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The centrally-located San Antonio, Texas, a city of approximately 1.3 million, is a modern city built on a foundation that includes elements of the Old West, as well as Latino and Native American cultures. With its mix of new and centuries-old architecture, a plethora of shops and entertainment venues, and a complex blend of cultures, life would never be dull. There also seems to be a wide variety of senior housing options in San Antonio.

What people like about San Antonio, Texas

  • The 10th lowest cost of living in the US
  • No state taxes
  • House prices are relatively affordable; despite the city's popularity, it has never experienced the housing bubble common to so many cities and towns in the US.
  • Good air and water quality
  • Humid summers, yes, but a generally mild climate. Temperatures usually top out at about 95 degrees, and the coolest is about 39 degrees.
  • Varied transportation system including the San Antonio International Airport, Amtrak, and a city transportation system including buses and trolley cars
  • An exciting mix of the Old West and Mexican culture
  • Historic sites including the Alamo, of course, but also a series of Spanish-built missions, among many other beautiful buildings and significant areas
  • River Walk: A cobblestone path, lush with greenery, following the San Antonio River as it ambles through the heart of the downtown area
  • An amalgam of shops, restaurants, museums, including the Children's Museum replete with interactive exhibits
  • Take a walk on the supernatural side: Sign up for one of San Antonio's Ghost Tours
  • A cutting-edge hospital system
  • Multiple colleges, ideal for pursuing further education while providing access to excellent libraries and the performing arts
  • A cosmopolitan and diverse population
  • Tons of annual events, including Native American Heritage Month (November), dedicated to celebrating NA culture, and its relation to Alamo history, as well as the complex relationship between the indigenous peoples and the five Spanish-built missions in this city. You'll get to see who these people are, where they've been, and even get a glimpse of them as they shape their future.

Other considerations for San Antonio

  • Those humid summers mentioned above
  • A lot of tourists
  • The crime rate is higher than the national average, for both crimes against persons and property

Best Assisted Living San Antonio, Texas | Who makes the list?

A list of the best assisted living communities in San Antonio, Texas.

Adante Assisted Living | San Antonio, TX 78230

Adante Assisted Living provides Assisted Living, Retirement Communities, Alzheimer's Memory Care.

Caring– 23 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 47 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.33
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: The layout, area is very clean, smaller facility, downtown area, environment excellent, facility in a lovely area, “has the most lively and connected residents”, Security was great, facilities very up-to-date, beautiful, trees, like a resort, very large facility, grand piano in the entry, fantastic, very fancy, very nice, very relaxed, one flat rate and no a la carte services, staff very friendly/had a greeting card waiting for me, very welcoming, sweet, makes transitions seamless, “I feel safe, comfortable, and respected”, low employee turnover, rooms looked comfortable and well kept, rooms perfectly clean. apartments wonderful and spacious, rooms were exceptionally nice, kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator, apartment is LOVELY, washer hookup in apartment, apartment was fabulous, very large, had a lot more storage, staff very congenial, staff very kind and helpful, good people, loving and thoughtful caregivers, outpouring of love and concern by staff and fellow residents, meds management, caring nurse, dining area adequate, breakfast and either lunch or dinner, food varied, excellent choices, plentiful, food anytime, food was good, food outstanding, dining area very nice & very pretty & very clean, two gourmet chefs, sanitation is excellent, movie theater, chapel, swimming pool, beauty and barber shop, Senior Games, pool room, library, computer lounge, craft room, Bridge, current events, game room, chapel services (non-denominational), casino night, memory talk, Uno, Bingo, happy hour, so many social outings, weekly outings up to 150 mile radius, fellowship events

What they didn't like: Have community service but wasn't Catholic, like a big resort, rooms are just fair, Those in charge do not follow through on things agreed upon, tremendous turnover, understaffed, only serve two meals a day, times when extra staff would help, do not follow special diet needs, a lot of change in staff, bathroom in apartment seemed far from bed

Brookdale Castle Hills (Formerly Clare Bridge; formerly Homewood at Castle Hills) | San Antonio, TX 78213

Brookdale Castle Hills offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Very clean environment, really clean, spotless, reasonably priced, grounds and location just lovely, very old place but everything tremendously well maintained and beautiful, 3 buildings, small, not too big, beautiful, gorgeous, large, beautiful patio, quiet, not crowded, atmosphere very nice, not fancy but functional, like a hotel, pleasant, nice location in town, a lot of trees, nice views, very pleasant, very convenient, very homey, outside activities, very cordial Management/staff very friendly, always respond in a reasonable time, inviting, staff knowledgeable and seemed very comfortable working with dementia patient, locked down, a lot of security measures, visiting doctors, physical therapy, nursing staff and care top notch, respectful, full of energy, rooms are clean & modern, maintenance staff is very fast, informative, staff go above and beyond, seemed really concerned, staff attentive, cooperative, laid back atmosphere, everybody was so lovely, community room/a multi-purpose room, two short hallways with dining room in the center, dining room was good, food good, posh tablecloths, music while they're eating, cloth napkins, food is very good, variety of choices for breakfast/lunch/dinner, special diets, very lovely meals, three meals a day, food is excellent, Bingo, memory games, music, media room, happy hour, exercise programs, craft activities, grocery store outings, occasionally outings to restaurants, [can visit] unannounced different times of the day/different days of week, nice calendar of activities, hair salon, a Christmas sing-along, looked like everyone happy, enjoyed my [tour] tremendously, rooms larger than any other places visited, corner apartment/very light, spacious studio with wood floors, very big one-bedroom with balcony, cottages for the memory unit, memory care/individual rooms with a big common center and dining room, two nurses on staff on 24hr call, quite a bit of socializing with dementia residents and recreational activities, exercise class, facility transportation, director answers right back/always does whatever needs to be done, people extremely kind

What they didn't like: No pool, everything perfect except for the food, sometimes seem a little bit understaffed, room looked small, room was very small, dark, recommend put a sink and water in the kitchen, [staff] missed some of resident's scheduled meds, didn't like atmosphere, often seem overwhelmed/short-staffed, community not as active, only issue is with billing, failure to communicate fall to family, would like to see more volunteer opportunities, change in director/substandard care

Brookdale San Antonio (Formerly Horizon Bay) | San Antonio, TX 78240

Brookdale San Antonio offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 23 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 31 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Facility very small, very welcoming, beautifully decorated, has style, pet-friendly, dog onsite, very clean, rooms all nice, very open layout, entranceway big, places to gather, bright & colorful ambience, location perfect for sitting outdoors and taking short walk, common area always nice, maintained very well, handicapped accessibility is good, close to medical center, fabulous, just overall excellent, staff great, place was clean, very neat and tidy, very positive, people are friendly, tenants all seemed happy & at home, [residents] take pride in their appearance and clothing, making friends, communication at times lacking but usually rectified, staff visible, and friendly, staff very competent and solicitous, responsive, , encourage interaction between the residents, staff reminding [resident]about an activity, staff is very helpful, organized, staff never gives up motivating residents, staff always seems to care, truly sweet and caring, care is personalized, nursing staff great, service was great, people very engaging and friendly, very good chef, dining facility is excellent, food is excellent, food was great, special dietary meal plans, happy with the food, well balanced meals, kitchen staff very helpful, provide shower service and the meds, dining room is clean, food good, rooms are open, rooms nice and big, good size bathroom and shower, actual kitchen sink, either carpet or linoleum floors, easy to get around in, shared room with bed/chest/TV, therapy room, a little library, onsite computer course, TV room, arts and crafts, movie nights, dances, trips, exercising, interaction between the staff and residents obvious, Bingo, games, arts and crafts, ice cream socials, barbecues, They have someone to play the piano, sing-a-longs, music, shopping at least twice a week, shuttle to doctor's appointments, memory care has smaller cottages, special luncheons and dinners, have Men's Club, work bench, men's night barbecue, onsite church services, chapel, farmers market, no pool but have physical therapy and occupational therapy, can garden in raised garden tables, salon services

What they didn't like: All the halls are yellow, lack of compassion from staff, west wing a/c inadequate, hall carpet could use attention, doesn't like the food, concerned about [resident] not having her oxygen at times, need to improve on billing process, only offer transportation two days a week, since community purchased staff less responsive

Carol Ann's Home | San Antonio, TX 78229

Carol Ann's Home provides Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Memory Care.

Caring– 28 Reviews, Average Rating 4.9
SeniorAdvisor– 7 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Treated with utmost love and respect, clean and well lit, safe, very clean, doesn't have that nursing home feel, big living area, feels like a real home, lots of birds, very small facility, very warm & welcome, slow-paced, good medication security, music therapy, bedside care if needed, not like a retirement home or nursing home, only 15 residents at a time, 24-hour care, doesn't have that smell, beautiful/sunny/ fully furnished room with lovely cheerful bedding, amazing staff & home!, they always dress her nicely/her hair done [for outings], even polish her nails, staff are very sweet and friendly & owner-manager went beyond the call of duty, grieved our loss with us, approach included caring for the resident and helping the family deal, communicate well with family members, [staff] always help her with the bath and wash her hair, staff is so personable, conscientious, attentive to [resident] needs, compassionate, have made this difficult time so much easier for all of us, let residents do their thing but attentive, caregivers who honor and respect [residents], provide excellent medical and hospice care, family-oriented environment, a chef 5 days a week, Well balanced meals, food looked amazing, buffet during the day with different fruits, fantastic cook, very much like mom's cooking, large dining room so it is more intimate like a family style, chairs are comfortable/tables are nice, buffet during the day with different fruits. salad at any time, fantastic cook, patio, garden is beautiful and well kept, huge trees and lots of shade, great activities and entertainment, wonderful social interaction, single rooms with a closet/bed/private bath, only have semi-private room available, music, exercise programs, physical activities, games, Thanksgiving parties, Christmas carolers, games, crossword puzzles
What they didn't like: Seemed a little too institutional, looking for brighter and more open, not much of a backyard & front yard a steep decline, felt parents would need more activity, many meals seem repetitive

Emeritus at Amber Oaks | San Antonio, TX 78233

Emeritus at Amber Oaks offers various types of Assisted Living.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
SeniorAdvisor– 21 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 2 Review, Average Rating 2.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Not strictly seniors, [residents} safe and in good hands, older building but well maintained, clean, well-kept, facility and management are the best, staff all very friendly, professional, go out of their way, very knowledgeable, staff is very friendly and helpful, go out of their way, check on [residents] regularly, They call me with any concerns, really care, respectful, kind, attentive, bingo, arts and crafts, games, outings, monitor your medications,, three meals a day, food was hot, meals are good, like menu, likes the food, variety of snacks on request, private bathroom, semi-private and private apartments, bigger room with a balcony, smoking areas, rooms were bigger, price very reasonable, spacious and clean, room really nice, [kitchenette has] coffee pot and little refrigerator, dining room, a lot of activities, play a lot of bingo, reading, games, bus service, a lot of access to transportation, a good facility for the price, good neighborhood, w/i 2 miles of parks/shopping centers/restaurants, activities meet various needs of residents, card games, arts and crafts, day trips off site to shopping centers, physical and occupational therapy, a gym, salon, game room

What they didn't like: Older facility, a little run down, a lot of residents, layout, every bill received has had extra charges, a lot of residents have mental health issues, wasn't as bright, and light as the other facilities, public areas had dark wood on the walls/ depressing, kind of old and rundown, Kitchenette very small, no sink in kitchen, not much counter space, looks like a hospital room, atmosphere more like a nursing home or hospital, little small rooms/ just one window, too big, wanted more personalized attention, smoking allowed on only patio and outside building entrance, didn't see many activities, bunch of residents smoking out front, staff ignored tourist/didn't look clean or profession, felt like a low-class nursing [facility], always bedbugs, facility was dirty, food disappointing, property definitely needs new paint/wallpaper/etc., not even as good as cafeteria food, rooms smell of urine, pricing right/facility too old, not impressed with menu choices but food was decent, atmosphere not as bright and open as I expected, no Wi-Fi, tv/internet is expensive

Franklin Park Sonterra | San Antonio, TX 78258

Franklin Park Sonterra offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Services.

Caring– 13 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 23 Reviews, Average Rating 3.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Review, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– 2 Review, Average Rating 4.83

What they liked: Very nice, very clean, gorgeous place, excellent design, much like a luxury hotel, very nice neighborhood, very congested area but close to medical services, very happy place, very well-kept, very orderly, most attractive, absolutely beautiful, classy, clean, people were very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, staff was extremely professional, courteous, staff helped when we moved in, you got the most for your money, laundry services, housekeeping, transportation, tour was very professional & friendly, lunch was very nice, chef, dining room very nice, fine-dining atmosphere, food healthy and delicious, flexible hours in dining room, food well-portioned, a lot of good healthy choices, menu adequate, dining area spacious & clean, courtyard, group activities, bridge, crafts, popcorn, a real movie theater, great game room, swimming pool, gym, exercise lessons, happy hours, live entertainment, large apartment, 1-bedroom apartment open & airy & sunlit, nice apartment with lots of outdoor space, lots of storage, w/d in each apartment, many offer kitchenettes, very clean & homey two-bedroom apartment

What they didn't like: very pricey, they serve two meals instead of three, food was terrible & staff not cooperating, very expensive, kind of big [resident could get lost], apartments too far from dining room, [facility] too big, community didn't have a very friendly feeling, bad traffic on 1604

Seasons Alzheimer's & Assisted Care | San Antonio, TX 78247

Season's Alzheimer's & Assisted Care offers Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care.

Caring– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
SeniorAdvisor– 19 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: safe & secure, only have 15 residents, regular animal visits, staff/patient ratio is outstanding!, very clear about price & what's included, love the animal visits and seasonal activities, loving environment, it is like family, a van for doctors' appointments, salon, a small community, clean, amazingly clean, beautiful, comfortable, all the rooms are private, bathroom in each room/a shower for every four rooms, rooms are nice, staff is motivated, Every one of the staff members stopped/ introduced themselves/told me exactly what they did and what their function was, [staff] educates family, caretakers always very loving/caring,/gentle/patient, very knowledgeable, conscientious, communicative, give updates regularly/will send pictures from time to time, personalized care, staff is top notch, Compassionate, competent, staff is very interactive, manager won't put up with OK standards, The timeliness of meds/changing and turning, cleaning of floors and laundry performed on daily basis, dining facility, food is delicious, healthy variety, meals prepared 3 times a day, snacks in between, natural fresh foods and ingredients, food is nutritious and tasty, meals can be adjusted to the resident, food is all home cooked and appropriate for their age and sensitivities, never forget the devotion of the ownership and caretakers, special attention to ensure patients staying hydrated, owner has cameras throughout her facility/continually monitoring, can contact the facility at any time, care that is also spiritual and emotionally healing, art and music therapy, walks on their secure property, private rooms, no foul odors, All clients are clean and odor free, activities tailored to create physical endurance, social interaction, mental stimulation, music, bingo, game day, parties, movie night, birthday party for a fellow resident, singing, place to exercise, media room, sitting areas

What they didn't like: had more of a hospital feel, staff is not very professional, environment struck me as echoing and loud, no true housekeeping, no nurse call buttons in bathrooms or bedrooms, hot foods are often cold

The Inn at Los Patios | San Antonio, TX 78217

The Inn at Los Patios offers Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Caring– 16 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 39 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: regal, beautiful setting, Pleasant place in every way, grounds very beautiful, lots of trees, a creek, Salado Creek, about 12 acres of woods with paths, courtyard with beautiful cypress trees, very family-oriented, can sit out on your patio looking out to the woods, a lot of birds and squirrels, ducks in the river, tall oaks, beautiful gardens, doesn't look like a nursing home, spacious, pet-friendly, light-filled, very clean, gated security, residents very active, rooms were very well-maintained, option: either carpeting or laminate flooring, food was good, fabulous food, Inn looked and smelled fine, layout easy to navigate, rooms were adequate, location is convenient, Everybody very nice, excellent management, management make every one [of residents] feel important as a person, both tenants and employees have been very friendly, wait-staff is great, interesting people, wonderful staff, high work ethics, believe they sincerely want their residents living happy & healthy & purposeful satisfying lives, “I never thought I would be so happy”, superior senior living experience, “I really love living here”, staff and the employees been there for 20-plus years/no turnover, staff always optimistic & happy, Staff know you by name, “Here I feel very safe yet enjoy my independence/It's just a healthy environment!”, serve three meals a day, great meals plan, food is really really good, food is OK, food is delicious, feel safe, safe & secure, great job of giving out the medications, very careful, check on [resident] every 2 hours, check their blood pressure twice a day, check them for dehydration every day, the floor plans were nice, bridge, games, poker, art classes, water aerobics, birdwatching, baking, library, cards, exercises, going out, happy hour, barbecue, movies, dancing, a pool, two-bedroom, one-bath or two baths, [some units have] a very nice screened-porch, apartments very up-to-date and pretty, closet on patio, rooms had large living room, own AC/heat control, a nice bathroom, nice walk-in closet, a kitchen, big spacious laundry, guest rooms for relatives, call lights in the apartments if you need help, exercise, a post office, onsite banking, It's lovely & bright, dining area and common area very nice, well-kept, back wall was all windows, a very pleasant place, in a very nice part of town, short field trip-type things and shopping, take to doctor appointments, transportation to church services, church services onsite, “A feeling of home and belonging prevail”, “Here I found things I could still do to be active, vital, a contributor”, “People here bend over backwards to help each other”, “TOTALLY satisfied”, trips to commissary, rosary on Fridays, communion services on Sunday

What they didn't like: they don't have wine at lunch, a less extensive menu, don't do a flat linen service, could improve by putting new carpeting in the hallways, older facility, need to do some major updating to improve appearance, not near big medical complex

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