Best Assisted Living in Houston

Houston, Texas, whose latest nickname – following their aid to the victims of Katrina – is “the Big Heart,” is thought by many to be on its way to becoming the next great American city. In part, this notion is based on the seeming generosity of the town overall as expressed by it having a uniquely diverse population and being proud of the fact. Per, their populace comprises the most evenly balanced of US cities as regards the four major ethnic groups.

The apparent determination of most in Houston to accept people as they are may be why the residents can lay claim to the first Hindu Mandir (a temple formed as a symbolic house) constructed in the USA, as well as being the first major US city to elect an openly Lesbian mayor (Annise Parker, who served 2010 – 2016).

Here are a few other facts regarding life in H-Town (an earlier nickname) or Space City (think NASA), both positive and negative.

What people like about Houston, Texas

  • Texas is pretty tax-friendly to seniors. There’s no state personal income tax, and no inheritance or estate taxes.
  • Though living in urban Houston may seem pricey, the overall cost of living in Houston is about 10% below the national average.
  • Warm weather: Very hot summers, yes, but even in January, their coldest month, the average high is 62 degrees F. Typically, no more than 18 days a year see below freezing temps.
  • Public transportation is readily available – for those living in urban Houston – in the forms of light rail, buses, and the city’s own “paratransit” service that uses shuttles to transport people with disabilities. As is the case with most big cities in the US, if you’re residing in the suburbs, you’re pretty much on your own, unless you have your own vehicle, your facility supplies transport, or you qualify for the paratransit shuttle.
  • Bike riders rejoice: there are 160+ miles of dedicated bike paths, and more are planned. There’s also a bike-share in place in case you don’t have your own.
    Thanks to the 200+ sunny days each year and the warm temperatures, golfers can take advantage of the dozens of courses in and around Houston, throughout much of the year.
  • Houston is home to three major airports, making it easy for residents to travel and family and friends to visit. Amtrak also serves the city.
  • There’s the possibility of dozens of day trips. The beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, wildlife refuges, and Galveston, among other attractive sites, are all within an hour-and-a-half away.
  • In addition to several other hospitals, Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world. The Memorial Herman-Texas Medical Center contains more than 60 medicine-related institutions, all covering 2.1 square miles. Besides catering to an extraordinary number of patients, TMC is a major player when it comes to medical research.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, there are 337 parks (totaling more than 56,000 acres) plus 19,600 acres of additional green space. E.g., Hermann Park’s 445 acres include the Houston Zoo (the second most visited zoo in the country) and the much-respected Houston Museum of Natural Science featuring a planetarium and butterfly center and much, much more over their four floors of exhibits and other attractions.
  • The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) is synonymous with Houston. It’s also the number one tourist attraction, not only educating the visitor about America’s past space-related accomplishments, future goals, and technological developments but where you can experience – in a simulation of course – what it would be like to walk on Mars or view a Martian sunset.
  • Check out the Houston Museum District: 19 cultural centers celebrating everything from African-American or Asian history to the cowboy culture to modern art, not to mention the Children’s Museum of Houston that includes loads of interactive exhibits, earning it Parents magazine’s rating as the best US museum for kids.
  • If food is your thing, you may rightly regard this as heaven. There are 11,000 restaurants (!) in Houston, which is considered one of the finest US cities for dining out.
  • Sports enthusiasts can take their pick from professional teams representing baseball, football, basketball, rugby, and two soccer teams (one male, one female).

Other considerations for Houston, Texas

  • Those summers can get oppressively, even miserably, hot and humid, especially in July and August.
  • The crime rate, according to, runs moderate to high depending on the type of crime. Hate crimes fall significantly below the national average, but crimes involving drug dealing, drunk driving, and vandalism and theft are much more frequent. Though pedestrians are quite safe during daylight hours, those about after dark run a higher than national average risk of assault.
  • Anyone with respiratory issues will want to think twice about relocating here. In its 2017 “State of the Air” report, the American Lung Association declared Houston to be the 12th worst metro area in the country for ozone pollution and 16th worst for particle pollution.
  • There is a sales tax. Texas imposes its own 6.25%, and Houston adds 1% sales tax plus a 1% special tax for a total of 8.25%.

A look at the best assisted living in Houston, Texas.

Best Assisted Living Houston, Texas – Who makes the list?

Atria Cy-Fair Houston [Formerly Emeritus at Cy-Fair, Brookdale at Cy-Fair] | Houston, TX 77065

Atria Cy-Fair provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 38 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 80 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very clean, extremely clean, cheerful, smells good, pet-friendly, airy and had a lot of space, airy and bright, residents seemed happy, well maintained, homey, fancy and big, nice courtyard area, resident parking, patio in front, the setup, all on one floor, happy environment, great porch, training…[family] in dealing with…dementia, staff interaction with clients, Alzheimer's [unit] very spacious, staff…very helpful from contracts to the moving in, not understaffed, management staff very involved, staff is exceptional, very helpful and knowledgeable, staff quick to respond to any type of emergency, patience, staff is warm and welcoming, Personnel friendly and knew tenants, close to a hospital, staff very friendly, professional, attentive, flexible, very courteous, nursing and care staff is excellent, [staff] pay close attention to [resident] needs, [Staff] really took time to get to know [resident], [staff] listen, happy demeanor of the workers, They truly love the [residents], [when issues arise] they call [family] immediately, food is really good, food is good, dining area looks beautiful, food is just fantastic, meals have a variety, menu is good, the service in the dining room is great, food is exceptional, rooms were small but clean, housekeeping is stellar, [apt.] is tidied up daily with deep cleaning once a week, laundry weekly, room very nice and spacious [w/] a refrigerator [&] microwave, big bathroom with all the safety features and a nice window, apartments clean and very well kept even with all the construction, bus that took them to places, [onsite] beauty salon, volunteers come in once a week to do fingernails and toenails, a library, a video room, ice cream parlor, outings, game nights, crafts room, play pool, special Veteran's Day service, they do religious services there

What they didn’t like: tacking on additional costs, don’t give an itemized bill, some security issues, communication wasn't good with staff, carpet didn't seem to be clean, just too expensive, depressing, didn’t smell good, parking area not as easily accessible to visitors, extremely high turn over, food is terrible, sometimes wish the response time was quicker, building layout awkward and showed a lot of wear, charge everything a la carte, food could be…better cooked [&] seasoned and served, community…is dark, community oddly laid out, mixed up medication, independent portion too far from dining room, caregivers could have a better attitude, food cold, think they need an additional staff member, staff keep residents sedated, [initially] it took a long time for [resident] to see a nurse to get prescriptions for pain, medicine aides rude [&] abrasive and poorly skilled, could improve on encouraging interaction, smelled like a nursing home

Atria Westchase | Houston, TX 77082

Atria Westchase provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 49 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very luxurious, very well laid out, great environment, very clean, grounds are gorgeous, a lot of light, cheerful, safe and caring, cleanliness, modern, well decorated, very homey–has good ambiance, peaceful, family atmosphere, Community appears active, residents and staff all seemed very happy, Independent Living and Assisted Living are mixed together, a mile away from the Houston Medical Center, Parking is good, community has definitely followed through with what they promised, had the service dogs come in, staff seemed very good and all…have been there for many years, [Staff] have been there for a long time and that's why they work together well, especially impressed with the longevity of the staff, [Staff] seem very engaged with patients [&] very caring, very respectful and genuine, [staff] very willing to answer…questions, very attentive, staff went above and beyond, staff was friendly, [Staff] knowledgeable, memory care residents…have own wing where security is tight, memory care…quite a lovely facility, rooms are nice, have people 24/7 in the Alzheimer's care unit, excellent hands on management, staff is right on top of things, cooperative, staff is superb, communication is very good between staff and family, CNAs usually prompt to respond to…call button, staff very professional, encouraging the residents to be active, chef has been working there over 13 years, food is very good, lots of menu options, served restaurant style, food was fine, exceptional food, food was good and homemade, excellent food, good portions, a lot of fresh food, snacks and beverages available between meals, The rooms were adequate [w/] a full-sized refrigerator, the size of the rooms, a lot of space, rooms are spacious and include a full-size refrigerator and kitchenette, Each…apartment has a bathroom [&] living room and kitchen, a designated smoking area, live music entertainment, games, bingo, bridge, exercise, group walks, activities 7 days a week, exercise classes, outings, wine and cheese hour, ice cream socials, They provide trips outside the community for…shopping once a week, had a driver with a town car that can take residents to appointments, a media room, parties, music, dancing, community parties every Friday

What they didn’t like: room [offered was] at end of hall right next to an exterior door, only negative a very busy street, didn't have as homey feel as others, very small, definitely considered this place but the rooms were too small, corporate office difficult to deal with, Hospice [resident] allowed to get bedsores, halls are confusing

Belmont Village Hunters Creek | Houston, TX 77063

Belmont Village Hunters Creek provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Circle of Friends, Memory Care, and Short Stay.

Caring– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
SeniorAdvisor– 58 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Clean and beautiful facility, new location, lovely setting, pet-friendly, safe and happy environment, very clean and very high end, modern [&] airy and well-lit, no smells, like a…small hotel – very bright and cheery, not institutional at all, luxury design without being pretentious, definitely is home, facility well thought out and modern, large community and offers a dynamic staff to match, transportation available, staff always welcoming and the residents pleasant, everyone is friendly, Helpful personalized care, very active community, State of the art care for seniors and dementia patients, Registered Nurse on site 24 hours a day, Peace of mind, strong sense of family, staff provided much-needed support to family, lovely furnishings, building is nice – almost like a hotel, very safety conscious, Sales team experienced [&] creative and empathetic, staff is exceptional, staff very knowledgeable, continuing education [for staff], The “PALS” there are so loving and fun, administrative staff are outstanding, staff dedicated and optimistic, care and compassion, friendly and well trained and they really seem to care, nursing staff has been generally attentive, caring and skilled administrators, staff is unbelievably good, staff have texted me pictures of my [loved ones], special programs to include families of residents, Circle of Friends program, on-site physical and occupational therapy staff, exercises (designed specifically for dementia patients), food is excellent and restaurant-quality, excellent well-rounded meals, good tasting good quality food, lovely dining room, food was delicious, many menu options, dietician onsite, good rooms, activities tailored to individual residents, manicures and pedicures at the beauty salon, swimming pool, arts and crafts

What they didn’t like: can’t [get] answers to questions from manager, not enough nurses, nursing staff was not helpful, no skilled nursing, residents not receiving very responsive care, The facility is good [but] the care is not, most of the staff not as well trained as they should be, staff…needs better management, Crazy expensive, not enough PALS, the ‘hospital’ look of it

Belmont Village West University | Houston, TX 77025

Belmont Village West University provides Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Caring– 19 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 32 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.34
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very nice [&] bright and sunny, modern, one story and had large well-planned rooms, very clean, peaceful, pet-friendly, décor is light and appealing, cheerful, the classiest, beautiful, secure, like home, layout warm and inviting, close to medical center, nice view at the back, yard is really big, grounds offered easy access for residents, residents looked happy, enough parking, plenty of space to have cookouts [&] parties and picnics, patios…where [resident] can smoke, lawns and trees made it a pleasant setting, medicines administered on time, [Staff] very on top of checking in on residents, [staff] very quick to act, memory care team had done an excellent job, [resident] was clean and neatly dressed everyday, The Neighborhood memory care unit is well-designed and the rooms large, They're delivering on everything we're paying for, the best overall package, Employees seem to be treated well because they are so happy and so warm with the residents, housekeepers were amazing, independent living and assisted living were blended, housekeeping comes in at least once a day, Everybody so friendly and caring, everyone knows everybody's name, staff easy to communicate with, a group…called Circle of Friends for people with early dementia, caregivers and nurses are excellent, nurse on staff full time to administer meds and deal with minor health issues, on site around the clock nurses, a PAL who reminds [resident] to eat and take medicine, staff has been outstanding, very accommodating, dining room and common areas very nice, very good food, Food is excellent, [food] presentation is good, lots of [food] selections, healthy food options for all kinds of diets, [meals] served restaurant style, all food being made to order, food is pretty good, snack bar, Healthy snacks…whenever residents request them, [private] rooms…were average homey, rooms were very spacious and clean, plenty of fresh air and light, bathrooms have all of the safety features, private rooms…nicely decorated, activities all day and movies all night, chair exercises every morning, discussion groups, lectures in the museum, visit…Houston art galleries and museums, Jewish group [&] celebrate Jewish holidays, Internet access, reading, TV, dominoes, puzzle games, bridge, crafts, Aerobics and yoga classes, dances, live music, exercise facilities, wine and cheese one day a week, Watercolor classes

What they didn’t like: the little extra charges, [facility] a little too big, air conditioning pipes need some work, lighting not so great, somewhat confusing pricing around levels of care

Brookdale Cypress Station [Formerly Hampton at Cypress Station] | Houston, TX 77090

Brookdale Cypress Station provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 37 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 3
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very friendly staff, place was full of energy, pet-friendly, light and airy, very clean, well decorated, odor free, smells good, a loving and fun filled community, individual attention, accepts Medicaid, facility was clean and quiet, appearance looks a little dated but it's OK, value for the money is really good, reasonable price, the billing has been smooth and accurate, how efficient the facility runs, very nice little outdoor courtyard, patio, front porches with chairs, physical therapy, a physical therapy room, they treat [resident] like she is a member of their family, have ambassadors for new residents, Great staff familiarity with residents, in assisted living they help with medication and showering and extra nursing care when needed, [Facility can] provide assistance 24/7, [Facility] can transport [resident] to dialysis, staff is super friendly and greets everyone by name, they encourage [residents] to engage, staff…bent over backwards to help, staff very cooperative, extremely accommodating, very informative, staff very receptive to any questions or concerns, good maintenance team responds in timely manner, staff polite [&] compassionate and attentive, staff is very…patient and caring, They manage [resident’s] medication, food is really good, food is good, menu is good, had a meal and it was very good, 3 meals [a day], breakfast is superb, great job with the meal service, the studio room [is] quite spacious [w/] bathroom [that’s] actually quite large with a large shower and handicap accessible, large [&] well planned rooms, new microwaves and refrigerators in the rooms, rooms were beautiful, ice cream socials, outings, shopping every week, a beauty salon, a work-out gym, outdoor patio areas, arts and crafts room, a media and game room, a pool table, bingo, exercises, music, movies, popcorn, coffee breaks, a lot of games and parties, Thanksgiving dinner and invite the family members to come, several rooms for activities, painting classes, games

What they didn’t like: doesn’t seem…they knew exactly what to do [with Type 1 diabetes], need to maintain the level of care from day 1, only…issue is with the billing, did not think [facility] in a safe location, only problem [management] trying to pressure [family] to purchase more care than [resident] needs, did not follow up on getting things done, a little short staffed in the evening, food could be cooked a little more, only thing is to let people know upfront about various charges, could have more activities, memory care wing…too much like a hospital, [resident] over-medicated, “She died before she got there and they still charged the entire amount,” [could be] a bit more flexible with transportation for doctor appointments, [staff] not friendly, [facility] is four stories…a power outage [and] they are stuck, very very expensive

Brookdale Ellington Field [Formerly Emeritus at Clearlake, Rosemont at Clearlake] | Houston, TX 77062

Brookdale Ellington Field provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 19 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorAdvisor– 46 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.25
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: clean, beautiful, open and bright, nice floor plan, wide hallways, very homey, closed in outdoor garden, small outdoor courtyard, spacious carport for easy pick up and drop off, convenient parking, located in suburban Houston, overlooks a city park, personnel very friendly, Nurses are really sweet, this really is a community, policies and procedure seem very customer focused, all the residents seem to get along so well, residents friendly and engaged, AWESOME and caring staff, very good physical and occupational therapy care, staff great when it comes to communication…and quick to fix issues, genuinely caring, they give the best hugs, more than willing to accommodate residents and their guests, facility very well maintained, spacious rooms, tasteful décor, assortment of common areas, very friendly ambiance, security seems…very good, staff very friendly, location is good, grounds are good, plenty of areas for residents to walk…outside or inside, dining room very nice, great menu, pleased with the food, good food, food is very good, healthy choice(s), Fruit and vegetable selections are available throughout the day, rooms very nice, [studio had] hardwood floors…and a nice bathroom, walk-in bath, bright and sunny with plenty of closet space, rooms immaculate, rooms very spacious, [apt. with] a living room [&] bedroom and bathroom, [1-bedroom] homey and spacious, bring in your own furniture or use theirs, rooms were kind of small but adequate, beautician on site, media room where they watch movies, bingo, concerts, a Mother's Day activity where families invited, painting classes, movie nights, socials, game days, off-site social events…each week, card games, TV, music, community's bus, transportation for them to go shopping, group outings to Walmart [&] Walgreens and Outback restaurants

What they didn’t like: staff…not as friendly or accommodating as most places, [Emeritus] communicated very irregularly during [resident’s] decline, didn’t like that the staff let my mom…isolate herself, staff…spread pretty thin, staff would not refund any of the [7-day trial period] money [though] she spent only 24 hours there, could have a little more entertainment, some cleaning issues, Understaffed and overworked, food fine but they’re not very flexible [about] what they offer, a lot of add on’s or extra fees, Nice but probably too big and not enough personal attention, very dreary and gloomy

Brookdale Galleria [Formerly: Hampton at Post Oak] | Houston, TX 77056

Brookdale Galleria provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 3.8
GoldenReviews– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 3.89

What they liked: very nice [&] clean and a beautiful place, upscale facility, very clean, very well kept, first-class Hotel has been adapted for elder care, “homely” feel, wheelchair access throughout the building, atmosphere was excellent, Residents were lively and happy, no noise from the freeway, excellent views, lots of public transit, Galleria area…Many places to eat [&] shop [&] sightsee, They provide transportation to doctor's appointments, a well-run [&] amicable and trustworthy facility, accept suggestions and very innovative, security was good, valet parking, Assisted Living staff and office staff extremely professional, [staff] earnest and nice, great sales team, staff very friendly, staff easily approachable, really go above and beyond, nurses are good, nurses and CNAs are great, staff is very courteous, attentive staff, staff was excellent, maintenance is fairly quick, Maid service once a week, staff members…seemed very friendly and relaxed, most of the staff have worked there for quite some time, staff on call 24 hours a day, very stable staff, dining area nice, dining room was beautiful, 3 meals a day with brunch on Sunday, food is excellent, food was very good, portions are good, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, food is phenomenal, food is excellent, menu is appealing, food is fantastic, meals were healthy and delicious and the kitchen staff was respectful of special request, residents' rooms are large, can customize [apartments], kitchen in every apt., rooms were very nice, exercise activity is daily and varied and available to [all] residents, poker club, card games, bingo, karaoke, very nice outdoor pool, the men's club, holiday celebrations, ice cream socials, social/happy hours twice a week, computer room, activity rooms, workout room, living area

What they didn’t like: just too big a facility…and …too many people, dining area…kind of cramped, food and service well below par, Lack security at the front desk, [Facility] a little small, didn't include washer and dryer in the apartment, leak in bathroom, [resident] witnessed an aide going through his desk, They do not check on you at all at night, food terrible, took 15 minutes or longer for [staff] to show up, [Staff] didn’t answer or return calls [from family], administration uncaring, doctor took 14 days to sign my father's death certificate, building old and tired, freeway NOISE, community too fancy, AC does not work, dining service a little slow, the one problem is personalized care…multiple errors and miscommunications, needs a list of services and what they cost, a bit unorganized, too crowded, Swimming pool does not have a lifeguard, lighting is poor, money stolen, meds not given, physicians did return calls after much delay but ignored many concerns, [resident] developed a urinary tract infection and was inadequately treated

Elmcroft of Braeswood | Houston, TX 77025

Elmcroft of Braeswood provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, and Respite.

Caring– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4.7
SeniorAdvisor– 99 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Hurricane Harvey…Elmcroft evacuated all 48 residents of Elmcroft…so prepared & professional, smaller facility, small community friendliness, very clean, beautiful place, grounds well-landscaped, set up very nice, such a transformation in the facility over the last year, “whole person wellness,” community has undergone a major transformation, all on one floor, always SO clean, bright, cost is reasonable, [facility] has a very open door policy, Courtyard, well kept, beautiful garden area, lots of windows, common areas light and airy, good vibe, attention to details, charge one flat fee and keep costs low, [staff] engage in activities with residents, Everybody there seemed happy, personalized attention, they truly listen, housekeeping is great, staff is very helpful [&] pleasant and attentive, residents are engaged, Veterans have a great support network here, executive director shared…about benefits of the veterans program, staff is consistent, staff readily available to answer questions, staff knowledgeable [&] considerate and attentive, this small community…has so much more nurse support than other communities, staff very accommodating, Executive Director very knowledgeable and passionate about community, at any time [can] ask executive director to review service plan and [resident’s] level of care, staff warm and lovely, very friendly, proactive, warm welcome, struggling financially [&] the executive director shared several resources [that might help], They're willing to work with us and they made the transition a good experience, quality of services rendered…have been excellent, treat my uncle and aunt as family, staff provides services in a timely and compassionate manner, 24 hour care available and health is monitored, dining room beautiful, dining room spacious and clean, two trained chefs plus cooks, food is great and there’s plenty of it, a choice of foods, food is ok, [meals] served restaurant, style, three meals and three snacks a day, good food, spacious apartments in this Assisted Living…allowing room for visitors and family, apartments larger than the other place, a room where residents can tend to plants, Bingo, live entertainment, board games, puzzles, Bible study, field trips, bus takes them to and from the VA for their doctor's appointments, they take [residents] fishing and to Wal-Mart, live music on Friday nights, arts and crafts, plenty of social events, Zoomba, meeting rooms, events…that would be inclusive of family every week

What they didn’t like: Elmcroft got rid of their smoking area, Bad staff and worse management, overworking good staff, bedbugs, an odor kind of like…a lot of potpourri, higher than usual turnover, need to work on communication skills, level of care not what we expected, no skilled nursing facility, garage unavailable, do think the communication could be better, medications not always given on time

Parkway Place | Houston, TX 77077

Parkway Place provides Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Memory Care

Caring– 14 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 1 Review, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: beautiful place, very clean, very well run, modern, relaxing feel and clean, surrounded by parks [&] restaurants and etc., very nice atmosphere, homelike environment, a courtyard, outdoor space, beautiful green walkways, interior and exterior well maintained, beautiful pond, diverse program for dementia, staff and patient relationship is excellent, place was very warm and caring, staff very organized and functional, very attentive, [apart from financial office] the rest of staff and management seemed easy to communicate with and easy to work with, people there were very friendly, morning caregivers are polite and vibrant even with a heavy workload, [Resident] treated with Dignity and Respect, the assistant director was very flexible, Everybody seemed conscientious, everybody was out and about socializing, dining room [&] staff and the food are very good, food was good, food is average, dining room is very nice [&] spacious and very clean [w/] white tablecloths, Meals are prepared and served table side or bedside, Menu selection…to suit…dietary requirements, apartments are lovely, apartment with living room [&] kitchenette and bedroom — very homey, 2-bedroom and a study [w/] two bathrooms [&] a living room and a kitchen, a one-bedroom…very spacious [w/] a lot of windows [&] a very nice big bathroom and little kitchen, cleanliness of her apartment and the rest of the establishment, a beauty parlor, activities are planned to maintain and increase the residents physical [&] mental and social strength, games, movies, church, bible study, exercise classes, Spanish lessons, an area where you can take care of your own garden

What they didn’t like: a long hallway, high priced, extremely expensive, more activities should be implemented for residents who are in the skilled nursing care plans, financial office difficult to deal with

Solana Vintage Park | Houston, TX 77070

Solana Vintage Park provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 18 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorAdvisor– 35 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.67
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very professional, state of the art, very beautiful facility, modern design, Great location, soothing music, physical therapy activities, front porch and back yard garden, across street from Vintage Park shopping center, bright, clean, so clean, very classy, cheerful, well decorated, vibrant atmosphere, services a la carte, Communication is clear and open, friendliest staff, staff very attentive, staff at Solana…are friendly [&] helpful and show a great deal of respect for all the tenants, go out of their way to make everyone feel “at home” and cherished, so pleased with way [staff member] tailored her care to the way [resident] was needing it, the level of stimulation their memory care unit provides, staff always smiling and upbeat, staff were genuine and sincere, staff goes above and beyond, attention and affection the aides give to all the residents, on-site Dr and PAs, activities director is fantastic, nursing director is…a great communicator, dining room was big and roomy, tablecloths, likes the food – which is quite varied, food is good, food is great, food is wonderful, nutritious, fruit/dessert choices, [dining room] very accessible with wheelchair, shared rooms that each had a door for privacy [w/] shared bathroom [and] a little living area, a shared room but still a lot of privacy, spacious apartment, rooms are small but…very nice, Bingo, singalongs, off-campus events, social hours, a craft room upstairs with a craft lady, a movie theater, monthly family nights, movie nights with the residents, outings, a library, in-house beauty salon, a physical therapy room, large gym with numerous exercise programs, games, activity room, cards, board games

What they didn’t like: hotel type building in the middle of a parking lot [w/] very busy [&] heavy traffic, [food] service too slow, felt too much like independent living, views not very good, sometimes miscommunication about when medications should be taken, looking for somewhere a little more active and cheerful, could use more variety in activities and in meals, no pool, assigned tables for lunch, Staff is warm but doesn’t seem too professional, assured [deposit] refundable [but] corporate office says no record of the money despite check being cashed, Each service is an added cost, mail delivery service is a problem, on the balcony could hear…all the street traffic

The Abbey at Westminster Plaza | Houston, TX 77082

The Abbey at Westminster Plaza provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 18 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 67 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] is lovely, beautiful, elegant, well-organized, beautiful scenery, safe, very clean, secure outdoor areas, it’s a smaller place, well-kept, family-owned community, Everyone knew everyone by name, nice patio, fancy, main downstairs rooms are lovely, very light and decorated nicely, across from a hospital, This community…offered more for the price, place was cheery and positive, staff kind and friendly, people in the community are educated and fun, shuttle…would take you shopping and doctor's appointments, [all the staff] seemed to always have a happy [&] caring [&] loving attitude, staff…cheerful and on top of things, Staff members are long term employees, they all seem to love their jobs, [Staff] extremely flexible and accommodating, [Staff] Good at calling with an update, staff very knowledgeable and courteous, always see managers and staff interacting with…residents, staff was outstanding, professional, staff always available, really helpful, Everybody seemed well maintained [&] bathed and had clean clothes on, staff very patient with [resident] and [family], Our family too has been cared for in many ways, managers consistently go above and beyond, [Staff] try to engage [residents] in activities, independent living…is absolutely beautiful, doesn’t seem to be much turnover, dining room is beautiful, menu like a 5-star restaurant, meals were outstanding, food is good, three meals a day – seven days a week, nutritious and tasty meals, the food and the companionship, a different menu every week, the best food, food is excellent, variety of menu options, food top-notch, rooms are bigger and nicer than others I had seen, rooms are first class…and have the latest technology, great lighting, closets are good sized, rooms are OK, residents’ rooms very nice, an apartment with one bedroom and a kitchenette with a microwave [and] a refrigerator, master bedroom big enough for the king size bed, room…was…spacious and convenient, indoor pool and a heating pool, Summer kitchen, theater room, beautiful workout facility, a trainer, exercise class, ice cream parlor, bingo, dominos, bridge, coloring, large game room, a little store for general needs

What they didn’t like: assisted living was depressing, room was smaller than cruise ship cabin, [facility] really large, dining room a little dingy, rooms did seem small, memory care unit…did not seem well organized, could probably use a few more staff, no 2 bedrooms offered, could use a wider variety of activities, would like to see more exercise activities, Security may be an issue, not as much energy

The Village of Meyerland | Houston, TX 77025

The Village at of Meyerland provides Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Caring– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 25 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: building is new [&] clean and neat, smells good, new high-rise, [facility] wasn’t too big nor too small, a lot of diversity, very calm, homey, well maintained, garden, gazebo, [facility] very clean and has great staff, very organized, a family oriented caring community, personal care plans, [staff] make the transition as painless as possible, [neighborhood] is filled with shops [&] restaurants and businesses, close proximity of Meyerland Mall, the memory unit is inviting, self-contained “memory” floor with 3-to-1 ratio of staff to resident, residents were happy, safe, very close to the Houston Medical Center, a van on Tuesdays and Thursdays for doctors' appointments, staff very friendly, housekeeping does a good job, staff awesome, good about keeping [family] in the loop, staff…knows resident names and background, staff are quick to respond and very sweet, staff is genuine [&] caring and eager to help, so compassionate and sincere, they allow their tenants to receive the help that they need while still giving them as much independence as possible, open seating for meals and a fairly flexible mealtime, activities after dinner…most days, food and dining facility was fantastic, food was really good, good fresh food and they are accommodating, food is good, food fairly good, desserts are awesome, fresh fruits and vegetables, menu well planned, rooms were huge and it was very pretty, private balcony, all rooms bright and clean, can see all of downtown Houston from my floor, very receptive to adding some activities, [activities director] seemed to be dedicated to involving all the residents, all of the activities are on the same floor as the [resident], upscale activities like [outing] to the Museum of Natural Science, lots of excursions, hair salon, reading and entertainment areas, exercise area, the pool

What they didn’t like: lacked some of the diversity that I would have preferred, rooms were very small, not…that much activity, a high rise and it just seemed less homey, Not sure how much security [in sign-in process], food is good but limited, wish they had better communication [w/ family], living quarters on floors 4 and 5 and all the activities on the 3rd floor, facility seems very large, space is a bit small, it’s been about three weeks and [request] still hasn’t been done

Treemont Retirement Community | Houston, TX 77063

Treemont Retirement Community provides Independence Plus, Assisted Living, Short-term Respite, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Caring– 32 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorAdvisor– 62 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] clean [&] orderly and well-maintained, small-pet-friendly, very clean, a therapy dog, very open environment, safe, beautiful, people were active, reasonable prices and a central location, exterior campus with its pine trees very peaceful, beautiful landscaping and sitting areas, newly renovated property is massive, fireplaces, very cozy, Enough outside area…to walk, all indoor corridors, the little patio, homey feel, food price, didn’t smell, everyone seemed very happy, interior was pleasant and well-kept, a lot of [residents and staff?] had paintings they had done and had for sale, “I am able to do my art here,” the warmth of the Treemont staff and residents, [staff] helped [resident] make a smooth transition during a challenging time, [staff] really cared about the residents and the community, staff is fantastic, Nursing services excellent, residents all looked very well taken care of, director very responsive to any concerns and requests, staff seems…very well trained, staff was friendly and helpful, kind, physical therapy, once a week apt. cleaning, [when resident called maintenance] they were there right away, very good chef, several smaller dining areas for those who are in the skilled nursing and assisted living, very nicely appointed large dining room, meals very well balanced, food was very good, food was OK, big cafeteria with three meals a day, food really good, excellent food services, seasons food really well, 3 meals a day 7 days a week, food very satisfactory, dining area is always neat [&] clean and the staff…always very nice, looks more like a dining room in a nice cruise ship, meals served restaurant-style, during the day dining room always open, Breakfast is buffet but lunch and dinner are reserved seating, private and semi-private rooms, rooms are large and [have] big nice windows in [resident’s] bedroom, [apartments] very light and very pleasant, apartments nice and functional, Rooms are spacious with living & bedroom and kitchenette, laundry facilities on every floor or you can have laundry service, a Super Bowl party, bingo two or three times a week, other social gatherings, [Facility] provides transportation to local area shopping places and grocery stores, include the family during special occasions such as holidays, exercise area, an excellent library, large area for…games such as bridge, Creative Writing Group, Religious services held weekly and various churches participate, meetings, tai-chi, dances, exercise program every day, stretching exercises every morning, workout equipment, exercise room, weight rooms, sing-alongs, clubs, card playing, dominos and other games, entertainers that come in once a week, a beauty shop

What they didn’t like: seemed like a hospital, rooms were very small and looked old, rooms are very basic…and a little dated, not a very nice looking facility, It's very old, missing watch, missing medication, food…seemed to be very cafeteria and not much home cooking, very rude people, no swimming pool, on the dark side, not impressed with their grounds, more like a hospital, didn’t have a lot for vegetarians, rooms all opened on a hallway, Halls were SO DREARY & everywhere looked like it needs maintenance or updating, not overly impressed with staff to patient ratio, understaffed and the staff that they do have seem overworked and tired, They kept my deposit, only microwave in kitchen – no cooktop, assigned to a table [dining room], rooms dirty, rooms small and everything looked run down, bad lingering odor around community, assisted living…price is very high and the rooms not homey, iPad and charger went missing, laundry…went missing, bed bugs, food isn’t very good…and portions are small, parking inconvenient, No full kitchen, food too salty and seafood overcooked, apartments just too small, didn't seem to be well maintained

Village on the Park at Steeplechase | Houston, TX 77065

The Village on the Park at Steeplechase provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.34
SeniorAdvisor– 35 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very pretty place…outside and inside, Lovely property, pet friendly, very very clean and well kept, very safe and secure, very spacious, mixture of people, [facility] very inclusive, it's gated, nice parking and a garage, it's all one-story, very well maintained, very peaceful environment, warm comfortable atmosphere, positive atmosphere, grounds and common areas so beautiful, to experience what it's like to live there…can come and stay for a month, residents socializing & having fun, pleasant staff, staff is very nice, staff was great, attentive and caring, responsive, friendly, very accommodating and willing to help, all the staff very welcoming, staff excellent, e-mailed several times and immediately they've responded, very good at communicating, staff was very kind and the residents were very friendly, staff…know the residents’ names, staff was most supportive, staff very good at getting residents involved, staff very receptive to [family], directors are high-quality, [all staff] quick to assist, food was good, fresh cooked, different dining rooms for…a quick meal and a bigger dining room, “delicious,” food is good, food was wonderful, flexible meal times, Food is always on time, meals are healthy and nice variety, They feed you three times a day, maid service…once a week, maintenance comes right out and gets it taken care of, individual cottages, the cottage is yours to make…your own, the rooms…were a little bigger, room is spacious with a nice living room area [&] a small kitchen [&] one bedroom [&] one bathroom and is well lit, everything you need in the kitchen, small patio, like living in a little neighborhood, 2 bedrooms and two full baths + car porch and a garage, patio homes, outdoor swimming pool, a lot of different activity rooms, a lot of outdoor activities where they take them – from fishing to the movies, trips to outlet malls, other trips more tailored to men, men’s group, an ice cream parlor, a nightly movie there, wine and beer socials a couple of nights a week, poker, bridge group, dominos, cards, variety of church services, crafts, For holidays they invite and include families, exercising, bowling, holiday decorations…were wonderful

What they didn’t like: facility and the apartments were a little small, only negative…does not take Medicaid, close to traffic, staff turnover is high, Clothes/sheets/towels frequently lost, food is dismal, activities calendar a joke, ongoing problem with the in-house landline telephone system, cold food, hallway lights [should be] upgraded

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