activities room…wasn't overwhelming [&] was clean and cheerful, movie nights, activity rooms, a theater with a big screen and a popcorn machine, craft nights, bingo, exercise classes, [they periodically bring] in a petting zoo…and you can bring your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a little knitting group

What they didn’t like: [Loved one] wasn’t watched enough; she had numerous falls, dining hall…just seemed like it was a little too far for [loved one] to walk every day, rooms were very small, typical nursing home atmosphere, food had no taste, did not get a cheery feeling, a smell lingering, food was terrible, community…just really big

Brookdale Bassett Road [Formerly Emeritus at Bassett Manor] | Williamsville, NY 14221

Brookdale Bassett Road provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 59 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: a beautiful and clean place, bright, looked more like a little hotel, allow small pets as long as resident can take care of them, very clean, safety, Smaller [&] more personalized, one floor layout, open and homey, outdoor courtyard, Shaped like an H so easy to navigate, It was really cute, well-maintained and had beautiful grounds, no smells, carpet was clean, a van service for doctor’s appointments, several lounge areas, Takes people with wheelchairs but they have to self ambulate, services (like PT) come into the [facility], nice facility with kind people, Everyone there is very friendly and welcoming, The other residents are lovely, common areas…were very nice, looks like a very well set up facility, All of the staff charming and helpful, tour [guide] very informative [&] helpful and knowledgeable about everything, three staff members…greeted [loved one] and told her how happy they were to meet her…it really made her feel special, [Staff] have been as supportive and understanding as they could possibly be, manager…knew all the patients there and seemed very relaxed, the staff makes great efforts to keep on schedule with medication [&] meals [&] bathroom, etc., [staff] strike a good balance between giving my loved one…privacy but also making sure he is checked on frequently and medical needs dealt with, staff were a big help throughout the move-in process, administration is wonderful, very receptive to hearing feedback from family, [staff] really helped [loved one] get adjusted and made sure to keep in good contact with [family], staff very professional and understanding, patient [&] kind and thoughtful, Whatever I ask they take care of right away, staff willing to work with you and extra caring, front desk is wonderful, staff has always been caring, staff tried to get [loved one] involved with the activities, memory care unit…[staff] very compassionate, never ran into a situation where they wouldn’t do something I asked, food and the people are great, 3 meals a day, the variety of meals, the menu was nice, family style dining, food is wonderful, they even do a great job with the food, [private] rooms were of a nice size, rooms were very nice, rooms are all private and very spacious, single rooms and all were private, studio apartment large enough for a twin bed [&] small table [&] recliner [&] tv and small refrigerator, full calendar of daily activities, [Facility has] entertainment at least once a month, family activities once a month, they have different themed parties, crafts and games every day, a theater and popcorn, a lot of bingo and exercise classes, movie nights, singing concerts, buses that took the residents wherever they wanted, an on-site barber shop and beauty salon, had a nice party for my moms 100th birthday

What they didn’t like: a smaller place, [Lack of] cleanliness of these [apartments], once…a client runs out of private pay [they] cannot stay, [staff] not taking care of the carpet, do not offer a variety when it comes to the menu, quality of food, do not make many accommodations for smokers, Could improve on their cleanliness and care services, [Loved one pulls] cord [&] it takes at least 20 minutes for someone to respond, should have more fresh produce, a lot of confusion and miscommunication among the staff, the room size, overall impression was of a nursing home, They kept raising the rates…a lot more than the regular 3% or so most communities go up, Individual rooms not cleaned properly, a real bait and switch…as far as the money was concerned, dark & dreary, outdoor courtyard kind of small

Brookdale Kenmore [Formerly Wynwood of Kenmore] | Kenmore, NY 14217

Brookdale Kenmore provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 3.7
SeniorAdvisor– 31 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.08

What they liked: very clean, absolutely beautiful, looks more like an apartment building, allow small pets, homelike, first floor common rooms very nice, they maintain it really well, very clean and in good repair, a lot of windows, safe community, on the bus route, [offers] ”enhanced” care, doesn't have any nasty odors, security was good, [Staff] take you to the doctors, staff very friendly [&] nice and answered all of my questions, wonderful spaces for relaxing, They helped my mother so much, Everybody is so upbeat, [residents] were living their life [&] making their choices, They take them out to doctor's appointments and shopping, physical therapy program is very helpful, staff very attentive and went out of their way on numerous occasions to make my family feel welcome and to meet our needs, Highly competent nursing staff, I had a problem with [loved one’s] medication and I called [nurses] and they cleared it right up, Very helpful and very cheerful staff, marketing director very energetic and on top of her game, [Staff] very helpful and kind, Their physical therapy program, housekeeping staff does a very good job, our relatives room was always clean and smelled fresh, They help [loved one] with her medicines, Everybody seemed to be enjoying living there, beautiful dining room, 3 meals/day, flexible dining schedule, linen tablecloths and linen napkins, a menu, food is excellent, like a restaurant, food was high quality and the choices varied, Meals are very good and often quite tasty, Mom has a special diet because she has diabetes…She thinks [food is] excellent, food is fantastic, they clean the apartments once a week, apartments were big and had nice setups, [Apartments] were great and came in three different sizes, rooms were spacious, rooms are large [&] clean and very nice, beautiful 2 bedroom apt., [Rooms] were very modern [&] neat [&] clean and state-of-the-art [&] all had bathrooms, rooms were adequate, an efficiency room and it was nice, one bedroom apartment…[with a] living room with kitchenette and a bathroom with a walk-in shower with a couple of big storage closets, a lot more activities to promote independence, exercise classes, bingo, crafts, music, a theater with a big screen and a popcorn machine, [onsite] beauty salon

What they didn’t Like: four floors with elevators, very little parking, [Facility] was small, rooms were small, hallways were narrow, dining room very cramped, seemed old and not up-to-date, turnover is high and the management team not versed in compassion, their system of responding to the calls for assistance, expensive, [activities] could have been a bit more varied, bathrooms weren’t very wheelchair friendly, quite urban with virtually no grounds, Other than morning chair exercises…there are no exercise facilities, how shabby the place is, needs improvement on…medication management, not a high ratio of aides to residents, need to improve on responding time, issues with the pharmacy with billing and getting medications correct, want services that were promised, too much exercising and not enough fun things to do, understaffed, fuse box or breaker box in the apartment…could be dangerous, For more independent residents, incredibly understaffed

Brookdale Niagara [Formerly Sterling House of Niagara] | North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Brookdale Niagara provides Assisted Living, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5

What they liked: Homey place, neat, beautiful, clean, smaller one-floor facility, country setting, cheerful, spotless, Open and bright, lovely, Cost is comparable, updated, grounds…were park-like, differences between traditional assisted living and enhanced assisted living, round the clock care, so comfortable, care is loving, forty-six rooms ranging from studio to two-bedroom and two-bathroom, Wide open hallways with lots of light, hallways were clean, sense of peace, residents and staff interacting and enjoying themselves, Enhanced Assisted Living and the Memory Care community…Both are incredibly clean [&] friendly [&] warm [&] beautifully decorated, vibrant activities, Residents all seemed happy and well cared for, Residents all known by the director, age in place, marketing director…and the entire management team immediately made us feel comfortable, They made a difficult decision easy, admissions counselor is still here and has been a life saver, Residents see[m] alert and cheerful, people living here who still drove and volunteered in the community as well as folks needing more care, each of our [four] loved ones have been treated respectfully with kindness [&] compassion and like a loved family, Brookdale Niagara changed her into probably the person she was 20 years ago…Happy [&] outgoing [&] active [&] social with a great sense of humor, staff assists her into the shower and then she got better and more steady on the feet with increased services, workers, as well as the residents, had a positive attitude, long term staff who truly care for the residents, [During our tour, everyone] from the head of maintenance to the kitchen person they all made sure we were taken care of, Exceptional care and kindness, staff are attentive, Their attentiveness is great, nurturing, professional, they seem to really like elderly people and are very patient with dementia patients, staff good at addressing [family’s] concerns, kind staff go above and beyond to cater to [loved one], They listen to their residents, receive personal [&] gracious service and feel relaxed knowing that every little detail will be handled, [staff] communicate with family whenever needed, Great communication from the entire staff, lovely dining room, [facility] kitchen is very open [&] nice and clean, food is amazing, tasty meals 3 times a day with snacks, Food is fantastic, food is exceptional, great food, well-managed café, Smaller with lovely Suites, suite is so nice with two large windows [&] kitchenette [&] large] walk in closet and a huge walk in shower, a beautiful patio suite with a large living room [&] bedroom [&] kitchen [&] walk in closet [&] larger bathroom, one bedroom and a lovely private patio, activities are great, bingo, exercises class, cards, they had a senior prom where all her adult children got dressed up and she was dressed up too

What they didn’t like: She took all my information and the staff that accommodated us never called me back, bad smell in building, This is a place for people in a high-income range, does not take Medicaid, they need to do a better job keeping [family] informed, rooms are small, a bit far from shopping and Drs.

Elderwood Assisted Living at Hamburg [Formerly Rosewood Village] | Hamburg, NY 14075

Elderwood Assisted Living at Hamburg provides Assisted Living & Personal Care, Enhanced Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Victorian décor, the facility is very beautiful, gorgeous, great location, the middle of Hamburg Village, very clean, very clean with no smell, all inclusive as far as meals and so on and so forth, all inclusive except for haircuts, etc., Everyone seemed friendly, the staff was…very knowledgeable [&] very helpful, got a very warm feeling, found the staff very helpful in making this move a smooth transition, staff members and residents…all very friendly and helpful, Everyone seems to know my mom by name even though she never met them before, Staff knew residents by name, [staff] helpful in explaining Veteran’s benefits and made sure there was a plan in place, care staff…supportive, medications managed, [staff] had all the answers for all the questions that we asked, Overall provided great service, staff extremely friendly and attentive, dining hall was beautiful, dining rooms were nice, The food was plain home-cooking but it was very tasty, 3 meals a day plus a snack, the waitresses were very pleasant, beautiful apartments, The [private] rooms were adequate, room…was spacious and bright, [Apt.] had plenty of room, [apt.] had a cable TV and Wifi, a full calendar of activities, an activities room, outdoor patio that actually faced one of the village streets so folks could see activities going on in the village, a number of community areas with big screen TVs, a family dining room, a library, bingo, all kinds of games, they take them on outings…to the local casino [or] on shopping trips, arts and crafts, they have kids coming to sing

What they didn’t like: room is very small, understaffed, only two old elevators from the first floor to the third floor, food kind of mediocre, food is somewhat bland

Elderwood Assisted Living at West Seneca | West Seneca, NY 14224

Elderwood Assisted Living at West Seneca provides Assisted Living & Personal Care, Enhanced Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 15 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] was OK, Beautiful, clean, freshly redecorated, welcoming, felt like home, nice outdoor patio, the backyard, lots of room outside to watch deer [or] plant flowers and vegetables, a lot of community space, sun rooms across the front, outdoor seating out in the front, a wonderful back patio that looks out to the woods, a lounge on every floor, elevators, overnight nursing and maintenance, There’s a lot of [staff] support, [Staff] take them shopping and to their doctor's visit, very friendly environment, good communication with the staff, [Staff] made the tough transition for [loved one] easy as possible, [Staff] encourage them to do a lot of activities, We know [loved ones] are safe and in good hands overall, staff was very helpful and very understanding in answering all my questions, staff were very nice and informative, Staff…were so friendly and happy, Housekeeping is there to do all the housework, If [loved one] requested anything they were right there to help him, staff seemed very friendly, nurses get to know the patients all very well and they are prompt and curteous, [our greeter] could not have been more comforting and helpful, people who clean his room…and check up on him periodically so he is never alone very long, a massage therapist that came in, a nurse and a doctor that comes in once a month, dining hall was very nice, food is quite nice, food is good, Meals are restaurant quality, food was OK, staff in the dining room were always especially nice, [dining room staff] always remembered our names and had a kind word for my relative, rooms were good and spacious and they had a kitchenette, [in the] 1-bedroom…The bedroom was separate and the living room had a kitchenette at the end of it, rooms were OK, The rooms are good and they have a kitchenette too, rooms looked nice [&] neat and big enough, rooms were small but they were nice, a chapel, an activity room, exercises, bingo, shopping excursions, different card games, a lot of events for the people who live there and their families, a “speed meeting” event…like speed dating but for the families of residents, beautiful chapel, big family room gathering place

What they didn’t like: very large building — a couple of stories tall — and there would be a long walk to the elevator, only trouble is they have three floors, really wish they had a ‘seasons memory care'

Elderwood Village at Williamsville | Williamsville, NY 14221

Elderwood Village at Williamsville provides Specialty Programs, Respite Care, and Assisted Living.

Caring– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 7 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] was OK, pleasant scenery, a garden area, nice courtyards, pet-friendly, common areas are lovely, [furnished in] old arts and crafts mission style, piano room, living areas, situated in old Williamsville so it doesn’t have that suburban institutional campus feel, Transportation services looked good, [Pricing] all-inclusive…from personal…urgent assistance button [&] dressing [&] shaving [&] showering [&] up to ten medications administered, A podiatrist comes on site regularly, residents were very friendly, The people were very friendly, [staff] there were very receptive, staff seemed to know all the residents, [staff] made everything very easy, atmosphere is good and the people seem happy, They do charge a community fee but if you move out within 90 days they refund it, The employees seem happy [&] helpful [&] cheerful [&] upbeat and conscientious, attentive, Staff and nurses have been good about asking questions and communicating in a timely manner, lovely dining room, menu quite extensive, food was excellent, three meals a day; the menu looked really good, food is decent, apartments were nice, apartments were handicap accessible and pet-friendly, Utilities were included, many activities, [Staff] provide a good level of activity to keep [residents] moving, They started the day with stretch and go, exercise classes, morning workouts (seated exercises), They had all kinds of card games and bingo, They had walking tours, entertainment of all kinds at least once a week with bands coming in [&] singers and performers, singalongs, a hangman tournament, bingo, brain exercises, movie nights, outings to shopping, attends mass

What they didn’t like: expensive, two or three-story arrangement where…[loved one] would be far from the elevator, on an exceptionally busy main street, units…too small [or] walls were oddly angled, lacking storage, small living spaces, prefer more nutritional information for the residents to help them make better dietary choices

Orchard Heights | Orchard Park, NY 14127

Orchard Heights provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Short-term Care.

Caring– 11 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: place is very clean and laid out well, roomy, very clean and wide open, in the woods, residents are able to walk around and even feed the wildlife, nice outdoor and picnic area, walking paths, a minivan that takes residents places once a week in the local community, [Residents] can have…own little garden in front of your window, They take them to doctors' appointments, staff is very good, 24-hour care, can age in place, very classy in their care, a beautiful patio, the people who were living there seemed happy, They're very careful about the staff they pick, staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful, staff is extremely sweet and caring, tour [guides] were very nice [&] courteous and knowledgeable, physical therapy, staff…is very friendly and helpful particularly in the memory care, [when] comparing other living facilities to [this one] OH does seem to have more assistance for those that need more care, [some] staff…truly going above and beyond, staff does a fabulous job of keeping [family] informed and taking care of loved one, staff is very accommodating, staff seems to really connect and care about the people who live there, not [got] that dark nursing home feel, the food is good, food is really nice, They have fresh flavored water that you can drink and always available, They serve breakfast [&] lunch and dinner, food is very good, meals are wonderful, a standard menu you can pick off and two other choices if you don't like those options, Everyone eats in the dining room…there's no eating in your room, served like you're in a restaurant, the rooms are big and spacious…and lovely, The rooms were nice and laid out well, like hotel rooms with a single bed [&] private bathroom with shower [&] a closet and a side chair, room is spacious [&] clean and odor-free [with] a view, The linens [&] toilet furnishings and lighting are good, a ton of activities 24/7, trips, games, music, rides outside of the area, [can] get hair done there, outside entertainment that comes in, knitting, bingo, cooking classes, trivia games, coloring, baking, church services, [memory care has] a lot reminiscing, an [onsite] ice cream parlor, special field trips

What they didn’t like: like a hotel room without a kitchenette, lighting…not as bright here, did not seem warm and comfy, if appointments not close by they do not transport, the common/living area in memory care is small…not enough seating, huge potholes in entrance road, rooms were small

Peregrine Senior Living at Cheektowaga | Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Peregrine Senior Living at Cheektowaga provides Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Caring– 18 Reviews, Average Rating 3
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 3
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very charming place, very lovely, nice and clean, very bright, very homey, always clean, safe, a little smaller environment, pleasant surroundings, [Staff] is welcoming and engaging, They were very diverse, [Loved one] a resident for 8 years and always treated with respect and kindness, everyone is happy here, staff is pretty good, staff always so kind and welcoming, everyone there goes above and beyond, My Dad had some Problems adjusting early on…but the Administrator [&] case manager and marketing girl worked to resolve and problem solve, administrative staff were so helpful, Administration went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition, the majority of staff are very nice, the most caring people, the [staff] there are as good as they get, In general the staff will work with you and help in paperwork and it’s been a good transition, All the staff knows each resident by name and interacts with so much care, nursing staff were honest [&] attentive and caring…They were his angels, staff are very attentive, competent, folks who run this facility…always helpful and compassionate, [loved one in] memory care…has a consistent daily caregiver and an enthusiastic nursing staff, [Loved one’s] health and mental aspect have become very stable since she moved into Peregrine's, every person from the servers in the dining room to the aides…treats [loved one] with dignity and respect, a beautiful dining room that's very clean and very nice, personalized meals, food is fair, great food, food was excellent, food very good [&] homemade, attended the Halloween party and was amazed at the turn out and the amount of quality of food, The [private] rooms are very nice, room was very comfortable, They had suites and…studio apartments, activity director is super and very engaging, a separate activity room, happy hour, a beauty salon, an annual Halloween Haunted House, a very very large kitchen, sitting room, TV room, They would take them on day trips everywhere, listen to weekly musical entertainment, goes out to lunch, religious services

What they didn’t like: sometimes you have to remind [staff] of things, they could have more activities, did not have an option for a roommate, an elevator, They make promises both verbal and written that they do not keep, was not informed of changes in my relative's condition promptly, [loved one] was found unkempt and unfed by visitors at the end of his life, low staffing and temps, management is cold and uncaring, [Facility] Seemed too big, Staff presented selves as too laid back, level of care is inconsistent, seems to be an awful lot of emphasis on religious activities

Tennyson Court | Williamsville, NY 14221

Tennyson Court provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: small, comfortable setting, all one level, very homey, up-to-date, very clean, place was gorgeous, setting was gorgeous, only 14 residents in a cottage, Community areas were nice and comfortable, wasn't [part of] a chain, most personalized service, This community more like a group home with some lovely common areas, A clean community in every way, [Since moving to TC, Loved one] is active and engaged again [&] Her memory seems better [&] she is happier, [Loved one] is no longer lonely…and seem sharper than she has in a long time, [Loved one] no longer has to manage an elevator or long corridors, employees are always friendly [&] smiling, [staff] working hard and providing excellent care, customer service is also incredible, staff…very caring, They run a tight well knit family style shift here that is unparalleled, a wonderful popcorn machine and hot chocolate/coffee station at the front desk, [Sales] lady was very helpful [helping us find another facility we could afford], Every one of the staff know [loved one], Everybody I ran into has worked there for 10 or 12 years which to me seems like a testament that they're doing something right and staff must be happy which means they do a good job, dining rooms are really nice and home-like, amazing group of aides…help with picking out her outfits for the day [&] taking a shower and keeping her room always looking neat and tidy, in-house nurse practitioner helps correct her medications, there were only 12 people in [loved one’s] “house” and they all had their own private space along with additional large [&] warm common space, [Staff] care for each resident as if they were a member of their own family, no matter what day of the week…you saw the same faces of dedicated and loving staff, management staff [&] front desk staff and activities staff were all equally involved in the care of each of the residents, a nurse on the premises at all times, always up to date on what was happening with [residents], dining experience is wonderful, food is excellent, food is appealing, The rooms at Tennyson Court were beautiful, [Loved one’s] room was well-lit [&] beautiful and brand new, bathroom was very nice, [Apt.] inclusive of a television, [Room] had new rugs and it was very clean, wide range of adult activities, outings, cooking classes, crafting classes, exercise classes, group get-togethers, singing, dancing, they have multiple finch displays with a multitude of birds with many exotic colors that capture the imagination of children and the residents, throw good parties for almost every occasion from Christmas to St. Patricks day, live music performers, a priest, bingo, ice cream socials, picnic

What they didn’t like: just rooms and not apartments, staff turnover, response to issues has been tepid at best, Larger rooms are nice but some are odd shaped, rooms were small, Private pay, wish they had a transition and introduction period, no pool

The Amberleigh | Williamsville, NY 14221

The Amberleigh provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 34 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 51 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Building is bright [&] cheerful and above all clean, building is beautiful with a fresh face [&] new décor and carpeting, can have pets…as long as you look after them, well taken care of, safe, smelled good, warm friendly atmosphere, very peaceful, homey feel, light open areas, a number of lounges on each of the floors, grounds were well-kept, lovely garden with gazebo, close to a hospital and convenient for many places to shop, a very friendly community, clean always, atrium area is great, the back courtyard, a library, staff was well trained, they assign an “ambassador” to new residents, Security guard, Transit appears to be easy to arrange…a big bus as well as a town car, Transportation to medical appointments is provided [&] trips to the grocery store etc., recommend…without any reservations whatsoever, a regular residents' meeting where residents can voice any concerns, lots of residents laughing and seem very happy, employees are very happy and always ready to assist, If you don’t come down to eat at least once a day they check on you, go out of their way to make sure that my father is socializing and that he's taken care of, Staff is A++, staff was very interactive and very outgoing with the residents, nursing care is wonderful and kind, very thorough, medication is dispensed on time, staff come and encourage[loved one] to participate, memory care…staff are super-kind [&] patient [&] understanding and responsive, any questions are answered right away, [Staff] really had a way of making us feel at home, how the staff interacts with the residents…endearing, personal trainers, OT and PT services, Everyone here is great…they are all friendly [&] helpful and accommodating, very respectful, so sweet and compassionate to seniors, high school students working there which the residents just love, dealings with…Marketing have been absolutely amazing, [Marketing staff, Elaine and Joy] are both very knowledgeable [&] helpful and understanding, Director of Assisted living [Pam]…put all of our fears at rest, asked for…maintenance help and it is done promptly, Servers [&] housekeeping and maintenance were great, a seamstress comes in several times a month, an audiologist, a podiatrist, wonderful dining room, elegant, just like a fancy restaurant, dining area pleasant and bright, food is very good, delicious, impressed with the food [&] the atmosphere and the friendly server, dining room is large…[&] clean and comfortable and the service is great, a weekly menu, a wide variety of food and a variety of hours for them to go for breakfast and lunch, servers all greet the residents by name and are very accommodating, [loved one] even gaining some weight back, Sunday brunches, a private dining room for private parties, If you don't like…some particular meal there are many alternates to choose from – just call down and request it, one- and two-bedroom apartments, quite lovely, [Apt.] balcony looking over rose gardens, an apartment which was very large, great apartment size, full kitchen, rooms…were sufficient and nice, AL suites do not have dishwashers but have full stoves, good storage, washers and dryers in the laundry rooms are free (and there are elevators and rolling baskets so you can get your laundry from the laundry room to your apt), can…have your laundry done for a small fee, no…clothing has ever been lost or damaged, enough activities to keep anyone as busy as they'd like to be, exercise classes, movies almost every night, bingo twice a week, a speaker series on Monday evenings, live musical entertainment at least several times a month, trips to concerts [&] restaurants etc., holiday celebrations, picnics in the summer with music, barbershop on site, a beauty salon that is open M-F, a small store for buying essentials and goodies, a computer room, activities room, a billiard and ping pong room, rooms with storage lockers, spa tubs, a ton of clubs, bridge clubs, card clubs, puzzle clubs, crafts clubs, movie clubs, a variety of religious services, a volunteer club where they were making blankets to give to babies, their Men's club, a community room, cards, board games, sing-alongs, weekly mass, weekly non-denominational services, celebrated Jewish holidays

What they didn’t like: [Assisted Living] food is average to poor, [Assisted Living] Medication errors…and staff was often short of help, should have a generator for the elevators in cases of emergency, apartments were average and the units we saw were a little dated as far as the appliances, didn’t look like they had the best maintenance, long hallway, short staffed, have to pay for cable TV and phone, Elevators…too often out of service, administration completely unresponsive to the family, breakfast is self-service, care level is low, full kitchen [in apt.] yet you pay for [three meals] a day, halls were narrow and dark

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