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While it’s true that Los Angeles may not be everyone’s idea of a retirement city, as always it depends on what a person is looking for. Los Angeles does have a wide range of assisted living communities, which cater to the city’s diverse populace.

They are scattered throughout LA, as well as out into the suburbs and the San Fernando Valley. And while there may be some downsides to living in the “City of Angels”, there are also a lot of qualities that could make LA your go-to retirement destination.

Before we get to the assisted living communities that made it to our list, let’s look at some pros and cons of retirement in Los Angeles.

What people like about Los Angeles:

  • Whether you choose to live in LA or in one of the suburbs, you have a unique range of choices of terrain. Depending on the kind of activities you want to pursue, you could live downtown or out in the ‘burbs, experiencing what you choose: canyons, flatlands, or the beach.
  • There are a number of tourist sites: historic buildings, the movie studios, museums, libraries, theater, dance, music, colorful neighborhoods, and varied and striking scenery. You and any guests you have will never want for something to do.
  • This is a health-conscious town. Opportunities for outdoor activities (biking, hiking, jogging) abound. Additionally, fruits and vegetables grow here all year round, making it easy to incorporate local produce as part of your daily diet.
  • Transportation options are many, including an extensive system of bus lines, a subway, and light rail. All these – especially the buses – are heavily used and will carry you efficiently throughout Los Angeles County.
  • LA, with its world-class hospitals, is an ideal place to be if you need medical attention. Both alternative and traditional treatments are offered here.
  • LA, the second most populous US city, is made up of a rich, diverse blend of cultures. The art scene – whether in galleries or on the streets in the form of murals – is a vital characteristic of this town. Music, dance, theater, street fairs, annual events – it’s all here. The area, first settled by the Chumash and Tongva Indians thousands of years ago, was later colonized by the Spanish in the 1700s. As a result, both Native American and Latino cultures are present to this day in nearly every aspect of this city, infusing it with a richness many find deeply satisfying.
  • A trait many people find appealing about LA is that the city strives to be accepting of diversity of all kinds, regardless of ethnicity or religion. It has also long been welcoming to people of all sexual orientations. The dedication to caring for the less fortunate also says a lot about what’s at the heart of this city.
  • The cost of living may be higher than many other locales, but it is still cheaper than New York City, Miami, Honolulu, Seattle, San Francisco, and several other popular retirement destinations.
  • The climate tends to be people-friendly. Anyone experiencing arthritis will appreciate the dry, warm weather. It rarely gets colder than 40 degrees. Temperatures can get up to 110 in summer, but it is a dry heat. Just be sure your housing selection provides air conditioning.
  • There are several commercial airports available, most notably the very busy LAX, making it easy for friends and family to come to visit you, and vice-versa.
  • Being this close to a major center of film history, as well as on-going film and TV production, is just plain intriguing.

Other considerations for Los Angeles

  • Air quality may be a problem. (No matter where you might go, you want to ask about that.) Los Angeles continues to work on this issue, but go online and look up “air quality Los Angeles” before setting up a new home there.
  • Earthquakes occur – though no hurricanes, tornadoes, or tsunamis. Heavy rains are rare, and thunder and lightning is never a big deal. As for earthquakes, though, following the big one in 1994, it is reported that those buildings not already up to code were either demolished or reinforced to meet city standards. You could note that, outside of certain portions of town, the vast majority of buildings are only one level; single-story buildings are significantly safer than multiple-storied. Just as you’d want to know where the fire escapes are, ask about the history of any building you are considering, if it is up to code, and just what that means, practically speaking.
  • Fires have also been a problem but, again, buildings have been updated to provide more protection to the inhabitants. Be sure to ask about this issue, as well.

Best Assisted Living Los Angeles California | Who makes the list?

A look at the best assisted living in Los Angeles, California.

Belmont Village Hollywood Heights (aka: Belmont Village of Hollywood) | Los Angeles, CA 90068

Belmont Village Hollywood Heights offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Circle of Friends (a Transitional Memory Care group), Memory Care, and Short Stay.

Caring – 16 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorAdvisor – 33 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4.47

What they liked: Excellent, very clean, spotless, structure outstanding, very upscale, elegant, like a 4-star hotel but with a lot of care, like a cruise ship, very creative environment, updated, spacious, new carpet, David/marketing was incredible, a lot of outings, residents seemed active and involved, age-relevant environment, sense of well-being and comfort, exercise group every day, food was really good/had a lot of choices, full-course meals, custom cooked, one of the nicest and most well-kept facilities in the area, staff extremely friendly, helpful and cheerful, well-trained and happy professionals, intelligent staff with excellent backgrounds, professional, caring, attentive to residents and family, encourages family participation and sleepovers, cater activities to residents’ interests, love Circle of Friends, staff pretty wonderful, Dad receives really great care, staff know everyone by name, several activities, three meals a day, loves the food, chef, food OK, afternoon snacks, really nice restaurant dining room, discussion groups, best in amenities, food, staff and luxury, beautiful great room with fireplace, bistro, center for learning, center for life enhancement, theatre, courtyard, fit for a king or queen, in one of best neighborhoods in LA, outings several days a week, outside looks nice and new, singing, computer room, very pleasant place, housekeeping, close to attractions, facility transportation, fairly affordable, in the heart of Hollywood, can walk to restaurants, quick ride to set of “The Price Is Right,” close to hospitals, nearby churches, walk on beach, garden, natural light-filled rooms, very adequate security, close to Hollywood/Highland metro station & the Kodak Theater & the Hard Rock Café, noise levels not a problem, licensed nurse on-site 24/7, Universal studios is nearby, close to church

What they didn’t like: Extremely busy location, visitor parking empties out directly in front of Hollywood Bowl, expensive, too hospital-like, too bright, too many people, too many people in their 80s and up (2013), rooms too small and expensive, Hollywood way to noisy and bustling, concern about Grandfather’s level of care, website needs updating (2014), tiny (facility), no room to walk, garden across street treacherous (2013), very hilly terrain, no gardens and no “outsides” except patios, trash in almost every room and bad smells (2013), one-bedroom very small

Belmont Village Westwood | Los Angeles, CA 90024

Belmont Village Westwood offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Circle of Friends (a Transitional Memory Care Community), Memory Care, and Short Stay

Caring –22 Reviews, Average Rating 4.33
SeniorAdvisor – 14 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 1 Review, Average Rating 3
GoldenReviews – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4.58

What they liked: Amazing, fantastic, beautiful, very modern interior, clean community, facility big, clean and friendly, pool and equipment to lift resident into pool, outstanding swimming pool, staff very nice, staff lovely, extremely capable, responsive to suggestions, residents having so much fun, people there seemed to be a lot more alive [than at other facilities], nice meals, exceptionally tasty, food 24/7, food excellent (2012), café dining, kitchen staff seemed to know about food and dining, lovely accommodations, nice people, good program, very positive, rooms very adequate, large 2-bedroom apartments, Yiddish class, UCLA lecturers, continuing education opportunities, like an upscale hotel, room nice but small, computer room, library, theater, physical therapy available

What they didn’t like: A bit snobby, very expensive, too expensive, only two meals a day [included in package], business office not responsive (2013), prices went up too frequently, like a hotel, trying too hard to impress (2014), found private rooms tiny and cheaply put-together (2014), expect something a little classier, pool badly maintained (2014), rundown (2013), small bathrooms

Bentley Manor by Serenity Care Health | Los Angeles, CA 90066

Bentley Manor by Serenity Care Health offers Assisted Living

Caring – 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor – 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Seemed to be caring staff, friendly, attentive, so great with my parents, staff kept parents stimulated and active, very nice place, a pleasure to visit [loved one], so clean, safe, secure, great location, higher end with standard rooms, good communication with family, we received so much more than we expected,

What they didn’t like: Depressing and horrible, like a board and care house, only staff [for residents] to talk to and they’re busy, turned off when tour guide went straight to finances before showing rooms, not many activities (2015), food very bland and declined, staff didn’t help resident to recover, didn’t like hospital beds (2015), too quiet for loved one

Garden of Palms | Los Angeles, CA 90046

Garden of Palms offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, The Gardens (Memory Care), Respite Program, and Wellness Program

Caring – 7 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor – 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Very nice, smaller facility so people get to know each other, far exceeded my expectations of a memory unit, very small with 65 patients, they accept Medicaid, clean and organized, warm feeling, very clean space, immaculate, décor and ambiance really nice, rooms were nicer, residents were content, staff warm and helpful, observed caregiver singing to resident, family feeling, so loving and kind, respectful, responsive, caring, staff like being there, manager and activities director go above and beyond, place allows couples at different levels of care to stay together, nice amenities, beauty parlor, pharmacy, very comfortable, nice setting, really impressed with service here, activities very good and all-day, chef, fresh food, home-made food not pre-packaged, up-to-date movies and musical entertainment several times a week, bingo, poker, blackjack, other card games, daily physical therapy, three very nice meals a day, non-sectarian community, mostly a Jewish community, kosher food made fresh each day, treated residents and family like family, keep family informed, family notified of special events, lovely courtyard, small library, movie room

What they didn’t like: Understaffed, located on a very busy street, rooms too small, parking sucked, primarily Jewish residents so no Christmas celebration (very nice apart from that), dark and dreary (2013)

Hollenbeck Palms | Los Angeles, CA 90033

Photo of apartment in Hollenbeck Palms, an assisted living community in Los Angeles.
Photo courtesy of Hollenbeck Palms.

Hollenbeck Palms provides Residential Senior Living, Assisted Senior Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Enhancement Care, Senior Activities & Wellness Program

Caring – 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorAdvisor – 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews – 19 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6lean, 2

What they liked: Everything nice and fine, warm and welcoming, facility excellent, one of the oldest facilities in Los Angeles, more than 100 years old, updated, well maintained, 24-hour gated security, place immaculately groomed and up to date, well landscaped, clean, grounds very beautiful, grounds/independent living building/condos first rate, water fountains and gardens, lovely community, residents friendly, increased enjoyment of life, “I am heard/we are heard,” “Not home/but comfortable,” lively, fun and vibrant, staff seemed very helpful, gracious, staff pleasant and nice, attention to med schedules, take pride in their work, genuine/kind/welcoming, well-trained, knowledgeable, encourage and motivate residents to be active, cover the whole spectrum of [aging] issues, general atmosphere nice, residents and staff engage with each other, everyone above and beyond, 24-hour nursing staff, individualized plans, doctor always available, helpful with move-in, staff helped resident design and decorate her room with paint and tile samples, kitchenette installed to suit resident, three meals a day, rooms seemed OK, rooms very spacious, dining room spacious/ very pleasant, elegant old-fashioned dining, family-style seating, food excellent, view of downtown LA, LA skyline amazing, great view overlooking central LA, bistro, pool, gym, ice cream parlor, very nice library, game room, movie nights, several nice places to walk, concerts at the universities, opera companies, lectures, museums, lots of space, lots of activities, play games, assortment of classes, relaxation activities, karaoke, table tennis, three different large game rooms, beach trips, day trips, shopping, fitness classes, tai chi, line dancing, baseball, rooms with emergency buttons and railings

What they didn’t like: Pricey, laundry – pay for it or do it yourself, rooms and staff just average, the main building is out of date, small church-like rooms

Nazareth House | Los Angeles, CA 90064

Nazareth House offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Palliative Care, and Hospice Care

Caring – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorAdvisor – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6

What they liked: Located in Cheviot Hills, pretty big, large and with lots of character and history, facility excellent, lots of gardens and walking space, two-stories tall, high quality of care, excellent staff, staff provide care around the clock, nurses very kind and patient with Alzheimer’s residents, nurses very helpful, staff confidence-inducing, chapel open every day/Mass every day, chapel open to anyone/any religion, a good choice even if you aren’t Catholic, they don’t push religion, tea time, TVs, bingo, attend concerts and performances, nutritious meals, dining room very nice, location very nice, facility clean and perfect condition, food very good, best religious assisted living facility in LA, tremendous empathy for residents and family, comfortable housing, fun activities, fellowship, rooms acceptable, activities, cards, outings, drive to doctor appointments

What they don’t like: Will drop you off at the doctor but not go in with you, no cooking in rooms, only problem: nurses don’t always return calls

Kingsley Manor | Los Angeles, CA 90029

Kingsley Manor offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing

Caring – 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor – 6 Review, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Not as up-to-date but people nice, absolutely beautiful, very clean, atmosphere very peaceful, lots of safety devices, older apartments and buildings clean and perfectly serviceable, crown molding, quaint inside, ugly outside but nice inside, facility excellent, grounds mature, beautiful flowers and nice lawns, walking paths, take Medicare, staff great, knowledgeable, considerate and cooperative, warm and friendly, very accommodating, inviting, helpful, treat everyone really nicely, well-mannered and very proactive, compassionate, responsible and responsive, executive staff understands residents’ fears, very international populace, residents from movie industry, library, salon, cards, good food, not gourmet but fresh, dining room large and very attractive, special dining rooms (for guests), buffet or restaurant-style, Hollywood sign visible, staff knows residents, apartments small but nice, terraces and balconies, patio on roof area/great views, nice social atmosphere, people interacted, beauty shop, gym, theater, TV room/ huge TV screen, chapel, little gift souvenir shop, place to read, suite with sitting room and bedroom, lots of space, air-conditioned, really lovely, small kitchen, bathroom with shower, bingo, movies, can go out daily, grocery shopping, many programs and opportunities, sightseeing, nature walks

What they didn’t like: Unattractive neighborhood (2014), not the best of neighborhoods (but still chose it), food could be more nutritious (2014), really great but too big, had to qualify to live there (11/2017), thought staff uncooperative/place too expensive (2014)

Silverado Beverly Place (Former name: The Loft by Silverado) | Los Angeles, CA 90048

Silverado Beverly Place provides Assisted Living and Memory Care

Caring – 14 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor – 32 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 2 Reviews, Average Rating 2.5
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Very pricey but very good, pet-friendly, homey, house dogs, overall a nice place, very big, like a campus, safe place, they live up to their philosophy, like a real home, beautiful aquarium, amazing courtyard, very clean, close to Beverly Center in West Hollywood and CBS studio building/can go watch shows taping, secure (especially for dementia/Alzheimer’s), not prison-like, excellent care, smells fresh, people and environment make Silverado so great, the entire staff is very good, professional, dedicated, compassionate, medical and management personnel extremely responsive, staff loving and caring, good communication with family, wheelchair-bound resident given great attention/no skin breakdown, grounds very nice, rooms very nice, shared rooms very nice, arts, movies, crafts, seem to cater to each resident, excellent and ideal community, [the manager] very nice/very considerate/very understanding, highly responsive and supportive management, always well-staffed, the rooms were nicer than others, grounds incredible, seniors take trips/stay very active, dining area wonderful, very much a community dining area, certain dining times, terrific food, food is pretty decent, varied menu, library, big main room, locked community, valet service, near a farmers market, “can’t recommend them highly enough!”, the doctor always available to answer questions, support groups for family, offer some fun scheduled and planned activities

What they didn’t like: Report of staff neglectful of residents, expensive, dingy, expected more but found place in terrible shape (2015), thought staff unwelcoming (2015), dingy and dirty, dining area just average, food isn’t good, rooms really small, could follow through with maintenance requests, not enough activities (2015), left resident alone too much (2015), resident bathed only twice a week (manager’s response says daily), Aunt declined rapidly after entering facility (2014), blames the Loft for father’s death (5/2015)

Solheim Lutheran Home | Los Angeles, CA 90041

Solheim Lutheran Home offers Residential Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing Care, and Rehabilitation

Caring – 3 Reviews, Average Rating 3.7
SeniorAdvisor – 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes – 1 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews – No Reviews

What they liked: Staff very caring, very warm and welcoming, will do whatever it takes, always smiling, very helpful, genuine care and concern, strive to make environment safe and comfortable, residents receive value, facility bright and clean, food excellent, nursing staff very nice, medication management very well handled, rooms spacious, animal friendly, cheerful assisted living, staff meets weekly to discuss issues, can visit residents any time, plenty of activities without forcing people beyond their abilities, menu good, staff urge participation, community is wonderful, very friendly and comfy, independent living kitchenette/no stove or stovetop, shared washer/dryer, transportation, three meals a day, free Wifi and cable, garden, barbecue, fitness room, classes,

What they didn’t like: Lifeless (2013), independent living looks drab (2017), no window views to speak of, décor ordinary, only complaint/non-nursing staff fails to follow-up, security issues

The Cottages at Melrose Gardens [Listings vary: – Melrose Gardens & the Cottages; GoldenReviews – Melrose Gardens; SeniorAdvisor – reviews under two separate listings (see below)] | Los Angeles, CA 90046

Melrose Gardens, aka The Cottages at Melrose Gardens, provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Club Melrose (Transitional Memory Care Community), The Cottages (Alzheimer’s Unit), and Wellness Program (Individualized services/care)

Caring – 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4.75
SeniorAdvisor – 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4 [Listed under two names: “Melrose Gardens” (7 reviews) & “The Cottages at Melrose Gardens” (10 reviews)]
SeniorHomes – No Reviews
GoldenReviews – 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4.14

What they liked: Really nice, smaller community, beautiful location, staff friendly/knowledgeable, staff fabulous, positive attitudes, always smiling no matter what, loving and attentive, excellent medication management (said resident), the staff make you feel special/ empowering (said resident), very professional and caring, respectful, really special community, homey, take care of all needs, no need to worry, lovely, peaceful, well-designed, charming, organized, flowers and art everywhere, facility very very special/unlike any other, draws residents out, plenty of staff (6/2015), competitive rates/don’t charge for every little thing, great value for the money, very smooth transition in, wonderful place, [residents] encouraged to retain skills and independence, intercom system to remind resident of activities, rooms generous in size and well-maintained, rooms and apartments pretty clean and nice, beautiful rooms, list of activities to help with cognitive stimulation and socialization, music activities, good activities board, dining area was a little small (but the facility was small), sit-down exercise program, unique activities/not the same old Bingo etc., adult story-time, journaling, food was good, dining room nice, wellness trainer, unique that they have light weight training, tree-lined streets, relatively safe neighborhood, common rooms nicely decorated/very clean, didn’t smell, can bring in own furniture, patio gardens, cozy studios, pedicures/manicures, home-baked food

What they didn’t like: Parking extremely difficult, neighborhood can get noisy at night, leery of a place that lists board games as an activity/worried not enough activities, short-staffed (6/2015), very hard to get resident on phone, refund process slow, staff unable to deal with frail dementia resident (12/2014), no one talking except caregivers/too quiet (2/2014), liked everything but the color scheme (2013)

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  1. How about Orange County, California? All I could read about here was LA, which you even describe as “Los Angeles may not be everyone’s idea of a retirement city”! I’ve lived in OC since the ’70’s, and many of its cities offer better safety, air quality, things to do, and on… Sadly, it’s so common for raters to stick to a few big cities, while neglecting nearby places where rating might meet or exceed actually those reviewed. I hope you folks read these comments.
  2. Well my mum is a resident of Avantgarde Senior Living & Memory Care in Tarzana, CA. she has been there since 3 years now and I have no complains. She loves it to the point of no return. I was visiting to see if I could get better options but I don’t see them listed at all.
  3. One of my friends enrolled her grandmother at Avantgarde Senior Living, they had amazing facilities such as 24*7 medical care, along with wide range of other activities such as daily activity schedule, Courtyard & Golf Course, and Courtyard & Golf Course.

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