Best Assisted Living in Tampa

Tampa, FL – nicknamed “The Big Guava” – draws people of all ages and backgrounds, being as popular with twenty-somethings as it is with retirees. The sun, the diverse population, and limitless opportunities for entertainment of all sorts are just three of the major draws.

In fact, Tampa has, more than once, been declared the most livable as well as the best outdoor town in the country.

The area in and around Tampa, located on Florida’s west coast, has been inhabited for at least 2000 years. Tampa itself wasn’t officially settled until 1823. Sitting alongside gorgeous Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay, this good-sized city, as of 2018, is reported to have a population of about has a population of about 350,000.

The blend of cultures includes natives (like the Tocobaga), Spanish, Cuban, and others, the result being a highly intriguing blend of art and architecture. To find out more about these various contributions, visit the wide array of museums and art galleries.

The town’s rich background – and deep-seated interest in artistic expression – is also apparent in the dazzling selection of live performances available when it comes to dance, music, and theater.

For those who enjoy exploring their surroundings, or who want to entertain guests, there’s no shortage of sites and events.

And don’t be put off by the rumor that Tampa’s all about chain stores and restaurants; they’re here, all right, but for those who look a little closer, there are plenty of individually-owned shops, boutiques, and eateries to discover and make your own.

And if you like sports, whether as a viewer or a participant, Tampa has you covered. You can hit the golf course, go swimming or kayaking, biking or hiking, or you can choose to watch major league teams play live – it’s up to you.

What people like about Tampa, Florida

  • Apart from anything else, many people find the area beautiful.
  • Home prices and senior housing costs vary by neighborhood, though the town is rated as relatively inexpensive. For those who want easy access to Tampa but are willing to live outside the core area, there are several smaller cities nearby (including Brandon, Riverview, and Carrollwood) with their own amenities and charms and, perhaps, a lower sticker price.
  • Tampa, like several other Florida cities, has a reputation for being LGBTQ-friendly. The GaYbor District is of special interest, located in Tampa’s inner city of Ybor. Ybor, originally founded as a city of migrants, has its own remarkable history which is well worth researching. That it’s developed into a remarkably exciting collection of gay- and straight-friendly businesses and entertainment venues somehow seems only fitting.
  • This town loves to celebrate life. As such, festivals of various sorts abound, pretty much every weekend.
  • Florida, bless its heart, has no income tax. Property taxes are about 2%. The state has no death tax for those who died after 2005. Anyone 65+ who buys into a retirement community may be eligible for a hefty homestead exemption, depending on which county they reside in. There is a 6% sales tax, though this may vary by item purchased, and there are items – like prescription drugs and cosmetics, e.g., — that are not taxed.
  • As for walkability, Tampa is rated about average for US cities.
  • Transportation, while not the nation’s best, is available in the form of streetcars, trolleys, and buses, not to mention Amtrak and Tampa International Airport as well as several smaller airports.
  • Tampa hosts three major league teams with one each in football (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), baseball (the Tampa Bay Rays), and hockey (the Tampa Bay Lightning).
  • The food scene is amazing and varied.
  • There are at least eight hospitals, including a VA hospital. Any medical needs can be met.
  • Let’s talk sun: According to, Tampa enjoys an average of 246 sunny days per year. (Putting that into context, the national average is 205 days.)
    Parks: There are over 150 parks in the Tampa area. This mix of city, county and state parks includes everything from small neighborhood areas perfect for walking the dog to major theme parks and botanical gardens. Whether strolling, hiking, biking, or kayaking – whatever your level of activity, there are plenty of suitable venues.
  • Golf, as you’d expect, is very popular here. With at least 70 golf courses in the area (20 in Tampa alone), one could play every day and not get bored.
    Museums: There are dozens of museums scattered around Tampa and the surrounding area. Subject matter covered includes the more familiar – local history, aviation, the railroad, antiquities, modern art, African-American or Native American, golf, science, military history – well, the list goes on and on.
  • Historic sites: The annual Gasparilla Pirate Festival, the Tampa Museum of Art and The Ringling, the Busch Gardens. There are also plenty of history museums and cultural festivals. and for performing arts check out the Straz Center
  • This city – that never sees snow – adores Christmas. The whole town lights up at that time of year and the spectacle would put old Scrooge himself in the holiday spirit.
  • The Tampa Lowry Park Zoo is fabulous, or so say those – especially the kids – who like interacting with the zoo’s residents, be they furry or otherwise. Both highly educational and just plain fun, this is rated as a full-blown experience for all who visit.

Other considerations for Tampa

  • Even though crime can be an issue (it’s about 25% higher than the national average), just remember, when out in public, it’s wise to not draw attention to yourself through too much jewelry or flashing cash. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • While traffic has been known to get kind of messy, especially during big sporting events or because of tourism, those who live there don’t seem to complain.
  • That said, if you drive, do beware of speed traps.
  • The weather could cause some concern. Hurricanes can occur, and lightning storms are extremely common during the summer months. Still, the temperature rarely gets above 100, and January can be a balmy 60 degrees F.
  • The terrain is flat, which may be a problem if the sun, water, and flora aren’t sufficiently distracting.

Best Assisted Living in Tampa, Florida – Who makes the list?

A look at the best assisted living in Tampa, Florida.

Aldea Green [Formerly Emeritus at Brandon] | Brandon, FL 33511

Aldea Green provides Assisted Living.

Caring– 25 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 26 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: [Facility was] clean and attractive, facilities are immaculate, very well kept, smells good, very pleasant environment, people seemed happy, hallways are wide, nice floorplan, spacious common areas, nice outdoor space, very cheerful feeling throughout the facility, residents…seem engaged and happy, the level of socialization between the residents, staff members greeted the residents by name and were concerned with their needs, residents were all nice, a caring staff, staff is very helpful, staff very kind and caring, [Staff]…spend time not just on residents' daily physical needs such as bathing and nutrition but…also spend enough time to show that they care about a resident's emotional well-being, 24/7 nursing care, med techs are wonderful, home doctors that would come in once a week, [Facility’s] got two vans that they use to take [residents] out, anything that needs to be fixed in the apartment they come up and take care of it, salesperson was great, representative was upfront, [tour guide] not just selling Emeritus but…was concerned about my mom's well-being, had put a down payment but…my father died [&] They refunded the amount and were very good about that and very caring, They even sent a plant to my dad's funeral, person…helping me was very nice and very organized, staff is very friendly, very courteous, concerned about their patients, [staff] do [residents’] laundry and take care of everything, someone comes in to take care and clean out the hearing aids, 3 meals a day in a very classy dining room, restaurant-style dining hall, dining space very nice, dining room is OK, food tastes very good, food was good, an outstanding cook [&] chef and kitchen staff, could dine and eat in the community dining room at your own time, there was a menu, food…high quality and presented well, food was fine, [food] well-done — e.g. three-course meal including dessert, soup/salad, main course, dessert, all the coffee you want and soft drinks, the rooms seemed like a good value because the rooms were big and…a mini kitchen, price of the rooms was good, [rooms] were like little efficiencies, rooms were very nice and spacious, [staff] kept [rooms] very clean, rooms were small but adequate, room was small; it didn't have a kitchen but I like it, so many activities, a pool room, cards, a lot of get-togethers [&] gatherings and parties, they celebrate holidays, activity director had them doing ring toss and they looked like they were having such a great time, a little barbershop, a beauty salon, They were putting more activities around technology, weekly trips on their bus…to do shopping or eating

What they didn’t like: smelled very strong of urine in one of the halls, It was dark, not enough seating for the residents in the main seating area, the main areas…were dark [&] gloomy and unwelcoming, Thefts, bad food, NO SPECIAL DIETS offered, if you ask for a few more things like regular laundry [or] shower reminders etc. you will be told the staff is insufficient to do that, community was too big, [Building] shaped like an octagon [and] I knew it would be difficult for my father to walk around, more than one issues with medical and medication management, food could be better, wish…more variety in their activities, [need] more outings, food…sometimes comes out cold, repairs could be done in a more timely manner, Room[s] are very small

Allegro Hyde Park [Formerly Brookdale Horizon Bay Hyde Park] | Tampa, FL 33606

Allegro Hyde Park provides Independent Living and Assisted Living.

Caring– 17 Reviews, Average Rating 4.7
SeniorAdvisor– 6 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: beautiful community, new, very majestic, very clean, light and airy, did not smell, grounds picturesque, community is a newer building with state-of-the-art amenities, view outstanding, near University of Tampa, building has high ceilings and nice wood floors, very upscale quality service, common areas beautifully decorated and create a welcoming atmosphere, you can relax outside with your guests, outside gardens were beautiful, very close to…VA hospital, close to a hospital, lobby beautifully furnished and quite comfortable to visit…or just sit and read, Elite neighborhood, not that large of a facility, various dining rooms really well-arranged and organized, very well-equipped, a happy place to visit, events and opportunities for family members, This community really treats everyone like family and has a warm [&] friendly atmosphere, enjoy independent living atmosphere with assisted living services as needed, an internet café where you can grab coffee etc., relieved to know [loved one is] safe [&] secure and happy, a lounge on the sixth or seventh floor, residents can go up to the rooftop veranda, views of the water from the rooftop lounge and courtyard pool were gorgeous, management and wellness staff are highly capable and responsive, extremely caring people, a panel of doctors visiting [facility] frequently, Everybody very friendly, Staff go aboveboard and beyond to make sure residents are happy and active, culture of caring…permeates every activity and every interaction, staff very knowledgeable, staff members knew a lot about the residents and they even called them by name, [staff] going out of their way to help all residents feel happy and comfortable, very nice dining room, residents can enjoy meals in the main dining room on their own schedule, dining area very clean [&] neat, beautiful dining room, dining room very roomy and comfortable, food was outstanding, another roomy dining room for the residents that need a little assistance with their meals, both dining rooms have large windows, their chef is well-known in the area, food was excellent, awesome food, Meals are available three times a day, snack bar and a coffee bar that's available 24 hours a day, apartments and suite are very nice, amazing kitchens, rooms are like apartments with a complete kitchen, apartments…had very nice balconies, single-bedrooms, double-bedrooms, They also have a suite [which]…includes a refrigerator…and stove, resident rooms are nicely appointed, Once a week they do laundry for the residents, a lot of activities, a pool, a movie theater, art classes and other classes, a piano, play pool, beauty salon, very nice craft room, have a floor that has the sports television and…a bar and entertainment, pool tables, entertainers come in, [trips] to the convention center for…concerts and things like that, exercises every morning at 10am, bridge tournaments, theatre trips

What they didn’t like: view outside wasn't good, parking for visitors…not very good, rooms didn?t have any kitchens

Arden Courts of Tampa | Tampa, FL 33624

Arden Courts of Tampa provides Alzheimer’s/Memory Care.

Caring– 7 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: how beautiful the landscape was, building was beautiful and well kept, well maintained inside and out, safe, plenty of seating for visitors and residents, enclosed courtyard and walking paths, very good [&] clean and well-kept facility, very clean and pretty, liked the setup and the way it was arranged, a lock-down community with twenty-four seven nursing care, transportation provided for medical appointments etc., how roomy the common areas are, the residents I met were all very happy, great nursing care, they encourage residents to participate [in activities], [Loved one] well looked after and still has a feeling of being on her own, staff at Arden Courts really put their hearts into there work, all rooms have a very nice view of the outdoors, walkways and seating so the residents and visitors can enjoy the outdoors, staff was very friendly and open to considering my questions, They said I could bring [loved one] in on certain days so he could get familiar with the place, They have a menu but the clients have the option to have something else, very nutritious meals and special meals for…special diets, dinning room was very spacious, qualified chef so the food is good, resident's rooms are very roomy with their own private bath, several different floor plans…very roomy and some even have their own kitchenette, ice cream socials, coffee socials, facility is broken into different units with individual rooms for social gatherings

What they didn’t like: Rooms were kind of small

Aston Gardens at Tampa Bay | Tampa, FL 33626

Aston Gardens at Tampa Bay provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

Caring– 23 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 3
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 3

What they liked: facility…was very nice, clean, beautiful, place is very clean and well kept, a bigger facility, very nice rural setting, safe and secure, place looks spacious, only had 3 floors, really friendly atmosphere, located close to Tampa [&] Palm Harbor [&] Oldsmar and Dunedin, lovely high-rise buildings, walk paths were fully covered, lounge area was really pretty, beautiful reception area, well-kept gardens, accommodations are very spacious, rooms and food appeared to be fine, the floor plan, the clubhouse, people…were so happy and friendly, administration and staff all very involved in their work with the residents and the home; we are all part of each other, felt they had known what they were doing enough for me to trust them with a loved one, parents moved into AG nearly 15 years ago and their experience has been consistently wonderful, staff was very pleasant and very helpful, Support staff has been outstanding, Everyone…was very helpful and informative, staff is very caring, [A staff member] helped me with all the paperwork and walked me through everything, all questions on the needed cost were explained, staff was very accommodating, a dining room and a grilled room and it was more informal, a couple of dining halls or sports bar, dining hall is really nice, buffet food available, good food, The food was alright, food seemed to be pretty good, food has been very good all the time, food is okay, dining room is spacious enough, the desserts and their breads were very good, [chef] made Italian spaghetti and meatballs, lunch…was good and well prepared, apartments were great with 2-bedroom [&] 2 bath and a garage, variety of floor plans [&] views and locations, As people move out they are remodeling the apartment and putting new appliances in the kitchen, the size of the apartment and the fact that it has a full kitchen, a washer and dryer and a dishwasher in each of the larger apartments, apartments have 2 or 3 bedrooms, rooms were all nice and they had a kitchenette, rooms…very nice with good sizes, a lot of activities, singing, transportation, bus tours, shopping trips, exercises, painting classes, various domino and card games, bingo, bridge, ministerial, painting, ceramics, exercise room, a pool, cruises, visits to the theaters, puzzles, knitting, a crafts room and library, poker room and a bar area

What they didn’t like: receptionist is very rude, would suggest…that the staff interact more with the residents who are wheelchair-bound and engage them, bedrooms on the small side…[could] barely fit a queen-sized bed in it, should improve on the food and the size of the rooms, living room facilities are away from the main building where the dining room and the activities are, several different buildings and you have to go downstairs and outside to get to and walk to the main building, staff didn't seem as friendly, too expensive, not happy with the cleanliness, saw what I believed to be visible mold growing in the apartment

Belvedere Commons of Tampa | Tampa, FL 33612

Belvedere Commons of Tampa provides Memory Care and Short-term/Respite Stays.

Caring– 9 Reviews, Average Rating 3.8
SeniorAdvisor– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: place looked very well cared for and clean, bright and clean, very clean, doesn’t have odors, It is small, only about 30 residen[ts], ratio of staff to resident much lower than in larger facilities, looked really well-kept from the outside with nicely landscaped grounds, the park-like atmosphere of the grounds which was very peaceful, main foyer had a lovely receiving area reminiscent of a quaint country home, residents are treated with care [&] kindness and respect, know [loved one] is safe and receiving good care, They host monthly parties for residents at the facility which they encourage friends and family to attend, Staff very caring and involved with the residents, pretty well-organized, [Loved one] seems more alert [since moving in], The patio areas also had barbeques where they host gatherings and private parties, Because it’s not a large facility we feel that he gets a little bit more attention, staff goes out of their way to be kind to residents, staff really interactive with the residents and very helpful, people were very nice, [staff] seemed to be attentive, Director was friendly [&] helpful and knowledgeable, staff is really nice and encouraging, staff is outstanding, they provide a doctor [&] a podiatrist and a social worker, [There is staff] who would attend to residents by bathing them and taking them to the bathroom, staff very competent and very friendly, very professional and very caring, dining area was open and it looked very nice, food…is very good, food is pretty good, 3 meals a day and snacks throughout the day, food choices looked nutritious and delicious, regular snacks – offered continually, dining areas have many nice menu options, The living suites were all ample and nicely decorated, interesting activities, reading, games, resident interactions, Events and outings…include restaurants [&] art museums [&] the library [&] local films, [local] fine dining and theater, crafts, coloring, play dough, vault bowling, entertainers that come in a couple of times a month and sing, manicures about once a week

What they didn’t like: nice accommodation…but not for younger seniors, didn’t have much of a place to walk, nursing staff was constantly not giving him his meds, [resident] not getting showers regularly, a constant odor, Way too few staff members, feel it is imperative [for staff] to have regularly scheduled meetings with a family member, noticeable odor…present all through the facility, a high entrance fee

Brighton Gardens of Tampa | Tampa, FL 33618

Brighton Gardens of Tampa provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite Care, Personal Care Services and Skilled Nursing.

Caring– 29 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorAdvisor– 36 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 5 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: a pretty and clean smelling facility, Bright, very clean, no disagreeable odors, pet friendly, looked like a resort area, [loved one] safe and in good hands, grounds were very nice and very peaceful with a lot of greenery, beautifully landscaped, homey, looks very plush, looked well-maintained, lovely and cheerful, easily accessible as it sits off of a main road in Tampa Fl, Close to a plethora of stores and shopping centers, in the heart of the city, convenient to Carrollwood [&] Northdale [&] Lutz etc., lack of employee turnover, Staff is great and most have been there for many years, extended congregate care license, Most of staff had been there for years, the staff and their interaction with their clients, lighting is adequate throughout the building, nicely laid out, a very wide open and spacious complex, 2 elevators…so people didn't have to walk down long hallways, facility very large and has a very plantation type feel to it which makes it very warm and comfortable, exercise…that range from yoga to weight training, [staff] have the knack of making everyone feel at home, a coffee bar area, access to computers, rates are competitive, a level of care manager assigned to each resident, good rehab therapy, the therapists…fantastic, you get your money's worth here, people were very helpful and welcoming, clients were happy, staff extremely friendly, [staff] dedicated and professional, respectful, staff was pleasant and helpful, extremely knowledgable in care-taking, When I tell them who I am going to visit I can count on getting an update before I have a chance to even ask, Two staff members assigned to every resident, staff members…extremely friendly and extremely helpful, so much caring and compassion, From day one they knew my name, They're always available when you call them, the personal attention to our questions and their process for managing the contact with each resident, [Staff] make sure that everybody gets up and moves them around, walked in on the staff several times and find them dancing with my Mom or hugging her or sitting with her on the bench for 2 and talking with her, registered nurse on staff five days a week, nurses there around the clock and they're on tops of things, nurses are responsive, a podiatrist that would come in every couple of weeks, LPNs who dispense the medications, housekeeping who comes in once a week to change the linens for the residents or there is a laundry facility on each floor so the residents can do their own laundry, big function room where you can bring your family in for special events, dining room very nice and very well staffed, dining area…nice and formal, dining area is very…open [&] very clean and doesn’t smell, very beautiful and inviting, restaurant and staff seemed friendly and approachable for the most part, Dining hall was huge, residents were seating themselves, food was very good, good sized portions, dining area beautiful, food is great, delicious, very good especially their soup, choice of three different entrees as well as options…available all the time, menu seemed very diverse and accommodating for any resident, food presentation is beautiful…with linen table cloths, the food was good, a lot of snacks and baked cookies, food was excellent [&] prepared fresh daily, have two dining room…one for the people who reside there and the people who are in the nursing area, apartments really nice and well furnished, a studio and a one-bedroom apartment, rooms were beautiful, rooms were very adequate, a studio…was big and it had plenty of closet space, room was very large and comfortable [with]…own bathroom and two nurses to help her, [Rooms] actually made for people who have wheelchairs, tons of activities, a barber shop, sing-a-longs, live music every Sunday, movies, cooking classes, exercise classes, field trips, workout room, a van to take them grocery shopping and to their doctors’ appointments, a piano player, bowling, poker, ice cream social, a big TV room, card games and bingo every week with real prizes, a fitness room, arts and crafts center, scrapbook projects, gym was fully equipped, a bus to go to church, mahjong tournament

What they didn’t like: Very expensive, no communication between staff members, food was terrible, people walking around in their pajamas and robes, On skilled nursing side…rooms were a little too small, [loved one] constantly has bed sores, Certified Nursing Assistants were rude and not accommodating, community did seem crowded, place was very dark and old, seemed to not have enough staff, a larger community, did not allow bed rails, wish there was better communication so you would know what to expect, wish we had gotten a little more information and guidance when moving in, they did not end up delivering on what they had promised, the smell, some of the staff smoked in the patio, dogs laying the hallway [&] it smelled doggy, didn’t have enough staff

Brookdale Bayshore [Formerly Grand Court Tampa] | Tampa, FL 33611

Brookdale Bayshore provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 24 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 16 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 2.75
GoldenReviews– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.82

What they liked: beautiful facility, clean, well-decorated, well maintained, the cleanliness, layout and appearance very nice, well run, in a beautiful spot, an older high-rise community with amazing views overlooking Tampa Bay [&] Bayshore Blvd and Downtown, beautiful gardens, plentiful parking, plenty of security, transportation, programs/outings/events, concierge, staff is gracious, Always greeted with a warm welcome at the front desk [so] you always feel you have entered a family members home, [loved one] safe and in good hands, people seemed happy and peaceful, Residents treated with respect and compassion, Residents [can] create their own profile on a Grand Court web-based system and families are able to connect with their loved one as well as stay in the loop, Transportation to doctors' appointments, residents looked very happy, staff there is all long-term, All the services are provided including medication maintenance [&] showering [&] checking on them and dressing, very compassionate staff, Housekeeping staff…very attentive, [Tour guide] on time and ready to go, [Tour] guide…told us about activities [&] discounts [&] payments and followed up later, the lady who helped us through the move-in process…did an outstanding job, care and maintenance staff do a great job, [Sales staff] took the time to explain things to me, manager…was extremely patient in answering all my questions, knowledgeable [&] friendly and patient staff, a doctor coming in twice a week, the majority of the staff was wonderful, scenic dining room, dining area…was homey, dining room and food are excellent, food was spectacular, dining room overlooked the water, a private dining room, food was great, a salad bar, meals are healthy and pretty good, food is also decent, food is outstanding, wine for dinner, apartments very nice and had great views, [Staff] come and clean room…change bedding…once a week, studios, 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, rooms are very spacious and private, floor plans of the apartments large and inviting, bring your own furniture, a cooking range in the room, parking lot was a little cramped but it was neat and clean, a pool and it's right on the water, a library, bingo, a bridge club, a game room, play chess or board games, puzzles, woodworking shop, beauty/barber shop, Friday night happy hour, holiday parties…and invited the families, a little convenience store, chair exercises, movies, somebody who comes in to sing and play piano, weekly bus shopping trips, theatre trips, various outings, a fitness room, a wellness clinic, a community room

What they didn’t like: very large place with slow elevators, apartment was a bit rundown, They don't clean up his apartment as well as they should, You need more elevators and ones that work properly, like a nursing home more than assisted living, Management could maybe do a little better…the administrative side of things, the set up of the place, The accounting staff is a little slow to fix errors, lacked outdoor space, Dirty floors – in entry, just wasn’t enough security for our needs, their director was kicking people out based on their diagnoses

Brookdale Carrollwood [Formerly Emeritus at Carrollwood] | Tampa, FL 33618

Brookdale Carrollwood provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 38 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
SeniorAdvisor– 18 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
GoldenReviews– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 5

What they liked: [Facility] absolutely beautiful, really pretty facility, It’s 1-story, clean, no unpleasant odors, pet friendly, They also bring in dogs [&] miniature horses and miniature donkeys for the residents and their family members to pet, grounds immaculate, homey, rather quaint, very well run, very upscale, clean and bright, The whole layout of the place, established neighborhood of Carrollwood Village, plenty of parking for staff and visitors, Residents and families are treated with compassion and respect, older community [that] is well-maintained and kept spotlessly clean, lots of trees around the facility, nice outside area, residents along with a staff member outdoors caring for the plants…they offer gardening to anyone interested, more like being in a fine hotel, not too fancy, large library, computer room, you walk in the doors [&] you're walking directly into the living area and it is very large and very bright, a lot of lamps [&]…lighting and a lot of windows, a lot of places to sit, facility is beautifully and colorfully decorated, Everyone at the facility greets you when you enter, seems like everyone socializes, Everyone just seemed very happy, Each quarter they have an event for the family members, Everyone seemed very helpful [&] charming [&] always speaking and conversing and very happy, Everyone is so positive and helpful, rehab staff is encouraging and equipment is in excellent condition, Administration and staff…very friendly and responsible, Housekeeping staff are excellent, [Staff members] have helped me with all of the paperwork and logistics step by step, transportation to…doctors and different appointments, rooms all very nice, staff seemed to be very accommodating, staff including physical therapist [&] the home health nurse were exceptional, ALL of the staff are truly caring and extremely knowledgable when it comes to meeting the individual needs of their residents, [Loved one] has improved GREATLY since she has moved in…her appetite [&] mood and overall happiness, staff…really love their jobs, staff always gets to know the residents and their family members by name, They offer a little bit of physical therapy, doctors who come in weekly, staff was very friendly, residents were active, tour [guides] were very helpful and courteous, staff was excellent and very helpful from the time I walked through the door, [Staff] very kind [&] caring and very attentive, [staff] a lot of fun, [Staff] just seemed very energetic, My dad tends to be a grouch and they are so wonderful to him, maintenance man is wonderful, [Staff] very hands-on, they ALL go the extra mile to make the residents feel at home, Everyone we passed by was smiling and saying hello, [staff] very nice and very cooperative, very quick to respond to any needs or concerns, food was delicious, food was OK, dining room was beautiful, private dining room…was very clean and very beautiful, [loved one] likes the food a lot, up to three meals served each day, restaurant-style & coordinated by a registered dietician, delicious [&] nutritious meals [served] with a smile and good-natured quips, dining room very classy with white table cloths [&] nice furniture and very good service, All the food is homemade — even the soup and deserts, a menu with each meal so they have several choices, [if residents] do not want what the main meal…can always get a hamburger [or] a sandwich [or] soup or whatever, choice of either studio [or] one bedroom or two bedrooms and each have a small kitchenette, views from the units are really pretty, fully furnished apartments, rooms were very clean and had locks on the doors for the individual, rooms were very clean and bright, large walk-in showers, climate control, residents rooms all quite roomy with private bathrooms, [apt.] bathroom was small but it was fine, studio deluxe was almost 300 square feet and a large studio was 322 square feet, They take care of your laundry, many volunteers provide activities…and fine entertainment, music, mind-stimulating activities, exercise program, movies, ice [cream] social parties, happy hour, game rooms, gyms, card rooms, lunch-bunch where they go out to eat, a hair salon and you can also have a pedicure, bingo, Wii bowling, crafts, sing-along, people come in to entertain the residents, a big open room with a piano, Octoberfest; they all have sausages [&] polka dancing, St. Patrick's Day themed event, church, diverse full-time recreational & educational programs

What they didn’t like: really not a lot of diversity there, very formal place, [staff] didn't want to bring food to your room, cannot count the number of times I have called for them and no one ever showed up, med techs and aides wonderful…but pressured by clinical manager and facility director to move on from one resident to another without providing the sufficient care needed, a lot of hallways and alcoves, could be better set up for those with mobility issues, feel [facility assessment] should have been more thorough, very short staffed, They took twenty-five minutes to assist with the restroom, no view, they could check in with us in an email or a call to let us know that [loved one] is adjusting well, too expensive and not enough privacy, difficult…for [loved one] to get help sometimes, only fair communication with family members, plenty of non-disclosed costs

Brookdale Northdale [Formerly Emeritus of Northdale] | Tampa, FL 33618

Brookdale Northdale provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Communities, and Health Care Services.

Caring– 29 Reviews, Average Rating 3.6
SeniorAdvisor– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 4.33

What they liked: [Facility] very warm, inviting, very clean, small and intimate, place smells wonderful, a sense of family, secure memory care, clean environment, secure, not too feminine-looking, a very positive experience, very beautiful, gorgeous facility, cleanliness, nice floor plan, good outdoor spaces, two central garden areas, many quiet places to sit [or] read or visit, the activities, the staff to patient ratio, well-kept, common areas very warm and inviting, set up was more like a home environment, smells like a home and…has a nice ambience, programs and personalized plans help provide the daily structure memory care residents need, value for the money was OK, parking is okay, near medical facilities…and not too far from the VA, Memory Care wing had an outside area, a courtyard…surrounded by the building with open windows, everybody there seemed to be very happy, They have made the transition for my mother as easy as possible, [Management] let family members spend the night or even spend the whole weekend, a little place where you can walk outside in a garden area, dementia [care] was set up really nicely, a little activity center, staff was very kind and cordial, professional, very organized, [staff] seemed very efficient, their “whole person” approach to people, staff is pretty knowledgeable, the most competent and caring people, well trained, kind and compassionate, very cooperative, conducted themselves very appropriately and very helpfully, [staff is] confident, courteous, prompt, very responsive, Laundry service would be a four, Everybody is friendly and seems to be very patient, nurses there on-staff and doctors would come on-site, great on site doctor, [Staff] very friendly with the residents, dining area very nice [&] large and very nicely decorated, dining room looked like any restaurant, food is wonderful, chef is fantastic, If they want to eat in their room they certainly can, lunch…was very good, food was wonderful, nice varied diet, a lot of variety and everything seems to be cooked nicely, wine, sugar free cake, healthy [&] balanced, rooms were really spacious, rooms are okay…a decent size, rooms are very nice, room was a good size, rooms were big, a living room [&] a bedroom and a bathroom, units are updated and close to the common areas and dining room, private rooms are very large…big enough to accommodate a sitting area in addition to a bedroom area, They have a hairdresser who comes in, a little beauty parlor area where both the men and the women could get a haircut, arts and crafts, entertainment, outings for residents…take a bus and…drop them of[f] in a mall or Walmart, went into town for movie nights and museum, went to some of the attractions…the zoo [or] the library and the aquarium, bingo, games, sang songs with piano player

What they didn’t like: additional fees if you do not use the in-house pharmacy, don’t feel that they have enough room for activities, their rooms are very small, [apts] don’t have a kitchen counter [or] a sink or cabinets to store snacks, do not provide 24-hour dining, [residents] have to wait until a certain time frame to eat or they miss their meals, they have forgotten to give her showers on several occasions, very clean facility but [loved one] still got scabies, they said they would give us a report every two weeks but I never got one, There wasn't a lot of interaction, odor of urine, tablecloths were dirty, Emeritus felt clinical, Our family member was dropped off alone at a medical facility without our knowledge, Does not do catheter care, There weren’t enough activities to keep [dementia residents] full of life, felt like a stereotypical nursing home, room…very small, nice…but bigger than I would have liked, a lot of add-on fees

Elmcroft of Carrollwood [Formerly Hearthstone of Carrollwood| Tampa, FL 33618

Elmcroft of Carrollwood provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing, and Respite Care.

Caring– 25 Reviews, Average Rating 4.4
SeniorAdvisor– 29 Reviews, Average Rating 4
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– 1 Review, Average Rating 1

What they liked: very clean, the cleanest, immaculate, a single floor, the openness, the airiness, locked front door, only one way in and one way out, lots of sitting areas…pretty much screened it up so there was security for someone who had Alzheimer's, layout inside bright and easy, updated [&] homey, outdoor areas, the layout of the building makes it easy…to find a way around, lovely rooms, Residents seem very happy, Staff were wonderful and huggy and gave good eye contact, [residents] get to interact with each other and use [their] brains, Elmcroft residents projected good energy, [Residents] feel involved, the director…is willing to bend over backward to make it work, Seems safe, a good value, no nickel & diming, perfect layout for assisted living…hallway goes in a circle with a beautiful outdoor garden in the center, nicer part of Tampa, a mall strip just a few blocks away, screened back porch, front porch with pretty seating, [Resident] says food and laundry services are outstanding, [Facility transport] would take [residents] to doctors' appointments, a van that takes them to different places, more men than women and they had a lot of vets, entertainment on Family Nights, a lively atmosphere, warm and friendly atmosphere, [Staff] very accommodating and communicative, other residents were…friendly and happy to be there for the good care, diverse mix of people, most everyone was courteous and smiled, a lot of staff interaction that was very positive for the residents, in the memory care unit…staff is always close by in case there is a conflict between residents, med tech for being very observant, when [loved one] had an emergency…[Loved one] was…in the hospital in 5 minutes [&] they called [family] right away, like being part of a caring and loving family, Everyone from the staff to administration to other residen[ts] were so happy and helpful, Staff members I have spoken to have all been cheerful [&] enthusiastic and professional, very attentive and accommodating, They have gone out of there way to make an ever changing situation work, staff are honest [&] caring [&] respectful and know and call every resident by name, large dining room, wine twice a week, food is pretty good, dining room very nice, three meals a day, if they were serving food that someone didn't like they would cook a special meal for them, restaurant style dining room serves delicious food with a varying menu and is accommodating to individual tastes, food is bland but the meals are balanced and healthy, food is excellent, a snack bar, an ice-cream bar, really nice big rooms – suites [&] double-rooms and one that was almost like a small condo, they had shared rooms, Companion rooms [here] significantly larger than rooms we saw at other facilities, rooms were nice and spacious, a little sink [&] a cupboard [&] a refrigerator and a microwave, layout of the room was good…easy to manage when you have a wheelchair or a walker, walk-in showers instead of tubs, a great shower that allows her to sit, rooms were not huge but I liked the variety of choices and they were adequate, Residents may play the piano in the lobby, ice cream social, social events are usually well attended, Many groups visit including church and school groups, ice cream parlor, a library, bingo and crafts, spiritual worship service, religious activities every week and mass once a month, Activity room, hair salon, nice area for sitting outside, barbecue and movie nights, They fix popcorn every afternoon

What they didn’t like: med's missing, supplies missing from [resident’s] room, Memory Care area (too small), outdoor area (too small), only one private room, medications not delivered at consistent times, activities could be more varied, they were always shorthanded, [Exterior] did not seem homey, could have done a lot more to make the billing and move-in process clearer, No alert availability other than in room, need to do something about security, Shared Rooms very small, would like someone to call [family] when something out of the norm happens, shared bath in Vitality Suite, sometimes they forget to give her her medicine

St. Joseph’s John Knox Village | Tampa, FL 33613

St. Joseph John Knox Village provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Rehabilitation Care.

Caring– 27 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 1 Review, Average Rating 5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Everything was lovely, very clean, really nice grounds, pets [allowed], high rise community, It's large but you don't feel a largeness about it, a walking area, a bunch of parking available, very conveniently located near major highways and medical clinics and hospitals, the way it had been set up, dining area looked inviting, atmosphere of warmth and caring, a library, a cafeteria on each floor if you cannot make it downstairs, They take care of everything, all the services are included, a flat-fee price not just for the rent but also for all the meals and transportation every day, facility provides transportation to…doctors [&] Walmart [&] Walgreens or wherever, service is fantastic, staff seem to have been there for quite some time, staff at JKV has low turnover, [Tour guide] was very nice [&] very knowledgeable and very thorough, staff were very attentive to our needs and the needs of my grandmother, staff is very caring and dedicated, They administer her medicine whenever she needs it, individual care, caring and gentle, a doctor on site, nursing staff is wonderful, twenty four seven nursing care, [loved one] was kept clean and the nursing staff continuously engaged her to “work” her mind, seemed to stay on top of her medications, staff from house cleaning all the way…to administration are for the most part very very friendly [&] very willing to take care of any needs, The people were very nice and friendly, staff was very friendly [&] informative [&] took a lot of time with me, large dining room that i[s] beautifully appointed and a smaller dining room which has cafeteria style service, dining area was very appealing and restaurant type, food is always good, food is terrific, They serve all three meals, dining room has a restaurant-like menu, cafeteria was more buffet-style, motel-room style units in the high rise building, living services in one-bedroom and studio apartments that are more like “regular” apartments, Apartment style living and double occupancy is available, The rooms were OK, a studio with a bedroom and a little sitting room, They come in everyday and mop [&] scrub the bathroom and change the sheets, [Independent living] apartments were very nice, apartments were adequate in size and they were clean, social activities, a beautiful pool, a chapel, a barber shop, a beauty salon and a place to do their nails, a library, a computer room, exercise, an exercise room, movies show three times a week in our little theater, bingo, dominoes, reading, outings four times a week to special lunches and dinners, can go to mass every day, a swimming pool and heated screened-in pool, cards and games

What they didn’t like: rooms were very small, needed to replace the carpeting, everything seemed a la carte, didn't care for the location due to traffic reasons, can improve by having cheaper rates, food isn't good even after so-called improvements, T.V. satellite signal terrible, facility provides poor quality health care in regards to the MED/Rehab center, nursing staff…continued to work with [loved one] [&] With the nursing staffs help she has made more progress then she ever made with the therapy staff, short staffed, an old building, [loved one’s] roommate was not very friendly, seen [loved one] in the wheelchair stuck waiting for the physical therapist who is late and she is uncomfortable

The Crossings at Riverview | Riverview, FL 33578

The Crossings at Riverview provides Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care.

Caring– 15 Reviews, Average Rating 3.9
SeniorAdvisor– 39 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 2.5
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: state-of-the-art beautiful place, bright, cheery, professional, very clean, always smells nice, no odd or unpleasant smell, the philosophy of care, They even had a pet chicken, looks more like a hotel than an assisted living facility, newer, terrific, clean and organized, beautifully decorated, laid out very nicely, Common areas are light and inviting, gorgeous facility on the water, very calming park-like setting, outdoor areas…several places to sit and be alone with your family, walking paths, walk around outside by the river, right on the Alafia River so you had a river view, Good Value, easy to move [loved one] in, facilities were great [&] beautiful and pristine, physical therapy is fantastic, Staff…have delivered far beyond our expectations, the amount of attention, atmosphere is comforting [&] fun, residents were very happy, All the residents seem clean and content, interaction between staff and residents, responsiveness of the administration, The staff contacts [family] with any concerns or questions, the Crossings has made [transition] pleasant as they are as good as their word, facility bus, staffing, doctors, physical and speech therapists, staff involvement in daily care, strong support from the staff and management team, staff encourages residents to interact and be social, staff is very friendly and caring, [staff] very attentive and quick to react, there isn’t a question that goes unanswered, When [loved one] went back to the hospital several staff members called…to see how she was doing and let her know they missed her, staff do a good job making sure everyone is eating, attentive, it's very obvious they all are passionate about their roles, team of professionals, Any tiny detail we questioned has been handled quickly and easily, staff was very accommodating and quite knowledgeable, [Tour guide] very informative, [staff] very cooperative, The maintenance, if something breaks they try to fix it right away, The dining area was nice, dining room is beautiful, food was good, love the food, The Chef uses his imagination, food here is really good, dining area looked very clean and well maintained, delicious meals, food is also good with plenty of options, apartments were nice, Rooms are beautiful, rooms are large [&] spacious with a large kitchenette, rooms were lovely and nice sized with granite countertops, studio [has] wide doors for walker/chair, shower has built in seat with grab bars, nice mini kitchen with microwave [&] small kitchen sink and almost full size refrigerator, semi private rooms and each had a separate bedroom [&] a shared bath and closet space, Many of the rooms have windows facing the water, movies, bingo, a community kitchen, cooking demonstrations, happy hours, entertainers, saw people returning from a trip out on a bus, Ray’s games, game room, pool table, library (and they update the books monthly), movie room

What they didn’t like: The care [&] the food and the staff were just nonexistent, staff wasn’t even aware [loved one] was locked inside [her] room, found the senior management team for the most part removed [&] inaccessible and poor with follow-through, people all seemed unhappy, place was too big, only drawback was that its one side faced the river — which was gorgeous — but the other side was right on a busy highway, [staff not] persistent in getting her up/engaged, too many carbohydrates in daily menu, head nurse…not good at medication management, just wish they had a few more people on staff, rooms nice…but windows small, completely understaffed and undertrained, they serve alcohol during Friday cocktail hour

The Estate at Hyde Park [Formerly Classic Residence by Hyatt; Horizon Bay Memory Care by the Bay; Brookdale Estate at Hyde Park] | Tampa, FL 33629

The Estate at Hyde Park provides Personal Care and Memory Care.

Caring– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 5
SeniorAdvisor– 10 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
SeniorHomes– No Reviews
GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they like: a first-class place, residents can keep their pets…and they have someone there to take care of the pet, a couple of dogs that are already there, beautiful facilities were very nice and definite upgraded, clean, looks like a spa, spacious sunlit rooms and hallways, very well-organized, a locked community and you have to be buzzed in or out, integrated therapy service ensures a thorough approach to [residents’] care, facility is only 2 years old, purpose-built for Alzheimers, medication room, peace of mind, flat rate where it’s all included, All the staff wear clearly identifiable uniforms/badges, [staff] so friendly and helpful, [Staff] are both knowledgeable about Alzheimers and very professional, [Staff's] competence and compassion, Several of the Rn's are outstanding, directer is responsive…and frequently asks if [there are] any problems, [Staff is] Loving [&] caring [&] friendly and attentive, Adam especially was very helpful [&] kind and knowledgeable…helped us through such a difficult time, nursing station, physical therapy room, had a nice open-area porch, From day one have seen nothing but compassion [&] dedication and care for [loved one], Staff is very accommodating and responsive, nurse on duty 24 hours a day, licensed nurses 24/7 who assist residents with medication – not med techs, staff love what they do and it’s evident, Any problems I report them and they are taken care of quickly, care by every one of the staff has been good, All of the staff is exceedingly friendly and very responsive, director of health and wellness said it best – “we don't believe in behaviors – we believe in unmet needs,” facility was brilliantly designed and perfect for those with memory issues, [Loved one] was loved [&] treated with respect and taken care of like he was family, [Staff] did everything they could to make [loved one] feel welcome, Whenever [family] call with a concern they are right on it and report back [to family], a much more individualized pathway, so pleased with our experience here with staff [&] management [&] facility [&] meals, food is good, very tasty food, they use spice to appeal [to] an elder’s pallet, three choices of entrees for dinner and if the residents ask [wait staff] will bring more, bedroom designed so that the bed faces the open bathroom (no doors to confuse [resident]), [bedroom] with comfortable furniture and a large window to let the light in

What they didn’t like: severe management and oversight issues, ratio of caregivers to patients is dangerously low, there are a few [staff members] who are pretty rude, some medication errors, there could be some more stimulating options, One employee told us “no news is good news” but we think that not calling family [with updates] is a big mistake

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