Best Assisted Living in Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky – known affectionately as Derby City or River City or The Gateway to the South – is another of those U.S. cities rich with history that just might be the ideal retirement destination.

Incorporated in 1828 but established 50 years earlier in 1778, and named for King Louis XVI, it is the largest city in the state and the 26th largest in the country. There are plenty of things to see and do in this city of some 770,000 people, in part due to the presence of six four-year universities.

What people like about Louisville, Kentucky

  • Lower than average cost of living. Per, a site that rates various US cities as to the relative cost of living, where a score of 100 represents the national average, Louisville comes in at 87.9, chiefly because the cost of housing here is significantly lower.
  • Taxes: Social Security benefits are exempt, and Federal, state, and private pensions are also exempt, up to $41,110.
  • Climate: Four distinct seasons, averaging only 4.5 days as low as 10 degrees. The average temperature in January (the coldest month) is 34.9 degrees. Summers can get into the 90s. (More about weather below.)
  • Public transportation is supplied by the Transit Authority of River City (TARC), a bus system that serves all of downtown Louisville and Jefferson County, as well as much of the suburban area. It appears that a light rail system is in the works but hasn’t been constructed yet.
  • Close to the Appalachian Mountains and the Ohio River (plus other bodies of water), Louisville delivers ample opportunities to study flora and fauna, to fish, or just enjoy a charming walk or bike ride.
  • Nine public golf courses are available, six of which are 18-hole.
  • There are approximately 120 parks to choose from, depending on your – or your visitors’ -interests. Algonquin Park, one of the most popular, covers more than 16 acres and includes a swimming pool plus areas for picnicking as well as for a variety of sports.
  • This city has a lot of attractions for residents and their guests. Walking tours of Old Louisville (covering some 1,200 acres) will introduce you not only to architectural history and stories from the town’s past but allow you to learn how these buildings have evolved over time into the still vibrant and useful homes, offices, shops, and museums they are today.
  • Forms of indoor entertainment abound. The most convenient option might be Fourth Street Live, which is 350,000 square feet of art galleries, shops, theaters (movie and otherwise), musical venues, and diverse, award-winning restaurants. This amazing space also houses festivals and other celebrations throughout the year.
  • For those with classic tastes, there’s the Kentucky Center that sponsors productions of the Louisville Ballet, Louisville Orchestra, Bourbon Baroque, StageOne Family Theatre, and the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival which produces a summer series of plays, admission-free.
  • The city presents festivals throughout the year, totaling some 48 annually. Among the offerings are the Kentucky Derby and all its attendant hoopla which occurs in May (including, among other things, a glorious fireworks display), or auto shows, a machine gun shoot (honestly), Blues music festival (and other music events), that summer Shakespeare festival referenced above – well, there’s something to interest anyone. By the way, even if you’re not keen on the Derby race itself, the magnificent and elaborate site of Churchill Downs, where the race is held, is itself worthy of a tour.
  • A specific event that might appeal to you is the annual Lebowski Fest, a must-see for those who loved the 1998 hit, The Big Lebowski. Started in 2001, this event just gets bigger and better as time goes on.
  • Arguably the best-known celebrity to emerge from Louisville is Muhammed Ali. The Muhammad Ali Center was constructed to honor his memory including his achievements, not only as a committed athlete but as a political and social activist and philanthropist. The center aims to carry on his work, educating children and adults alike.
  • Medical care, in a range of fields, is readily available from a bevy of hospitals and medical clinics.
  • Last but not least, have an interest in ghost-hunting? Louisville has one of the (reportedly) most haunted places in the world: Waverly Hills Sanatorium, built as a private home about 1883. This rather stark looking property, which was converted into a tuberculosis sanatorium and opened in 1910, has been the subject of an episode of several TV programs devoted to the supernatural in the US and UK, as well as referenced on popular shows like Supernatural.

Other considerations for Louisville

  • The weather could be off-putting, as in snowy and cold winters, the occasional tornado, and those hot, humid summers.
  • Racial tension has long been a part of life in this city. Dialogues, especially after some events in 2016, are ongoing, but progress is slow.
  • The crime rate is substantially higher than the national average.

Best Assisted Living in Louisville, Kentucky – Who makes the list?

A look at the best assisted living in Louisville, Kentucky.

Atria Blankenbaker (Formerly known as Brookdale Blankenbaker and before that Horizon Bay)| Louisville, KY 40243

Atria Blankenbaker offers Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 52 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: really clean, very clean, well maintained, homey, modern, bright and cheerful, like…a big hotel, big wide doors and easy to navigate halls, pretty good layout, well laid out, community very warm and welcoming, close to Interstate for easy access, registered nurse on 24-hours a day, residents appeared well cared for and happy, meals are very healthy, food is good, food so dang on good – Like expensive restaurant quality, food was excellent, dining room…very pretty and organized, staff seemed…professional, [Staff] very good about helping the residents to do things that they’re familiar with like folding napkins and setting the tables, little activity stations to keep the residents engaged, staff is wonderful, the way the staff interacted with the residents…thought it was beautiful, the administration was upfront and honest, family…were always listened to and given an update, the friendliness of the people and the staff, Great hands-on caring nurses and aides, Cannot stress enough how helpful the staff has been, Extremely helpful addressing…current and future needs, entire staff has been very friendly and aware of [resident’s] specific needs, staff is very…professional, Nursing staff patient, Staff are completely amazing and very responsive!, one bedroom a little bit small but still very nice, The rooms were very nice…apartment-style rooms, They take them to their doctor's appointments, staff very supportive,, Remarkable [&] caring individuals, really like the memory care, really good for dementia care, [dementia residents’] rooms were OK — shared rooms — and it appeared clean, have activities planned throughout the day, music and sing-alongs, outings, they get together to watch TV, excellent library, bingo, card games, prayer rooms, arts and crafts, place where they can get their hair done, gardening, exercise, an exercise room, puzzles, posted schedule of activities

What they didn’t like: staff just wasn't as open and friendly, apartments weren't as nice and weren't as spacious, didn’t see any activities, staff very nice except for one individual who did a home assessment with my mom, over promise and deliver on nothing, [loved one’s] room is a little more isolated than [family] would like, administration says they are working on [repairing resident’s tv] but still nothing has changed, in the hallways the lighting was not as good as it could be, only complaint is the food, enjoyed meals very much but [staff] did not follow [resident’s] heart healthy low sodium diet, not impressed with cleanliness and package, some caregivers not friendly and rude at times, don’t feel they check on patients as much as they say, Meals were often late and menu items changed a lot, [facility] a bit too big, would have preferred they be honest with us [about what facility could offer]

Atria Springdale | Louisville, KY 40241

Atria Springdale provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 33 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] really excellent, building was beautiful, new [&] modern [&] updated, immaculate, more homey, in a beautiful area, very well run, very nice and looked kept up, Atria and its staff provided me and my family peace of mind, wonderful home for people who wish to remain independent yet need some monitored assistance, main lobby was nice, Being a little smaller I think it has a more intimate environment, residents were happy, thought that they kept everybody young and active, The apartment is very…inviting, rooms very clean [&] nice and well appointed, studio apartment…has plenty of room, [resident’s] room…is adequate in size, living quarters are sized well, rooms looked pretty decent, [in apartments] an emergency call system, The [memory care] room was a nice little apartment with a bathroom/walk-in shower/refrigerator/sink like a kitchenette, All the residents were incredibly friendly, [staff] seem to be very friendly and caring, They seem to make it a very personalize[d] experience for everyone, good experience with the salesperson, [Staff] seem to know all of the patients names, very organized, staff is pretty positive, staff is very friendly and interacts with the residents, very active people, a lot more activities [than elsewhere], in memory care they play games to try to stimulate [resident’s] memory and…take them on outings, [Staff] were fabulous, Their services were excellent, food was very good, food was excellent, food is not great but the dining room is, cafe providing snacks and foods to the residents along with restaurant-style meals, served meals three times a day, dining room guarantees…healthy and delicious meals, plenty of food, library area, beauty salon, happy hour, outings, took trips all the time several days a week, [They] go to a couple of restaurants each month, go to baseball games, in house movies, play cards, exercises, bingo, board games, casinos, theater, shopping, activities around holiday times like Thanksgiving [made] to include the families, wine tasting night, [facility offers] transportation options to the residents, They also had a van that can go to various areas

What they didn’t like: rooms were small, dining room dark and uninviting, [facility] very nice but too congested, prices were a little high but it was a really nice facility, very nice but very small facility for the money that they wanted monthly, rooms were very small and outdated, its location…is backed up to an expressway and the freeway

Atria Stony Brook | Louisville, KY 40299

Atria Stony Brook offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 23 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4.34
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: lovely place, very beautiful, warm and very welcoming, facility is clean & bright and the apartments are designed to allow for both safety and comfort, there’s a lot of manpower that goes into making sure people are safe, [resident] could eat her meals anytime she wanted, resort-quality, not so large that it is confusing residents, building is designed in a way that residents should not ever feel compartmentalized and packed in, most definitely clean, nicely decorated, [facility] modern and looked very new and clean, all rooms and hallways very colorful and well lit, no foul odors, older facility but…maintained very well, garden in the back [with] birds…and butterflies in the summertime, nice porch, a lawn…you can sit on and fenced-in park where you could sit, courtyard, Everybody seemed very happy, residents were very happy, safe, reasonably priced, They were very helpful, [staff] good at encouraging [resident] to participate, staff very nice and very willing to help, a nurse on staff 24/7, staff probably somewhere between good and excellent, Staff knows every resident by their first name, staff and residents have made [shy new resident] feel at home with smiles and good humor, staff made sure [resident] integrated into the daily routine, [Staff] very prompt if you ask something of them, staff very friendly and knowledgeable, staff was very…open [&] honest, [staff] work hard to keep residents engaged and their minds active, staff very cooperative, staff is caring [&] positive [&] encouraging and seem to have a genuine concern for [resident], detail the custodians put into their work was obvious throughout the entire building, liked the people running the Alzheimer’s wing, beautiful atmosphere in Memory Care – real cozy homelike feel…smelled clean, comfortable dining facilities, excellent chef, meals are pretty good, menu is appealing with a nice variety of healthy meals, food was good, the food was fine, food was excellent, food is awesome, rooms were a nice size and included a nice big restroom which was easily accessible, a small kitchenette, rooms were gorgeous, rooms are very clean and comfortable looking, studio type apartment has a little kitchenette with a refrigerator and a nice bathroom, units were spacious, 2 bedroom/2 bath units, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units with kitchenette/living room and sufficient bath and handicap features, a full calendar of activities, a bus for off-site activities, singing, happy hour…once a week, bingo, puzzle, movie nights, movie room, arts and crafts, plenty of books, gardening, Adventurous Eating Club, all the transportation that anyone would need

What they didn’t like: do not offer personal care…just primarily assisted living, didn’t have someone that could help dispense medications, building outdated, seemed like residents were cramped, dining area small, expensive, no covered entry to building, [Memory Care staff] understaffed and not properly trained, a lot of maintenance items…not taken care of, staff turnover very high, paid…for my dad's laundry and they folded and put it in a basket and put it in the front door of his room…He couldn't put it away, wish there was more opportunity for generative community outreach, Perhaps more [of] an initial orientation program would have been helpful, some of the staff could have been friendlier

Belmont Village St. Matthews | Louisville, KY 40207

Belmont Village St. Matthews provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Circle of Friends, Memory Care, and Short-stay.

Caring– 15 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4.67
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very clean, very homey, free internet, had more multi-denominational religious events in the schedule, facility was very nice…[&] up to date and cheerful, Close to large park, BV provides a safe [&] friendly [&] secure environment, Circle of Friends which is a cognitive program, very quiet compared to other [facilities], community is very light, decorated very beautifully, cleanliness and the level of care, plenty of staff, staff very relaxed [&] very informative and asked my mom questions, physical therapy on site, [Resident] treated just like one would treat their own family, [Resident] more excited about life than we’ve seen him in years, director informative and kind, There are nurses on duty 24/7, BV is located around a bunch of malls, their relationship with Vanderbilt University to help Alzheimer’s patients, [staff] continue to evaluate the residents and reassess their needs…[using] a 69-point inspection or review, memory care unit sectioned off into stages and for each stage they had certain activities, nurses and nurse assistants were great, has nurse on staff 24/7, [staff] were very professional, staff is very helpful to both the resident and the family, food was fine, meals are excellent, food is good, Food is really good, especially good food & varied menu, food is delicious, entertainment for the residents, live music, children who came in to perform, magic shows, somebody…came in and sang big band songs, picnics on Memorial Day, a great program for people who had memory loss, units viewed had plenty of space, The room was very comfortable, room was medium sized although the bathroom was large with lots of handrails, Daily activities are well planned and creative, painting, live music, Holidays are always very special, They take the residents to go shopping or to the movies, outings every Monday and Friday, [facility hosted] a seminar which seemed to be about current events, performances in the Great Room

What they didn’t like: very expensive, her room was a tiny studio, a little dated, food was mediocre, expensive, traffic in that area is horrendous, They need to improve on the prices, not as friendly as one would hope, rooms on the small side, put off by smell of steamed cauliflower and broccoli upon entering [facility], no swimming pool and limited exercise facilities, entrance fees were steep

Brookdale Stonestreet (Formerly Emeritus at Stonecreek Lodge) | Louisville, KY 40272

Brookdale Stonestreet offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 11 Reviews, Average Rating 3.7
SeniorAdvisor– 36 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] very bright and sunny, cleanliness, allows pets, homey, Outstanding facility staffed by people who truly appeared to care, cohesive community, [family] can come and go any time and there is security, Excellent meals and services, a really good atmosphere, place is very safe and secure, setting [of facility] back in the woods so it looked peaceful and calm, liked…that they had a little walking trail [&] places to sit outside and visit, nice shaded areas, [felt like] they were on a cruise or kind of like in a vacation, lots of vets present, [sales staff can] help with VA benefits, The staff were accommodating and everybody…extremely friendly, kind, saw good positive interaction between staff and residents, staff are excellent, [staff] friendliness and attentiveness, There have been a few issues but…they have addressed them right away, [Resident] didn’t go down to breakfast and staff checked on her and [then] delivered her breakfast in her room, a nurse in the personal care wing all the time and they dispensed the medications, really well-equipped staff… very nice [&] helpful and goes above and beyond, dining area is great [&] open and airy like a restaurant, dining room is OK, Food was good, Menu is good with a lot of healthy choices, dining room was pretty and…like restaurant style, meals are wonderful, food was very good, two bedroom room [apt.]…was good-sized, one-bedroom, studio apartment attractive and very roomy, individual rooms are very large, apartments very clean and nice, room looks brand new, apartment (room) is large and spotless with a small kitchen [&] dining area, [rooms] very spacious [w/a] really fresh clean smell, [Resident’s] room was nice and big… had a huge bathroom [&] a nice living room, [views of] woods and trees, beautiful view, lots of activities and social events, game room, Friday night movie, bingo, church group, cookouts, transportation to Dr. appointments…and shopping

What they didn’t like: Food [served] cold, delayed response at front door, need to improve on their price points in…assisting on the medications, understaffed, communication among family and staff has been a problem at times and there are no care plan meetings, could improve food, housekeeping could do with a little more diligence in cleaning, management is not consistent, [staff] never got my loved one to participate in any of the activities, definitely some issues with upper management…unprofessional, the restaurant serves entrees every night and many residents would prefer something less upscale more often

Oxmoor Lodge | Louisville, KY 40222

Oxmoor Lodge provides Independent Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Alzheimer’s and Memory Care.

Caring– 25 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 38 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 7 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] smaller and cozy, nice-looking, affordable, pet-friendly, bright and open, clean, very attractive, very homey, serene location, colorful, immaculate, well maintained, very comfortable and of good size, people are very kind and friendly, a nice [&]clean and healthy environment, inexpensive and a good deal, costs extra to have someone come and help you but their general pricing was great, next to a mall, close to shopping centers, small walking path and nice porch on the back, nice little lake in the back, grounds are impeccable, close…to…restaurants so they could go with their family, residents can bring family members in…to eat for free, They actually have apartments for people that come to visit…if one available, mentor program – An actual resident helps a new resident…get accustomed, staff is…good and friendly, kind, apartments nice and comfortable, residents seemed genuinely happy to be there, entire staff are helpful, nurse practitioners on site, staff was very courteous and friendly, the staff lived there so they were very connected with the residents, cleaning staff is OK and so is the facilities guy, staff very friendly and willing to work with us financially, Care service on site – Brightstar – worked really well [&] able to get [resident] to eat, rooms clean and spacious and the dining room was clean, They have a CNA looking in on [resident] every day, formal dining room with tablecloths, three (3) lovely meals in the dining room are delicious and nutritious, dining area very nice, [looks] like a big hotel dining room, [resident] likes the food, gourmet cook, staff in the dining room is very good, food is good – especially the salads, If you can't eat something…they'll arrange to get you something else, The fellowship during mealtime is cordial and welcoming, food is great, food was ok, dining room was great, food was excellent, dining area like…a restaurant, menu was fine, beautiful dining room, food is pretty good, can…get snacks 24 hours a day, The accommodations and the food are very good, good-sized studio, apartments are big, apartments spacious enough, Dad's room is clean [&] comfortable and private, rooms are excellent, rooms were OK, studio [&] one and two bedroom apartments, Some rooms…had a small porch, calendar of activities, activities going on all the time, computer room, a beauty shop, games, movies, movie night, transportation to church and the drugstore, outings every week, trips to the grocery or theatrical events, play pool, a library, cards, puzzles, TV room, offer transportation, a lot of different types of musicians come in periodically, art activities, bingo, sewing clubs, mind games that keep the residents awake and alert, singing, a walking club, $10 a month for [resident] parking space, They provide linens and toilet paper, housekeeping once every week

What they didn’t like: rooms at Oxmoor Lodge too small, space and the price didn't coincide with each other, no consistency between our first and second conversation with [sales staff], needs some updating, air freshener…so strong it gave me a headache, can improve on providing transportation on a more frequent basis, apartments clean but very small, certain parts of the building need to be freshened up, run-down, allow smoking in facility, depressing, not the cleanest place, community could use a refurbish, once we were ready to move in sales person not so helpful, [rest of staff good but] activities director does not seem approachable or outgoing, A little too expensive, would like to see a little more security like a reception desk, high turnover, menu not diabetic-friendly, housecleaning uneven, [facility] provides no care service except calling 911, like to change their policy of having you eat at the same time without any variance, staff is phenomenal but [not] the marketing person, food…has been a big disappointment

Ponder Creek Estates | Louisville, KY 40272

Ponder Creek Estates offers Independent Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Alzheimer’s and Memory Care.

Caring– 19 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 1.17

What they liked: beautiful and gorgeous place, very clean, [Facility in] a very pretty area, very inviting, very well laid out, very convenient to move around in and wheelchair accessible, [Facility] bus, price is very reasonable, price is right, an incredible value, [Resident] can go for a walk, everyone extremely friendly and helpful!, facility built like a cruise ship, place was well set up [&] beautiful and clean, landscaped beautifully, [resident] feels safe, [facility is] clean [&] well kept and just outstanding, near the hospital, staff are absolutely wonderful, staff is great, [Staff] are very flexible, attentive staff available, The staff was very friendly…and very polite, staff are nice and encourage [residents] to participate in activities, family members kept apprised of how [resident] doing, staff very helpful during [resident’s] transition, they work with her and they don't charge extra, people who assist the residents are…very concerned and very people-oriented, very well-organized, nurse…on call; if[resident] needs help getting dressed they can get help, the dining area was really nice, [dining room setup] very relaxing, food is awesome, dining facility like a top-notch restaurant, snacks in between meals, three hot meals a day, meals…restaurant style, food was very good, food was pretty good, good food, nutritionally balanced food, the food doesn't have a lot of salt, 625 square feet [apartment with] a nice bedroom [&] bathroom and kitchen, very nice studio apartment that [is] clean [&] well-kept and has one bedroom and a kitchenette, very nice rooms with a patio in each, apartment is beautiful, studio, one bedroom, two bedroom apartments, units very spacious and affordable, one bedroom apartment – no stove – there is a small refrigerator and you can have microwave, room cleaning once a week, a Laundromat, a beauty shop, mini gym, bingo, a bus for outings, shopping trips, private dining room [available], jigsaw puzzles, a library, music, a lot of outside people come in [to provide] entertainment [&] music

What they didn’t like: food is just a little bit too fancy, management changes about every six months or less, didn't like the layout of the apartment, felt mislead by the pricing at this community, only complaint…is food is just not good quality, meals take forever [to be served], Need more washers and dryers for [residents], understaffed and overworked, horrible place [that’s] overpriced and needs new management, promise the moon [and don’t deliver], move-in process didn’t feel very streamlined

Sunrise of Louisville | Louisville, KY 40241

Sunrise of Louisville provides Independent Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite Care, Personal Care Services, and Skilled Nursing.

Caring– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: nice facility with modern and clean living spaces, grounds are also very well maintained, beautiful inside, very clean, pleasant odors of baking [&] popcorn, engaged residents, excellent security, felt like a home, staff makes you feel loved, a warm and caring home, could feel the life happening in this location, homey, fabulous community, really nice two-story facility, clean and very welcoming, Sunrise has been wonderful to work with…even for short stays, They meet the needs of a home not an institution, a security area and they had firewalls, level of care is excellent, staff attentive and cooperative, [Staff] take a personal interest in their residents and their families or caregivers, [tour guide] seemed very knowledgeable, liked the Personal Care plan and Memory Care unit, staff is very friendly, kind and informative, Staff at Sunrise are the best, communication between family and staff is great, [Staff] is present [&] efficient with their work and always ready to lend a hand, staff extremely friendly and caring, [Resident’s] final 3 years were spent surround by a team of friendly [&] compassionate people who cared for her like family, an area where you can go and sit with your family and your family can take care of the food, spacious personal suites and beautiful common living areas, meals nutritious and with a good variety, They take extra effort to meet individual eating habits, [Resident] really likes the food, dining facilities on each floor, [Facility] doesn’t have the institutional setting that most of them have, two or three nurses and a bunch of caregivers, food was very good, food is excellent, a chef, really liked the floor plan options, furnishings were nice, spacious apartment with lots of natural light, rooms were very well appointed, rooms were nice and much more than adequate, swimming pool

What they didn’t like: caretaking is poor, high turnover, no CNAs, excellent…but too expensive, rooms were tiny, wool clothes were washed and dried [&] ruined, rates were raised without notice, wish they would hire or schedule more aides, Sunrise has not followed through on what they promised, have received bills for unexpected charges, Main area clean but sometimes my loved one’s bathroom isn’t

The Forum at Brookside | Louisville, KY 40243

The Forum at Brookside offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Care.

Caring– 18 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: clean [&] well run and secured, 40-acre campus, very peaceful, so much space to walk around and enjoy, off the highway [&] hidden on a hill, very pretty place feels like a home, whole place was just fresh [&] warm and caring, very friendly staff and residents, more wide open [v. other facilities visited], beautiful place — a lot bigger than most, excellent care, priced right, the price is all-in, did not require an upfront deposit, no surprises or add-ons, separate cottages available, villas [&] apartments and areas for nursing home and for assisted living, tremendous service, garden area, ducks, a guard checks when you come in, a lot of woody grounds on paths…you [can hike], well staffed, they have people to help you through the [move-in] process, Staff has been very patient and kind and…dedicated to making sure [resident] gets settled in and comfortable, best caregivers and nurses around, Great place to rehab or to stay long term, [staff is] knowledgeable and friendly, staff is really great, [Staff] listen, staff encourages interaction, birthday activities, [Staff] extremely accommodating and go above and beyond, staff were more than helpful and more than caring, staff that showed us around…very detail-oriented, one on one level of care, depending on [resident’s] situation…have specialist that worked with [resident], residents in the dementia unit were monitored, wonderful neighborhood of friendly [&] caring people – both staff and residents are very kind to my wife who has no memory from her 9 year bout with Alzheimer's, dining room set up very nice, 3 meals a day, food is outstanding, food is good, food was wonderful, The dining room was very pretty, great meals, apartments are very nice-sized, rooms are extremely large, more like an apartment building than an institution, independent homes and apartments, rooms were adequate and definitely nice and clean, [apartment] bathroom has safety bars and emergency cords, patio homes where people can live independently and have maid service…or go to a dining room and eat, rooms were OK, very nice rooms and apartments, rooms have handicapped showers and handicapped bed, group activities, provide transportation for residents, heated indoor pool, water aerobics, a sewing room, a tool room and a workshop room, bridge, current affairs discussions, church services in the facility, a lot of trips for people, a party room, wonderful activities that keep other residents engaged daily

What they didn’t like: costlier, walking distance from the room to the dining room…was the only drawback, [rooms] needed to be updated, the only complaint is the level of service and follow through in the Nursing facility, [cottage] rooms are so small that I felt I had claustrophobia, only problem we seemed to have was getting fed and good timing from the nurses

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