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    I worked in Home Care for 9 years as a caregiver, payroll clerk and office manager. In every role I saw the tension & stress caregivers had to go through because of inconsistent hours. This problem was not because of the number of clients, because there were many -or the lack caregivers, because again we had available staff. The problem was not having the ability to match a client & caregiver together (before placement with the agency) so both client & caregiver needs were being met.

    I’ve set out to change things. Please see below a copy of the About Us page at I’m hoping that with this tool everyone will have a better outcome.

    About Us

    CM Referral is a national home care provider (caregiver) database.

    It’s a known fact that care managers, discharge coordinators and family members spend hours and sometimes days in search of a caregiver.

    A preferred or approved list of providers is commonly used when completing this task. And therein lies the problem ~ it’s just a list with no link to individual caregiver data.

    Designed as a 1st step tool, we’re hoping to bridge this gap by matching client/caregiver profiles, reducing the time it takes in finding a caregiver – to a few moments.

    How it works~

    Providers approve & post a profile for each available caregiver. These profiles consists of availability, skill set & other caregiver data.  Specifications from clients & caregivers are compared during a database search and when a match is found, the home care provider’s information is displayed.

    Matching client/caregiver profile specifications before placement – will increase the number of long term relationships, while reducing the need for re-assignments.

    Please spread the word that CM Referral is bridging the gap between clients and their caregivers.

    1. Came upon your website. I am interested in working part time as a caregiver. I’m 66 and marries. Want to help someone in my area..Live Oak or Jasper Fl. Any suggestions?

  2. I love this! Caregivers are so important. My mother has a wonderful caregiver who makes life much better for all of us and I can’t imagine life without her. If there is a shortage, this sounds like a great solution to empower employees and encourage people to want to be caregivers. Thanks for informing me about caregiver co-ops!

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