BC Ferries: Tour The “Coastal Renaissance”

Last weekend as our vacation was winding down, we had the pleasure of taking BC Ferries from Vancouver Island (Nanaimo BC) to Mainland Vancouver BC (Canada) as we reluctantly made our way back home to Portland Oregon. The “Coastal Renaissance” is a huge ferry boat measuring 525 feet in length, and she has the ability to transport 310 cars from point-to-point.

Touring BC Ferries Coastal Renaissance
BC Ferries' Coastal Renaissance

Our trip over to Vancouver Island was nice (aboard a smaller vessel), but it didn't measure up to our return trip aboard the Coastal Renaissance. You really notice a difference in both the amenities offered AND the walk-around space when you board a giant vessel like BC Ferries' Coastal Renaissance.

The Coastal Renaissance is equipped with an arcade for the kids, a cafe, a lounge, a coffee shop, a gift shop, and even a pet area.


BC Ferries “Coastal Renaissance” Routes

The Coastal Renaissance operates mainly on the Departure BayHorseshoe Bay route(s) during the summer months and on the Swartz BayTsawwassen route(s) during the winter months.  When ever necessary, this versatile vessel can also substitute for other ships in the BC Ferries fleet that need to go offline for repairs.

Tour of BC Ferries' Coastal Renaissance

As you probably noticed, walking around the sundeck of BC Ferries Coastal Renaissance is like walking around a cruise ship. It's a relatively new ship at only 10 years in service, and it shows itself quite nicely.

The crew is polite and accommodating, and we were very impressed. Frankly we we would have liked the trip to last a little longer! 🙂

BC Ferries Coastal Renaissance
The Beautiful “Coastal Renaissance” | BC Ferries

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