Best Assisted Living in Wyoming

Wyoming’s popularity as a retirement destination for seniors has increased over the last few years. While Florida and Arizona may still have their appeal, there’s a freshness about Wyoming’s wide, open spaces, natural beauty, old west flavor, and a relatively low cost of living that is winning over more retirees.

What People Like About Wyoming

  • Very tax-friendly for seniors. There is no state income tax nor tax on Social Security benefits or pensions. Seniors 65+ are exempt from property tax, there is no estate or inheritance tax, and only a 4% sales tax. Veterans, of whatever age, receive an exemption on property tax. (For the record, Wyoming has the third-lowest tax burden of all the states.)
  • If you’re in the market for your own home, prices are just above the national average.
  • There is a lot of space to move around in. Wyoming is the least populous state and the second least densely populated with not quote six people per square mile.
  • Want to see a sky full of stars? Thanks to all those wide-open spaces, it’s mighty easy to get away from city lights and have the cosmos all to yourself.
  • If you love gorgeous scenery and an array of wildlife, Wyoming could work for you.
  • Among the many sites favored by locals and tourists are the world-famous Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Anyone familiar with the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind already knows Wyoming is home to Devils Tower National Monument. Two other monuments worth looking at are Independence Rock (a landmark used by those traveling west back in the 1800s) and Fossil Butte National Memorial which features an extraordinary collection of flora and fauna fossils dating from the Euocene Epoch.
  • Though there are no professional sports teams, there is a lot of support for the University of Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls football and basketball teams. Rodeo is also a big deal here, with Casper hosting the annual College National Finals Rodeo.
  • Wyoming has one of the lowest crime rates among all the states. Violent crime is rare. Some attribute these stats to the fact that approximately 60% of the populace owns guns. Others, however, point to the higher than average number of employed combined with the sparseness of the population.
  • Traffic is seldom an obstacle.
  • It’s easy to get to know your neighbors. Folks here have a reputation for being friendly and helpful.

Other Considerations for Wyoming

  • It is remote, and the major cities may or may not provide what you would require in the way of cultural events, fine dining, and high-end shopping.
  • It gets cold and very snowy in winter and can get up to 95 degrees at the height of summer.  (The heat is dry, though, and even in winter there’s a lot of sunny days.)
  • There are only six facilities listed below, but they are situated in five different cities (Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Riverton and Sheridan) to give you something of a sense of what this state can offer. Though the four sources we draw on (,, and may show many more facilities than indicated below, The Senior List can only refer readers to properties where reviews have been submitted. As we update these lists, we hope that more of these listings will be reviewed by visitors.

Best Assisted Living in Wyoming – Who Makes the List?

A look at the best assisted living in Wyoming.

Brookdale Absaroka (Formerly Emeritus at Absaroka)– Cody, WY 82414

Brookdale Absaroka provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

  • Caring– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4
  • SeniorAdvisor– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
  • SeniorHomes– No Reviews
  • GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: very nice community, absolutely spotless, reasonably new community, beautiful and full of antiques, nice layout, mountain views, can walk outside or sit, a lot of activities, daily activities and events looked to be well-organized and fun, staff members [were] delightful, staff is wonderful, All the staff was very nice [and] friendly and I could tell they really cared about all the residents, staff answers all [family members’] questions about resident.

Being at Brookdale has brought {resident] out of her shell, Bingo, puzzles, live entertainment, games, movies, [facility has] a van for trips and medical appointments, food is decent and tasty and there seems to be a good variety, food is great, a bedroom with a big bathroom area and a sitting room, [kitchenette has] a small refrigerator and a microwave, bathroom is well laid-out, can have some snacks in your room, all kinds of nice rooms for different activities, dining room was nice; [guest] had a really good meal there, a library and a beauty parlor

What they didn’t like: rooms were nice but extremely small, [staff] over-medicated resident, attempted to pressure resident to participate in events

Brookdale Sugarland Ridge (Formerly Emeritus Sugarland) – Sheridan, WY 82801

Brookdale Sugarland Ridge offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Health Care Services.

  • Caring– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
  • SeniorAdvisor– 1 Reviews, Average Rating 5
  • SeniorHomes– 2 Reviews, Average Rating 2.5
  • GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Very nice helpful people, Close to a lot of stores you can walk to, absolutely wonderful facility, really good people working [there] who were very responsive, staff was equally wonderful, Medical staff – outstanding, Patients are free to go about their own lives with assistance from staff only when required, facility appears to be a very close-knit community, staff are very well educated and do everything within their powers to help the patients, During emergencies the staff appear well trained react[ing] promptly and professionally and summon[ing] appropriate help whenever needed, staff are very cordial and friendly, patients are well cared for and very happy with their living conditions, really nice rooms [that] were very open and very generous with their spaces, activities were wonderful, activities plenty and varied, {Resident] could buy a house, They have cottages, [Cottages are] very well taken care of, Facilities are very spacious and well maintained

What they didn’t like: just too expensive (but really nice), biggest complaints are false promises about services and discounts and [lack of] cleanliness, housecleaning service seems minimal, foods high in fat

Edgewood Sierra Hills in Cheyenne – Cheyenne, WY 82009

Edgewood Sierra Hills in Cheyenne provides Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Short-term Stays, and Adult Day Services.

  • Caring– 3 Reviews, Average Rating 4.3
  • SeniorAdvisor– No Reviews
  • SeniorHomes– No Reviews
  • GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: The assisted living of Sierra Hills was excellent, All the caregivers were excellent and the administrative officers were very caring and helpful, the dining room was lovely, food was excellent, [facility supplied] transportation

What they didn’t like: The [only] problem is that nothing jumped out to [person writing review] as very impressive

Homestead Living Center – Riverton, WY 82501

Homestead Living Center offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Care.

  • Caring– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
  • SeniorAdvisor– No Reviews
  • SeniorHomes– No Reviews
  • GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Rooms are beautiful, staff is excellent, give good quality care, Staff feed [and] help bathe [resident], [staff] clean her apartment and wash her clothes, [Facility has] a very caring [and] loving and clean environment, [facility] a really nice place, peaceful community, rooms really nice, a very clean establishment, nice front porch, really easy to get out with the wheelchair or go in the front door or any place in the facility, [facility] had a bird and a fish, really relaxing place.

Everybody seemed really happy there, weekly bridge game with other residents, everyone seems friendly and welcoming, staff are caring about the residents and I've never seen one of them act unprofessionally even when they're dealing with older folks who are having an issue or causing a scene, facility is very clean and doesn't even have that ‘old folks smell', The grounds are well kept and quite nice, [Resident] has her own little flower garden, [family member] relieved that Homestead was just a straight up nice place to be

What they didn’t like: No Negative comments

Mountain Plaza Assisted Living – Casper, WY 82604

Mountain Plaza Assisted Living provides Assisted Living and Memory Care.

  • Caring– 4 Reviews, Average Rating 4.8
  • SeniorAdvisor– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4.5
  • SeniorHomes– No Reviews
  • GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: the entire [move-in] process was easy and we felt very welcomed, [facility] clean and well maintained, Mom's mental and physical abilities have improved greatly since moving in, [resident] loved the activities and food, Thank you to the whole staff!, wonderful [staff] who do everything possible to increase the quality of the people’s lives who live here, Mountain Plaza was clean [and] spacious, facilities are kept very clean and nice, everybody there was friendly, staff is very good with [resident], It didn't look like a nursing home but more like a home.

Everyone from management to housekeeping is very pleasant and good at knowing your name, staff very willing to make adjustments, The staff was wonderful [and] open [and] pleasant, the staff is really good about getting back to [family member] on anything going on with [loved one], any issues are received well and resolved, The room [came] with a hospital bed or you could have your own bed, Mountain Plaza Assisted Living was very clean, [facility] was very quiet, The person who assisted me seemed friendly [and] even gave me a book called Creating Moments of Joy which is a guidance book for if you have a loved one that has Alzheimer's or dementia, activities are amazing here!, a lot of activities, There is always something fun going on!

What they didn’t like: no kitchenette, some management issues, thought turnover rate a bit high, [Loved one’s] the only complaint was that breakfast wasn’t much

Whispering Chase – Cheyenne, WY 82001

Whispering Chase offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Alzheimer’s and Memory Care.

  • Caring– 8 Reviews, Average Rating 4
  • SeniorAdvisor– 12 Reviews, Average Rating 4
  • SeniorHomes– No Reviews
  • GoldenReviews– No Reviews

What they liked: Whispering Chase is beautiful [and] well taken care of, huge, [facility is] lovely, feels like home, everything is included in the rent except the phone service, very safe, grounds are amazingly maintained, transportation available for outings and doctor appointments, a lot of nice fixtures and paintings, awesome, wonderful, It is like a hotel, residents seem happy and level of care seems to be pretty good, staff members are all very friendly and very helpful, [staff] really seem to care about the residents, nice people, staff and residents are nice and helpful, [staff member] made the transition stress-free, [staff] pretty responsive if you have questions or complaints.

The best thing here is the people – both those who work here and those who live here, [Younger resident claimed] It is extremely enjoyable to have conversations with these people who have gone through WWII and The Great Depression, staff is wonderful, They are very friendly and very professional, They know what they're doing, Whispering Chase is also very affordable, place seemed pretty secure, The rooms were very nice, beautiful apartment, cute little deck, studio apartment, apartment is comfortable with plenty of natural lighting, The dining room staff [and] enrichment coordinator and office manager are all great, meals are very good, [facility is] relatively new.

They have elevators, the halls and doorways are big [and can easily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs], Everything is built for someone who is in a wheelchair, It looks like a hotel and was well kept up, You can go around the community and go to the doctor or the symphony easily because of the location, wonderful food and staff, beautiful building, Wii games, arts and crafts, bingo, dances, There is as much or as little here as you want to do, good food and are working on changing the menu to incorporate more variety, [facility has] good [and] extremely friendly chefs, The food is good, dining room has classy look, food is wonderful

What they didn’t like: [great but] it is built in the Northeast ridge of Cheyenne which is right in the middle of headwinds, does not have handicapped courtesy transportation, [only gripe] that there’s only one elevator, food could be a lot better, food is good but the dining [service?] is slow, would be handy to have a little underground tunnel or garage for the winter months, [staff] didn’t work to integrate [new resident], salespeople misleading

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