Best Assisted Living in Kansas City

Though we will be looking at the best ALFs in Kansas City, Missouri, later in this series, currently we’re exploring Kansas City, Kansas. The two cities, nicknamed KCMO and KCK respectively, form the Kansas City metropolitan area. At present, KCMO is considered the more culturally diverse and lively community, but KCK is striving to catch up and already has an appeal of its own, in addition to its proximity to KCMO.

What people like about Kansas City, Kansas

  • Climate: Four distinct seasons with moderate precipitation
  • Crime: Several small towns near Kansas City, KS, are among the safest cities in Kansas, as is Kansas City itself. These include Lenexa, Olathe, and Overland Park, for which we have assisted living communities listed below.
  • Transportation: There is a bus system that services KCK and its suburbs as well as KCMO.
  • There are several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places including a public arena with a permanent stage, Memorial Hall, that seats 3,500. Also, there is the Rosedale Arch, a smaller version of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe dedicated to World War One veterans; the Argentine Carnegie Library; and the 15.5-acre Hanover Heights Historic District, replete with at least 90 buildings of interest, such as the Judge Louis R. Gates House designed by Clarence E. Shepard as a prime example of the Prairie School style of architecture. Over the last few years, Hanover Heights has served as the springboard for reenergizing Kansas City, KS.
  • Though Kansas City, KS, does not have any major sports teams, they do have an independent baseball team, the Kansas City T-Bones, affiliated with the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.
  • Auto racing aficionados may appreciate the Kansas Speedway, where various races are held including the NASCAR Sprint Cup.
  • Casinos
  • State sales tax: 6.5%, though prescription drugs are exempt.
  • According to, Kansas has the seventh lowest cost of living in the US. Also, though out-of-state pensions are taxable, in-state military, as well as Kansas state or Kansas-local pensions, are exempt
  • Home prices are considerably lower than the national average. Also, homeowners 55+ who earn $30,800 or less are eligible for a refund of up to $700.

Other considerations for Kansas City, Kansas

  • Summers can get very hot and humid. Looking at the years 1981 to 2010, the average number of days with temperatures of 100 degrees or more, 5.6. Temperature 90+: 47.
  • Winters may be cold for some. January, the coldest month, has an average temperature of 31 degrees. Expect about 22 days of the year where the high temperature will be 31 degrees, with at least two days of 0 degrees as the high. Ice storms, while not an annual event, can occur should cold air from the Canadian Rockies collide with warm air from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • This city sits on the periphery of “Tornado Alley,” meaning that the area is subject to severe tornado activity, especially in the spring. Loss of electrical power can last days, even weeks.
  • Flooding is not uncommon.
  • Kansas does still have an estate tax, but it will be removed from the books in 2020.

A look at the best assisted living in Kansas City, Kansas.

Best Assisted Living Kansas City, Kansas – Who makes the list?

Bickford at Mission Springs | Mission, KS 66205

Bickford at Mission Springs provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Companion Care, Retreat Stay and Day Stay.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 25 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] beautiful, very clean and well kept, cleanliness, smelled good, the light, everybody was friendly, Immediately felt comfortable, Atmosphere – supportive, family-like environment, very homey atmosphere, [facility] felt more intimate [than other, larger facility] and the area outside had more trees, [Facility] just felt warmer, lobbies were nice and that's where they want the residents to be so they can socialize, community park, three meals and snacks, when [residents] first arrived everybody … called them by name immediately, continuum care, looked like a very safe environment, walk-in shower that you could use a wheelchair to get in, seemed a caring and happy place, [Sales team] covered everything explicitly and were clear about their philosophy and care, staff is extraordinary, [staff] communicate consistently, staff was very nice [&] very caring and accommodating, warm and friendly staff in a comfortable environment, staff takes excellent care of the residents, staff encourages [residents to exercise], [staff] treats them like extended family members, The service is satisfactory, [This facility] provided a positive end of life environment for [Dad], complete attention to residents’ needs, Director truly cares about the residents and staff, Dad really liked the nursing and housekeeping staff, The staff gave off a vibe of genuine concern and treated us with professionalism as well as understanding, quick to respond to concerns [of family], Staff are…really good with the residents, They have a level of patience that some staff at assisted living facilities do not have, no problem when Dad needed to transition to hospice care, food is absolutely delicious, well-balanced meals, food is good, food is excellent, Dad loves the food!, good meals, food looks great at all times, the dessert bar at dinner time, several menu choices, large dining room where residents can mingle, restaurant style, they provided great service, [apartment] is rather small but very clean and has a kitchenette with a living room [&] bedroom and bathroom, one-bedroom apartment with small refrigerator and a microwave, All of the rooms were adequate, [rooms] were nice and clean, rooms are all open inside, activities going on every day, quantity and quality of activities is really good, bingo, musical group, some outings, shopping trips to Target and Walmart, occasional trips to the theatre at the local community college, [go out to] dinners, clubs, games and cards, pleasant beauty shop, a library, a 1950's style ice cream parlour with billiards table, a piano lounge, an aviary

What they didn’t like: rooms were small, [no] work out center, a little too quiet and dark and the rooms were very small, some couples gave up their living room space in order to fit two beds into the apartments comfortably, the interior seems a bit run-down, dining room too fancy

Brookdale College Square (Formerly Emeritus at Overland Park) | Overland Park, KS 66210

Brookdale College Square provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: smaller facility, nice looking, always clean and well maintained, cozy and warm, facility is tucked away on a quiet cul-de-sac in the busy suburb of Overland Park, quiet but still close to shopping and dining and other activities, grounds are lovely, inner courtyards have a lot of walking paths, plenty of raised planter beds, never [seen] employees… more loving and caring, right on top of all of my dad's needs and meds, excellent security in place, facility is very safe, an abundance of secure nicely landscaped outdoor space with plenty of seating and a covered patio, [Facility not] fancy-fancy [but] more like a normal home, areas where you can take your loved ones outside to sit in the sun and what-not, rooms have own bathrooms and are of fairly good size, a garden, staff members are very friendly, Everyone very professional, staff all seemed very capable and pleasant, Staff seem well trained, They all knew the names of all the patients, staff exceptionally cooperative, staff bends over backwards to make sure your loved one is comfortable, excellent nursing staff, staff exceedingly friendly!, executive director would greet patients with hugs, four sections and each…had its own dining room, [each apartment has] a living room [&] dining room and a kitchen, facility provides a community feel for the residents in… each… of four communities of people with whom they dine and share a community room, [layout] helps memory care patients by assuring a smaller[&] consistent group of people with whom to socialize, staff is numerous and seems attentive, [staff responds to] feedback… right away, less turnover here, If they have any questions they don't hesitate to call me, The staff…is very patient, [Family can] come there day and night, an outstanding staff in all areas, Office people were exceptional to work with, [Staff] are all skilled in their positions [&] caring/considerate/ attentive/friendly and compassionate, cooks do a marvelous job, meals are nutritious [&] appealing and plentiful, Activities are offered for all levels of participation, attentive activity directors… interact with the residents as though they were their own family, entire staff treats the residents as though they were family, [resident] is treated every minute with the dignity he deserves, food is perfect, food…is fresh and pretty good, meals are served with cloth napkin [&] silverware and placemat, They'll bring all the veterans into a special dining room [&] play patriotic music for them and feed them special meals, activities all the time, activities director is fabulous, St. Patrick's day party, cards and bingo

What they didn’t like: place kind of dark, They were keeping [resident] in a wheelchair most of the time and not encouraging him to walk, interior of the facility is a bit dated, This community consists of four corridors and I felt this would be too confusing for my loved one, The community was not upfront when we signed the contract, depressing, staff I saw did not instill confidence, only negative…[facility] does not accept Medicaid, not a lot of places to walk, rooms are smaller than hoped and didn’t offer cable TV, only downer is the rooms are so small [forcing] residents to get out and interact, Dark and Dingy

Greenwood Terrace | Lenexa, KS 66215

Greenwood Terrace offers Independent Living.

Caring– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 64 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: facility is beautiful; like a country club, upbeat, allow pets, big but not too big, good safe place, grounds kept very clean and well maintained, did NOT smell like a typical nursing home, floor plans spacious, very affordable, price reasonable, VA benefits, very clean, 3 day trial to see how [potential resident] might like it, Cleanliness sparkles, tons of window, gardening projects, the shuttle, private terraces/balconies, staff is friendly [&] knowledgeable and all speak English well, residents [can] have own vehicles, [Staff] all present themselves well and act like they care about the residents, the residents come first, [Residents} get a lot of specialized attention, They keep an eye on the residents without us really feeling like we are watched or having no privacy, greatest feature…is the staff – they truly care about the residents, [staff] very kind and courteous, housekeeping is excellent, They provide maid service, The maids were extremely helpful and friendly, medical staff present during the day and resident director 24-hours a day, there was a nurse [to help with meds], homecare team comes once a week to take blood pressure, Staff…treat residents like they are people worth getting to know, made my loved one feel as comfortable as possible, managers seemed knowledgeable and they interacted with the residents, a 24 hour nurse on hand to address non-emergency medical problems, Staff address what issues that I or my parents may have, “Umm yeah these fine folks saved my dad’s life essentially……enough said,” transportation available, dining area is very nice, food is wonderful, three full meals and also snacks, grand piano [anyone can play], menu is adequate, dining facility was bright and cheery, a big dining room, menu is good, cafeteria very spacious and had several items to choose from every day, food was good, food…was actually very good, very tasty and very appealing, excellent meals, food is wonderful, food is amazing, Meal times are really fun – full scale productions, people and rooms were nice, rooms at Greenwood Terrace were excellent, my apartment…has its own kitchenette [with] a refrigerator and sink…[&] bathroom and living room, very large apartment, rooms…were very nice, bingo, cards, Pictionary, Wii, a nice library, resident choir, exercise room, exercise programs that help so much, a salon, activities room, [They] take the residents out, They have bird shows or live animals, shopping trips, popcorn and movies on Saturday night, Mother's Day luncheon, bingo, poker, happy hour once or twice a month, live entertainment, bimonthly health talks on various topics like diabetes [and] balance and nutrition, Bible study, Eucharist offered and non-denominational bible study and Sunday church service, Free washer/dryer in each wing, Contract outside add’l care as needed

What they didn’t like: [no] interaction between the residents, [food] is one area that was lacking because it’s good not great, you immediately walked into like a dining area [which] gave me more of the nursing home vibe, update to… give it a more warm feeling when you walk in, food inedible, no attention given to dietary requirements, no handicap transportation, only one elevator for 3 floors, All managers can do is call 911, [no] nurse on staff, Apartments are broken into and security deposits not returned, Rooms are smaller than some [other facilities’], a lot of staff turnover, food is terrible, staff overworked, wish they would fix stuff in the rooms quicker when requested, [apartment] has no a/c, food…could be better at times, would have been nice to know that [even same type of apartment may vary in price], access to food/snacks outside meal time is limited, transportation to doctor’s appointments…only on certain dates/times, must arrive right on time for meals (or order in advance) [as] once each course is served it’s over, more like a nursing home, [need] a more organized process to help new residents and their families get acclimated, [apartment] cleaning could be better, biggest drawback is the maintenance, cigarette smoke, not sure [resident] would like name tags, does not accept Medicaid, no full kitchens… just sinks and microwaves, meals are way too regimented for me, a little too urban

Homestead of Olathe | Olathe, KS 66062

Homestead of Olathe provides Assisted Living and Memory Care in two neighboring buildings designated as North (Memory Care, mostly) and South (Assisted Living).

Caring– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Smaller but very nice, clean, A little worn but very clean, pet w/deposit, Homey and casual, the warm receptionists, [as a volunteer] amazed at the kindness of those that worked there and those that lived there, They didn't make those who lived there feel like they were old or needy…they made them feel welcome, facility and rooms seem very comfortable, Have own pharmacy, one of the older communities however very up to date and pleasant, genuine caring atmosphere, off a main street so it would be very quiet, Nice courtyards, comfortable feeling, staff is friendly, professional, solid head of nursing, director very helpful and competent, 2 Gerontology MD’s make visits on site, Everyone friendly and seemed involved with the residents, staff was most helpful in assisting to my wife’s [Alzheimer’s resident]] care, attentive and responsive, Accepts Medicaid, nice meals, food is really good, enough parking, sitter-cize, bingo, exercise classes, outings, group activities, courtyard w/ tree and grass, hair salon, [apartments have] kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave, locked facility

What they didn’t like: nurses seemed… spread a bit thin, could be quicker with response time, communication with administration and staff could be better, could do better with monitoring [resident’s] needs, smelled like urine, licensed nursing staff only on-call, didn’t have confidence in the facility manager, really had to stay on top of [management] and make repeated phone calls [before needed repair made], RN not onsite evenings or weekends, Some concern with staffing with nursing, small rooms, resident must be able to care for pet on own

Lakeview Village | Lenexa, KS 66215

Lakeview Village offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing care.

Caring– 15 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: admission staff very easy to work with it, admissions office and all the people we dealt with…were wonderful, excellent nursing care, aides and nurses were outstanding!, staff is very friendly [&] very helpful, therapy was the best I have ever seen, a great building and great care, atmosphere was very pleasant, place looked very secure, [Facility] is clean and well organized, very clean and very well maintained, very clean and up-kept, staff was excellent, had their own medical clinic, [Resident] receives therapy 7 days a week and because of this…is making great strides, [Staff] seem very caring [&] helpful and responsive, The nurse aide [&] the therapist [&] even the food service people like the cook and the servers were really wonderful to my dad, inside is kept up nicely, food is alright, food is pretty good and has a lot of variety, food was great!, the food was very good, dining room was very nice, [resident reported her] time in rehab was very successful as she regained her strength and stamina, waitstaff is high school students that are very nice and the residents rave about, residents are allowed to personalize the doors to their rooms, Many apartments have outdoor terraces attached with a lake view, [private] room…was beautiful, villa type apartments, [Memory Care resident] has thrived there and is so happy!, games, bingo, singing, games for people to play in groups, option of going out either as a group or separately to see concerts and activities around the community

What they didn’t like: rooms are a little small, [décor] a little dated, be sure and understand the process of continuity of care as residents age and the need for assessment and living arrangements changes, Independent Living apartments are nice but very expensive [with] only one meal a day and housekeeping every other week

Stratford Commons Memory Care | Overland Park, KS 66213

Stratford Commons Memory Care provides memory care.

Caring– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: thought the room was a little nicer than we had seen at some other places and a little roomier, very home-like, very clean – no smells, Small and cozy, Evidence of great attention to care of residents, Secure building with round-the-clock nursing personnel [&] geriatric doctor visits [&] personalized care, residents here were happy and were obviously getting lots of love from the staff, monthly Family Dinners, [facility] policy where any problems or concerns are addressed immediately, value appears to be very fine, nice looking community, everybody seemed happy, [respite room had] a little living area with a couch and then a separate room with no door but with a bed [&] bath and a little kitchenette, dining hours…basically open from 7:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M and you could go and eat or order anytime you wanted, [Staff and facility] were really awesome, staff is very helpful [&] they look out for everybody, [staff] extremely friendly, Staff and admissions coordinator go above and beyond, Memory care in an assisted living environment, flat fee…everything included, all inclusive and they don’t nickel and dime you to death, They were just so delightful with [resident], Looked like residents encouraged to be as active as possible, My father is safe and in good hands in this community, [staff] attentive and helpful, [Facility] was fantastic, It was upscale, people were so happy and kind, Staff really good about keeping [family] updated, Management has an open-door policy and receive feedback with pleasant attitudes and a willingness to make changes, [Staff] totally get Alzheimer’s, [Staff] very proactive [noticing] things before [family] does, [Staff would] encourage [resident] to play [piano] in [her] room and they would sing or they would ask her to play for a group, the loveliest-looking place…the kind you're proud to say “my mom lives here,” clean; it smelled great, homey, They had pictures on the doors that you could put in one of their fancy frames that showed all stages of your [loved one’s] life, They let us do whatever we wanted to with her room, liked arrangement of apartments each with a private bathroom, [apartment] had a little kitchen, Whenever we emailed them they emailed us back and they invited us to events that they had all the time, [Facility] was one level so residents didn't get lost and I got to know all the staff easily, [Building is] circular so residents don't get lost and will eventually find their apartment, The rooms are much nicer [here] than elsewhere, each hall is painted a different color to help residents recognize their own area, rooms were nice and I felt there was good care there, like a small family, The room…had one bedroom and it opened up to a courtyard in the middle of the facility, Stratford Commons is superb, [Staff] go out of their way and they treat my dad like an individual, 1-bedroom apartment that's like a studio, Rooms small but accommodating, Central heat and air a plus, food is…really good, constant snacks throughout the day in addition to three meals a day, menu appeared to be healthy and choices given, food is really good, The food was okay, The food was great, The food was very nice, If [resident] didn't like what they're serving that day…[but] would just like a grilled cheese and they would do that, a formal dining room for all their assisted living people and then in the back it was casual…like four-seat tables and no linens, special formal room for family events, Activities going on all the time, So many activities to keep [residents] occupied and…engaged, They have people coming in to…sing songs and to perform and also people coming in with small animals, Bingo, puzzles, work on memory stuff

What they didn’t like: [visitor saw resident] wait over 20 minutes [after pushing call button], nurse was rude, only thing I wish they had was maybe a nurse or a doctor that is there 4 or 5 hours a day, studio rooms…very very small

Sunrise at Overland Park | Overland Park, KS 66221

Sunrise at Overland Park offers Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 32 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very nice fairly new facility, facilities are beautiful and well maintained, They are up to date in terms of style but they're comfortable, modern and beautiful, doesn’t have that smell, pet friendly, clean, smaller community, looks like a hotel, like a country home, lots of gathering spaces for residents to interact, very pleasant entrance and halls nicely decorated and light, Brighter interior, in a high end neighborhood, walking trail, gazebo, security of the building is great, staff was absolutely fantastic, [facility] had a pet dog that lived there, the value is excellent, They cater to the needs of Alzheimer's patients, the floor plans, apartments are nice and just look like regular apartments [&] not a room in a facility, The care and attention there was exceptional, It's a small community and the people there pretty much knew everybody, Sunrise was amazing and it's like walking into somebody’s house, staff was extremely warm, very welcoming, very professional and know the residents by name, [staff] response time is okay, has on site medical care, They have an aide assigned to your loved one personally to get them acclimated to the facility and check in with them once a day, staff very easy to talk to, director is very warm [&] personable and easy to talk to, activity people make an effort to get [resident] involved, [staff] evaluate residents once a month, staff was so caring, staff was friendly, able to answer all our questions, [Facility] warm and inviting and the staff was engaged, The facility was laid out very well, [facility] was laid out a little nicer and a little more room for the money, For the money it was incredible, walking trails, a little garden in the back if you wanted to do gardening, They had a lot more stuff to do inside and the rooms were bigger, their menu was phenomenal, a little cafe where you can go and have coffee or soda, individual dining rooms on each floor, food is excellent, menu outstanding and healthy, fresh ingredients and wide variety, tasty, meals have been great, meals are really nice, have a menu that you can choose from everyday and they can also bring the meals to you, putt putt golf in the living room, cards, piano, Bingo, library, hair salon, good size activity rooms, movies, baseball games, They were willing to help obtain long term care insurance if Mom had not already had a policy

What they didn’t like: a large community, so it didn’t really feel very home-like, new management and staff [2014] talked a good story but the actual care has not matched the rhetoric, nursing staff are neglectful, looks like a fancy nursing home, limited parking available for guests, much more expensive than any others we toured, no personality within and the rooms seemed very clinical, not a locked facility, did not see as much interaction between staff and residents as [elsewhere], meals could use more variety, they need a little more staff, they need more caregivers, Activities Director…isn’t so much worried about getting residents up and going, could use more staff for the Alzheimer’s Unit, food tastes institutional, don’t take Medicaid, No transportation to doctor appointments, no exercise equipment, “Reminiscence” unit not all it could be, [everything else great but] They could definitely improve their activities, Lost personal items, [Staff] shared health information with an unauthorized person after being told not to, routinely mix up laundry, rapid turnover of staff, not enough trained staff, neglected residents

Sunrise of Lenexa | Lenexa, KS 66215

Sunrise of Lenexa provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 37 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Beautiful, close to a park and there are walking trails, homey feeling, pet friendly, clean and orderly, nice atmosphere, bright [&] cheerful, Dining room outstanding as well as outdoor space, outside area resembled a well maintained condo building, well cared for gardens, sun rooms w/bird sounds, many porches, cozy nooks, Felt more like a resort than assisted living, Staff and residents very friendly and kind, nice patio, indoor and outdoor patios, interior design was lovely with gorgeous views throughout, bright light everywhere, It does not smell, facility is well maintained, rooms real nice and clean, staff is… very easy to talk to and very accommodating, director of sales was amazing, staff members were all very respectful and very nice, thought their promises at the beginning during the sales part of things were really followed through, you could tailor the services to meet the need therefore the pricing structure was nice, Assisted Living has coded doors, Dementia unit upstairs is secured, staff is excellent, head nurse and all of the other people there go out of their way, an in-house doctor, Staff is amazing, The community is small so more one on one attention, They knew the individuals in the community and called them by name, The Executive Director and Director of Nursing were very accessible, Staff were very nice and seemed…willing to answer questions, Everyone very professional and staff interactive with residents, They employed people who really care about their patients, [Staff] make [resident] feel needed [&] wanted and valuable, [staff] were just tremendous…They loved [95-year-old resident] and he loved them the whole time, staff was more accommodating and always kept me informed, [Memory care staff] so patient and kind, Staff seems particularly well trained when it comes to Alzheimer’s, staff were quick to respond when [resident] fell, Huge windows in living room and bedroom with light streaming in, [apartments] have individual kitchens, rooms were of a very good size, wonderful menu, food is excellent and prepared by chefs, food is good, food is outstanding and a great menu, food pretty good generally, food is tasty and a variety of options is given, restaurant atmosphere, three meals and snacks too, rooms were homey and adequate, Residents may eat in the dining room or cook for themselves, food and activities are fantastic, They take them out on the bus…scenic tour, [Resident’s] room is always very clean [&] very well kept and trash is emptied everyday at 3, They had a Halloween party and residents gave candy out to little children that came and trick or treated, elevator, whirlpool bath, morning exercise for everybody, painting, arts, finger painting, small groups for cooking classes, exercises, visiting musicians, sing-alongs, watch movies, activities to honor veterans, a beauty shop, yoga, activity room, sight-seeing, nature walks, cultural events, aerobics classes, bingo, card games, word games, Fresh popcorn in the bistro, Transportation to Walmart/Target [&] casino etc., piano

What they didn’t like: cna’s very inattentive, [staff] rude, didn’t have that many activities, expensive, in a busy area of traffic, rooms needed to be updated, [during tour] representative kept over-talking us, [Facility] failed to notify [family] that they were not able to have [resident who had been hospitalized] come back, Staff need to be more attentive, meals could use more taste and have better portions, overall staff is great but nursing staff could be more prompt in getting information back to families, Pricing schedule confusing, only complaint…is the price, care continued to worsen over the years, food could be a little better [&] served a little quicker, parking – it’s limited, No medical transportation provided, not enough staff, meal was not tasty

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