Aging Redefined: A Conversation with Ken Dychtwald

JWT might be one of the best-known marketing communications brands you never heard of… Their blog JWT Intelligence is a “center for provocative thinking”, and is indeed an intelligence hub for brands looking to find their way.  On January 18th, author Will Palley interviewed Ken Dychtwald, founder of AgeWave (and boomer marketer extraordinaire) to discuss aging and how aging is different today than it was a generation ago.

Ken Dychtwald

Do you think there are fewer prescriptions about how one should act at a certain age?

Absolutely. One of my favorite examples of that changing was when John Glenn announced he was going back up into space at 77. People said, “Wait, 77? He’s supposed to be in a rocking chair.”  -Excerpt from Will Palley's interview with Ken Dychtwald

To learn more about what drives Boomers and Seniors AND about future trends, we highly recommend reading Will Palley's interview thoroughly.  You'll be glad you did!

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