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Las Vegas, NV, has a lot going for it. For one, Nevada is very tax-friendly for retirees and housing prices are still relatively affordable. Additionally, it could well be ideal for those who crave sun and long for mild winters. Especially active seniors will appreciate that outdoor activities – golfing, hiking, biking, water sports and more – are available, year-round.

There’s also the endless amount of world-class entertainment and dining options, not to mention the casinos themselves. If you prefer spending your time outdoors, there’s no better place to enjoy golfing, biking, hiking and water sports year-round. All this reinforced by an excellent hospital network and an array of senior housing options makes Las Vegas worth checking out.

Here are a few reasons you might find “Sin City” appealing:

  • The weather: it’s sunny for days on end. The coldest weather comes in December and January, with the lowest annual temperature around 39 degrees. The hottest: the lower 100s in August. The dry climate, plus the widespread use of air-conditioners, makes the heat easier to take.
  • No income tax, and this includes Social Security and retirement accounts.
  • Nevada also lacks an estate or inheritance tax.
  • Las Vegas is a showcase for a wealth of entertainment, from their famous casinos to theater, music, dance, and world-class dining. It would take years to work through the town’s many shows, musicals, concerts and entertainment options.
  • For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there’s golf, biking, hiking, and swimming.
  • Las Vegas, and its suburbs, contain several colleges as well as the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Take classes, attend lectures, or practice dance, music and performance.
  • If you enjoy the casino scene, check around: some offer senior discounts and special incentives.
  • Senior discounts abound for shows, shopping, dining, and thrift shops. Always ask!
  • If your family lives outside the Las Vegas area, they can combine a visiting you with a vacation, allowing them – and you – to visit any number of tourist sites.
  • Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport not only offers many flights but also significant discounts, making family visits that much easier, and letting you go where you like for reasonable rates.
  • Have your own car? Then take a road trip to nearby scenic and historic cities including Santa Fe, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and many more.

Other considerations for Las Vegas

  • The city’s crime rate – not that surprisingly perhaps for a city devoted to gambling – is approximately 130% higher than the national average.
  • Downtown and the Strip area are rife with signs of gambling and other forms of entertainment. Slot machines are everywhere, and there will be folks handing out fliers for strip clubs. The outlying suburbs are pretty much free of this, though.
  • The Las Vegas public transit system is not as impressive as those of other major cities. This means that you would be better off if you have your own transportation, whether that’s your own car or you take up residence in a facility that has its own shuttle or bus.
  • Nevada has a sales tax of 6.85%.

Best Assisted Living in Las Vegas, Nevada | Who Makes the List?

A look at the best assisted living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Acacia Springs | Las Vegas, NV 89147

Acacia Springs offers Independent Living and Assisted Living

Caring – 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorHomes – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Friendly atmosphere, pets allowed, attentive staff and management, excellent marketing director, professional, cordial, very informative, very accommodating, residents interact, happy place, well-staffed, elegant, feels like one family, welcoming environment, immaculate, no smell, helpful, everyone, learns from others, good food, food is excellent, two dining rooms, very nice rooms, Olympic-sized pool, exercise room, gym, very clean, fresh-smelling, bright, well-kept, outstanding gourmet food, nutritious, menu or à la carte, chef, 24-hour snack bar, special diets on request, chose for amenities and price, freshly painted, spacious, more than 500 square feet for one bedroom/living room unit, new carpet, big bathroom, two types of units: one with carpet and one without, activities varied and fun, good location, seasonal decorations, small enough not to be overwhelming, beauty parlor, library where movies shown, couple of outdoor areas, golf course, putting green, two TV rooms and a (communal) living room, much like family-run, transportation services for doctor appointments and shopping, no pressure to join anything, can cook own meals, laundry rooms, bus service

What they didn’t like: Didn’t want a studio apartment, (private) kitchens could use upgrading, room small, closets too small, too apartment-like, older and needed updating, bland food and not of good quality, fewer dishes with less fancy names would be welcome, good if family could download schedules and weekly menus, live entertainment would be good, no kitchen but a bar in units, everyone not on the same page, felt slightly lied to and misled by sales staff

Atria Sunlake | Las Vegas, NV 89117

Atria Sunlake offers Independent Living and Assisted Living

Caring – 23 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor – 39 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Beautiful, really good food, food OK, nice staff, well-informed, staff and nurses and janitors very friendly, sweet, staff are outgoing and engaging, helpful, warm and sincere, love the feeling of safety and well-being, hospitable, they check on you if you don’t show up for breakfast, lively environment, very clean, extremely clean, accessible, great atmosphere, plants and trees, beautiful, serene, comfortable, bingo, movies, live entertainment twice a week, open bar two nights a week included in fees, restaurant-style dining, three dining rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a fireplace in each dining room, gourmet, great variety, three meals a day, filet mignon and lobster, hamburgers and fish and chips, table linens, eat when you like, rooms with kitchenettes, pretty active residents, studio and one-bedroom apartments, homey, activities from 9 AM to 6 PM and after some days, Scrabble, Canasta, movie trivia, exercises, good quality activities, Jacuzzi, field trips, beautiful courtyard, discounted rooms (depending on availability), residents decorate their doors, like going to a hotel, no odor, rooms and grounds well-kept, everybody is very classy, cost very reasonable, very accessible to the main highway, song and dance night, urge residents to participate, spacious, residents form a committee to tell management of concerns, gorgeous, can visit [resident] anytime

What they didn’t like: More expensive than some, just need to bring the price down (everything else great), laundry services are an added charge, residents not friendly, like a funeral home, like a 1950s film set, amenities fine but poorly run, rooms very small, communication not great, issue with a nurse, disappointed with the ambiance, too small a place, crowded.

Atria Sutton | Las Vegas, NV 89121

Atria Sutton provides Independent Living and Assisted Living

Caring – 16 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor – 77 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.75
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Good food, good games, allows dogs, excellent staff, professional, doing an excellent job, caring, kind and helpful, excellent customer service, staff help resident transition in, staff goes out of its way, good friends, courteous staff, very accommodating, residents seem happiest here, facility is quiet, very clean, smells good, best in the world, comfort, convenience, safe, assistance available 24/7, rooms nicely laid out, nicely furnished, big one-bedroom apartment, nice little kitchenette, big bathroom with fold-down bench, bathroom setup ideal, great activities, Activities Director, stretching, movies, penny cards, regular casino visits, live entertainment, wouldn’t change anything, excellent housekeeping, beautiful courtyard, cafeteria style dining, options for special diets, good food, variety, food is tremendous, swimming pool, pool tables, mother’s health much better after moving to Atria, competitive rates, good value for the money, price really good, even when future resident died just before moving in the staff was helpful and refunded deposit promptly, themed costume parties, staff able to assist with move-in with one week’s notice, staff really good at communicating with family members, room where family can come for a get-together

What they didn’t like: More games would be nice, pay extra to have weekly house-cleaning, could introduce more activities, medication mix-up, way too expensive for what you get, no Memory Care, management staff very unprofessional, dining room does not have table linens, felt pressured to sign on the dotted line, activity rooms empty, apartment on small side with no storage/no kitchen area, bad food, the place was old and the hallways small, no swimming pool

Brookdale Cheyenne [Formerly known as Emeritus at the Plaza] | Las Vegas, NV 89108

Brookdale Cheyenne offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Health Care Services, and Continuous Care Retirement Communities

Caring – 47 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor – 35 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Very friendly, pet-friendly, Medicaid-receptive, nice staff, very patient-focused, helps transition residents in, understanding, very knowledgeable, very empathetic, great community, staff address concerns on the spot, caregivers respond within five minutes, urge resident participation, resident ambassador program, multicultural, pleasant, very accommodating, staff caring with grooming, all busy, a lot of nurses, great doctors, full nursing care on premises, staff absolutely fabulous, good value, peace of mind, they knew everyone’s names, lots of independent residents, newer facility, great remodel, no odor, immaculate and really nice, laundry once a week, well-maintained, beautiful facility, people seemed happy, good food, excellent food, very healthy, food is filling and adequate, good food, nice dining area, order from menu or à la carte, special events (like Hawaiian Day), good parking, higher level of amenities, big veranda with furniture, wonderful activities director, lots of games, puzzles, art rooms, places to sit, inner courtyard, model apartments darling, kitchens have lots of cabinets and one that locks, single and studio apartments, smaller facility and client-focused, kind of homey, really homey, room is excellent – big enough and clean, big activities room, holiday activities, memory training, library, poker, pool table, exercise machine, very nice activity center, lots of activities and entertainment, bingo, cards, Scrabble, outings, bus for transportation, van, staff members creative in organizing activities, great with difficult residents, take residents for walks/exercise, visitors welcome any time

What they didn’t like: Costs more, very expensive, thought management misleading, needs more transportation on weekends, very depressing, staff did not impress, thought residents looked unhappy, one resident had belongings disappear and call made on her phone, management admitted lost resident’s payment but charged her fine anyway, some of the used apartments were well-worn, drab, dark, need more activities, lacks pizzazz, food could be improved, very poor food preparation, could serve healthier meals, small portions at meals need more variety, rooms very small, family had to follow up on resident’s care, no website where family could check resident’s status, staff turnover, understaffed, facility’s rating with state went down, charge extra for every little thing, cold cafeteria-style dining, on a very busy street, two floors so not suitable for easily confused senior, bad housekeeping, odor everywhere, looked too much like a nursing home, didn’t let family know resident low on drugs, staff needs better training, staff not always friendly or attentive

Desert View Senior Living [Formerly Willow Creek Assisted Living & Memory Care at Buffalo] | Las Vegas, NV 89129

Desert View Senior Living offers Independent Living and Assisted Living

Caring –17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor – 28 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Residents seemed happy, overall a great place, facility small but beautiful, nice and quiet, big sitting area with fireplace, immaculate, big beautiful courtyard, very high-end, excellent security, personal care, staff knew people by name, staff is the highlight of the place, (the staff) perfect from beginning to end, capable, the care could not have been any better, staff happy and willing to talk, incredibly supportive staff, confident, kind, respectful, considerate, responsive, work with resident’s schedule, they listen, knowledgeable about dementia, a lot of staff, people living there interact, guests can drop in any time, community relations director very nice and honest, helpful, caring, great respite care, compassionate, kind, different levels of care, clean and organized, very clean, great dining area, linen tablecloths and napkins, good food, food is great, food excellent, can eat in own room, order from menu or ask for what you want, breakfast bar and all-day salad bar, healthy snacks always available, all-in-one package with visiting physician, transportation available for shopping, casinos and doctor appointments, memory care, memory care residents have access to exercise room and assisted living entertainments, physical therapy, live music, birthday parties, Bingo, word games, entertainment director very good, restaurant-style dining room, seasonal entertainment, activities in assisted living great, residents’ choir, drama workshop, takes great care of guests, wonderful (private) room and comfortable, large closets, lots of activities, calendar of events, outings, small dining room with two meal times, kids come around to be with seniors, price that we like, residents evaluated every three months, benches out front and patios in back for fresh air

What they didn’t like: Open-style place (not suitable for some seniors), seemed smaller and closed-in, expensive, memory care didn’t have as good a feel as rest of facility, thought rooms very small, staff not attentive enough, basic price and otherwise charged for every little thing, would like more foods and desserts for diabetics, clean but not as warm or inviting as other places, high staff turnover and understaffed

Heritage Springs | Las Vegas, NV 89147

Heritage Springs provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care

Caring –29 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor – 33 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews – 7 Reviews, Average Reviews 4.55

What they liked: Clean, relaxing, pleasant feeling environment, pets allowed, fresh, small, homey, personal attention, unique, very nice and clean, immaculate, awesome, rooms and apartments beautiful, great looking place, fish tank in lobby and cockatoo in community room, staff very involved with residents, incredible staff, staff excellent, loving care, they made our father’s passing as painless as possible, very careful about medications, try to engage residents including memory care, staff-to-resident ratio of 2 to 1, strive to meet emotional and physical needs, talked about incorporating holistic elements into resident’s care/let that resident speak to residents about holistic medicine, residents seem well adjusted and happy, resident welfare comes first, never hesitates to contact family member, high level of personal independence, you never feel unwanted, residents are treated with respect and veneration, physical therapy, residents’ council, library, beauty salon, poker, lots of activities, residents proud of surroundings, delicious food, menu fantastic, food bland but healthy choices, chef, like a restaurant, table linen, breakfast any time, price pretty good, no contract/pay on monthly basis, can try place out for a month or two, no “non-refundable community fee,” big rooms/apartments, activities director active and responsible, Bingo, football games, luaus, poker, cards, TV, exercising, dancing, workout room, brain games, craft times, current events, cooking classes, weekly trips to Walmart and 99 cent store, church services, birthday parties, can arrange for facility bus to take resident to other locations, three meals a day and snacks, impressed with cleanliness and entertainment and activities, allowed 7-day visit to test place out, nice bright rooms, good area, very affordable, price a little bit higher but worth it, secure enough

What they didn’t like: Food very bland, little variety, memory care crowded, memory care needed activity area, problems with service and medication, lockdown makes it hard to get in and out of building, some theft, staff not always responsive, recommend place if you can visit resident every day, daily tasks not always done, small so residents may have to share a room with one or two others depending on space availability, community room too small, injured residents (getting helped, but bothersome), could use improvement on cleanliness and upkeep, add spices to food, not sure dementia program good, staff didn’t seem happy, no independent living, needed more activities and interaction for higher functioning memory care residents, swimming pool only for Senior Living not Assisted Living (no water therapy), cold atmosphere, toured but saw no residents, lady at front desk cold or shy, didn’t seem a happy place, no residents to talk to, looked like an institution, the only possible improvement would be price, could never get supervisor on phone

Oakey Assisted Living by Destinations | Las Vegas, NV 89102

Oakey Assisted Living provides just that: Assisted Living

Caring – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor – 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Staff was fine, staff really great, very responsible, staff very nice and pleasant, very impressed!, executive director so knowledgeable and friendly, very contemporary, welcoming the cleanliness, well cared for, community absolutely terrific, beautiful, very best care around, liked the atmosphere, liked the people, well situated, well built with quality materials, easy to get around, cater to your needs, many activities, workout room, computer room, pool table, TV, good chef, dining room small but very nice, great waiter, soup every day, buffet-style cafeteria, food wonderful, apartments nice, rooms beautifully done, apartments pretty good-sized, full refrigerators with freezers, studios, hotel-type arrangement/one big unit, heartily welcomed when I toured, lots of grass and trees, outdoor activities, bus for doctor visits, casino outings, field trips at certain times, beautiful environment and very peaceful, medication care cheaper than most places

What they didn’t like: Like an apartment complex, not nearly as luxurious as some facilities, housekeeping just once a week, lack of follow-through, broken promises, rooms too small and pricey

Pacifica Senior Living San Martin [Formerly Willow Creek] | Las Vegas, NV 89113

Pacifica Senior Living San Martin offers Assisted Living and Memory Care

Caring – 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Community is beautiful, brand-new, lots of great windows, beautiful grounds, animal-friendly, handrails, wheelchair ramps, everything handicap-accessible, very professional and caring, couldn’t find better staff, not pushy, management very hands-on and available, liked the staff, like a 5-star hotel, feels like an apartment complex for the elderly, not at all gloomy, classy, large and spacious rooms, high ceilings, beauty salon, buffet and restaurant-style eating, definitely clean, best apartments of all, so impressed with amenities, residents seemed very happy, great-grandmother’s memory improved, peace of mind, residents appear immaculately cared for (those who are out and about), a lot of activities, library, movie theater, lots of classes, art classes, church services, exercise room, trivia, Bingo, spa, outings at least once a week, connections to cruises, bus trips for doctor appointments and shopping, nice two-bedroom units, well kept-up, people there seemed to be pleased with lifestyle, largest one bedroom unit one reviewer had seen, very spacious apartment, gorgeous bathrooms, bathroom fixtures, walk-in closet with storage, kitchen (no oven) with full refrigerator and microwave, several oversized common areas when compared to other facilities, great food, best food and menu, food is consistently good if not great and plentiful, three chefs, five waiters, order from menu or à la carte, wait staff attentive, timely service, beautiful dining room nicely setup, staff very friendly, residents involved in endless activities, cost very reasonable, weekly personal laundry, daily trash collection, weekly cleaning, 24/7 watchful eyes on loved ones, very ritzy, very pleasant furnishings, big patio off the dining room, valet parking

What they didn’t like: Poor communication between staff and resident’s family, no swimming pool, too expensive, no covered parking, felt like promises not kept, lack of communication among staff, possibly not set up to deal with resident who is physically unstable, residents not out and about may not get same level of care, food uneven in quality, people seemed cold, the big patio would be better covered, couldn’t bake, too dark, since Pacifica took over have seen decline in quality of food, activities minimal, seems more restrictions on where residents can go and what they can do.

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