AARP Names Its Innovation Champion For 2017

AARP is America’s largest non-profit, non-partisan group aimed at supporting and lobbying on behalf of those in the 50-plus age bracket. AARP is a well-known name, with 38 million members around the country.

AARP is recognized as a regular voice for older Americans and is passionate about its lobbying work.

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AARP Recognizes Innovation With Innovation Champion Awards

Every year, AARP hosts its Innovation Champion Awards. AARP founded the awards as a way to recognize companies who are making strides in innovation and ideas in line with AARP’s own core values – to empower people to choose how they live as they age.

The theme for 2017 was caregiving, and with hundreds of entries from businesses and organizations who had useful new ideas in the caregiving field, the judges must have had a hard time narrowing it down.

HomeEXCEPT Inc Takes First Place

HomeEXCEPT Inc was selected as the Grand Prize winner, and received the Grand Prize award of $10,000. HomeEXCEPT uses smart sensors and sophisticated artificial intelligence to monitor users in their own home, and relay key information to chosen family members.

HomeEXCEPT can track who is present, and what their movements are, by monitoring body temperature. It also detects if appliances such as stoves have been left on, or not used at all, or if windows are left open. It learns as it goes, for ever-more accurate reporting.

Recognizing Innovation Across the Board

HomeEXCEPT was a fantastic Grand Prize choice, and was also named the winner in the Health And Safety Awareness category. Here are the other categories and the winners chosen by AARP:

Daily Essential Activities – SilverRide. SilverRide is the only ridesharing service designed just for seniors. As well as calling for a ride, users benefit from full physical assistance and companionship on every ride, making it easier than ever to get out and about.

Caregiver Quality Of Life – Neofect. Neofect pioneered the RAPAEL SmartGlove for rehabilitation of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions affecting the hand. Users simply put it on, plug in the app, and play the fun rehabilitation games to strengthen and improve hand mobility.

Care Coordination – CareXChange. The online village for caregivers; CareXChange makes it easy to find information, access resources, and create a personalized care plan.

Social Well-Being – Intuition Robotics. Intuition Robotics created the ElliQ, a clever little gadget that makes it easier for older adults to engage with the digital world via games, online chats and social media. It also keeps track of appointments and makes suggestions for improving and monitoring wellness offline.

Transition Support – Caresponsive. Caresponsive is busy creating an automated follow up call system for older adults leaving hospital or respite care. The technology records voice responses and insights, and uses them to better understand human needs and the specific needs of those leaving care.

It’s heartening to see so many companies making such big strides in the caregiving field. There is increasingly intuitive and personalized support out there to help older Americans retain ownership of their lives as they age, and we applaud AARP for bringing some of the best into the spotlight.

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