Best Assisted Living in Miami

Did you know the lowest average temperature you’ll experience in January, in Miami, is 60 degrees Fahrenheit? (Well, this could be at least one reason one of Miami’s nicknames is “Magic City.”) But it’s not just the sun and access to beautiful beaches that might make Miami, or its suburbs, seem like the ideal new home.

Miami is a mélange of cultures, though the substantial Cuban-American and Latin-American components continue to exert the most influence. One of the indicators of this is the unusual blend of Spanish and English (some call it “Spanglish”) spoken by the natives. Miami, Florida, settled in 1825, owes much of its warmth, vivacity and beauty to its Spanish heritage.

There’s a reason this picturesque city has featured as the background, even as a character, in so many books, movies and TV shows.

Since the sudden growth of population in the early 2000s, Miami’s downtown area has blossomed. Where it used to pretty much shut down at the end of the workday, Miami’s downtown is now springing to life just as people are getting off work. New and varied restaurants, shops, galleries, and entertainment venues are flourishing.

What people like about Miami, Florida

  • Taxwise, Florida’s fairly friendly to retirees. There is no income tax; property taxes are about 2%, and there is no death tax for those who passed on after 2005.
  • As for those 65+ who buy into a retirement community, they may be eligible for a sizable homestead exemption, depending on which county they reside in.
  • Public transportation is available and being improved on all the time to aid the growing population. Currently, one can choose between heavy-rail mass transit (Metrorail, aka the Metro) and commuter rail (Tri-Rail) which serves three counties). There’s also – at no charge to the rider – the Metromover, an elevated electric bus system, that connects key destinations and traverses the downtown area. Additionally, Miami also supports Metrobus, the city’s bus system.
  • For those flying in or out of Miami, there’s the Miami International Airport, the Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and the Palm Beach International Airport.
  • Professional sports teams abound here. Watch live games featuring the Miami Dolphins (NFL football), the Miami Marlins (Major League baseball), the NBA-affiliated Miami Heat or the NHL Florida Panthers. Nearby, there’s also an annual tennis tournament, while a Major League Soccer team should start up sometime in 2020.
  • The lush and colorful flora and fauna (including parrots, mind you) have enchanted many. Unique animals – whether residing in the wild, in zoos, theme parks or marinas – are readily accessible for you and your guests.
  • Nature’s art is further complemented by that found in museums, art galleries, and on the streets. Wynwood Walls, a mix of gallery- and street-art, in the Wynwood neighborhood, can be toured on foot or by golf cart, with a tour guide if you like.
  • Native to Miami is a cuisine termed “Floribbean.” This style of cooking, popular in southern Florida, melds American foods with a strong Caribbean or Latin American influence.
  • For those who love to participate in sport, you can choose from a variety of water sports, hiking, biking, golf, and tennis to name a few.
  • In 2011, efforts were begun to make downtown Miami more inviting to foot and bike traffic, the goal to make this city the most non-driver friendly in the country. These continuing efforts have already begun to pay off. To encourage residents to bike more, the city’s Bike Miami picks one street each month which they close off to cars, leaving the stretch accessible only to bike riders and pedestrians. The network of bike routes will also continue to expand.
  • Love museums? Miami has them, and most offer their patrons at least one free day a month. Tours of historic buildings and homes,
  • There are at least 14 colleges or universities in the Miami dispensing both educational and entertainment options. As for the latter, there’s art, theater, or music and college sports.

Other considerations for Miami

  • To make up for the fact there’s no income or death tax, Florida gathers funds through a sales tax (6%, though this can vary) and fees on other items like gasoline, alcohol, and car registration fees. Among the things not taxed are certain groceries, seeds and fertilizers, cosmetics, and all prescription medications. Some over-the-counter meds are also untaxed.
  • Miami’s crime rate is significantly higher than the national average. That said, non-violent crimes have been on the decrease over the last couple of years while violent crime has increased slightly.
  • Yes, it’s sunny, but the humidity, specifically from June through October, will be uncomfortable for some.
  • Rising sea levels are an issue for many cities, and certainly for Miami. Studies have been done, showing which condos and other properties are most likely to be at risk. So, when selecting senior housing, consider this factor.
  • This is a tourist town, consequently, traffic can be a problem and parking spaces hard to find.
  • There is the possibility of hurricanes. According to, every year, Miami has a 16% chance of experiencing a hurricane. When considering a facility, ask what protocol they have in place in case of a weather emergency; are they prepared to look out for your loved one?

Best Assisted Living in Miami, Floria – Who makes the list?

A look at the best assisted living in Miami, Florida.

Atria Willow Wood [Formerly Brookdale Margate] | Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Atria Willow Wood provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Short-term Stays.

Caring– 43 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 49 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] very pretty, beautiful, very clean and neat, modern, immaculate, pet-friendly, very large nice community, It’s huge – and yet very personalized care, light kind of place, family atmosphere, very warm place, busy lobby but it was all right, nice quiet neighborhood, walking path, big common room, lively and happy-looking residents, Wide doors [and] hallways, Almost cruise like experience, all in one building basically [&] was not a campus and spread out, drivers available to take us to doctor's appointments, very good parking, feels like a home and not an institution, safety and security is good, doors that were supposed to be locked were locked, grounds are beautiful…18 acres, scenic with the lakes, [can] transfer from independent to assisted living without moving to another apartment, big grounds to walk in, paved walkways, building inside is very well-kept, price is very reasonable, folks doing intake process were just wonderful, service was very quick [&] personalized and friendly, [Staff] extremely compassionate [&] helpful and patient with family, very informative, Staff is observant and does not hesitate to inform [family] when they see something that needs attention, Laundry service is good, people are always friendly, Residents involved…they maintain and stock library, staff know residents all by name, [Staff] encourage family to be involved, [Staff] look like they're in good spirits, a senior gerontologist who comes once a week, in-house therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy, Everyone appeared friendly and competent, very kind, accommodating, seemed like they really know what they're doing, staff was very good because they had been around for a while, excellent marketing staff, [Staff] are all incredibly positive [&] gracious and helpful, staff for the most part is wonderful, [Staff] are very polite and patient, [Staff] encouraged the assisted living to mix with the independent living, comfortable and safe place, dining room is nice, dining room is beautiful, dining room…a lot of big windows, [residents] can suggest recipes, Open dining and 2 dining areas, food is very good and…a good variety, food is OK, dining area feels like a lovely restaurant, food was excellent, They change the menu often, serving staff is polite and accommodating, food was yummy, food and service very good, delicious, private dining room, [apt. has] a living room [&] bedroom and balcony…not huge but very homey, 1000 sq. ft 2-bedroom and two bath apartment, apartments nicely laid out and pretty good in size, apartments large [&] clean and well maintained, rooms were adequate, full kitchen and baths, Several floor plans that provide ample closet space, one bedroom units quite nice, Every room had a patio and every apartment had a porch or patio or balcony, storage inside, [apt] washers and dryers, full galley kitchens (stove can be turned off if need be), 1-bedroom apartment with a full-kitchen including dishwasher, have activities every hour, Numerous and spacious activity areas, a gym, a swimming pool, water aerobics, a lift in the pool, card-playing rooms, Bingo, auditorium where you can see various shows, movies, poker, discussion groups, residents go out on shopping trips, Wii bowling, exercise classes, knitting classes, veterans group that meet once or twice a month, parties once a month to welcome new people, happy hour every Friday, do food group for the month so it might be Greek month and some of the food items are Greek [&] movies and informational talks about…Greece, restaurant trips, arts and crafts, outside entertainers, Their busses take the residents to plays [&] casinos [&] museums etc., 2 buses and a car, lots of group activities

What they didn’t like: have to put the bed by a window, apartments are pretty dingy [&] small and outdated, a/c leaking [&] black mold, Didn’t smell fresh, small repairs were needed, carpets needed to be replaced, they offered me two free months of rent and didn’t comply, signed contract for specific apartment [they] gave to another resident, staff…always losing my father’s clothes, could do a little better job with maintenance, [Facility] too big…overwhelming, Building is very shabby and depressing, food sucks, they don’t contact me to keep me updated on [loved one], food could be better, it was a VERY long walk…from the rooms to the dining and common areas, not a secure facility, great activities but…nice if they had more outside the community, facilities badly in need of renovation, [facility] not ‘fit’ culturally for my mom (who is Spanish)

Emerald Park Retirement | Hollywood, FL 33021

Emerald Park Retirement provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 28 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorAdvisor– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 3.8
GoldenReviews– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4.75

What they liked: Emerald Park looked regal, the facility was beautiful, cozy and inviting, very clean and neat, seems very clean, lots of light everywhere, oversized windows provide the building with a lot of natural light, scenery…is very beautiful, colorful landscaping, beautiful landscaping and wide walking paths, very big place, small place, wasn’t too big, peaceful, landscaped terrace, the gazebo, large outdoor secure space, very welcoming community, don’t make you sign a yearly lease, place was OK, medication assistance, bathing assistance, emergency response system, home health & physical therapy, nursing staff, transportation, beauty salon, very lovely garden, resembled a nice hotel and looked very inviting, no carpet allowing for better hygiene, Everyone here is wonderful and very kind, the way the memory care people were engaged in activities, All communal areas were fresh and bright, library [with] Internet, Cost was all inclusive of amenities and staff help, They were having a fire drill and were exceptionally good at handling the clients, [resident] felt very safe, staff and security were very knowledgeable and helpful, medical staff available 24/7, more staff [than elsewhere], seemed like you get more attention there, adequate staff, Staff is very responsive and committed to the residents, staff seemed happy to assist residents but were not bossy or controlling at all, Nurse call buttons in every room and restroom, full wheel chair accessibility, full staff of nurses, housekeeping, laundry, linen and towel service are available, house keeping come and clean throughout the week, residents were very outgoing and friendly, residents seemed to be OK, like a large resort hotel; everything was open, didn’t see any deficiencies with regards to maintenance and cleanliness, staff's work ethic was very good, The rooms were very beautiful, staff was pretty good, staff seemed friendly and knowledgeable, staff was accommodating, staff was very professional, people there were pleasant and appropriate, three meals a day, large open dining area, dining room very nice, dining room reminded me of a 5 star restaurant with wonderful service, meals are served restaurant-style and taste great, dining room was in a sort of a high ceiling internal courtyard, food was okay, food is excellent, food choices looked nutritious and delicious, really liked the food, they do serve a well-balanced meal, regular snacks – offered continually, Special requests are welcomed for individual dietary needs, Guests and family members always welcome to stay for mealtime, rooms are also very nice as well as the bathroom, layout of the rooms, studio apartment and it's adequate and clean, large efficiencies…unfurnished and furnished, [apts] equipped with temperature controls [&] emergency systems and safety features, these photo memorabilia-type collages near [each resident’s] door, a game room, Bingo, singing, small concerts [onsite], entertainment, movies, religious services [onsite] on a weekend, auditorium was spacious, exercise group, exercise classes, weight training and other equipment, Events and outings include restaurants [&] art museums [&] the library [&] local films [&] dining and theater

What they didn’t like: dirty, the smell, the building needs to be painted, staff…a bit too pushy, rooms were a little small, place is right on the main street with heavy traffic, very old and very dark, rooms and the dining area were very small, staffs look like they're under a great deal of pressure, too expensive, the room…was really just bedroom and not an apartment, rooms were too small, only have small studio units with kitchenette area and small refrigerator on floor, have to ask multiple times before maintenance requests are carried out, could really stand to improve the response times when residents call for movement or care, Lack of communication, Call buttons did not work, not enough help available, [as a family member, would like] a weekly or monthly progress report, most of the staff are apathetic and indifferent, facility is very dirty, very disorganized, doesn't have the warmth I like to see in a community that cares for the elderly

Epworth Village Retirement Community & Susana Wesley Health Center | Hialeah, FL 33012

Epworth Village Retirement Community provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and a Wellness Center.

Caring– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 3.92

What they liked: well managed and well maintained, non-profit retirement community, really clean and very well organized, big facility, facility is spacious enough, Administration is very attentive, lobby is gorgeous, family atmosphere, Across the street, is a big library and a park in front, how well the grounds were kept, how nice and accommodating the staff were, how the caretakers were treating the tenants who seemed to be happy and relaxed, residents look happy and enjoying their meals, place was adequately staffed, [Staff] take care of them very well, communal areas all seemed to have a nice level of energy and participation, that the majority of the facility is Hispanic or can speak Spanish, [Staff] are very kind, staff was attentive and very helpful, 24-hour nurses, facilitator welcomed us with a warm smile and was very enthusiastic, Med staff is very caring, aides have been wonderful, daily assistance with bathing and medication is administered right on time, Any questions/concerns have been answered right away, in assisted living…nurses come every couple of hours to check on the patients, Everyone I’ve dealt with has been very polite and very helpful, three meals with good food, love the food, food is good, all of the soups are very tasty, how great the food was, food was really nicely prepared – with options and choices for many tastes, looked and smelled really appetizing, apartment was always clean, apartments are really nice, a lot of community activities, a library, internet, bingo, trips to casinos, art classes, movies in Spanish and English, a person that plays the piano every afternoon so they can sing, painting/sewing in the arts & crafts room, cards, social hour, dancing, a little piano bar, nice chapel, nice religious service, exercise, art classes, They take them to the shopping center [&] the bank [&] the mall and restaurants, knitting classes, parties…to celebrate monthly birthdays and other holidays, residents are regularly encouraged to participate in exercise classes [&] to play group games and to take group excursions into the city, a weekly mass there, heated pool, gardening in the greenhouse

What they didn’t like: seemed like a hospital, needed painting and cleaning, They do well but you have to keep an eye on them, the kitchen is unorganized, parking lot needs a security guard, need real security people that are qualified, not very clean, the nursing floor was terrible, Med staff…stretched too thin and there were occasional problems, some of the staff does not speak English, limited activities are full and sometimes lead by volunteers so not always accommodating

Five Star Premier Residences of Hollywood [Formerly Classic Residence by Hyatt, formerly Classic Residence – a Vi Community] | Hollywood, FL 33021

Five Star Premier Residences of Hollywood provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care – Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and Seasonal Stays.

Caring– 36 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 1 Review, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 3
GoldenReviews– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8

What they liked: [Facility] very pretty, beautiful, love the staff – they're superb, they keep the grounds beautiful, place is very clean, immaculate, pretty much odor free, well-organized and maintained, Layout of residence, safe environment, the social and active lifestyle, fairly nice community, residents were very happy and very friendly, a very nice neighborhood, residents are treated with care [&] kindness and respect at all times, always look like everybody's having a good time, everyone who works there seems so happy, looks like a cruise ship or nice hotel and the rooms with outdoor balconies are lovely, main living areas were fresh [&] clean and sunny with a contemporary yet homey décor and furnishings, more of an upscale assisted living community, very close to shopping and they have transportation that takes people shopping, have a resident council, people we saw seemed lively and alert, bus services to different areas, provides a variety of essential and enrichment services, the staff…welcomed [loved one] with open arms and did a fabulous job of helping him integrate into the community, Any maintenance issues…are quickly addressed, housekeeping staff do a good job, support staff, nursing staff is exceptional, Nurses are kind [&] patient & persistent, Aides are plentiful and accommodating, aides seem to be a cut above what one generally anticipates, [staff] help our mother but often have to help us understand why [dementia] is happening to someone we love, privacy, staff at all levels -managerial, secretarial, service, etc.- are pleasant and responsive, Hurricane Irma (Sept. 2017)…the facility was well-prepared…to help the residents cope, dining room is very nice, beautiful dining room, also a private dining room, very nice menu, varied menu, three meals a day, food was good, food was very good, food is great, food is delicious, apartments were gorgeous, rooms were nice and clean, Everything was state-of-the-art, apartment has a shower and a full kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave, like you’re living in your own apartment with full concierge services, rooms were fairly good, rooms were a little bit smaller but quite nice, The studio was enormous [with] a little refrigerator [&] a microwave and a little stove, a one-bedroom one-bath with a separate living room and a kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator, Independent Living…[has] multiple more private entrances which eliminates the need for everyone to enter through a central hall, activities going on all day long…and the residents can also make suggestions, big television in the lobby, book club that meets once a week, a book review will come in once a month, a Kindle book club, exercise after breakfast, exercise classes, fitness center, BBQ by the pool, heated outdoor pool & whirlpool, ice cream social, holiday party, happy hour, dancing, gym equipment in the exercise room nicely maintained, therapy, speakers, mind-stimulating games, art classes, chorus, outings to plays and movies, van transport to the supermarket [&] flea market and…appointments, bridge games, scrabble, beauty parlor and barber shop, bingo, music, very close to a casino so they had shuttles going back and forth, billiard/card/club rooms, computer center, gardens/lakes/walking paths, library, wellness center, a putting green

What they didn’t like: they increase your rent every year by almost 5%, they didn't have any Spanish-speaking staff, [Staff] would never call me and tell me [what I asked to know], assisted living…a little depressing, care is not very personalized, Communication between residents [&] family and staff was very difficult for the most part, there was little warmth in the caregiving, too much BINGO going on, assisted living side…The hallways were not well lit, There was no washer and dryer in the [AL] apartments, The dining area looked lovely but you have to be there at certain times for the meals

Imperial Club Independent and Assisted Living | Aventura, FL 33160

Imperial Club Independent and Assisted Living provides Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Caring– 14 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5

What they liked: [Facility] gorgeous, a 15-story high rise, bright & comfortable, doesn't smell like a nursing home, facility is very nice…and very well kept, very tropical with a lot of trees, Imperial Club had a really great feel to it, two or three blocks from the mall, transportation for personal errands and doctors appointments is excellent, parking underneath and parking in front of the place, a good neighborhood, The people are very warm, management staff was quite helpful, staff were nice [&] pleasant and welcoming, [tour guide] was extremely knowledgeable, price seemed to be very competitive, staff was very accommodating and very friendly, they genuinely seem to care about the welfare of their clients, [Staff] made my mothers last days as comfortable as they could have been, staff is wonderful, residents were having a good time, loved their library; it was stacked with books, a valet guy who would park your car for you free of charge, the staff on hand is caring and great, available housekeeping three times a week, staff is always very punctual about her medication and truly caring, staff is always courteous and very informative on our visit, for [resident] dining area was adequate, excellent dining room, food is very tasty, dining room is setup like a restaurant, had lunch there and it was excellent, food is excellent, food is very very good, they serve three meals, a very good menu, they allow the residents to choose what they want to eat by filling out a form a week in advance, snacks and beverages available throughout the day, Their apartments were complete…didn’t have washers and dryers but they did offer a laundry service, one bedroom apartment with a living room [&] a small little kitchen [&] bathroom and a bedroom, [loved one’s] apartment…is very spacious, bedrooms were perfect and didn’t have a full kitchen but the place had a lovely dining area, They have a kitchenette and bathroom, a swimming pool, a hairdresser, a movie room, vast amount of social activities, people come to entertain a couple of nights a week and they had movies every night, They had an ice cream shop, bingo, restaurant outings, They have their own bus that takes people to doctors, an exercise room, their own beauty salon where you can have your nails and hair done

What they didn’t like: rooms were small and smelly, rooms were very hospital-like, they don’t have balconies, no storage in the apartment…no closet practically, limited parking, only had two elevators for those fifteen floors, Place could use a facelift, at least one of the elevators is out of order more often than not, carpets are old and filthy

Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace | Lauderhill, FL 33319

Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace provides Independent Living and Assisted Living. Memory Care is coming soon.

Caring– 33 Reviews, Average Rating 4.7
SeniorAdvisor– 62 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: place was beautiful, beautiful grounds, pet-friendly, beautiful setting, gated community, smells great, immaculate, neat and tidy, facilities are a bit old but excellent, well organized, cruise ship without the water, a ball room, a very active community, Beautiful places to walk with trees and lake, Wonderful Wellness team, Happy Residents, active [&] vibrant community of diverse senior citizens, on-going education, challenging games, enlightening programs, good nutrition, healthy exercise, zest for life is actively fostered by staff and management, During Hurricane Irma the establishment was great, facility [has] generator to provide emergency lighting [&] functional elevators [&] cooking facilities…and A/C in common areas, a lot of parking, a van that takes the residents out to dinner, the staff is phenomenal, staff we met was very pleasant and professional, nurses and staff fulltime, warm & wonderful staff, never infantilizing, always respectful, always courteous and prompt, [The] Move-In Coordinator…[was] friendly and welcoming [&] extremely efficient and detail-oriented, [Move-In Coordinator] truly went above and beyond every step of the process, staff are caring [&] friendly and helpful, kind, cleaning staff does a wonderful job, Once a week they come in and clean [apts], housekeeper…goes above and beyond the call of duty, dining area is beautiful and feels like being in a cruise ship, Fantastic food choices, a lot of variety, two meals a day, a different menu every day, great food, food is really good, delicious food, For breakfast there’s a huge buffet and no lunch but dinner is…serve[d] restaurant style, huge apartments, two-bedroom and the bathroom was well designed, able to take our two dogs out for walks through the screened-in porch, 1-bedroom apartment with a little kitchen [&] refrigerator [&] a lot of cabinets [&] a nice living room and a beautiful bathroom [&] a washer and dryer, a refrigerator [&] garbage disposal [&] a nice balcony, bathroom has a special tub that’s easy for seniors to walk in and out of, rooms were great, apartment was very roomy, refrigerator and a microwave, happy hour with a piano player every day for a couple of hours, the pool is lovely and maintained excellently, a lot of rooms and different libraries, bingo, entertainment every night, a beauty salon, nail salon, a little store, happy hour, family night, singing songs, comedians in the lobby, plays and different entertainments in a separate building like an opera house, cards, golf

What they didn’t like: they're taking away things like the music in the afternoons, meals have declined and the portions have decreased, [a] plan to increase prices, the facility was multi-leveled, a bit of an issue with communication…due to a language barrier

Presidential Place | Hollywood, FL 33021

Presidential Place provides Assisted Living and Embrace Memory Care.

Caring– 46 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 30 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 9 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 5

What they liked: place was very fancy, modern, homey, newer, nothing elegant; just basic nice, clean [&] spacious and beautifully decorated but not over-fancy, community had a comfy feel, how good it smelled, Rather than a slick modern medical feel it felt more like an old-time resort hotel = cozy [&] warm, [&] friendly, [like] a boutique hotel, a relatively small facility so it would seem that residents would get a lot of individual attention, security was tight, residents seemed upbeat, The residents were diverse – and included people at various levels of need, [Residents of] multiple cultures, staff came to see [resident when she was] in the hospital, [Staff] really seem to treat [residents] like adults, [Staff] share great resources and ideas to help with family changes, parking was fine, the layout of the rooms, facility encourages family members to visit regularly and participate in some of the annual activities, place was very well maintained, facility was immaculate, lawn was very well manicured, the grounds and the openness outside the building, nice large outdoor area with an activity area, staff is very positive, very fully staffed with a lot of nurses and a lot of CNAs, the inside was clean and it didn't smell, facilities and rooms are clean [&] warm [&] quiet [&] comfortable and inviting, very homelike, [Staff] pretty fast to respond to concerns or requests, Director and staff very friendly and informative, residents looked extremely happy, [staff] personable, you could stay for a month and try if you’ll like it or not, lots of diverse settings for interaction among the residents, cozy central (and outdoor) space for gatherings and activities, physical therapy, lymphedema therapy, the dining room was…cozy and comfortable, bring [resident’s] meals to her room, Family like atmosphere, two 14-person wings…for memory care, med-tech team vigilant…a pro-active approach, [Facility] nicely integrated with the pharmacy, personnel have a good relationship with the residents there and know everybody by their first names, good customer service, entire management team…responding to all our needs and questions quickly with compassion and making themselves available whenever needed, staff mostly attentive and caring…quick to respond and remedy any situation, medication was always given to [loved one] and any medical concern was communicated to the family, front desk staff always greeted us with smiles, Nursing staff always on top of [loved one’s] medicines and medical attention, [Staff] helped us with the hospice and all the hard choices, laundry service along with [apt.] being cleaned 1 time a week, dining area was great, dining areas were lovely, dining area…was big, beautiful dining room, meal choices ranged from a complete meal to snacks or lighter fare, three meals restaurant-style service on food, a day, food is good, food is always good, food is great, rooms/apartments are very nice, nicely appointed private spaces were all fresh and seemed newly decorated, [Semi-private rooms] share a bath and a closet [&] the room is spacious and the bathroom and closet are nice, rooms were adequate, average rooms, a handicap-accessible bathroom, All the rooms have a kitchenette with a refrig on a counter, rooms were big and OK, [memory care] apartment is nice and beautiful [&] large with a walk-in closet, a very active community, music in the afternoon, shopping trips, reading groups, TV rooms, bingo room, their own little movie theater, people…come in and play music and do sing-a-longs, poker, [residents] can go on a bus to a restaurant once a week, arts and crafts, trips…to beach [&] casinos, Wii bowling

What they didn’t like: too crowded, facility…smelled, residents and staff don't look happy, place had an odor, staff was not friendly, seemed a little crowded…in the living room area, rooms were small, dining room was small and crowded, There are hallways where there are no cameras that can monitor people, facility didn't seem to be lively, a depressing atmosphere, Unit kitchens do not have stove, [Management] made a lot of promises that were not fulfilled, My loved one would go for days unshowered, Didn’t get that welcome or homey feeling, felt the administration would be too pushy with residents, too expensive, all the rooms were on the second floor

Sterling Aventura | Aventura, FL 33160

Sterling Aventura provides Assisted Living and Embrace Memory Care.

Caring– 27 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorAdvisor– 21 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– 14 Reviews, Average Rating 4.74

What they liked: facility looked pretty, very well kept and clean, they accepted pets, well-organized, bright, very pretty, immaculate, smelled good, Sterling was…nice [&] quiet and beautiful, community on the smaller side, a little larger facility, happy and loving atmosphere, outside area is ample, flowers and shrubs everywhere, nice seating areas, a safe environment, peace of mind, parking…rarely a problem, Sterling’s transport vehicle, Reasonable cost, brain health class, Cable included, Guests must sign in and out and be accounted for, felt like the Ritz Carlton Hotel, more like a hotel or an apartment complex with eight floors, “like living in the ritzyest hotel with nursing service,” [loved one’s] physical and mental health has improved, [staff] greet [loved one] with a smile and/ or a hug, staff and management extremely dedicated and always approachable, The people are pleasant and the administration is decent, [staff] do laundry and clean the apartment once a week, main living areas were fresh [&] clean and sunny with contemporary yet homey décor, Sterling was very warm [&] caring, the kind generous staff, full staff who are very attentive, vibrant and engaged group of residents, people seemed very happy, [Marketing Director] connected us with external resources to help us…through the Medicare paperwork, incredibly accommodating, gracious, so respectful, [staff is] sociable, facilities had a nice [&] casual [&] homey atmosphere, [Staff] do everything to make it easier for residents and their families, Directors have an open door policy, staff has worked there for many years, staff was very friendly and all seemed to really like their jobs, compassion, [memory care] a whole locked unit, [Staff] bent over backward to make my dad's transition a smooth one, [Staff] all concerned with making sure residents are happy and well cared for, services for Jewish people on Friday night and holidays and special meals, confidence that…loved one is consistently getting excellent physical and emotional care and support, staff's genuine concern and support not only for the resident…but [for] close family as well, [Staff] come around every hour to check on [loved one], activities staff are very very positive and upbeat and continually encourage residents to interact and participate, emergency button next to the bed [&] in the bathroom and around his neck, staff was professional, [staff] very nice and knowledgeable, dining room was beautiful, dining area was great, dining area is large [&] comfortable and nice, restaurant open 7AM to 7PM, good-sized portions, food is very good, food is delicious, food was fine, food is great, food is fair, more flexible hours [than other facilities] in the dining room, from set menus to a la carte dining it can't be beat, [food] choices were excellent, food is okay, snacks, [private] rooms were lovely, clean [&] beautiful [&] bright [apt.] was welcoming and furnished for us with care, rooms are spacious, A/C unit works, room is bright and well-sized with a huge bathroom, 1-bedroom and 1 bath apartment [with] a mini refrigerator and a microwave, constant activities, Excellent Activities Director, daily happy hour, a lot of classes, church on Sundays, social hours, bingo, movies, dominoes, exercises, lectures, piano hours, music, games, exercise room was large and had…classes and equipment, brain activities like current events, library, convenient salon, twice a week Texas Holdem poker game

What they didn’t like: not as clean as the other place, no furnishings provided whatsoever, just a little patio, like to see the elevators redecorated and brighter, very difficult to contact anybody or get help by phone, enormous processing fee, have to furnish your own furniture for the rooms, didn’t have much of an outside area

The Palace at Coral Gables | Coral Gables, FL 33134

The Palace at Coral Gables provides Independent Living, Catered Living, Assisted Living, Nursing & Rehabilitation, and Home Health Services.

Caring– 16 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 18 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: the way they treat their clients, upscale, marble floors, chandeliers stunningly gorgeous, Very elegant, excellent service, warm and rich atmosphere, a nice big hotel feel, place was beautiful and clean, very clean, located on a little tiny side street [&] very quiet, Everything top-notch, residents seemed happy and busy, residents are very interesting and building a terrific community of support and caring, [Staff] not only makes the residents feel important but their families as well, truely felt more like a luxury resort hotel than an old age home, internet in apartment, staff all seem to know residents on a first name basis, great social vibe, staff was very pleasant and helpful, Staff is friendly [&] loving and fun, staff seem to know the perfect balance between being helpful and being overbearing, staff was very nice and friendly, staff was very accommodating [&] friendly and caring, Whenever I have questions or concerns the staff are great about going above and beyond, [Staff] give him his medications twice a day and do his laundry, dining area is like a high price restaurant, three meals a day, two meals a day are included in the rent, food was delicious, healthy meals, great food, food was very good, food was excellent, one bedroom with one bath…was 650 square feet, rooms were up to date and very clean, rooms and apartments…were very pretty, You could get [apt.] furnished or unfurnished, [apt.] was beautiful and had a balcony, rooms seemed very comfortable, [rooms are] lovely [&] spacious and very clean, [rooms] freshly painted as each client leaves and they change the carpeting on a regular basis, grab bars where you expect but of polished oak, They come in there and clean every day [&] change the linens [&] vacuum and dust, activities are abundant, ice cream social, classes, hair salon, a gym, exercise classes, swimming pool, art classes, lectures, people from the University of Miami do shows for them, nightly happy hour, Happy Hour with live music, events on special occasions and holidays [&] friends and family are welcome

What they didn’t like: other residents are cliquish, the studio room…was very small and very expensive, Their staff is not as compassionate [as elsewhere], very expensive, a steady deterioration in the quality of service and quality of food over the last three years, food is absolutely terrible, wait staff friendly but untrained, apartments are tiny, duplicating the look of Versailles does not equal good taste

The Palace Renaissance [Formerly known as Palace at Kendall] | Miami, FL 33173

The Palace Renaissance provides Assisted Living, Catered Living, and Alzheimer’s/Memory Care.

Caring– 43 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 36 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 1
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: place is big, beautiful, very clean and very elegant, luxurious, Safe, well maintained, smelled clean, a great value, grounds were nicely landscaped, pretty walkways, seating areas and gardens, ample communal rooms for a variety of activities, a gate guard monitoring visitors, close to medical centers, Excellent services most of the time, By working with the community it allows the residents to feel less constrained, offers a cruise ship type of lifestyle, [Loved one] much more active and engaged than when she lived alone, They have a bank there, common areas were extremely nice, well-designed living environment, very good service, people are very kind, [facility is] quite warm and welcoming, Everybody seemed comfortable and happy, staff go above and beyond all the time, staff always respond very quickly to questions or requests, communication has also been excellent, [Loved one] didn't speak English [&] they put effort in to make sure she received good care, staff is attentive, staff is full of positive energy, they feed [loved one] [&] bathe her [&] dress her and it's all done with dignity, [Tour guide] very nice and knowledgeable, CNA's all seem very competent and kind, they're bilingual…there's a large Spanish speaking staff there, [CNA's] encouraging my grandmother to be as independent as she can be while understanding her physical limitations, [Staff] encourages residents to become social, [Staff] very professional, well-trained, they know everybody's names, working staff was very attentive, staff is very confident, staff seemed to enjoy their jobs, Managers…have addressed any of my concerns promptly and professionally, staff seemed very friendly, kindness, [Staff] very accommodating to me and my family, they look out for those who are not eating on their own well and assists them, physical therapy, a full dining room, dining room is great, a private dining room, food is actually pretty good, food was great, food…was fresh and hot, food is delicious, food is excellent, healthy food options for all kinds of diets, Healthy snacks are offered all day…[&] whenever residents request them, a cafe bar, [private] rooms were attractive, beautifully decorated with lots of fresh air and light, rooms were very clean and spacious, liked the one-bedroom better than the two-bedroom because it was more open and every room was bigger, a room…with a kitchen and a bathroom as well as a washer and dryer, living quarters are spacious and have high ceilings, standup showers that have hoses attached to the shower so that the staff can bathe [resident] if needed, bring in furniture or you can use theirs, had a little refrigerator, shared room with a roommate, patient's bathrooms were clean, They…changed the sheets everyday, activities provided are unique and stimulating, activities all day long every day, play pool, ice cream parlor, outside entertainment: magicians [&] bands etc., they bring in a lot of high school students for talent shows, a beauty parlor, exercises, a gym, a library, many interesting cultural events in Miami from fine dining to music and art, a place where they can watch movies, a grand piano in the lobby where somebody plays the piano, different workshops, bingo, Wii Bowling, cards, live entertainment many hours everyday, happy hour every day, parties and other festivities, They take the seniors to the mall and…to public settings in a little bus, music time, book club, arts and crafts, They brought the residents to the beach, Sunday activities where family and friends brought food [&] beverages and even beer, the “Family” days, a wellness center

What they didn’t like: didn't have the kitchenette, had to go down the elevator…and they didn't seem very safe [for Alzheimer’s resident], doesn't feel homey at all, too expensive, Doctors overmedicate to make it easier for staff to manage residents, common for the order to arrive to the table cold and be flat out wrong, [front desk] staff seemed terribly rude, looked and felt too much like a hospital, center [smells] sterile and of strong medicine mixed with bleach, Since the [place] has slowly evolved into a memory care facility the design of the common areas needs to be modernized, [Some staff] just there to do the minimum, wish there weren’t so many clicks in the community…makes it hard for mom to be able to fit in, suggested that the members that distribute the medications verify that the patient takes them at the moment they are distributed, costs…will rise each and every year by an amount that well exceeds the cost of living, unless you or someone you hired is there you will not receive the care you signed up for, staff did not speak much English

The Peninsula | Hollywood, FL 33023

The Palace Renaissance provides Assisted Living, Retirement Communities, and Alzheimer’s/Memory Care.

Caring– 35 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
SeniorAdvisor– 52 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 3.75
GoldenReviews– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5

What they liked: place is very pretty, building is extremely beautiful, immaculate, doesn't smell, smaller than some [&] not overwhelming, up to date with maintenance, pet-friendly, Medicare, a close location to near by stores and etc, easy to find since it's on a main road, peaceful area, Safety and security management are good, Most of the rooms have been renovated and are very nice, an auditorium, an inside garden, lobby is just gorgeous, a little gazebo, safe, secure, lots of secure walking room outside, grounds are adequate, Friendly and warm atmosphere, overall everyone seemed friendly, great rooms and space, Plenty of spacious sitting areas for residents and their guests, the high level of care and attention, [staff] seem to go to extremes to help out, definitely had a lot of staff, a trolley bus to take the residents…shopping, they keep careful track of who comes and goes [&] ask residents when they’ll be back if they leave, Staff did not give up on getting [loved one] to go down to meals, [staff] extremely friendly and concerned with [loved one] and her needs, everyone on the staff knows the names of the residents, when anything breaks they seem to fix it right away, 5 star for customer service, if there are any issues I call directly and they handle it right away, new memory care unit is really decorated nicely…soothing, PT center, a [hair] salon, residents are able to have their own car, Residents are very friendly, Everyone here…has been incredibly friendly, helpful patient staff that listens and takes the time to care, even if my parents had different levels of care they would keep them together in same room, delightful ambience, very neat and clean, excellent helpful staff, Nurse and Doctor on staff, care coordinator…went above and beyond to see [loved one] got the assistance needed, Administration and team are right on track, very attentive, [residents] were out and about…and were treated like any regular people, [Residents] were laughing [&] socializing and playing cards, [Staff] will call back in a timely manner, [Loved one] very overwhelmed to move and the staff at the Peninsula did everything in their power to make her…as comfortable as possible, competent [&] caring [&] compassionate administration and staff, polite, professional, courteous, kind, During her last days the staff bent over backwards to accommodate her, they had a little ceremony at the community after [loved one] passed, beautiful big dining room, dining area was very good, menu has a great range of choices, serving 3 meals a day, delectable cuisine, meals are good, food smelled great, food is very good, head chef, Food is excellent, food was pretty good, would bring food to [resident’s] room, chef…caters to the residents' preferences and needs, The [private[ room is spacious, can either choose to live on your own or with a room mate, rooms are big and very nice, The closet is very big, Bathroom shows its age but everything is clean and user friendly, bowling, dominoes, cards, ice cream parlor, a little theater, a piano, chair exercises, exercises three times a week, They take the residents shopping and out to dinner, mass once a week, bingo 3-4 times a day, a movie room, games, music, happy hours with cheese and crackers twice a week, popcorns with the movies, ice cream social once a week, arts & crafts studio,

What they didn’t like: rooms…didn't have porches, place looked very institutional, place needed an overhaul, narrow hallways, rooms were smelly, carpeting very unattractive, wasn’t homey, was dark, elevators not working, doctors visits weren't arranged properly, food sucks, they can improve on the menu, staff turned over, Everything from medication management to bathing and feeding was routinely botched, facility extremely dated, when [loved one] had more needs they weren't following through with her, the hours that they eat are very early, due to its being a high-rise just too large in general, felt like “bait and switch” tactic [used to get signature on contract], only one handiecap stall in most used restroom, [need] monitoring of food choices for individual with health issues, some of [the nurses] can be a little difficult, [staff] not the easiest to communicate with, Days [doctors and medical services have] announced for visits often get rescheduled at the last minute, didn’t like the neighborhood, outdoor area not very large, Rooms do not have kitchens, paid the initial fee but [loved one] never went…still trying to get my money back

Vi at Aventura [Formerly Classic Residence by Hyatt] | Aventura, FL 33180

Vi at Aventura provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing, and Whole Person Wellness.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
SeniorAdvisor– no Reviews
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 5

What they liked: [Like] a Hollywood [film] set, Beautiful building, views of the city were spectacular, clean landscape, facility is very neat, [Staff] are very welcoming, people were friendly, Everybody spoke to me, looks like a resort, good security, very clean, very nice, very organized, luxurious, a full-service [&] safe high-rise building, staff was very friendly, residents were cheerful, a French chef, building very well maintained as a Hyatt property and they continue to do so, huge facility, outer grounds feature a lovely courtyard with palm trees and waterfalls with nice seating areas, beautiful landscaping, nearby pond, activity rooms and lounges all nicely decorated, classical design and decor had an open-air feel, the main foyer had a gorgeous winding staircase, cost was reasonable, could get a percentage of your money back depending on how much you put down, In case of evacuation residents can go live with someone during the evacuation…or they will send them to the other resort in Orlando until evacuation over, close to a casino, a mall is right across the street, staff is very friendly, staff very helpful, sales representative was very good and attentive, Director told me prospective residents visit at least eight times before making a final decision…One of those visits is actually an overnight, they want [visitors] to meet residents, doctors on staff, plenty of professional yet friendly staff, they have a moving coordinator who would help you actually move…and they have to coordinate with movers, food and services were excellent, formal dining room, dining rooms were stunning [with] high ceilings and chandeliers, tasty and nutritious meals, dining room was excellent, a small dining room with waiters serving you good food, rooms were beautiful, an apartment with a porch…just beautiful, [Loved one is] independent but she gets a lot of services in her apartment, [apts] spacious and modern, living spaces were well-designed and spacious, They upgrade [each apt.] every at least 10 or 12 years, when you get [off] the elevator there are five units…[&] You don't have to take more than five steps and you're at your front door, apartments were very nice but a little small, apartment…looked out over a golf course and the view was just so sensational, activities ranged from board games to discussions, private reading, watching film and TV, some people were using computers, exercise classes, offer residents [opportunity] to work out any time they wish, liked that they encourage exercise, dancing, yoga in their seats, every morning they had walking with their walking club, a swimming pool, aqua-cise class, their salon…manicures and…pedicure, hair salon, [Transportation] to concerts outside of the community, outside activities they plan regularly include everything from visiting local restaurant favorites [to] the public library and movies, day trips to nearby regions

What they didn’t like: not as many activities [as elsewhere], nice for people who were older and less active, very expensive, staff is rude and talk back to you, food is very mediocre, constantly having staff turnover, every time the elevator would come down you'd have to wait to get it because it might be filled with walkers and wheelchairs, everything had to be valeted, the gym…there was one woman in there working out by herself without an attendant, They don't have an outdoor area

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