10 Signs Your Parents Might Need Home Care [Infographic]

Aging is a complex and inevitable issue to deal with, especially when you begin to see signs of deterioration in your own parents. Do you find your mom telling you the same stories repeatedly over and over again? Does your dad seem to be getting cranky for no reason? Whatever the case may be, it's always a good idea to review some of these warning signs so that you have a plan in place – just in case. With that in mind let's identify 10 signs your parents might need home care

10 signs you need home care

10 Signs Your Parents Might Need Home Care

#1. Grubby Appearance: Your parents have started to keep poor personal hygiene, body odor and/or a grubby appearance. Chances are that they are having trouble maintaining basic personal hygiene.

#2. Difficulty In Sitting And Standing: Are your parents facing difficulty while standing up, sitting down and/or walking up or down the stairs? Chances are that they are growing old and need your assistance.

#3. Forgetfulness: Your parents have started to forget names and places, they also have started misplacing things. These are signs of general forgetfulness that show your parents need care.

#4. Unexpected Falls: Unexpected and frequent falls are a warning sign that your parents need help. This indicates loss of balance which is a common sign of old age.

#5. Mood Swings: Frequent mood swings or sudden change in temper are signs of cognitive issues. You parents no longer enjoy an activity they loved doing in the past. This indicates they may need help or assistance.

#6. Missed Appointments: Forgetting tasks and missing appointments indicates loss of memory and time coordination. This needs to be addressed appropriately.

#7. Scratches and Dents on the car: Frequent scratches and dents or a pile of unpaid traffic tickets refer to troubled driving. This can be dangerous for them and others on the road.

#8. Missed Medication: Skipping or overtaking medication indicates trouble in remembering or following prescriptions. This poses a great risk as not taking the required medication or overtaking them may cause serious health issues.

#9. Spoiled Food: Spoiled or wasted food in the refrigerator indicates they are having trouble in remembering going to the grocer. This is leading to an unhealthy diet and definitely needs your attention.

#10. Lack Of Home Maintenance: You find your parents haven’t mowed the lawn or watered the plants recently. This refers to lack of strength or desire to keep their homes clean and tidy. This is another common warning sign indicating that they need help.

It can be tough watching your parents struggle with normal daily activities. The hands that fed you now may need help and care themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a little surveillance and regular medical counseling. Check out this infographic shared by 123 HomeCare for more information.

Ten Signs Your Parents Need Homecare

Image courtesy:123HomeCares

Home CareAuthor Bio: Brandon Shamis has been a core part of 123homecares as head of operations. 123 home cares is a trusted non-medical home care company serving 18 California locations.  As CNAs/HHAs ourselves, we have a deep appreciation and respect for the challenges caregivers face and the critical importance caregivers play in the lives of our clients.


  1. Seems some signs are very close to my parents. You know, my parents are now older enough. Both of them are cross 70. But didn’t keep a home care for them. But some signs like forgetfulness, lack of home maintenance are happening to their regularly. Then is it the high time to hire a home care for them? What do you think?

    1. I suspect that there are lots of unanswered questions. Before you choose home care, consider contacting an Aging Life Care Professional. Then they will access their care level, explore their medical history and review their resources, support system and legal issues. With this information in hand, you can determine how much care makes sense or if a move will addiquately manage their resources more ifficiently. Don’t move forward blindly! Every decision is costly in every level. Good luck!!
      Beverly Bernstein Joie MS, CMC. ALCA

  2. Thank you for mentioning that the elderly needs care at home if they have started becoming forgetful and are often misplacing things. My sister who is staying home with our parents mentioned that when my mom forgot where her shoes were and found them in the cupboard. It might be best to hire in-home caregivers since my sister is also often busy with her job.

  3. Great blog. Aging is a difficult and painful process. Not only because of growing health issues but also because of lack of companionship and independence. Families aiming to provide the best facilities for in-home health care or shift seniors away to assisted living facilities. This is not only heart-wrenching for seniors, but also hard for families, too. One can think of a better way to care for elders and choose assisted living services, instead.

  4. Taking care of your parents in old age can be a challenge for any son or daughter. I liked how you mentioned to try and accommodate them whenever possible, by watching if they are falling often or helping them remember names and places. I think that’s so nice, and a great way to show love. As my parents get older I will remember these tips as well.

  5. Great post. Generally children don’t realise when their parents need home care. This post really very informative.

  6. I really appreciate your post about the great things parents need for child & home care. Definitely some great tips and advice to keep in mind when going through this experience. You have raised some interesting points here. thanks for sharing this informative article.

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