Best Space Heater Review: EdenPURE GEN21

“Bundle up: 2017 to start with a cold spell” is the headline from the local news station KOIN6.

You may have heard that Oregon is going through a severe cold snap.  As I write this review, the temperature in Portland is hovering around 23 degrees. With a foot of snow on the ground, there couldn't be a better time to publish this review of the EdenPURE GEN21, our nominee for best space heater.

EdenPURE GEN21 Space Heater
Portland Oregon | January 12, 2017

Product Review: EdenPURE GEN21

EdenPURE is a division of Suarez Corporation.  The EdenPURE division develops, manufactures and promotes an entire line of home products including portable space heaters, air purifiers, and other products to help promote a healthy home environment.

EdenPURE touts product quality and customer service as cornerstones to their success, and the product they sent us didn't disappoint.

Unboxing the EdenPURE GEN21

Unboxing the EdenPURE GEN21 was a breeze as it comes fully assembled.  One thing to note for older users is that the EdenPURE GEN21 space heater isn't one of those small, lighter, cheap space heaters.  It's larger and quite heavy, (which to us was a good thing).  This “wall-hugger” oozes quality.

EdenPURE GEN21 heater
Unboxing the EdenPURE GEN21 wall-hugger space heater


The EdenPURE GEN21 weighs in at 14 pounds, which for active adults is no problem at all. For someone that might be frail, you'll want to help them find a great place for this wall-hugger, and leave it there. This space heater is medium sized at; 22.25″ tall by 13.5″ wide, by 7.25″ deep. See below for additional details:

  • CETL Approved
  • Dimensions: 22.25”H X 13.5”W X 7.25”D
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • BTU Rating: 5000
  • Amps: 12.5
  • Watts: Up to 1500 on Heat Mode/ Up to 25 on Fan Mode

Using the EdenPURE GEN21

We used the EdenPURE GEN21 in a variety of room sizes.  In smaller rooms this wall-hugger does an amazing job of heating the space quickly (and quietly).  We were very impressed that the fan unit inside the EdenPURE GEN21 was not loud or intrusive at all.

In larger rooms like our living room/great room, we felt like it was additive to our general heating practices.  We find that we like to use it in our great-room to supplement (or even add to) the job our furnace is doing. (It just felt cozier.) This summer we'll enjoy the cooling fan, as this is a great additional feature that makes this a year-round dual-purpose space heater and cooler.

One of the things we're always looking at when we test products is how intuitive they are to operate. I don't care if you're young or old, some consumer products require an engineer to help figure out how they work.  I'm happy to report that the GEN21 extremely simple to operate at both the unit itself and with the included remote control.

Saving on Heating and Cooling Bills

EdenPURE says that by using their devices, one can slash heating bills by using their efficient infrared heating element (this uses much less energy than conventional heating sources). Combine that with turning down the temperature – and operating the EdenPURE device in the room you're in, we could see how that could save money.

Interestingly, the same might be said for the cooling system (the fan unit).  Since the system pulls in cooler air from floor level and pushes it out the top, it may provide further air circulation for optimizing your air conditioning unit or the general temperature of the room.

EdenPURE GEN21 Heater Review
EdenPURE GEN21 at work.

About GEN21

The GEN21 is a safe heater/cooler that provides even heating and cooling from floor to ceiling. The folks at EdenPURE say that GEN21 “uses a highly advanced PTC infrared heating element for superior efficiency that’s designed to last over 80,000 heating hours”.

The GEN21 Heater/Cooler is also an advanced bladeless fan that propels air a long distance and creates constant, gentle circulating air. Air is drawn in from the floor and pushed out the top, creating ideal airflow. A louvered top lets you direct the air for focused airflow. – EdenPURE 

An essential safety feature required for these types of devices is the tip-over sensor which shuts the unit down if it's bumped and falls over. We're happy to report that our sensor worked as advertised in our test environment.

Product Features

  • Even, warm heat or cool air from corner to corner
  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet
  • Takes only 1 sq. ft. floor space
  • EdenPURE copper PTC heating chamber
  • Super powerful fan for circulation up to 1,000 square feet
  • Positionable vent for focused airflow
  • Self-regulating PTC heating element designed to not overheat
  • Memory setting when powered off
  • Digital touchscreen for easy temperature control
  • Remote Control included
EdenPURE GEN21 remote control heater
GEN21 remote control


Keep in mind that this is a top-tier product and not your cheap department store space heater.  You pay for quality, and the EdenPURE is certainly that.  At a retail price of $297.00, the GEN21 will appeal to those customers with the motto “buy right-cry once”.

The GEN21 comes with a 2-year product warranty and also a 30-day money back guarantee policy (for those that want to test it in their own homes).  If that's too much for your budget, EdenPURE has less expensive options too.

The Bottom Line

The EdenPURE GEN21 is the best space heater we've tested to date. The infrared heating component combined with a powerful (but quiet) fan allows the device to do its job efficiently and safely. The intuitive remote makes using the GEN21 extremely easy.

The added safety shut-off systems gave us confidence in the unit (around kids, pets, or whatever).  The only suggested improvement we have is to recess the handle a little differently so that it would be easier to carry.


  1. IM. 75years old and have purchased these EDEN PURE HEATERS. For about 7 years the old box heavy heater was great and I still have two working now one of the heaters don’t work due to it needs the elements inside that have burnt out and now sits in box in basement. I d buy the EDEN PURE GEN 21 which I use in my master bedroom it is the best and I love the heating system with thevmiveable vents the temp outside sometimes below 24 and I put the temp on it up to 73 it works perfectly. It does enter the hallway and down halfway reorders the kitchen. The older heaters box size are very heavy for me to move up and down the basement when winter and spring comes around. I did purchase one box size and gave it to my daughter for her townhouse she was renting. Seems the machine was only throwing out cold air. She doesn’t use it and put it in the garage. But I still would like to order another Gen 21 maybe two if I get a good discount I’ll be able to put one in my sunroom for the season. Of winter only. I am totally amazed how perfect the EDENPURE HEATERS WORK. I don’t even use my electric base board heat nor my propane central heat THANKS FOR EDENPURE HEATERS.
  2. I have had an older EdenPure space heater and air purifier for a number of years and would heartily recommend EdedPure brand products for any home. I would buy the Gen21. If I could afford it but being retired and can’t afford it now. The smaller EdenPure space heater that I have now had for a number of years is still working beautifully and does a good job of heating a smaller, not very well insulated room. If I were still working, I. Would absolutely buy the Gen21 for my larger room. You do, get what you pay for!

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