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Best of The Senior ListThe Best of The Senior List® is an opportunity to help consumers navigate the confusing waters of online review websites while at the same time recognizing the best senior service providers in the industry.

Each of our “Best Of” Lists will focus on a specific niche of the senior services market, and will provide a list of the top rated companies (by online reviewers).  The “Best Of” Lists aren't our opinion,  they are entirely based on customer feedback gleaned from leading online review websites like, Golden, Senior, Senior, Yelp and Google reviews.

The Senior List® set out to find the best senior-related services across the board.  We compiled reviews from top review websites to pull together our “Best Of” lists.  We are trying to cut through the clutter, and ultimately help people made the best informed decisions.             -Amie

We also encourage our readers to provide any personal stories right here on The Senior List where other consumers can see your feedback.  We have quite an active community here on The Senior List and we like to keep each other informed!

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  1. I am living in The Bronx, New York. Currently on SSI. Had to give up my Apartment when Soulmate passed. Are there any Programs I can apply to for Assistance in Paying The Homes Prices? I gave up working to care for my Parents when they needed help. I would appreciate if you could provide any such info. Thanking you in Advance, Emily
  2. I am#59years-young, where in Louisville Ky. (Near Dixie-Highway???) Can I sign up on lists? I know nothing about any help with persons of my age? I can greatly use= Help.of any kind! I am on ssi check and do without cauce my small income, any help if it’s offered! God Bless + thanks so much!!! ~Cheri~
  3. My wife and I moved to Iowa to retire. Our friends thought we were nuts. We knew better because we looked at a lot of data before choosing. Didn’t want to live behind a wall in some desert or tropical community. I saw you rated us as the safest state for seniors and so our choice has been validated by the data yet again. It hasn’t been the first time. Yes, taxes are high and the winters are long and cold, but the quality of life and the quality of the people here is simply unmatched. We’ve lived in 8 states. This is the last. This is the best. Thank you.
  4. I am a 66 years young senior interest in meeting men in my age group (66 order older). I’m not interested in going to bars. Is there a safe way to meet men. My husband passed away in 2013.
  5. Thanks for the interest in making life easier and less expensive for seniors. We would be interested in your suggestions for senior living in North Carolina.
    1. My son recently moved from New Jersey to Waxhaw, N.C. We went there during Labor Day Holiday to visit them. We were pleasantly amazed & surprised at the area / community. Waxhaw is on western side of N.C. and short drive to S.C. Charlotte International Airport is 30 – 45 minutes from Waxhaw. You might want to look into that area and also Mathews N.C, which is a neighboring town.
  6. I am a full-time Realtor and Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and, am a senior myself!! In Sonoma County, California, there are several facilities and communities that offer a way to leave home and be with like-minded people, and that may be the right choice for some, and not for others. What I have realized is, that people with children who have realized “something should be done” are the luck ones actually. There are many, many single baby boomers and older, who don’t have the emotional energy to tackle this whole thing. They have no one to explain things, and perhaps take them to see a senior facility, talk with them about whether or not they can afford it, and so on. I have the ability to help them understand their options, provide guidance on what can be done with their home, offer resources for staying and aging in place, or for moving on when that’s the right decision. It is a hard decision, and hand-holding is required, while providing information and bringing in the appropriate resources. And being creative!! I love the village idea, and how this has been implemented in various parts of the country. . .intentional communities are a popular idea here, but originally did not include a senior population. . .but that too, can be tweaked!

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