Driverless Cars Could Provide Independence Down The Road

Skeptical that driverless cars will become a reality?  Don't be.  This actually looks like the wave of the future.  The question of course is, just who's future are we talking about?  Ours or our children's?  While I'm guessing we still may be 10-20 years away from total independence (from the steering wheel), there are things happening today that are making this a reality for tomorrow.

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I was very skeptical until I saw the below video describing the technology embedded in these driverless cars.  Until you understand what the “driving forces” are behind this idea, you can't fully appreciate how close we are to the driverless-car-reality.

As for how Google's driverless car works, it's a mixture of laser sensors, radar, cameras and GPS – Doug Aamoth, TIME tech editor

Driverless Car Technology

What does this mean for you?  Well for starters, about the time our kids take the keys away there may be an entire fleet of these driverless cars, patrolling the city just waiting for a “hail” from your smart phone.  Think Uber without drivers.  Think smart taxi's.  In terms of modern delivery;  Think driverless deliveries of your medications, groceries, or take-out!

So all this imagery is being captured, and all this data is being collected and that's great… But it means nothing without sophisticated software top make sense of it all.  That's where you're going to start to see differentiation amongst people like Google, Ford, and Audi and all the different car companies. – Doug Aamoth, TIME tech editor

We're entering a whole new era of automation – On land, in the air, and perhaps at sea as well.  Driverless cars have great implications for aging individuals who are less mobile, or unable to drive today.  But it doesn't stop there. This new era of (tiny) automated driverless cars is the beginning of something big… Really big.

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