Best Assisted Living in San Jose

San Jose, CA, founded in November 1777 and was originally named Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe, revealing its Spanish origins. It’s also known for its sunny climate permitting outdoor sports year-round and is one of the most expensive places to live in the US.

Also noteworthy is its sense of community; one sign of which is the emphasis on creating as “walkable” a city as possible.

In the heart of the Silicon Valley, San Jose (and surrounding towns including Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, and Campbell) has drawn many retirees and offers many retirement options. The wealth of the area, combined with the multicultural, entertainment, and educational aspects and great climate, has resulted in a particularly vibrant atmosphere.

Though it can be costly, it is worth looking into. The regional planners in Santa Clara County, which includes San Jose, have been striving for the last few years to make this part of the state as senior-friendly as possible.

Recognizing that, by 2030, it is expected that one in four county residents will be 60+, they are determined to create as livable and easily and safely traversable a community as possible, while providing the support and stimulation its residents will want and need to live full lives.

What people like about San Jose, California

  • Like sunshine? San Jose’s 300 days+ of it a year permit you to be out and about as much as you like, whether for exercise or relaxation.
  • California doesn’t tax Social Security income or Railroad Retirement benefits, but all other retirement income is taxed. However, if you’re 65+, you can claim an exemption (currently $118. Talk to a tax accountant about any other possible deductions.) The is no death or inheritance tax, though the sales tax (which varies across the state) averages out to about 8.55%, though groceries and prescription drugs are exempt.
  • The scenery is remarkable: Mountains, ocean views, redwood forests – not to mention the many public gardens like the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.
  • San Jose, like San Francisco, supplies a range of mass transit options and is continuing to make the town even easier to traverse.
  • The town’s crime rate, both for violent and property crimes, is well below the national average.
  • The highly rated Eagle Ridge Golf Club is just one of the easily accessible public courses. To its credit, Golf for Women Magazine has named it one of the 50 most women-friendly courses in the country. No matter your level of expertise, there’s a nearby course for you.
  • Another outdoor activity is the San Jose Flea Market. Visiting this huge market – with some 8 miles of aisles and around 2,000 vendors – can easily be an all-day event.
  • Entertainment food carts, bargains of all kinds – who could ask for more?
  • The city’s racial diversity results in an exciting environment where residents can explore many cuisines, art forms, religions and more.
  • San Jose’s proximity to San Francisco could be a major plus.
  • For those who want to continue working, part- or fulltime, San Jose is in the heart of the Silicon Valley; job opportunities are available.
  • Further energizing the town is the presence of many colleges, including San Jose State University. (For those interested in pursuing higher education, remember that any school may offer seniors discounts or the option to audit.)
  • The sports offering here are particularly exciting. There are two hockey teams, one NHL the other AHL; the San Jose Earthquakes, a Major League soccer team; the San Jose Giants, their minor league baseball team; and the San Jose State Spartans, an NCAA football team.
  • There are 100+ neighborhood and regional parks in San Jose. For those who enjoy a good walk, there are also at least 53 miles of walking trails, as well.
  • For you bikers, there are more than 200 miles of on-street bike paths throughout the city.

Other considerations for San Jose

  • As suggested above, the greatest drawback for many in selecting San Jose or the surrounding area is that it’s ranked among the most expensive places to live in the US.
  • Some found there was not enough racial diversity

Best Assisted Living San Jose, California – Who makes the list?

A look at the best assisted living in San Jose, California.

Atria Sunnyvale | Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Atria Sunnyvale provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Short-term Stays.

Caring– 25 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 37 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 3.67
GoldenReviews– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3

What they liked: [Facility] smaller and more personal, homey feeling, the layout, Dogs accepted and two courtyards for them, pleasant serene grounds comfortably shaded, everything was upbeat, positive energy, beautiful facility, a big place, it looks open inside and very inviting, always clean, very well organized and very clean, very well-maintained, bright and cheerful, modern facility, not a lot of [employee] turnover, [gardens were] a restricted area so [residents] could not walk out on the street, [Loved one’s] vocabulary has improved since moving [here], the overall atmosphere was one of an apartment complex, All residents appeared to be happy and satisfied, an ambassador program, residents are encouraged to partake in activities and they seem to really enjoy it, directly across the street from the Sunnyvale Senior Center, enough staff…numerous caregivers, staff was very warm to each other and they seemed like one big family, price is reasonable and competitive, management is attentive [to residents] and to the families, [Staff] seemed knowledgeable, staff are warm and inviting, [Sales staff] very informative and not at all pushy, staff very caring and sincere, genuinely interested [in] providing best care, toiletries provided by staff on check-in, [Staff] very professional and they answered all our questions, Everybody was very cheerful and helpful, The director was good, The location was better…across a park with a lake, [Facility] near the health center…less than 3 miles away, near all the Asian restaurants and grocery shopping, staff are very friendly…and helped in the decision-making process, [Staff] constantly checking on [resident], staff was excellent, very courteous, manager was very accommodating and helpful, Visitors could come in anytime as long as they would sign in, big dining room upstairs, dining room very big and nice, dining area very very nice, meal plans, serve three meals a day and the food is excellent, food available all the time, big selection of choices…available from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., [Diners have] a choice of fish [or] meat or vegetarian…for both lunch and dinner, excellent food and menu, custom menu items and a gourmet chef, food that was fantastic, Sunday brunch…had an omelet station, food was really good, dining room is airy and comfortable, a private dining area for group gatherings, rooms were spacious, rooms looked very clean, they are able to provide a furnished room, single studio bedrooms had nice closet spaces, [rooms] an OK size, a small kitchenette, a kitchen in their dining area, room was a little small but nice and had doors that opened onto a patio, rooms here are spacious, [apts] were well lit and were looking out at a garden area, accommodations were very clean and clearly cared for, studio [&] one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, You could bring your own personal things, 7 or 8 activities every day, a bridge club, a card club, bible studies, exercises, bingo, a big community room, a library, lots of living rooms where the residents can watch TV or read, a sitting room to watch television, games, some caregivers that came in there to do shows, chair exercise, mind games, craft games, music room, meeting rooms, [facility] had a bus that would take them to different places [like] shopping [&] doctor appointments, Every two weeks the chef would have a cooking demonstration, yoga and small concerts, people come in to sing, different field trip each week, sing-alongs,

What they didn’t like: only have one-bedroom/one-bath units, they had a back door that [wasn’t always monitored], don't like the weather here, there doesn’t seem to be fresh air [inside facility], the [private] rooms were extremely small, [resident] felt [staff] was very impatient with him [&] trying to take away his independence, [a resident’s] attention needs were unresolved, Bathrooms too small for wheelchair access/care, dining area so big it did not have the “family” feel, very very expensive, We moved in on the weekend and there wasn’t any person to greet [us], Did not care for layout…too much like a hotel, it would have been helpful to have a better picture of what they accept, dining room on second floor, a lot of times in the evening [residents] just sit in front of the TV

Atria Willow Glen | San Jose, CA 95125

Atria Willow provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Short-term Stays.

Caring– 36 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 55 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– 19 Reviews, Average Rating 4.12

What they liked: multi-building property that was…beautiful, older property but beautiful with the trees and the woods, koi pond, Dry Creek, clean and pretty well maintained, very comfortable, calming and quiet atmosphere, [near] Starbucks [&] post office [&] nail place and Safeway, very organized and very tidy, rooms very bright, kitchen and dining area lovely, nice grounds, landscaping, most of the residents there were more functionally independent, the atmosphere, relaxing, cheerfulness of the residents, Everybody just looked really happy and socializing with each other, residents welcoming, lots of places to walk in the backyard, The residents looked happy and content, friendly staff, personnel certified to run exercise classes, staff was excellent, management was helpful and explained about the pricing, [staff] answered all our questions, staff very helpful [&] very conscientious and caring, good job of administering meds, Staff is dedicated to making everyone…comfortable and feeling loved, [Staff] celebrate life [&] include family and treat residents as adults with respect, staff is good, staff…truly care, staff was very polite and very professional, medical staff is helpful [&] friendly [&] attentive, staff respectful all times of the day, dining room is excellent, quality restaurant-type dining hall, an ice cream bar, special of the day or order from the menu, variety of meals, food really good, Food is okay, there is always plenty, food was quite good, food was good, “anytime fridge,” dining is wide open [&] well-lit [&] clean and easy for the elders to get around with their walkers, Ice cream every afternoon, rooms were clean, rooms were a good size, rooms looked fine, large apartments, rooms were more than adequate, very spacious bathrooms, 1 bedroom 1 bath accommodation with a full kitchen, rooms were quite large, small studio apartment, studio perfect size with kitchenette, All rooms have balcony or patio, someone [to] clean bathroom and take [residents’] sheets every week, rooms very nice and of good size, apartments were adequate and kind of plain with…balconies, In assisted living…there were three or four rooms around a single bathroom, numerous activities…each day, an outdoor pool…available all year round, a heated swimming pool, gardening, [onsite] hairdresser, a shuttle that takes them outside, entertainment, choir, games, movies, group activities every day…some for mental stimulation [or] physical conditioning

What they didn’t like: it’s spread out over a 10-acre parcel and you have to walk out in the open to get your meals, Across the street was a big post office and it was all parking lots, an old facility, neighborhood doesn’t have that much to offer, [facility] a bit too large, expensive, the lack of diversity, [staff good] but could be a little quicker in responding, would have to hire someone just to let my in-laws go outside, facility dated and apartments on small side, numerous outdoor paths between buildings, Ind Living not licensed as “medical” [so] no medication mgmt., weekend in particular severely understaffed, [staff] don’t seem to be doing much in terms of keeping [residents] physically active, new resident orientation could have been a little better, kind of hard to get hold of their administrative staff…no voice mail, there should be a kind of big brother or big sister program, the food and the service was inconsistent, Laundry facilities…seem too small, food not top-notch [&] portions quite small, Apt small-especially the bathroom, Security would be major concern…units all have outside access, heating arrangement left something to be desired

Belmont Village San Jose | San Jose, CA 95128

Belmont Village San Jose provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Circle of Friends, Memory Care, and Short Stay.

Caring– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 44 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] very pleasant [&] open [&] spacious and friendly, pets allowed, facility is beautiful, lovely inside, spotlessly clean, facilities are updated and modern, clean and doesn’t smell, Very nicely furnished, [atmosphere] caring [&] energetic and upbeat, didn’t get a lot of marketing pressure, lots of positive energy among the staff, special program to help seniors…funded through private donations [&]…helping veterans—[on a] sliding scale, [residents] safe and cared for, valet parking, On the seventh floor, are two patios with great vistas of San Jose, 7 or 8 stories with parking underneath, an all-inclusive program, memory care patients not kept isolated from everyone else very high-end, very well-maintained, well-decorated, great memory care program, just one connected building so you can’t get lost, good access to everything: the freeway [&] public transportation and walking, attached to Santana Row [with] a lot of upscale shops and restaurants, wonderful terrace on the 7th floor…perfect for relaxing [&] reading and socializing, social programs…were very good, [Facility] Director is an outstanding leader, staff always courteous and watchful, staff always smiling, a lot of staff, [residents] all seemed to be happy, like living in a very fancy hotel with quite a lot of support, [staff] seek to help while maintaining residents dignity, staff was very helpful [&] knowledgeable and attentive, kind and patient, caregivers treat residents with such respect, Community Relations person made what could have been a stressful experience…so much easier/smoother, [staff] all very caring [&] engaging [&] well trained, excellent staff: case managers [&] social workers [&] LVNs [&], RNs [&] certified chefs, staff always very responsive, Even staff that never worked with my mother knew her name, staff send pictures of [residents] to family, staff well-trained and genuinely enjoy their jobs, staff members…very easy to talk to, On-site nursing staff, flexible with memory care, staff…seem like they really work well with their clients, exercise staff, “Circle of Friends” which helps dementia patients adjust, PALS, the Neighborhood [aka] the Memory Care area, MC residents proactively gathered into daily activities, very big dining room where they had some activities too, dining area very nice and offered nice-looking menu, [separate] bistro, food is excellent, three well-balanced and nutritional meals a day, organic food, plenty for seconds and thirds, dining area was clean, bright and cheerful, food was good, delicious, common dining room very nice [&] spacious and…busy and full, excellent menu, nice restaurant [dining room] where the family can come in, apartments are small but pleasant, room was nice and spacious, a little suite that has two rooms [&] a bedroom and a living room, Rooms set up in standard hallway orientation – like a nice hotel, rooms are private small studios but with a separate bedroom, two-bedroom apartment that's quite roomy and very comfortable, Rooms are nice [&] spacious and there is furniture, rooms were like little hotel rooms with kitchenettes, rooms bright and airy, [room] size is reasonable and enough for one person, patio/balcony areas on upstairs floors, studio apartments…well laid out with efficient use of…space, room for a double bed [&] a small sitting area with TV, ample closet space, small kitchen area with microwave and refrigerator, full calendar of activities every day….different activities for different groups based on needs, entertainment, hair salon, outings, events, arts, crafts, classes, a gymnasium, exercise classes, yoga, chair aerobics, trivia games, scenic drives with community, movie nights, Bingo, Bunko

What they didn’t like: too expensive, dining area…wasn't warm and inviting, some [of the apts] were very small, their common grounds – though…nice — were not very cheerful, a multi-storied facility [&] there wasn't a spacious feeling, not…enough nurses for the patients, not as nice or clean as the other one I visited, couldn’t walk dog [because] on a very busy street, Getting in and out was difficult although they had valet parking, feel of a hotel, a worker that was…smoking [outside], rooms were small, don't do medical management, not much of an outside property, not as homey, way too large, the smell of urine, don't have a garden, a high-rise, food served cold, thought [environment] too busy, only two elevators, [activities] could [be] more intellectually stimulating, not much in the way of outdoor space, very formal setting, tall building in city

Belmont Village Sunnyvale | Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Belmont Village Sunnyvale provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Circle of Friends, Memory Care, and Short Stay.

Caring– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 36 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [facility] good and clean, immaculate and pristine, brand new and modern, open floor plan, very well laid out, elegant, self-contained, transportation, well-maintained, safe, didn't smell, very upscale, beautiful gardens, attached [&] secure outdoor garden, the outside courtyard, the residents seemed happy, very upbeat and friendly atmosphere where the staff is very positive, PALS, seemed to keep residents very busy and active, special program for memory care, Circle of Friend…wonderful program for cognitively impaired, nice location that doesn't limit the residents to the campus, services are good, walking paths and gardens, can hear the water fountain, place looks very cheerful [&] bright, Neighborhood of Friends, the ‘apartment with services and support’ attitude, felt like being in a 5-star hotel, exercise equipment and laundry, a lockdown facility…but you don't get the impression you are in jail, Everything was included, residents seemed to be very happy, sufficient staff, Many of the staff…have been employed there for many years, overall [staff] do everything exceptionally well, visiting medical staff, Administrative staff very friendly, staff is very caring, very warm and welcoming, professional, staff as good as they can be, very attentive, [All staff] really goes out of their way to make sure [resident] okay and remind and walk her to activities, everybody…very knowledgeable, tour was very efficient, administrator we met with…was really exceptional and very helpful [Loved one] is somewhat difficult…and staff have all been very welcoming and gracious to her, state of the art memory care center, Meals and activities follow a regular schedule, escorting service where they come and take [resident to] make sure she gets down for breakfast and lunch and also…gets to different activities, staff seemed to genuinely care about each resident, licensed nurses around the clock, [Staff] always checking on [resident], [Staff] appeared to keep [residents] very busy if they wanted to be, nursing staff…available, [staff] kind, patient, dining area very beautiful, fresh fruit daily, food was very good, food was excellent, food was good, professional chef, dining room is open [&] cheerful and clean [&] always flowers on the table[s], a menu, good furnishings and the food is good, nutritious, a real dining room, outstanding restaurant quality food, food (menu) appears diverse, food is decent, food is great, [Residents] can go…order food off the menu anytime [&] not just the set food, [accommodates] gluten-free diet, very good food, accommodations were reasonable and clean, [private] bathroom facility is large, [private] rooms looked wonderful and brand new, 1-bedroom [w/] a kitchen [&] lots of closet space, rooms were nice, studios, several bedroom options, [apts] somewhat like a hotel room, nice views from the rooms, rooms seemed a nice size, [rooms] have patios, a kitchenette, Each apartment well furnished and fancier than a lot of apartments, microwave [equipped with] enlarged [keys] and have braille, [Resident] in a shared room…[Staff] have been very careful in who they select as a companion, They have activity levels for different levels of care including Alzheimer's, floral arranging, lectures, card games, memory games, a lot of people [come] entertain the residents, art classes, exercise classes, a gym room with all sorts of equipment including a walking machine and various weights, painting and drawing, weekly trips by bus, social activities, a luau, they played ball, did artwork and puzzles, gardening, card games, bingo, arts and crafts, beauty salon on the fourth floor, computer lab, a library, sing a longs, Bible study

What they didn’t like: They could perhaps bring their prices down, El Camino is a very busy street and…– like late in the afternoon — it is impossible to find a parking space in front, the [dining area]…[is] not centralized so some of the residents have a long way to go to get down there, set meal times, seemed understaffed, [Staff] unorganized upon check-in, Residents not happy, Parking troublesome, environment could be a little overwhelming…compared to a cruise ship, communication among staff needs to be worked on, takes a while to get a call returned, hasn’t been made clear who to talk to about specific issues and can be hard to get in touch with certain people, Response time horrible, understaffed, rigidity in scheduling activities, too “high end” and cruise-ship-like, very pricey

Brookdale San Jose [Formerly Atrium at San Jose, aka Atrium San Jose, aka The Atrium Retirement Community] | San Jose, CA 95123

Brookdale San Jose provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 29 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 32 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Beautiful large facility, a nice age range, pet friendly, comfortable, very clean, very pretty, clean, upscale, surrounded by the Lake Almaden/Guadalupe River park, well-maintained, up to date, halls that were adequately wide, open, well-lit public areas, [facility] very cheerful as are the residents, organized, well laid out, well-landscaped, feels like home, feels like a luxury community, very competitive pricing, very nice parking, close to…medical facilities in the Blossom Valley area, near a shopping mall with restaurants [&] movie theatre [&] shopping and banking – all within walking distance, right by Oakridge Mall, nice outside garden, well-run facility, free transportation, a garden and open areas, courtyard and places you can walk, spacious rooms [&] facilities, social activities at the site as well as opportunities for off-site social activities, Everybody very friendly, tour [guide] very thorough and very honest, maintenance is good, staff is lovely [&] courteous and topnotch, staff is professional, They listen, [Staff] are pretty responsive if questions come up, staff so courteous and helpful, tour director really went out of her way to answer questions, Staff…doing a very good job of caring for needs, [staff] know my parents by name, staff and food are very good, staff was pretty friendly and helpful, staff seemed very competent, For the most part the staff really has a good work ethic and a very good attitude, dining room looked very clean, 2 meals a day [&] a third [pay extra], [facility] offered the widest choices of food, dining area is beautiful [&] well-handled and the staff is very courteous, white table cloths, waiters friendly, food is okay, food actually very good, Food attractively presented by cheerful servers, dining room is very spacious, menu had a nice variety and looked healthy, healthy choices, restaurant type room, food was good, good food, [Kitchen staff] have themes every week [like] Italian week, five different seatings at dinner, Very nice personal rooms with private patios or balconies, [private] room is a beautiful and brand-new one-bedroom that's big and spacious, rooms are very comfortable [&] clean and look very good, a 2-bedroom and it was very livable, OK apartment size, small kitchenette, beautiful laminate floors, plantation shutters, white kitchenette, Storage area, Right off the living room…a fenced-in patio, apartment itself is nice and well-maintained, [private] rooms were fine, nice large apartments, The rooms and apartments are small but well appointed, More activities than most b/c independent community, live theater, great memory care activities, beauty shop, cards, Bingo, poker, exercise room, singers, singing, piano, movies, cards, painting, piano player, happy hour

What they didn’t like: three stories and cramped, no swimming pool or gym, very expensive, every meal should have a vegetarian option, [Marketing team] very accommodating [but] they just haven't gotten back to us [after taking a deposit], think they need more caregivers, [Facility] a little too big for some, apartments dated and layout not good, mailbox not conveniently located, not for people with actual medical needs, outdoor parking, food is not cooked very well and not appealing-looking

Carlton Senior Living San Jose | San Jose, CA 95136

Carlton Senior Living San Jose provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Home Alternatives, and Short-term Respite Care.

Caring– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 16 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] definitely topnotch, fairly new, family-owned, absolutely beautiful, smells good, pet friendly, very clean and very pleasant, very nice neighborhood, [on] a dead-end street, like a resort, got a really good feel from that place, a garden [w/] tomatoes and vegetables growing and it's all done by the residents, lots of trees in back, cut flowers, smell of roses when you exit the elevators, residents were sitting around…laughing and conversing like they were family, Residents seem very happy, [atmosphere] very upbeat and positive, [Staff] take them out walking and there's a trail, a lot of walking areas, smoking area, [Building requires] less walking and [program has] more flexibility for people who have mild dementia, everything from cleanliness to services provided is excellent, The people seemed very happy, had a diabetes workshop and a whole lot of other workshops, staff people were well-dressed and very helpful, staff was very nice and hospitable, kindliness of the staff and [that] they work so efficiently, staff was great, saw a lot of interaction, very responsive, staff was really helpful, they wash everyone's clothes daily…therefore no smell, They encourage residents to take part in many activities, their beds are made daily, Staff know family members and address them, When we passed them they would say “Hello” with a lot of smiles, a high level of caring and desire for the residents to be happy, physical therapy program also looked very good, The dining area very roomy, dining room…like a fine restaurant, dining area looks really nice with high ceiling and a buffet meal, 3 meals a day and snacks morning & afternoon, Good food, good salad bar, flexible eating times, had a room that you could go to and get food at any time, food was good…and had a great selection, The rooms…were roomy and well-maintained, one bedroom [is] beautiful, a lot of activities, small microwave/sink, They had a beauty salon, a crafts room. arts and crafts, cooking, little trips, cards, bingo, really nice theater with a big screen and big chairs, a full kitchen in their activities room, exercise classes, they bring in music, art class, piano recital, regular trips to San Francisco [&] Monterey and all over, parties and movies regularly, They had swimming, yoga lessons, church mass

What they didn’t like: a little bit dated, very pricey, too expensive, didn’t have outdoor balconies, apartments were small, [Facility] was adequate, not much outside space, so much hustle and bustle right there at the entrance…concerned [loved one] might just walk out with a group of people, charging [resident] extra for service they are not performing, studios seem claustrophobic, Could be cleaner, wished could have option for two meals a day, rooms quite small and no stove (small microwave/sink)

Merrill Gardens at Campbell | Campbell, CA 95008

Merrill Gardens at Campbell provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 21 Reviews, Average Rating 4.6
SeniorAdvisor– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility was] newer [&] larger and more luxurious, very attractive, new and bright, allows pets, brighter and lighter and bigger, clean, pretty, like an upscale resort hotel, very well appointed and well furnished, well maintained, near two hospitals, residents and staff are happy and obviously get along well together, a vibrant community of friends, residents appear to be quite independent and engaged, Busy Bees were knitting, the [residents] seemed to be happy [&] relaxed [&] smiling and well taken care of, residents [can] grow their own garden, lobby and seating area is large and arranged into intimate seating groups, Everybody felt very friendly and welcoming, staff greeted all of the residents by name, [Staff helped] to make our move in successful and with the least amount of anxiety, [Staff] proactive and very good at following up, very positive, helpful, [facility] much more open and flexible, the security and safety was fine, lots of elevators, welcoming to families, public areas are spacious and beautifully decorated, immaculate, Chinese restaurant right across the street, underground parking area, Parking is an extra expense but is secure…and comes with daily 9A-7P valet for residents as well as guests, valet parking, proximity to the Campbell Senior Center, [Facility surrounded by] flat land; so it is very easy to walk, good proximity to downtown Campbell, prices reasonable compared with all the others, basically a month-to-month facility with a cafeteria that operates around the clock, provides transportation, person who toured us was knowledgeable [&] kind and patient…we didn't feel any pressure at all, the woman we worked with was nice [&] open [&] transparent, the team at Merrill Gardens was outstanding in communicating with…the family, Representative…responded very quickly to emails, Staff exceptionally friendly, Everyone from maintenance to front desk has been very responsive, [Staff has] a well-established system, [staff give] lots of attention, staff…very helpful and kind, caring, provide excellent care, [facility] layout was great, dining room was just gorgeous, the food was just lovely, food is good, good dining options, bistro, food was very good, dining area was very inviting, dining room like a restaurant…very elegant, very qualified chef, food has been very good, meals whenever you want them, food was average, a short order bar, private dining rooms, different sizes of [private] rooms [w/] a nice layout, [rooms have] more kitchen facilities than most of the others, extra storage space is available onsite for a monthly fee, [Each private room] has a little bar…in the kitchen…that could be used as a table, each one of the rooms had its own washer and dryer, from studio to two bedroom suites, 2-bdrm [&] 2 bath apt was quite large and even included a walk in closet…[&] a full kitchen and washer and dryer, one bedroom [w/] a living room [&] dining room and a kind of a kitchenette, Activities help [residents] really thrive, Bingo, happy hour every Friday, musicians came in once or twice a week, arts and crafts, exercise classes, nice library, field trips, [resident] can get on the bus and go shopping every Wednesday, crafts room, exercise room, They do a little walk together, a theatre, a salon, a workout room, outings, In the memory care unit they played ball games [&] bean bag [&] play bingo [&] do chair exercises and have person come in for yoga

What they didn’t like: rooms…were smaller and with fewer amenities, very expensive, website not that informative, a little too big, transportation to doctor appointments was minimal, only drawback that the [community areas] were so spacious it felt almost like being in a hotel, Staff not overly welcoming or caring, Sometimes…parking can be a little bit of a challenge

Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen | San Jose, CA 95126

Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 32 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
SeniorAdvisor– 34 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 3
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: homey, spotless, residents seem to be happy, premises and activities are wonderful, huge facility, a beautiful fancy place, very clean, modern, well maintained, lovely neighborhood to walk in with a park just down the street, close access to the 280 freeway, Merrill Gardens is a “Home away from home,” covered parking, located right in the middle of shopping [& near] lots of cafes and coffee shops, Excellent community and staff, [Facility] looked nice and new, corridors are bright, seems to be a busy community, reception area was very accessible, atmosphere…open and upbeat, the activity director is amazing, staff was very welcoming, memory community…felt like a ‘family’ environment…comfortable and easy [&] clean and safe, staff was very helpful and friendly, accommodating, staff is very professional, very caring, and very responsive, [staff] treat the residents like family members, extremely helpful and cooperative, staff reports on [loved one] daily, Staff was wonderful and accommodated [loved one’s] quirky ways [&] other residents were friendly and welcoming, Super professional but friendly staff, Lots of programming and support, [staff] clean your apartment once a week, Staff is…very engaged with the residents and families, staff were exceptionally kind and attentive to the residents and seemed to offer just the right amount of assistance, They…do your laundry, They'll drive you places, very nice social room, served food three times a day for the whole week, dining room was big with a nice menu, menu is very sophisticated, [food] very good, food is excellent, food is nutritious, [staff recognize] dietary restrictions, salad bar good but rest of lunch was so-so, food is delicious, food is ok, kitchen was open so if you wanted a snack you could get one, All the rooms have access to a balcony, apartments are very bright and spacious, apartments themselves were nice and big, nice-sized one-bedroom, rooms were a good size and pretty, apartments were really nice [&] roomy [w/] high ceilings, a two-bedroom unit that's spacious [&] modern [&] well maintained [&] clean [&] bright and sunny, rooms were nicely laid out, [apts have] kitchen amenities so the residents can still cook for themselves, full kitchen…nicely laid out, full size refrigerator and stove, lots of windows and patios, large studio, rooms were very beautiful [&] brand new and very large, The bathroom was very wheelchair-accessible, roll-in showers, Nice bathroom set-up, activities ere creative and fun, cards, reading, working puzzles, a pool table, a big library, a room with a TV, workout room, a beauty salon, games, weekly trips to events, a piano, chair yoga, an activities room with 2 computers [&] each resident receives an e-mail account, wii bowling, a fitness room

What they didn’t like: too expensive, little bit of a hotel feeling, common area…wasn’t roomy and it was old and very depressing, need to…offer more options for people who have a low-fat diet restriction, [no] defined exercise room, [not a] particularly interesting neighborhood, on a busy street, [no] valet parking, people with mild dementia…have to go straight to the memory clinic, some residents complained that [meals] were repetitive or poor quality on occasion, location not close enough to places where residents can get out with their walker or scooter to walk to a grocery store or a drug store, grounds aren't very big, had this underground garage on a fairly busy street, food not great, Expensive, long dark hallways that…feel a bit institutional, overall layout…seemed a little confusing, [food] quality varies from mediocre to good, Little attention given to [food] presentation

Pacific Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Care | Santa Clara, CA 95051

Pacific Gardens Assisted Living & Memory Care provides Assisted Living and Memory Support.

Caring– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorAdvisor– 21 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: small but very nice, beautiful place, very very well kept, bright and…lots of light, cleanliness, people were friendly, pet therapy, an excellent facility, privately owned, looks like townhouses, on a not too busy street, a lot of trees and landscaping, common areas and the outside courtyard, nice floor plan that was easy to navigate, a spacious outside area for residents to gather and walk, veterans wall in common room, wonderful community feel, [Management] seems to put money into the staff, cleanliness of the place was average, has a hotel atmosphere, a little bit more homey [than elsewhere], not as fancy [as some facilities], more up to date interiors, consistent concern for the residents' welfare, nursing staff to care for medicines, a nice courtyard with gardening available for the seniors, a real garden area, Pacific Gardens seemed more frank…got the feeling that what they were saying is what they could do, residents seem happy and content, staff has a pleasant [&] helpful attitude, very professional, like the director a lot…very efficient [&] kind and caring, staff seemed engaged and very professional, staff is energetic and the turnover rate is very low, pleased with facility especially staff, very thorough with their explanation, staff worked to help [each resident] stay independent as long as possible, [staff] very very supportive, smiling faces and open arms, staff are very attentive, competent, exercise room staffed by physical therapists, [Staff] were so patient with [loved one], [Staff] are also willing to help us take care of our [loved ones], [Staff] really get to know their residents, Staff is helpful and responsive to family concerns, [Management] continue to update resources available to residents, [Staff] were very friendly and communicated well with the relatives, loving and absolutely accommodating, nurses are really attentive, staff…very good and very helpful, [staff] were always cheerful, staff was very helpful, tour guide…answered all of our questions, absolutely content with the kind of service they gave my mom, dining room was beautiful, Dining area homey and comfortable, [Staff] create a fun and relaxed enjoyable atmosphere, food quality was average, food is great, three meals a day, food was…great, food is good, 3 designated seating times, salad…quite good, rooms are not quite as large [as elsewhere] but they're very conveniently laid out, individual units (studios and one-bedrooms) have fridges [&] kitchen sinks [&] bathrooms and microwaves, studio apartment…is very nice and…has a bathroom and a small kitchenette, rooms are nice and furnished, The rooms looked adequate, [Facility] supplied some of the furniture and…they provide [resident] with a flat screen TV, a good activity program, exercise room, a library, a barber shop, a nice [beauty] salon, musicians come and perform, holiday parties, if there wasn’t a holiday during that month they would have a prime rib lunch, A van is available to take residents grocery shopping [&] to bank etc., outings, shopping, scenic drives, take out to stores, take to doctor's appointments, word association games, puzzles, bingo, game nights, a gym, movie nights, Wii activity center, screening room with monster screen & individual leather seats, popcorn, indoor bowling, supervised walks, crafts, Computer equipment is also provided for residents, a monthly book group, barbeques

What they didn’t like: the fees and the organizational setup, it is two-story, [Residents] should be getting salads and more healthy foods, [Staff] need to be more attentive as to who is coming in and going out, could improve on having more activities, just not as fancy [as elsewhere], stacked pricing, no grounds to walk around, The one downside of a smaller facility is you don’t have as many people, [Facility] rather mediocre, rooms very small

Regency of Evergreen Valley | San Jose, CA 95135

Regency of Evergreen Valley provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Transitions Program.

Caring– 20 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 30 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 7 Reviews, Average Rating 4.1
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 5

What they liked: facility was beautiful, cleanliness, always very clean, size and the layout, open floor plan, feels cozy and homey, fresh cut flowers in the lobby, an outdoor area, fruit-bearing trees, memory care looks to be a very nice community, relaxing atmosphere, very homey, patio and walking area, nice area outside with a picnic table so…[residents can] watch the birds and the waterfall, security lock using a code, Outdoor parking no charge, people looked very happy, All the people seemed happy and comfortable, residents friendly and upbeat, a well-run organization, really nice community, staff was excellent, fairly modern community, no deficiencies as far as fire inspections are concerned, near golf course called Silver Creek, [residents] felt welcome, The facility…and some staff have received awards, near shopping center, They…take residents to doctor's appointments, Money wise it was reasonable, very good value for the money, the nursing staff and the location, staff is exceptionally friendly, great staff, very knowledgeable, staff went out of their way to make [resident] comfortable, Maintenance is on top of things, workers in the kitchen are outstanding, any question or concern [all the staff] has an open door policy, The staff was very professional and friendly, It takes a kind heart and patience to work in Memory Care and I have seen only that here, Staff very helpful at all times, Director of Memory Care unit is excellent…[&] knowledgeable…and approachable, The director is so knowledgeable she teaches classes on dementia and the elderly, [staff] easy to deal with, their nurse director Stephanie H's dedication to memory care patients, staff is very friendly and seem to care a lot, [staff] check on [resident] frequently, nursing care is good, caring and devoted staff, caring staff and a Management team who understands and listens to you, [Customer Relations] sensitive to our particular needs and made an effort to work with us, medication assistance, shower assistance, dining area was OK, flexible eating times, a beautiful dining room, food was good, food was very good, plenty of options for meals, three meals a day, They do…laundry once a week and clean-up [apts] once a week, had three meals there…they were all excellent, very happy with the variety of meals, largest 1-BR floorplan…quite spacious and bright, apartment was very nice and clean and it’s furnished, rooms were well maintained, 1-bedroom and a 2-bedroom, beautiful view of hills surrounding San Jose, one-bedroom studio [w/] TV [&] microwave [&] refrigerator [&] sink, a studio [that] wasn't spacious but it was fine, a lot of activities, memory games for people with dementia, excursions and shopping, eating out at restaurants, regular celebrations and activities every month, barbecues, exercise, a gym, Poker and Blackjack, exercise every morning, chair exercises in the morning before they eat breakfast, TV, balloon volleyball game

What they didn’t like: food is pretty bad and doesn't include many choices, Everything is OK except their rooms, lack of closet/storage space and very small counter/cabinet space in kitchens, I was called and told I would need to move my Father out of Regency because they can't care for him any longer [but] When I moved him there I was told this would be a place where he could die with hospice help

Sunrise Villa San Jose [Formerly Vintage Senior Living at Silver Creek] | San Jose, CA 95135

Sunrise Villa San Jose provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite Care, Personal Care Services, and Skilled Nursing.

Caring– 22 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 21 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility] very well-planned [&] light [&] airy and open, homey, they allowed dogs, [Facility has] a dog, fairly new facility, clean, very nice and clean, this place in really good condition and very clean, like an upscale hotel, seemed really more current and up-to-date, [Facility backs] onto a nature preserve, dear roam the grounds outside the fencing, friendly welcoming feel, a variety of areas to enjoy, outside area of Vintage was huge and beautiful, residents are able to do gardening, a therapy room and a garden, have programs where they bring in animals for the residents to enjoy for a short time, memory care is all lockdown, patio area is very nice, a big huge yard area, people are very friendly and welcoming, move-in went pretty smoothly, desk at the front door so they can track who is coming and going, staff very knowledgeable, residents seem fairly happy and are well cared for, staff was excellent, Everyone in staff and management create a safe and caring environment, a full-time transition coordinator to help new residents integrate, a nurse [&] a doctor and an ambulance on-site and a clinic down the street, The staff is very friendly, they have doctors on call that come right to your room, [staff] very very welcoming and friendly and warm and caring, caregivers are very good, They always keep [family] informed of [loved one’s] progress, staff is very friendly and responsible, The staff is very kind and very helpful, dining room was…very beautiful, food is OK; average, The food is good, pretty good selection of food that is usually well prepared, dining room very nice, their dining room's very lovely, courteous serving staff, Flexible eating times [from 7 – 7], the largest menu I've seen, good food, can order anytime, all kinds of things on the menu, food was excellent, meals are outstanding and the variety is wonderful, They have breakfast [&] lunch and dinner, lots of choices, a salad bar, food tastes very good, waiters are very friendly and attentive, the staff was very nice [&] very accommodating, [private] rooms were very good size and had nice view, rooms were…acceptable, room is clean and spacious, no shared rooms, studios [&] 1-bedrooms and 2-bedrooms, a little studio…a nice size…like a generously sized hotel room, apartment has a nice view, [studio has] closet in the hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom/living room area, [kitchenette w/] little efficiency refrigerator [&] a sink and a microwave, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a one bedroom…very roomy…bathroom is huge and you can get to the bathroom from the bedroom or from the kitchen area, good layout, 1 bedroom was most spacious I’ve seen so far, rooms are excellent, pretty nice apartment

What they didn’t like: older [&] dated place, didn't appear to be very high end, servers not trained well enough and some of them have language problems, [not] enough activity areas, very costly, area set aside for the people with dementia was…totally inadequate, dining area a little too small [&] there are always people waiting, seems…understaffed, just wish they would improve the food, would like to see more variety of meals, would like to see more activities, building nice but too big, outside area not that great and doubles as a smoking area, [Resident] felt talked down to, didn’t like having to stand in line for meals, think they need more people to manage the residents in Alzheimer’s unit, Limited patio area, About 14 miles to Good Sam

Villa Fontana Retirement Community | San Jose, CA 95129

Villa Fontana Retirement Community provides Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Caring– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 4.2
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: a smaller facility, pleasant environment, clean, well-kept, family run facility, a private organization so you don't have to be worried about changing care providers, very clean and very friendly, affiliated with Campbell Village, clean and didn't smell, care for the price is excellent, lots of light [&] windows, beautiful gardens, beautiful courtyard, a very nice common area, very family like environment, Bus for doctor appointments, transportation to shopping and scenic trips, Sundeck roof garden, Many activity rooms and lounges, common areas very spacious, a community room that’s free [for] families…to have birthday parties and family gatherings, tour [guide] was very charming [&] answered all of our questions, people seem to be happy, staff attentive [&] caring [&] patient, gentle [&] knowledgeable, their knowledge of the needs of the elderly, on average they are okay, [staff] responsiveness and attention to detail, ratio staff in memory care unit 1:5, Staff is very outgoing, [family] regularly contacted when a problem would arise, staff does a good job of caring for them, Staff is very gentle [&] knowledgeable and caring, right on top of things, They try to keep people's minds active, staff always keeping [family] informed of progress or set backs, staff is professional and caring, nurses checked on [resident] and does vital signs hourly, very caring, nursing home which is really excellent, nice dining room, dining room looked like a very nice restaurant, food is pretty good, 3 meals a day, food was quite good, food is really good, dining room open all day for cookies and fruit, Bistro open 24 hours 7 days a week, Seem to be very diet-conscious [&] working with special diets, [Resident can have] meal either in the dining room or in own room, servers very attentive, really cater to keeping sodium level down, seem to be very diet-conscious, portions were a bit on the small side but my brother was very happy with it, layout was very nice, apartments were larger, rooms small but high ceilings, Studios vary in size and some are really large, weekly housekeeping, weekly personal laundry, chair exercises, outings, get-togethers in the afternoon, bingo and games, After dinner…Wheel of Fortune watch parties, arts and crafts, people come in from outside for activities, [onsite] ice cream parlor, every Friday ice cream social

What they didn’t like: didn't have enough small sitting spaces [to] sit down and read the paper or book without being bothered, older building and not quite as nice, rooms a little bit smaller, A lot of the residents are so medicated they droop over in their chairs, do wish the administering of services was a little smoother…[loved one] missed a few [showers] and it took a while for us to get on track, do wish they had more physical activity in memory unit, Too expensive, on a busy street, food is kind of bland…and it could be more healthy, people would just knock on [resident’s] door and then open it, weren’t very responsive to maintenance requests, long hallways, have a protocol…but not sure it’s always followed

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