Best Assisted Living in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado, has long been a favored retirement destination and continues to grow in popularity – not only for retirees but for people of varying ages. It says a lot that “Olympic City USA” (so-nicknamed because the city is home to the United States Olympic Training Center as well as the United States Olympic Committee) was designed to be a resort town.

As such, it offers a great deal in the way of entertainment, both in- and out-of-doors.

Among the things that draw people here is the scenery, beginning with Pike’s Peak, which is legendary. For many, it seems, the generally politically conservative ambiance may make “The Springs” (its other nickname) yet more attractive.

If you’re looking for activities – physical or mental – there’ll always be something to interest or challenge you. If you’re more of a homebody, though winters can get chilly and snowy, the climate is relatively mild. People who love the sun will find it here, even in the dead of winter.

What people like about Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Spectacular scenery including Pike’s Peak (at the edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains), the surrounding Front Range Mountains, and high points like the famous Garden of the Gods, a mighty formation of red rocks.
  • Sunshine 75% of the year.
  • Colorado does not have an estate or death tax. For those 55 to 65, the first $20,000 is not taxed, while for those 65+, the first $24,000 is untaxed. Property taxes in Colorado are among the lowest in the U.S. and seniors may be eligible for a homestead exemption. The sales tax ranges from 2.9% to 11.2%, though groceries and medicine remain tax-exempt.
  • The average altitude of Colorado Springs is some 6,000 feet. According to both medical professionals and many of those who have moved here, the first two weeks may require a person to pace themselves a bit until they acclimate. Otherwise, only those with breathing issues need to consider whether this would be a good move or not.
  • Many experience relief from allergies and asthma in the dry climate.
  • For both residents and their guests, there are dozens of parks and open spaces for hiking, nature study, or walking your dog. Add this to the museums and entertainment venues and there are any number of reasons to explore the downtown area. Scenic drives are also plentiful.
  • Colorado Springs is considered – by some sites – one of the most walkable cities in the country. Regardless of their current status, the city managers are working to make it more pedestrian-friendly.
  • Two airports at hand: Colorado Springs Airport and the Denver International Airport, some 91 miles away.
  • Opportunities for golf abound; there are eight public courses plus two owned by the city.
  • Biking, hiking, tennis – these are some of the physical activities that are available all year-round.
  • To augment a less than stellar mass transit system (they’re working on it), there’s Mountain Metro Mobility, a paratransit system providing transportation for those who qualify under the American with Disabilities Act.
  • There are seven community and senior centers scattered around the city, complete with computers, training programs, wellness programs, and much more.
  • The town boasts both a professional soccer and baseball team. It’s also the home to the US Olympic Training Center. Additionally, rodeo is a spectator sport here as well.
  • Colorado College and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs both welcome students, regardless of age.
  • There are six hospitals in town, including the HealthSouth Surgery Center and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center.
  • Colorado Springs is favored by certain groups including Conservative Evangelicals and military retirees.
  • The climate includes four seasons. The town’s elevation is about 6,000 feet, so summers are fairly mild and dry, with a typical July high of 84 degrees F.

Other considerations for Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • The property crime rate is slightly higher than the national average.
  • The population, largely Caucasian, could be more diverse.
  • Thanks to tourism (which, along with the military, high tech, and defense industries, helps to fuel the economy) the city can become crowded and very busy in the summer.
  • Additionally, the permanent population is continuing to grow, seriously drawing millennials, among others.
  • As for mass transit, the city planners are working on it but the physical footprint of loosely-populated Colorado Springs is substantial (some 195 square miles v. San Francisco’s 47 square miles). That fact, combined with low state taxes, means there’s not a lot of money available solely to expand mass transit. Still, over the last eight years, advancements have occurred and continue to develop.
  • Winters get cold and snowy. Typically, the average low in January, the coldest month, is 14 degrees F. Residents can expect blizzards each winter, though the snow does tend to melt quickly thanks to all the sun, which is common throughout the year.

Best Assisted Living Colorado Springs, Colorado – Who makes the list?

A look at the best assisted living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Broadmoor Court | Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Broadmoor Court provides Assisted Living and Respite Care.

Caring– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 3.8
SeniorAdvisor– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: cleanliness, bright, airy, not too large or too small, smaller facility, safe environment, well managed, building…feels like home, upbeat music playing, the layout and cleanliness of the facility, all the rooms are right off the dining room, close to shopping, [accepts] Medicaid, staff appear to truly care, staff is friendly, warm, staff is amazing, staff is very caring [&] kind and efficient at getting a resident in and settled, maintenance man is always close by and takes care of things quick, food is OK, meal options, dining room was beautiful, rooms are lovely and have a bedroom with a living room, [private rooms] beautiful and clean, exercises in the morning outings, bingo

What they didn’t like: layout of the rooms, the front room of a shared apartment is too small to be considered a room and has very little privacy, length of time it takes to process a change in medication

Brookdale Bear Creek [Formerly Emeritus at Bear Creek] | Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Brookdale Bear Creek provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 29 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 38 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: place is warm and welcoming, very pretty, a bright airy feeling to [common rooms], cheerful, very clean, well maintained, smelled like home, pretty clean, reasonably priced, easy to use furniture…for our family members [with] limited mobility, All the residents interacting with each other, residents so happy and cheerful, residents were alert and seemed engaged, a very good place to keep the residents stimulated, very diverse mix of residents, Wonderful views, Nice porches and sun room, patio, Hummingbird feeders, cost is reasonable, grounds very well maintained, enough parking, like that all the Brookdale’s work together, shuttle that constantly picks up passengers to visit various places, [staff] did a great job of clearing all of the outdoor pathways [of snow], staff seemed to genuinely care about each of the residents, make [resident] feel comfortable and welcome, [tour] did not feel like a sales experience, management was fantastic, [tour guide] provided useful resources, They were great and upfront making sure we had all the information we needed, [Sales staff] cared more about the resident and not the money, staff [exhibit] a lot of compassion and respect, very accommodating and attentive, [staff] very good at communicating, [Staff] treated people like individuals, [staff] very helpful and encouraging and just made it a very easy and comfortable process for everyone, common areas very nicely kept, [Facility is] right next to the Bear Creek Regional Park and Cheyenne Mountains and was so pretty, common rooms…like the dining room [&] living room…are lovely, [menu offers] healthy variety, administrative staff and most of the caregivers are very nice, staff is excellent, very kind, extremely professional, staff was very knowledgeable [&] very friendly and very attentive, great PT department, dining room was very nice, restaurant atmosphere, can even order wine with dinner…But just one glass, food is excellent, food was fantastic, meals are very good, fresh fruit out in case residents wanted to snack, the food was wonderful, Nice snack room on each floor, [private] room is nice and cleaned really well, rooms are beautiful and the residents can bring their own furniture, resident rooms from small single studios up to larger one bedrooms, spacious studio apartment, nice size rooms, rooms…spacious, rooms are average sized, rooms seemed really nice and modern, a movie room, socials once a week, bingo, bridge, canasta, sing-a-longs, Wii Bowling, field trip[s], karaoke, dancing, church and mass

What they didn’t like: response time when [resident] needed help was poor, Maybe they could do a little more with the card playing or trips, [facility] very big, Emeritus…didn’t have much help at night, wasn't much for parking, have had some problems with…meds, [great] but too huge, the one issues is that…the nursing staff is not up to date on…status of the patient

Brookdale Monument Valley Park [Formerly Brookdale Place of Colorado Springs] | Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Brookdale Monument Valley provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 46 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility is] calm and clean, smaller community, nestled in trees with a fantastic view of Pike’s Peak, resident cat and dog, near a park, beautiful bird sanctuary inside, layout of the facility, no trouble finding parking, pretty, very clean and neat, small facility so [resident] gets very good attention, home-like, very warm, friendly, [atmosphere] really positive, Everybody out and about, medication management, classical music lightly piped in throughout whole place, therapy groups, buddy assistance, memory care unit cozy and friendly, residents looked very well cared for, Staff get [residents] involved in activities, think the ratio of staff to patient is about five to one, did not…seem overcrowded, My mother is everything I have so she deserves this, They treat all the residents with respect, in-house therapist, [Staff] made the whole experience a very positive one, staff friendly and very helpful…from management to caregivers, Great communication, We are a multicultural family and they fit our kind of culture, staff was excellent, accommodating, nursing is above average and they are all caring, caregivers…seemed to know all of the residents and handle them well, They really do care, [Staff made it] a very smooth transition, [Staff] are very positive and caring, always polite, knowledgeable, staff made [resident] comfortable by bringing meals to her room, staff is very well organized and helpful, the director…was very friendly and I liked that his mom was a resident [there] he became the director, they answered all my questions including the costs, the lady [who toured us] was interested in and supportive of what we are going through…and helped us develop a plan, they bring a whole lot of expertise to…dementia and Alzheimer’s, staff is…outgoing [&] engaging [&] enthusiastic [&] happy and smiling, Everybody was professional, meal seemed to be excellent, dining area was very clean, food is really good, food was good, food is quite good, healthy meals, food is wonderful, menu options…[like a] fine restaurant, well-balanced choices, apartments are spacious, nice large bathroom and walkin shower, The room is small but adequate [&] the bathroom is large and…has a window off the patio, units are 1 bedroom only but there are adjoining units, Apartment…is spacious with a nice view, exercise in the morning, crafts, a Kentucky Derby party, a lot of people come in to do Bible study, painting, music rooms, shopping sprees, staff take residents on scenic drives

What they didn’t like: [facility] very big, [do not have enough staff…particularly at mealtimes, One area they could improve is with the billing, [Resident] never in any danger but things need to be a little tighter, their billing system which could be a bit easier to set up, wish they had more activities geared towards men, would like to see them clean the bathroom floor more than once a week, lack of communication, food selection could be better, seem understaffed, rooms are small and views average, Did not like that residents seemed to be left alone and could isolate themselves, park across the street where homeless people seemed to be hanging out at, may be an issue regarding sliding scale on insulin

Brookdale Skyline | Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Brookdale Skyline provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor– 51 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4.34
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: well-kept, always very clean, bright, really upscale, facilities are first-rate and improved all of the time, It feels great and alive, beautiful place, gorgeous, nestled against the mountains, deer in front yard, atmosphere is good, residents seem happy and well taken care of, the cottages, very nice furniture, felt like you’re going into a 5-star resort, Security gate closes at dark but can access with code, like the pricing structure for ‘extras’, On site clinic, residents seemed to be very happy, wonderful views, ample parking, all [four] buildings are connected [permitting residents] to visit one another without leaving the building, lobby very warm and inviting, garden where residents can walk, so many places to walk and so much to do, beautiful surrounding as it looks over the Red Rocks in Colorado, The biggest difference is they care, how interactive the staff was with people, workers are very nice and prompt, staff is very helpful and know their residents by first name, They ask questions and listen, [Talking to marketing staff] did not feel like a sales experience, Staff and residents are so friendly [&] caring and they make it a community, [The facility] would allow my parents to stay together [even if their levels of care were different], staff was very gracious [&] most courteous [&] most forthright, [staff] knowledgeable, Great value for the dollar, just have to pay for utilities [&] internet and telephone, staff are so helpful, kind and friendly, very kind and extremely patient, staff was extremely good and explained everything to us, staff is excellent, very tasty food, food is excellent, food is basically buffet style and is really good, The food is alright, breakfast if I want and either a lunch or a dinner included in the price, large windows in dining room overlook Colorado Springs with beautiful view of Garden of the Gods, They offer a wide variety of [menu] choices, dining area was very spacious, menu is outstanding, good choices of rooms and lots of options, apartment is very large, can have a 2-bedroom with an extra room for an office, rooms were very nice, rooms are spacious, apartments and cottages, cottage…provides a garage [&] two bedrooms and two baths, Walk-in closets, every room has a sliding glass door and balcony, Mom's apartment is comfortable [&] clean and seems to be well cared for, the activities are excellent, The swimming pool and exercise area are really nice, a gym, an indoor pool, transportation available to go to Dr. appointments and shopping, the trips, Beautiful bird sanctuary, Happy Hours, shopping the on-site thrift store

What they didn’t like: price was extremely high…including only two meals, [facility] too big, don't have consistent medical support, had to wait a long time after we pressed the call button for someone to come assist us, aren't a lot of windows, pretty dark facility, Communication with patients from medical staff extremely poor, take a very long time to respond [to call button], Activities are poorly attended and [staff] seem to put [residents] to bed by 7, need more staff available, [facility] very big, [only issue] is maintenance a little slow, Too large and not a secured area so [resident] could wander off, the service in the dining rooms can be a little slow, was told parents could live together but [were] later put in two different areas, when they did give [resident] meds they were given in an incorrect order, Some of the dining room staff…just don’t seem that patient, memory care is never really clean, think they could improve communication, make medication errors frequently, they do not get to know their patients well at all, They overcook the vegetables, old dryers that do not work half the time

Brookdale Vista Grande [Formerly Alterra Wynwood of Colorado Springs] | Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Brookdale Vista Grande provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 14 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very beautiful place with beautiful rooms, more spacious, clean, safe, very clean, pet friendly, great back patio area with lots of sunshine on a good day, grounds were very pretty, sidewalk encircles the building which many residents [use] for…taking their pets for walks, Good security measures but [not oppressive], real close tight [k]nit community, a smaller community…more intimate feel, a “home” atmosphere, peace of mind, updated and everything is brand new and very nice, didn't feel like a nursing or anything, lovely facility with warm-hearted and knowledgeable staff and caregivers, Staff welcomed us and knew each of the residents by name, felt like they cared about the people who were there and respected them, facility's kindness and capability to give great care to all living within, Everybody just seems so cheerful [&] happy and helpful, staff was excellent, Staff is outstanding and very caring, assist with showers, attentive, responsive, patient, [when buzzed] staff came right away, home healthcare department is great, The appearance and the presentation were great, [Staff] friendly and very knowledgeable, Staff has always responded quickly to our calls and emails, tremendously caring and very patient, very courteous, staff very helpful [&] caring and nice, [Staff] always work with us, residents and the management were pretty close, nurses are in the building every weekend – evidently they work 7 days a week, they have nurses on-call, Housekeeping is also here every weekend, can always find a manager on the weekends, caregivers are so sweet and try so hard, Everyone is always smiling and it feels like a family, Many times I have come to visit and music is playing to happy dancing residents, laundry and housekeeping once a week, They serve breakfast [&] lunch and supper and also have a snack bar, dining area is gorgeous, liked the menu, food is excellent with a menu with lots of choices, food is good with a nice variety, food is very good, food is fine, rooms are large and easy to get around in, “apartment”…very roomy [&] comfortable [&] spacious and inviting, large variety of activities, bingo, games, crossword puzzles, trivia questions, outings every now and then, they had church on Sundays, really nice exercise area

What they didn’t like: staff friendly but highly incompetent, not enough staff, mishandling of medication, failing to fill oxygen tanks, not responding when the call button is pressed, high turnover rate, felt like a hospital environment, food could use some work, Response times to the call button are inconsistent, inconsistencies with housekeeping, Often activities don’t happen, don’t see as much interaction here as at some other places

Liberty Heights [Aka Liberty Heights at Northgate] | Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Liberty Heights provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Memory Care.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorAdvisor– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 4.83

What they liked: beautiful facility, clean, grounds were very pretty and very well maintained, great views, a large community, seemed like the staff was very caring, feel like family, more like a country club, very warm caring environment, very impressive, modern, layouts of the apartments, unique layout, sensory laser detectors in the rooms, The security was very high, a gated community, security was top of the line, garages, covered parking, It is a home – not an old-age parking place, Everything is [connected by] interior hallways so very nice and very secure, locked memory care unit, view of the Air Force Academy and every window has a really nice view of the mountain, ratio of staff to patients was very good, lot of retired military there, really like the memory care unit, memory care rooms were big and nice…more like an apartment with just a bedroom and a bathroom, In the memory care unit they can bring their own furniture, staff was wonderful, staff…is very patient and caring, staff was very helpful, very informative, [staff] very pleasant, staff was very nice and interactive, dining area was beautiful and had a great view, food was good, food was delicious, food options were really great, food is excellent, the food was great, [dining room] service was impeccable, [apartments] had balconies [&] porches and patios out back, rooms were fine, rooms are like regular apartments, room is very clean and adequate, two bedrooms [w/] nice kitchen area [&] little living room and two bathrooms, a patio home, two bedroom apartment with our own laundry facilities and a full kitchen, Each unit has laundry facilities [&] fireplace [&] full kitchen, townhomes have garages [&] large walk-in closets, a pool, water aerobics, Bridge, bingo, exercise classes, a lounge, a card room, a sewing room, an art room, trips, cooking activities and activities on Valentine’s Day, a craft room, Ta-chi, yoga, games

What they didn’t like: only offer 2 meals a day, When high winds came through and killed the power at Liberty Heights people were stuck on the elevator because there is NO backup generator…The kitchen was closed for dinner with no alternative plan to feed the residents, that service requests for broken or non-functioning things…are ignored for weeks on end

MacKenzie Place | Colorado Springs, CO 80907

MacKenzie Place provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What people liked: place is very well kept and tidy, safe place, lovely facility with wonderful staff, beautifully appointed, atmosphere kind of gave a calming effect, upscale, Shopping and parks are close by, a patio, the men are in coats and tie when they eat, grounds are well kept, people are very courteous and obliging, [Staff] are always smiling and holding conversations with [resident] as if they have been friends forever, [staff was] most gracious, staff was very pleasant and helpful, staff was really personable, For the extra price you can have someone help you with bathing and medication, [tour guide was] very interactive with the [residents], dining area was also outstanding, food was good, food was terrific, food was excellent and the service was wonderful, two dining areas, two meals a day, chefs were excellent, [private] rooms are small but they are very nice [&] very clean and very well kept, rooms were very well sized and beautifully kept, plenty of activities, workout rooms and personal trainers, bingo, a movie theater, card room, music, special days and trips, lovely dining room, aerobics, the beauty shop, Wii bowling, people who came in to sing and talk, bar where you could sit down and enjoy a drink

What they didn’t like: multi-level [building] [&] We thought it would be hard for my brother to navigate, They should improve on the food choices, the rooms were too small

The Bridge at Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs, CO 80910

The Bridge at Colorado Springs provides Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care.

Caring– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: a beautiful facility, facility is great, very well maintained, the therapists exemplary, staff seems very attentive, best thing about the place is the staff…really caring people, Staff was a nice [&] diverse group [&] they always smiled, The Bridge is beautiful, place was absolutely clean, a lot of [staff], nursing staff, for the most part, was wonderful and attentive, Certified [&] licensed medical staff, facility…was secure and safe, the community runs like clockwork, facility buzzing with activity and everyone looked pretty happy, residents all looked well taken care of, lots of courtyards and plants, plenty of walking room, The food is fabulous, the meal was excellent, wonderful dining room, The staff is very good, food was good, family can phone ahead before visiting to arrange to have lunch [with loved one], an indoor swimming pool, a one-bedroom apartment that's a good size with patio out to a yard area, The rooms are big for studio apartments, lots of activities, a beauty salon, an exercise room, an area [for] church services and activities, lots of books and games

What they didn’t like: too expensive, doesn't take Medicaid, not much sunlight [in resident’s room], did not like Dr. Wever, No sidebars on bed, [Facility] contracts with a pharmacy 45 miles away, a little too “institutional”

The Palisades at Broadmoor Park | Colorado Springs, CO 80906

The Palisades at Broadmoor provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 41 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] is beautiful, very nice and clean, very clean, property is top notch, good value, they allow pets, not too big, spacious, safe and secure, in a quiet area of the city, large [&] fairly new and fairly upscale, well-appointed living spaces, friendly and homey, Residents are very friendly, cheerful atmosphere, location absolutely beautiful, right on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, nestled under Cheyenne Mountain, the ground[s] are well maintained, [Grounds] elegant and welcoming, they let the families join the resident for meals and holiday events, staff was excellent, accept Medicaid, nurturing and never scrimping with hugs and smiles, nurse on site, staff went out of their way to make the transition as smooth as possible, [the residents] are kind and very inclusive, staff was very friendly, [Front desk], [Tour guide] was very kind and accommodating, Marvin and Keith continue to provide great assistance as do Jennifer [&] Amy [&] Jill and Greg, day-to-day staff are awesome, staff was really wonderful, attentive, not a big turn over, A partnership with University of Colorado brought innovative physical therapy approaches that significantly improved the well-being of the residents, staff knew all the residents there, [Staff] talked to [residents] as though they really knew them, In Memory Care [staff] was particularly warm [&] caring and personable, thoughtful, [what facility] does really well is help residents with technical issues, [MC staff] nice and responsive, Housekeeping, laundry at least once a week, housekeeper leaves a note so we know they have been there, care team is really family orientated, they were interacting with the residents, help is always near if I need it, the director has followed up with us several times to make sure the move went smoothly, staff couldn't be more pleasant and cooperative, maintenance crew, employees are very enthusiastic and helpful, very informative, genuine feeling of care and compassion, the nursing staff who promptly return my calls and/or come in to work on their day off just to meet with me when I [visit loved one], the activities staff, For the most part the staff is very good and consistent, a great wellness program that is designed to keep the residents healthy and active, a cognitive wellness program, residents were really happy with the food, The food and dining setup are very nice, dining room is just fine, wait staff are warm and attentive, menu is good, wide variety of healthy options, food is so-so, a very good meal, good food, soups are outstanding, always a [menu] choice to satisfy, food is good every day, food is great 3x daily and snacks too, a number of different types of room choices, the apartments are finished in excellent taste, crown molding, granite countertops, very good appliances, Washers and dryers in each apartment, apartments are quite spacious and [have had] upgrades, rooms looked OK, private apartments can be customized to suit any style and they are roomy and comfortable, [apt.] was small but had a lovely kitchen [&] bathroom [&] washer and dryer and a small bedroom that could still accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, one bedroom with den, They do all the cooking for you [&] all your washing and everything else, [Resident] has a beautiful view of the mountains, rooms looked out upon the mountains or the city side, staff who helps me schedule transportation to dr. visit, transportation services, Activities are stimulating, outings, bingo, They have hairdressers, exercise room, Exercise classes very good, speakers, card games

What they didn’t like: too expensive, can improve on their communication because…things don't always get done, they need training for their hands on staff, very understaffed and the turn over is constant, food is very low quality, the communication from staff non existent, the medical help very bad, have to bring your own furniture, amenities are subpar and there is not much to the facilities, activities are bland, have seen some of our finest staff leaving due to low wages paid [&] The replacements do not reach the high standards, Food has declined in quality, a lovely place but…it's away from everything and is not as convenient, there wasn't much stimulation, looked too much like a dormitory, food could use some improvements, upper management just doesn’t follow through, need some more activities to interest guys, a little pricey, busy street and not gated

ViewPointe | Colorado Springs, CO 80919

ViewPointe provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 15 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] quite clean, felt warm and home like, Wide open hallways, lovely front lobby, they allow pets, dining room was nice and the view was great, great environment and atmosphere, seniors were always smiling, transportation available, faith-based aspect, library onsite, [run by] a non-profit, like that [facility] is smaller and room[s] are fairly big with a LOT of storage space, they don’t nickel-and-dime you, [Staff] is accommodating and not over stimulating, staff was very helpful, staff were very accommodating, building is three-stories high — kind of like an apartment building — and the grounds are really nice because it isn't in the middle of the city, price is really reasonable, [Facility] has an open space behind it, great views like Pike's Peak, Fantastic staff, [Staff] Always informative and helpful, My mother is helped and cared for as I’d hoped, They basically tailor to the specific needs of the individual, [staff] would go to each of the residents' assisted living rooms every morning and tell them what's on the calendar for the day and ask if they would like to attend any of them…If they say yes the staff would come back later [to] make sure they were coming and get them out and doing stuff, The ENTIRE staff…continue to be welcoming [&] friendly [&] supportive, staff is friendly and passionate about their jobs, Marketing agent super-attentive [&] sensitive, Friendly staff, very caring, [Family] always greeted by name, Frequent evaluations are made to ensure the best care, rooms were clean and in good repair, very nice dining area, dining area had coffee/tea/water and cookies all of the time, wonderful meals, very good selection of food, food was very good, meals are great, Good dining room food, They can accommodate special food needs, [resident] could actually do her own cooking and not be required to pay for meals, assisted living people could [eat in dining room or] eat on their own floors, [private] rooms were big, choose studio [or] one-bedroom [or] two-bedroom, 1 bedroom 1 bath was roomy with big big closets, always activities going on, Lots of in-house entertainment and activities, multiple outings, many worship and Christian activities, offer rides to nearby Y for swimming etc., exercise classes on site, Bingo

What they didn’t like: only one choice for a meal

Winslow Court | Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Winslow Court provides Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Caring– 30 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 35 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.25
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] clean and fresh, Very pleasant, Beautiful place, small, a large facility, place is comfortable, pets allowed, a dog park, very clean, clean and cozy, family environment, nice big, open courtyard in between each wing, three floors, clean and neat, not posh and snooty – just comfortably worn and homey, very well kept, All the residents seem genuinely happy there, four different patios, [Resident] parking spaces, They have good community relations, [management] had the residents plan the activities, residents’ committee meets once a month to discuss concerns, Phenomenal staff, staff has a very positive work attitude, an amazing community, great prices and excellent care, plenty of friendly staff to take care of the residents, [staff] so kind, The staff is Amazing, [Staff] very knowledgeable, [During tour] everything was very positive, Everyone is always smiling, Seeing how much fun the staff has with the residents, staff always goes the “extra mile” to be accommodating, dining room very nice, dining room is open for 12 hours a day, don't have to wait for a certain fixed time to have your meal, actual menu like a restaurant, dining facility large and spacious, a big dining hall with a chef and a huge amount of staff, specialties each day, their food and their dining room were wonderful, food was delicious, salad bar, a lot of healthy options, food was very good, food was wonderful, food is always excellent, especially impressed with the food, Awesome food, have chefs and a variety of different meals, Food Service is top notch, The meal was average, dining room was very elegant, accommodations were very nice, [Resident’s] living unit was a one bedroom with a small kitchen…also very clean [&] felt like an apartment, The room was a lot bigger…it was an actual apartment, the room was spacious, apartments were small but seemed nice, a shared apartment with individual bedrooms, large activity program, puzzles, crafts, playing cards, exercise class, live music, a movie theatre, the garden and patio area, activity room, they have a salon, [Management] call in musicians and entertainers, games, outings, bunch of activities over Christmas, lot of music programs in the afternoon and happy hour on Thursdays, church services, They take residents to different places by their bus, [Facility] bought a town car which people could hire, a community Nintendo Wii and often held bowling tournaments, ice cream parlor

What they didn’t like: do not have the exercise room and equipment, weekend staff could use some lessons in manners, Assisted Living program is unreliable [&] understaffed and poorly run, facility itself is old and does not accommodate wheelchairs in the apartments or the restroom in the public area, too expensive, if you are needing more care than just doling out medication you're not going to get it here, [Facility] did not seem clean and user friendly, physical building itself was very ugly and they don't have enough land…to make the ground outside more appealing, didn't have cottages, two-bedroom apartment…was not big enough, They sometimes did things…without giving notice to [family] which was frustrating, older community, halls were narrow, would suggest assigned ambassadors [to guide new residents], food is bland…with too much salt, long hallways, one-bedroom had no balcony or patio, [community] patio for smokers

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